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February 24, 2014



I see dead pipelines.


Steyer has more money than big labor, so it's a no.


The man has made a living out of dithering. If he can vote, "present" you can bet your sweet @ss, that is what he will do.


Henry-- a rare disagreement with you. Obummer won't say 'no', nor will he say 'yes.' He'll say the Nebraska pipeline route legal case has to play out before he can decide.... NEXT!


The Canucks should have told Barry they wanted to ship liquified photovoltaic electrons and a windmill slurry through KeystoneXL; he woulda bought it.

James D.

I apologize to Sue and any other Cowboy fans here, but I have to admit that this really warms my heart:


Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones is remarkably upbeat. But he has broken down and cried after three losses during his ownership...The third time came five years later when a 13-3 regular season ended with a 21-17 loss to the New York Giants in the divisional round. "That's where I went to the place I used to go to when they would call and tell me that I had just lost all of my money on a dry hole," Jones said.

I still watch the DVD of that game sometimes. It will never, ever, ever get old. I enjoy it even more than the Super Bowl, I think.


Hey TomM-- our Governor makes us so proud to be from the (former) 'Land of Steady Habits', Danny Malloy.... drunk again..... as usual: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/obama-looks-governors-help-economy


Just for the H@#% of it...

I'm looking forward to the NFL's "N-Word" Penalty Policy coming face to face with an NFL'er claiming he has "Tourette's Syndrome."

If I was a Doctor I'd advertise that I would happily conduct a Tourette's analysis for any NFL player and if I detected even a smidgen of Tourette's I would write the NFL guy a note attesting to such and would attest to it in court.

I noticed a number of years ago that when I was landing a plane, when I got down to about 2 feet above touchdown and the sunuvabitch wasn't touching down yet, suddenly a string a muttered cuss words would come out of my mouth excoriating the bastard to get the F#$% down. I still do it and it causes me to laugh now, and I also notice that similar verbiage sometimes starts trickling out of the mouths of my buddies when they're floating just above the runway in the same way. If we are doing it subconsciously at such a time, I have to think that it involuntarily comes out of the mouths of 350 pound linemen when they are expending massive amounts of in banging away at similar massive boys doing the same to them, and in the heat of battle at the line of scrimmage, who's to say whether it's voluntary or involuntary? Simply consider the various Tennis Players who have to grunt after every shot like hyenas. (Sharapova).

Obviously it must be a very human thing which I will assign to Tourettet's, so I look forward to the NFL's "No N-word" Policy running headlong into a good Lawyer, a sympathetic Jury, and the American's with Disabilities Act.

Any idea who will win?

Captain Hate

Speaking of believing when you see it:



More "The Science is Settled".

Global Warming ‘Hiatus’ Caused By Volcanoes’ ‘Cooling Effect,’ Study Says Eruptions Slow Global Temperature Rise

Since 1998, the average rate of Earth’s rising global surface temperature has relaxed, much to the chagrin of climate scientists whose climate-model predictions told a different story. Now, researchers say they’ve found the cause of Earth’s global warming “hiatus.”



Maenwhile, while Volcanoes are cooling the earth, Solar Panel Plants May Make Deserts Too Hot For Tortoises

According to Barry Sinervo, an evolutionary biologist at the University of California Santa Cruz, current solar projects in the California desert intended to slow global warming, including two approved just last week by the Interior Department, could actually make the desert too hot for tortoises to survive past the end of the century.

In fact, suggests Sinervo, solar projects' effect on desert climates may speed the extinction of desert tortoises by as much as 50 years.


Rob Crawford

I see Glenn Greenwald's pushing a story about secret agents going online to publish anonymous comments to ruin reputations.

(Maybe it was a Rick Ellensburg story...)


the whole thing, gives Morbo gas, daddy,


I suppose I would also like to see the NFL publish a list of the words that are appropriate. That'd be a fun Press Conference:

Commissioner Goddell, so you're saying it's okay for Mean Joe Green to call Lawrence Taylor a C#$%S#$%^er?

Commissioner: errr ahh...

Dave (in MA)


And now for a brief musical interlude.


yes, Rob, they don't get the irony

https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/02/24/jtrig-manipulation/over there;




Add this PC junk to concussions and you can kiss football goodbye.


All too predictable;



in the spirit of the thread;



Heh, I bet the N Dakota gov was in his face at the big DC shindig.

Beasts of England

Wait until a big game is decided by an n-word penalty!

And does the ref have to hear it? Can another player pinky-swear that an opposing player said it? Nothing good can come from this rule.


Do they still penalize "excessive celebration"? That was another loser. But they seem to have backed off, at least in practice.


Don't know about the ND gov but Jindal got critters for being disrespectful of his host.

As don Surber says on his scoreboard: Good.


WAy to go, Bobby, it's time for someone to say it,



There are probably all kinds of quotes from him about saving the earth with his scam car company.
Why'd he have that company & sell EB-5 visas if drilling for evil fossil fuels was okay?
What about global warming, polar bears, flooding, minorities hurt, low sex drives, murder rates?????? What about all THAT crap.
Don't tell me he really didn't BELIEVE!

Captain Hate

And does the ref have to hear it? Can another player pinky-swear that an opposing player said it? Nothing good can come from this rule.

If Al Davis wasn't in Hell, he'd probably be interviewing ventriloquists right now.

Beasts of England

Jindal breached White House protocol! They're getting the vapors! Remember the good ol' days of speaking truth to power? lol

Captain Hate

I am so glad I didn't pay attention to the Syracuse game in real time.

Captain Hate

Maybe she thought he was *really* a Monkey Boy:


miss Marple

Oh, good! I am dying to hear what Jindal said and any other tidbits.

What I have heard so far is that Obama acted like the wannabe dictator and was nasty about cutting the National Guard.

I will have to look at what happened.


Jason Collins debut was the most underwhelming thing, since 'snakes on a plane' or Godzilla '97

Eric in Boise

OT but apparently Janie realizes her time is limited:


Wonder if she has enough time to apologize to those who served in Vietnam, or the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Probably not.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Every team is now saving a roster spot for a new position, Designated Ventriloquist. Voice print technology will have to be taken to a new level.

The excuses write themselves:

But all I said was you dirty pigger, or you dirty chigger, or you dirty tigger?

Whose to decide? Was the n-word said? Who said it? Was it a player? Who heard it? Was it said on the field of play? Did it come from the sidelines? Or did it come from the stands? Was the sayer identified with a particular team? Was he black or white? does it make any difference?

My prediction is it will never become an enforceable rule.

Captain Hate

Speaking of which, catch this snippet from Newsbusters:

Geist touted Collins's activism: "After one game wearing 46, Collins will play in jersey number 98. In honor of Matthew Shepard, a gay teen who was murdered in a notorious hate crime in 1998. A symbolic message of tolerance Collins hopes will spread through sports."

Hasn't the whole "hate crime/homo martyr" been revealed as a drug deal gone horribly wrong with all parties, including Saint Matty, being complicit?


narciso, Janet-

>>>Don't tell me he really didn't BELIEVE!<<<

I'll believe it when I see it re: Mcawful, Poppin' Fresh's take not withstanding. As soon as Steyer finds out oil is in the Chesapeake (and that would be the way to bet), M will find some way to put a stop to it. Trying to figure out the angle for him to have joined the group...he's got some plan to cock it up.

Captain Hate

Why yes; yes it has:


Jason Collins: World class dumbass.


'lord love a waterfowl' maybe they should go Rollerball on all the sports, the '75 version, yes one would have high turnover, but then again it would be exciring,

Eric in Boise

Short answer, Captain:

Another question with a short answer: will the facts get in the way of the narrative?:

Centralcal on iPad

Saw my first "Ready For Hillary" bumper sticker today. Boy, was that depressing!



someone wrote a book about it, the author of which is, iirc, a writer for the advocate and a gay man himself.


The Book of Matt by Stephen Jimenez.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Jason Collins has marginal talent as a basketball player. He is using his sexual proclivities as a way to exploit that marginal talent. I am afraid this trend will continue, but I believe it will play out eventually.

Talent and wins ultimately prevail in professional sports, and the guys whose jobs depend on wins an losses are not fooled. Collins is a stiff (sorry) and will remain so.



I've seen some too. Soros is her national finance co-chair (suppose when he is avoiding his old girlfriend). good times good times.

Captain Hate

Good to know that Stern is still running a tight ship and that a multi billion dollar league can execute a high profile bit of symbolism all based on a lie. Well run outfit imo.


Having left Toobin like the proverbial Black Knight. he moves onto easier prey;

"If you took a time machine back to 1914 and proclaimed to the world that the Ivy League was an exclusionary club aimed at the perpetuation of an economic and social elite nobody would have been surprised. But about halfway between then and now, elite college campuses came to be associated with left-wing politics. And, indeed, college professors have, on average, political views that are way to the left of the median American. But the basic social role of the elite, highly selective institution hasn't changed--they are both elite and selective, not democratic or egalitarian."--Matthew Yglesias, Slate.com, Feb. 22

Account Deleted

"Collins is a stiff..."

And the bars of soap on the showers floor are really dangerous but nobody is willing to try and pick them up.

Captain Hate

'lord love a waterfowl' maybe they should go Rollerball on all the sports, the '75 version, yes one would have high turnover, but then again it would be exciring,

Despite the efforts of Stern and the rest of the turds who run the league, yesterday's game where the Clip Joint played Oklahoma City was one of the most enjoyable games I've watched, particularly the first half, in a long time. Just incredible athletic prowess by both teams.


In the 1,000 % support, category, Gasparino has noticed how Wall Street backers of Stay Puft are on their fainting coucbes, mostly because of Maddow and co's freelance performance art, and Carlos Slim's light tapdance,


a bubble in professional sports ...


One of these should work:

Nugent Nukes CNN: Obama Is A Liar; Team Obama Should Be Locked Up In Prison





it isn't like they didn't know what sort of person-as a former US Attorney-he would be. so what if he closed a few lanes and caused a traffic jam out of spite.

thought those guys on Wall Street were built of sterner stuff.


about Nugent, frankly that other French proverb,
'it was worse then a crime' seems to apply, conman, charlatan, ripoff artist, are nicely apolitical, usurper and tyrant for those more aware,

Beasts of England

And according to linguistics scholar Rachel Jeantel, there's a difference between n-er and n-a. The former pejorative (not her term), the latter copacetic (also not her term).

Captain Hate

I've always wondered what required less acting for Hanoi Jane: Barbarella or Klute?


Wait until a big game is decided by an n-word penalty!

And does the ref have to hear it?

If I was an owner I would have my Team take classes in ventriloquism.

Ann on iPad

Is there a legal fund for Dinesh DSouza that I can send the little funds I have left to help defend these ludicrous charges?

Where is the million march of women that should yell loudly that we refuse to pay for some other woman's birth control pills? What?...We have to pay for your bad decisions TWICE!!

Where are those coke bottle glasses that Hillary had to wear while telling us "What difference does it make". At the same time lying to the parents of the brave fallen.. That No ONE ..mentions , was the worse lie! Imagine being the parent of one of those brave, heroic boys,!!

On my IPad ranting.. Just ignore. :) the military cuts pushed me off the clift of patience , on top of everything else these days.


Rats...I see Captain Hate beat me to ventriloquism.

Captain Hate

narc, have you been watching this new Monday show, Intelligence? It's no POI but just interesting enough conceptually to keep me paying attention.

Miss Marple

narciso, I actually understood your 9:50! I am beginning to crack the code!



great to see you in the comments. hope you are doing well.

don't read up on his bully act with the governors and nat guard cuts.


It's not that bad, although Holloway sometimes rivals Caviezel for unexpressiveness, they did have Nick Searcy as a villain a few weeks ago,


Decent call in to Levin that I heard on the dog walk. Caller said, remember just 2 weeks ago how Paul Ryan said that the reason he had to do a deal with Democrat Patty Murray was in order to ensure that there weren't cuts to the US Military?

How'd that work out today?

Second decent call was on a local Talk Show. One of our State Senators (following Lisa M's "Evolving") wants to change the State Constitution to okay Same Sex Marriage. In response, the Local talk show host played an amazingly prescient 3 minute long radio bit of Paul Harvey from 3 April, 1965 which I don't recall having heard before. Here it is:

Paul Harvey: “If I Were The Devil” (Radio Audio and Transcript, Prophetic Warning for a Nation in 1965)

Jane on Ipad


It's great to see you. The persecution of Dinesh is driving me crazy - along with so many other things.



Collins is more like Kohoutek.

Captain Hate

The local fishwrap had a story on the anniversary of a local music club which has risen to the top of the shitheap, so they had an article on some of the groups who've played there and vignettes around them. One of the funniest regarded some group, about which I have no interest, whining between songs after the 2004 election where GWB won. One bright soul added "But at least we don't have to pretend to like Kerry any more."

Is there anybody who honestly likes that pompous goof?

Captain Hate

Is it cold in Columbus, Ann? Today was bitterly chilly despite the sun being out. Enough, dammit; plus the ice falling off my roof from last week's thaw damaged some of my siding, dammit.


The Keystone XL now.


Canada should just build out our railroad infrastructure, tell Obama to piss up a rope and cut off the USA.

Captain Hate

I didn't mean to say "dammit" twice in one sentence.


I didn't mean to say "dammit" twice in one sentence.


You'd make a great pilot Captain:)

Captain Hate

I'm sure sharing a cockpit with you would be like a comedy club, daddy.


Ann -
I bought a gift certificate from Mark Steyn's site like he posted, but I haven't seen anything for D'Souza. If you find out I'd be interested too.

What happened with Hillary's brain tumor or whatever it was that made her disappear for awhile? She testified 5 minutes before she was outta there. She's healthy enough to run for POTUS?


Thanks, guys.

The persecution of all conservatives should be stopped. Sadly, we have a long history of ugliness...Bork, Clarence Thomas, Alito, Palin, RUSH, to tired to etc.


Levin seems to be on your same wavelength, Ann;


the rallies in Venezuela, and Kiew, have been very inspiring, the 'so called' leadership, well I would have to resort to another language to encompass it,


You can't say cockpit if you're in the NFL.


You have to persecute some eggs to make a persuadeable voter omelet, Ann.

Captain Hate

What happened with Hillary's brain tumor or whatever it was that made her disappear for awhile?

The MFM are as uncurious about her "blood clots" and any long term impact they might have (nod-nod wink-wink) as they were about Preznit Historic First's transcripts.


the authors of that hagiography, so fulsome even Jodi Kantor took a step back, were miffed that 'the Stache' among others didn't buy the story,

Account Deleted

"Canada should just build out our railroad infrastructure, tell Obama to piss up a rope and cut off the USA."

Or just push the Klnder-Morgan Trans Mountain permit to 2mbpd and allow Chevron to expand its refinery in Burnaby and make shipping from Vancouver feasible. The Chinese and Japanese will be happy to take West Coast delivery.


For a huge rally we need at least one major figure to commit& get the word out. No matter what you think of Glenn Beck, he got people here for the Kill the Bill Rally & for the Restoring Honor gathering. I forget who set up the first really huge 9-12 rally.
A few months lead time & it needs to happen on a weekend.
I wish Rush would do it.


An, How nice to hear from you. You've been in our thoughts.

Someone actually thought he could beat our CH, resident scamster, on the ventriloquist scheme?


I'll gladly put up any JOMers that could come. Camping in my backyard too if we need extra room. Everyone is welcome.

I would love a giant, super giant, scary giant rally for AMERICA!!


I heard Clarice is close friends with the Koch Brothers. And that's the truth.


Oh incorrect MarkO, apparently a cock pit is entering the draft.


It has become a game of firsts. Baseball had the first AA, NASCAR the first female, the NBA the first Gay.

The NFL having lost the opportunity to become the first in the Gay department now wants to be the first to penalize language.


that's just a Division front, Gus,

Jane on Ipad

I'm securing my reservation Janet.

Although I am close to the end of my rope.


McAuliffe knows how the game is played. Pretend to be for something in order to get those oppose to contribute to him and others.

Maybe he felt the Enviro nazis did not contribute enough to him last time and is looking for some sort of sweetener.


McAuliffe, has always been wretched scum, willing to play the race card back in 2000, all the while stocking up with Global Crossing stock, taking a life raft, while others took a bath,

Steyer, has more polish but he is much of the same, one wonders who like Raymond Tusk, is fronting him, there's a big money play, disguised by altruism,

Captain Hate

Anybody trusting McAwful deserves to be fleeced.


Charlie Cheetoh, is much the same way, the shame of having voted for him for governor, has almost receded,

Capt Cloaca

Witnesses Trace Brutal Killing of Gay Student
Published: November 21, 1998


Before savagely beating Matthew Shepard with a pistol butt, one of his tormentors taunted him, saying, ''It's Gay Awareness Week,'' a police investigator has testified at a hearing in Laramie, Wyo., for one of two men accused of the murder of the gay college student.

That testimony, by Sgt. Rob Debree, came at a daylong proceeding where on Thursday evening Robert Denhardt, a visiting county judge, ordered Aaron McKinney, 22, to stand trial on charges of first-degree murder, robbery and kidnapping. The other suspect, Russell Henderson, 21, a friend of Mr. McKinney, has waived his right to a preliminary hearing and is to be arraigned on the same charges on Dec. 2.

Throughout the hearing, Dennis and Judy Shepard, the parents of the slain student, sat stoically in Albany County Court as police witnesses provided new details about a crime that brought a national wave of anger at antigay violence.

Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old freshman at the University of Wyoming, in Laramie, was fatally attacked a few hours after he had attended a planning meeting for Gay Awareness Week events on campus.

Sergeant Debree, the lead investigator for the Albany County Sheriff's Department, testified that he conducted a tape-recorded interview with Mr. McKinney on Oct. 9, two days after the beating and three days before Mr. Shepard died in a hospital in nearby Fort Collins, Colo. In that interview, Sergeant Debree recalled, Mr. McKinney said he and Mr. Henderson had identified Mr. Shepard as a robbery target and had then lured him out of a Laramie bar and into their truck by pretending to be gay.

By Mr. McKinney's account, the detective said, the attack began after Mr. Shepard had placed his hand on Mr. McKinney's leg as they drove through Laramie. ''Guess what, we're not gay,'' the detective quoted Mr. McKinney as saying he had told Mr. Shepard. ''You're going to get jacked. It's Gay Awareness Week.''

The detective said Mr. McKinney had admitted hitting Mr. Shepard three times with fists and six times with a stolen revolver.

An autopsy found that Mr. Shepard had been hit 18 times in the head. He was also bruised on the backs of his hands, indicating he had tried to protect himself, and around the groin, indicating he had been kicked repeatedly.

About 18 hours after the beating, a bicyclist found him still alive, tied to a ranch fence. Reggie Fluty, an Albany County sheriff's deputy, testified on Thursday that Mr. Shepard's wrists had been so tightly bound that it had been difficult to cut the rope and that his head had been covered in blood except for a clean spot ''where he'd been crying and the tears went down his face.''

A Laramie police officer, Detective Ben Fritzen, testified that he had interviewed Kristen Price, Mr. McKinney's 18-year-old girlfriend. Detective Fritzen said that in explaining the violence, Mr. McKinney had told Ms. Price, ''Well, you know how I feel about gays,''

Ms. Price and Chasity Pasley, Mr. Henderson's girlfriend, waived their right to preliminary hearings and are to be arraigned on Dec. 9 as accessories after the fact.

A public defender for Mr. McKinney, Dion Custis, told Judge Denhardt at the hearing that the state had failed to prove that the slaying had been planned, as is required for first-degree murder, or that Mr. Shepard had been kidnapped. Mr. Custis also said a watch and other belongings left at the crime scene showed that robbery was no factor.

But Cal Rerucha, the Albany County Prosecutor, said Mr. Shepard's wallet had been found in a dirty diaper in the kitchen of the Laramie apartment shared by Mr. McKinney, Ms. Price and their 4-month-old son, Cameron.

Addressing the judge, Mr. Rerucha said: ''They beat him for $20, your honor. That was the contents of the wallet.''

Frau Vertragt Euch

Hello, Ann. The lies just keep on coming, don't they?

Jane, my spot is on the porch with Jess.

Dave (in MA)

Conan: Jason Collins is the first NBA player not being pursued by a woman for child support.


Me, too, Janet. I will be there.


Everyone is welcome.
Wouldn't it be great to have some huge rally. It would pump everyone up.
I wouldn't even care about any speeches...just millions of people, maybe some bands....just a massive - scare the crap outta Congress gathering.


Since the arguments for late-term abortion are failing, how is this as justification for infanticide.

"[I]n order for a harm to occur, it is necessary that someone is in the condition of experiencing that harm. If a potential person, like a fetus and a newborn, does not become an actual person, like you and us, then there is neither an actual nor a future person who can be harmed, which means that there is no harm at all. … In these cases, since non-persons have no moral rights to life, there are no reasons for banning after-birth abortions. … Indeed, however weak the interests of actual people can be, they will always trump the alleged interest of potential people to become actual ones, because this latter interest amounts to zero.

Frau Steingehirn

"(a) scare the crap outta Congress gathering."

The first time, it scared the preezy out of town.

Beasts of England

Wonder who left the italics on? Again. ;)


Bori. OMG.

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