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February 06, 2014



Fortunately, we get CKWS and can watch the Olympic opening on Canadian TV.

Four years ago their coverage was much better than American TV.

Uriah Heap of shite

A musical interlude.


miss Marple

Someone from the KGB should grab Matt Lauer and put duct tape over his mouth. It would improve Russian-American relations.


--7:56; That's tedious and unfathomable. Can you break it down?--

Sure, the NHTSA reaffirmed Toyota's findings, just as had happened previously with Audi, and found driver error not inherent defect as the cause.

Charles Mackay provides the explanation not product defect.


this is an excerpt of that LAtma report I was talking about, in a story about one of the stars


--" I don't like Woody Allen so has to be guilty, right?"

Rhetorical, right?--

A little sarcasm at my own expense, although I think it's a rather widespread prejudice.

Captain Hate

Matt Lauer is Brian Williams with only 17 credits.

miss Marple

For those complaining about various aspects of this opening, please remember you are seeing it through the filter of NBC, official network of the Obama administration.

The muted national anthem by the monastery choir was a deliberate action by NBC, which controls the sound feed. There is no reason that choir should have sounded like they were in a closet.

Rob Crawford
There is no reason that choir should have sounded like they were in a closet.

So NBC was implying they're gay?


Bori, I wish I could point you somewhere. All I have seen is bloated stuff crammed onto franchisees by corporate honchos.

Captain Hate

Who was it here who was singing the praises of Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland recently (yesterday?)? She was the person who stonewalled Benghazi and got a promotion out of it, no?

miss Marple

Lol. No Rob. It was a slam to Putin.

Lauer is snarling over a lot of things and I wish someone would give him the hook.

Centralcal on iPad

I never watch the opening ceremonies, though I will tune in for some of the sporting events. Is NBC the only way to watch the Olympics?

Beasts of England

The Moldovian outfits are uglier than the USA's!


Thanks Henry,

I worked with Aloha when they were starting out and that was perfect for small businesses. Now NCR bought the company and now they are bloated and the user friendly interface is intimidating to most that are not familiar.


Bori, I saw the same thing happen to the one Geac bought... Worked well until chasing big corporate deals made them switch to touch screen icons instead of text. Went from fast & easy to slow & confusing, but they got more sales. Happens all the time.


Henri, yes, you are right, it is a shame because as more people are tech savvy the market is there. Big Corporations don't upgrade systems for years but small businesses are starting all the time.


Bori, the challenge has been the cost of sales & support doesn't scale down with the license fees. Cloud approaches may help on the support part and clean design will help even more, but sales cost is a problem. It is a good market if I can figure out how to make a profit.


I'm too jaded, Jane.

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