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February 25, 2014


Jane on Ipad


It's Dave from MA's b-day. Hit has fallen down on the job.

Happy birthday Dave, let's have drinks this year!!


Happy birthday, Dave, I haven't been checking the Rosetta,

Miss Marple

Here is my problem on the cake-baking thing. I think it is a "gin up your supporters" issue on both sides.

The gay customers have many bakeries to choose from, plus they could have asked for a wedding cake without specifying it was for a gay marriage. Strike against them.

For the bakers, thepresence of their cake does not constitute an endorsement. When both of my children married, the cake was delivered and placed on the table in the afternoon before the evening reception. For all the bakery knew, we could have been celebrating a Black Sabbath. Most wedding cakes do not have inscriptions on them, so the bakers are just delivering a cake to a place. It does not constitute an endorsement.

This whole thing smacks of a manufactured controversy to me. I am not sure who was the prime instigator, but it needs to go away.

Bakers who don't want to bake cakes for gay weddings should simiply not ask who is participating in the wedding. Gay wedding celebrants should just order a damn cake without making a big deal out of it.


That is not the way it works, but seeing how Judge Walker, the 9th Circuit and Jerry Brown handled prop 8, I'm not surprised,

Account Deleted

Happy Birthday,Dave!


I've been wondering if the crankiness here can be credited to the extraordinary amount of climate change we've undergone during this 180 month never ending winter. I know I'm a bit tired of it.

Miss Marple

To amplify my theme, suppose you are a costume company who sells glittery outfits for dancerecitals. Suppose a guy comes in to buy one.

Are you going to cross-examine him as to why he is buying it? Maybe he has a daughter who asked him to pick it up. Maybe he wants to give it as a gift to a grandchild who is a dancer. Maybe he is a gay cross-dresser. Are customers to fill out questionaires or what?

And if the store refuses, maybe it's because they think the guy is a pedophile, or he has bad credit, or whatever.

We can end up with all sorts of litigation if this continues.

I sell on eBay. I sell antique silver from time to time. There are people who simply melt it down and sell the bullion. I find this abhorrent.

So, my choice is to not sell the silver or sell it and say "Vaya con dios." I cannot cross examine people to see what they will DO with the silver, and refuse if I don't like it.


It would be naive to think it will end here;



Happy Birthday, Dave from MA


Happy Birthdayto Dave (inMA) one of my top 5 posters on JOM. Soon. To be featured on a new chapter on Marty aka TBT aka Ernie Kouchak.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

"The great battle against the Innocence of Muslims trailer has finally been won thanks to a ruling by “Cow Sex” Chief Judge Kozinski."

We are suppose to obey this guy?? Would you even let him on your property?


Happy Birthday Dave!



Going to bed email me about my Q

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Happy Birthday, Dave!! Lots of love to you!!


mm @ 8:33, it is a manufactured crisis, but so have many crises been manufactured controversies. Rosa Parks and Plessy weren't just people of color who got onto public transportation; their whole cases were manufactured. Plessy was chosen in part, because he was just light enough in skin color that he wouldn't get thrown off the street car immediately. Also the Texas sodomy law case that went to the Supremes a few years ago was a set up to in effect force the police to enforce a law they never did enforce.

Sandy TDLFWTCGI-daze

Miss Marple,

Nice try but, no, your idea is not allowed.

You idea is very similar to what was working in the US Military until the "betters" decided they knew better, it was called, DADT, shorthand for Don't Ask, Don't Tell.


Well it doesn't seem very libertarian, that detail came out because of the lawsuit of a very annoying litigant who tried to force Kosinski, into recusing from some case,


You would think this would make more sympathetic not less, in the LUN


Happy Birthday, Dave!

Miss Marple

Sandy, probably so.

Does it occur to people that perhaps we don't need to know every stinking detail of everyone's personal life? We don't need to know who you sleep with. Quit telling us!

I think things were better when this stuff wasn't even discussed in public, which in my neck of the woods was up to the mid 1960's.

Dave (in MA)

DADT, especially when it's with a cow.

Dave (in MA)

Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone. Jane had to go and spill the beans.


I'm with MM as usual. Too damned much information I have no interest in.

Miss Marple

Night, everyone.

I have to get up early to take the dog to the vet for a small surgery which I hope is nothing serious.

So I have to get to bed.



Scrub a dub


I think that was the point of the exercise, mrs,marple, to desensitize one to every aberrant behavior, of course there has always been thus, but the reaction to some of the Scandals of the 20s, was some pushback, now they push full throttle,

Centralcal on iPad

Happiest of birthdays to you, Dave!

OMG! I just got a wonderful case of the giggles. Clarice's avi is her generic FB avi! How did you do that, C? Next we will see the generic egg that bgates uses on Twitter.

Stephanie VIP shhhhh its fight club



The video related to my 9:01


Jane on Ipad

Miss Marple,

I agree with everything you said at 8:38.

Harry Reid is getting trounced about the bs he spouted today.

The man is a moron.


Reid should be horsewhipped.

Sandy TDLFWTCGI-daze

Too damned much information. err, dittos.


So, now we have men, who are attracted to other men, openly, what is it, loud and proud.

A female caller was making the point a few weeks ago, on Bennett's show, or maybe Rush, if there are only shower facilities for men (exclusively) and women (exclusively), how are the heterosexual men and women supposed to feel about having homosexual men and women in the respective showers.

She likened it to putting heterosexual men and heterosexual women in the same shower.

But it goes on, what about any other traditionally gender-specific facility.

Perhaps we need lesbian facilities, homosexual male facilities, heterosexual female facilities, heterosexual male facilities.

What about the transgendered? Would there be some point when they would "move" from one group's facility to another's? Will they need a doctor's note saying they are now supposed to use the different facility?

What about that gal and her bicycle someone mentioned about 750 comments ago?

This is craziness. And the crazy keeps coming.


Who the heck knows, sometimes the weasel exceeds himself;



Get JFK on the phone.


Sandy TDLFWTCGI-daze

narc, you may have commented, (probably) but, belts and braces, have you noticed that Fernando Gonzalez is to be released tomorrow after 15 years making pebbles out of rocks?




CC, No idea how that happene. None. I can barely type as you know. Fancy stuff like that is way over my head.


Yes, I have Sandy, I imagine they are letting him out, in order to try to trade for Alan Gross, the reaction to that predicate event did a lot to make me cynical about things,


Then again, who would have the Cuban Govt, would have an agent in theState Department for the better part of 30 years.


Otoh, this is kind of encouraging;



"SDPD names Shelley Zimmerman as new police chief"


No, not Shellie...

Sandy TDLFWTCGI-daze

OK, narc, thanks. The Alan Gross event happened while I was in Iraq, I've just read the Wiki page. Please, your brief is?
Any connection to the recent on & off effort to cnx funding for Radio Marti ?


"WASHINGTON — Police officers may enter and search a home without a warrant as long as one occupant consents, even if another resident has previously objected, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in a Los Angeles case.

The 6-3 ruling, triggered by a Los Angeles Police Department arrest in 2009, gives authorities more leeway to search homes without obtaining a warrant, even when there is no emergency."



That the murder of Americans including citizens in international waters, would provoke so little reaction, it showed the nature of our
European 'betters' as well with regard to any sanctions regime.


In other (non-birther) news, I redid the electrical connections and Ethernet cables for about half the lab today. Yesterday four new 20 amp circuits were installed, and the rats nest of cables has been uncluttered substantially. All the new toys work now.

Also, I upgraded the memory on my main computer to 20GB. For the first time in my life I had a bad memory stick. The replacement arrived today, and it works fine.

I am always amazed at how important this sort of drudge work is to doing good science.


I hope my cheesecake postings establish my nonprudery bona fides but i can't even imagine taking any 16 year old, let alone my son to see a movie with non stop naked chicks and the F word 500+ times.

Not to mention one with that little turd DeCaprio.

Not too too long ago I believe something like that was called contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Captain Hate

Who the heck knows, sometimes the weasel exceeds himself;

That might be the largest number of twitchy responses I've ever seen. The country will be in good mental health when Harry Reid is pounded by so many people on his dowager hump that he's shaped like Christina Hendricks.


LOL, CH, but I'm pretty sure an infinite number of chimps could pound on Harry's hump for eternity and his shape would never approximate Miss Hendricks'.


Oh Ig, that was a complete and total accident by my sister, the minister's wife. It was the day after it came out to the raves. She'd had my parents and my brothers family with her for five days, due to power failures at their homes.
She spent most of the movie with her hand over the 16 year old's eye's. At one point she told him "Close your eyes and don't open them until I tell you."

His comment on leaving:"Mom, don't ever tell anybody I saw that."

My husband did say that now things were even with her husband the minister, who shocked us by taking our then 12 year old to Austin Powers. (Yeah baby)

Jeff Dobbs

Hit has fallen down on the job.

A g a i n

Happy Birthday Dave!


Happy Birthday DAVE!!

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