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February 28, 2014


Thomas Collins

Did any of the 404 contrary to law cases arise in the tax context, NK?

Stephanie VIP shhhhh its fight club

As a side note, has anyone noticed one under remarked on side effect of Obama's policies - all those used to be underused but over required by federal fiat disabled parking spaces at the stores are now full.

MOAR prime parking for federal leeches now!


Can't recall-- will check. This weekend.
But I'd add this-- Roberts threw a lifeline to ObummerCare's constitutionality using the taxing power. My expectation (hope?) is that he shoves that down Obummer's throat when these arbitrary/contrary to law Reg re-write cases come up.


Are you saying the "Asian professional" is best described as a "poor new immigrant?"

I jest.

Danube has a very specific question that he asks us to consider when we are hanging the future of the GOP in the balance. He asks us to name exactly who the GOP could have put forward that would have done better than Romney or McCain.

I am being just as specific. Exactly who is the GOP going to woo to guarantee a Romney/McCain protege will be victorious.

Captain Hate

Howard Metzenbaum (D-Hell) is tortured by the thought of MOAR prime parking.

Dave (in MA)


The first comment is great.


Some people taking assistance are conservatives temporarily hanging with the riffraff.

But are they voting with the riffraff?

I don't think they are, unless they are part-time conservatives* whose votes are swayed by assistance.

*conservatism is full time in my book.


Why would the GOP seek to nominate that sort of candidate? GOP primary voters should nominate people who can win the applicable office.

PS: getting a bit pedantic here. Clarity and specifics are virtues, metaphysical certitude can be a vice.

Stephanie VIP shhhhh its fight club

They are NOT voting with the riffraff. I have known several people who lost jobs and took assistance in one form or another til their situation restabilized. They did not lose their principles by using resources as they were intended to be used.


The same playbook works 43 years later... Kennedy took the stand and told the jury that her father had been killed when she was 8 years old while he was running for President....
Teddy in his post-Chappaquiddick address to the nation (ghost written by Schlesinger) worried whether some awful curse hung over the entire Kennedy clan...


and just for old time's sake, here is the swimmer's address...

still the template for a guilty politician parsing the truth to escape blame four decades later....

Old Lurker

TC "SCOTUS would distinguish your case from the 404Care taxes, OL. SCOTUS would hold the 404Care tax regs. as an appropriate use of the Treasury Dept.'s rulemaking authority to facilitate transition to a new statutory regime."

Probably right, TC, I defer to you. But it sucks.

The law did not say "here is the goal, get there however you like and send us the bill."

Congress clearly stated "this group will pay this tax (penalty) starting on that date...and the next group will pay a different tax starting on a different date."

Along comes Obama who decides to change the groups and the dates.

How SCOTUS could decide that is merely implementation nit picking is beyond be.

Said another way, would the SCOTUS really think Congress would have approved the law had it been worded as my first line above?

Not just passive, but inert.

Beasts of England

Congrats, hit! I hope he gave a big fist pump after draining that putt!!

Janet -  the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

peter's link is LUN at 12:57

Thanks. I don't think I've ever read his statement. Boy oh boy is THAT sickening.

Jim Eagle

Winners and Losers

Personal Income Migration State to State: Florida wins. NY loses.

Unfortunately, New York and the other high tax blue heavens also export and we import their political leanings and tendecies.


According to the Census Bureau, there are roughly 50 million Latino in the country. Of those, about 20 million are registered to vote. In 2012 only 48 % voted.

Exit polling determined that 71% voted for Obama, this itself is problematic for me because exit polling is not the most reliable of sources. Especially as most exit polling is done in Urban areas where the poorer Hispanics are concentrated.

This is also where the Democrats are the strongest and their efforts to recruit Hispanics are the most effective.


It was quite astounding, Janet, wasn't it, and he stayed in power for another forty years after that....


To those who are hoping for snow in the CA mountains, I received an email message a few hours ago from the local ski resort. So far they have had just shy of two feet. And it is raining heavily at the moment -- I'd bet they get another foot or so.

Danube on iPad

"Unlike, say, Nicholson, he's morphed from playing nasty tough guys "

Did you see Jack in "About Schmidt?"

Beasts of England

@JiB: I remember several years ago when the USGA tried to reduce the number of local qualifiers (and the aforementioned hdcp prevaricators) and decided to require a 1.3 hdcp, down from the previous cut-off of 1.8. The lower handicap requirement led to an increase in applicants - they just lied a little harder!! lol

After a few years, they started sending out 'show cause' letters for golfers turning in scores above 85...

Jim Eagle

A lesson to journalists: Do not call the Jeff Gordon - Pepsi Max scare ride a fake:)

Watch the video for a few good laughs. BTW, Jeff Gordon is a damn good actor.

Danube on iPad

"Exactly who is the GOP going to woo to guarantee a Romney/McCain protege will be victorious."

The GOP won't "woo" anybody. Those who want to run will do so. The one who gets the most votes will win.

jimmyk on iPhone

No, I didn't, DoT. Was he good? For years he seemed to be just playing the same character.

Stephanie VIP shhhhh its fight club

New Fhread.

Captain Hate

Those who want to run will do so.

This isn't the first time you've acted like all it takes to run is wanting to do so. In fact it requires a lot of money for an overly long primary season and severely restricts the ability of people to run.


James D. If purity becomes an issue, consider privates and athletic departments--some are self-funded (no tax dollars). Check out CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) as well as NACDA and NACMA (associations for collegiate athletic administrators and marketers). You could spy for RSE!

Good Luck


You misunderstood the point I was making, Danube.

Account Deleted


Is there any reason you can discern as to why the Latino vote in the Blue Hell urban plantations would differ greatly from the Irish experience on the original plantations in Boston, New York and Chicago? The Progressive Fascist war to maintain their Blue Sewer system is predicated upon concentration to facilitate the use of the whip. What would make Latinos different than Irish or blacks?


Is the general demographic that Bori makes note of the group that you think Boehner is reaching out to, Rick?

Account Deleted


Boehner isn't reaching out to any ethnic group and he sure as hell isn't make a play for votes on the urban plantations. I've never bothered to look at any ethnic splits on LIVs because their defining trait is decision making driven by emotion rather than thought.

Surely you're familiar with that type.


Who is he reaching out to then?

NK suggests Asian professionals, but doesn't get any more specific.

I am looking for a Life of Julia style response. What is the Life of 'Asian professional' from cradle to liberal voter to conservative voter? And was their change of heart based on Boehner's educating them on progressive fascism only?

Danube on iPad

"Was he good?"

I thought so, but not everyone agreed.



" What would make Latinos different than Irish or blacks?"

Absolutely nothing, but as it happened with other demographics the Blue Model's appeal wanes in time.

It is why imo, there is a campaign to deceive as to the effectiveness of the Dems' appeal to Hispanics.

Danube on iPad

"This isn't the first time you've acted like all it takes to run is wanting to do so. In fact it requires a lot of money..."

It doesn't take any money to declare your candidacy. After that, you ask for contributions. Obama didn't have any money of his own in 2007. Neither did Bachmann, Santorum or Ryan last time around. Raising the money is an integral part of running for office.


Bachmann, Santorum and Ryan all had warchests from previous campaigns. And contact lists of previous donors. And the media actually showed up and reported the story of their running.

Captain Hate

Gingrich ran out of money during the campaign. He'd have probably lost anyway and he wasn't an ideal choice for President but he'd surely have performed better in the last two debates than Romney did.

Danube on iPad

How did they amass those warchests? And what about Obama?

It's called "campaigning." And I'll concede that you can't run for office without campaigning.

Danube on iPad

So far as I'm aware, Scott Walker doesn't have any money at this point. Does that mean he can't run?

Account Deleted

"Absolutely nothing"


Agree completely. A decent double blind test on the differences between third generation Al(berto) Ruiz and third generation Al(fred) Reese conducted in the 'burbs of Anywhereville would reveal the testing to be a waste of time and money.

The Progressive Fascists are desperately clinging to melting ice cubes with their "rising minority" ethnic demographic crap.


Raising the money is an integral part of running for office.

And your view is that the ability to raise money is (a) perfectly correlated with the ability to win the general election; and (b) is unrelated to decisions made by party leadership, or if it is, it's only because the party leadership always works to facilitate a process that results in the candidate with the best chance of winning?

Perhaps you should change your name from Danube to Pangloss. The contention here is that sometimes stronger candidates may be discouraged or hindered from running because of the advantages bestowed on those favored by party leadership (the establishment that doesn't exist).



This is why they need a new infusion of 1st generation immigrants to restart the cycle.
Without it, their power will continue to wane, as has the Unions.

The Dems handouts are great when you have nothing else, but many that do come here are also taking care of family in their countries. While generous it does not leave much to feed those left behind.

I have spoken with several small business owners and they are livid that they have to spend thousands of dollars to provide Healthcare. Some are resorting to paying employees cash off the books. I expect more of that.

Danube on iPad

As to (a), of course not, and you have no basis for inferring that I believe any such thing. I believe (b) is correct. What "party leadership" made what decicions regardijg the GOP field in 2012.

Danube on iPad

I should clarify that I agree with the first clause of (b). I have no thoughts about the second clause, and I'm not sure I understand it.

Captain Hate

I thought Romney did an excellent job of putting together an organization to run for President because he's an excellent executive; I don't think I've ever claimed otherwise. Unfortunately I don't think he was as good of a campaigner as he had to be to get elected and I was continually worried about that. I remain hopeful that a conservative politician with the skills of Reagan will be more than a once in a lifetime situation for me. But time is running out, both for me and the country.

I've been very impressed by what I've seen from Walker so far but doubt that he'll be another RR.


As an example, if you look at any post-mortem on 2012 you will find concerns about how the GOP handled the nominating process, for example here (see item 4):


If it didn't affect the outcome, why would it matter?

Also, part of the vaunted "ability to raise money" involves connections with party leaders and prominent politicians. If they are predisposed toward a particular candidate, how does that not influence the outcome? How could an outsider not be discouraged? I don't have time to dig up specific links, but my recollection is that a lot of people were anointing Romney from the get go.

Danube on iPad

" The contention here is that sometimes stronger candidates may be discouraged or hindered from running because of the advantages bestowed on those favored by party leadership (the establishment that doesn't exist)."

I'm an open-minded guy. I'll happily consider any and all evidence in support of that contention.


FWIW I only mentioned Danube's question to give a basis for the type of reasoning I was asking for with my question.

I was not re-asking his question.


Another example:

But I'd like to hear your alternative hypothesis, articulated in a way that makes it possible to find evidence against it. As far as I can tell, it's that we always end up with the nominee that has the best chance to win the general, and nothing the GOP does as an organization affects that. What sort of evidence would be able to refute that?

Frau Wasserkopf

Hoo boy! - we finally 'got us' some real rain. I'm glad I got back from my tap class before it happened. This is like our used-to-be *yearly* deluge period this time of year. Of course, I know this because I was not born yesterday...and I know the goracle is a fracking fat knucklehead. Pauline LaFon Gore is gone, but her disappointment will never die.


Candidates can carry over any excess money from one campaign to another. If they retire, I belive they get to convert it to personal use and keep it. Bachmann, et al had previous campaigns and those campaigns and their PACs didn't zero balance out after they acquired office. They acquired those working their way up from the local to state to national level in many cases. Ditto their contact and donor lists.

A massive disadvantage to a novice running for office on the federal level. I guess they could stand in front of Kroger and hope some deep pockets wander by.

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