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February 28, 2014



Obama says that Putin ACTED STUPIDLY.


Well at least here is a minor victory:

FCC scraps study of newsrooms

“The FCC will not move forward with the Critical Information Needs study," an agency spokesman said Friday, referring to an FCC study that would have involved going into U.S. newsrooms to examine their editorial practices.


Daddy?? So the OBAMA FCC saying that it WILL NOT go FORWARD with FASCISM is to be BELIEVED??
That's like trusting PUTIN.


The FCC says it will NOW not do XYZ. Why?? If what they were going to do, is/was not wrong, why are they telling us they are NOT going to do it. AND!!! Wouldn't my last question be a fricking DOOOOOZIE for anyone in the MFM???? Much like Rodham saying Abortion, should be safe, legal and rare.
OK!! If ABORTION is NOT WRONG. Why then as a policy issue, should it be RARE??? Free Speech, it should be safe, legal and RARE!!



No disagreement about Obama's weakness, but there is one player who is not getting any attention.

That is Russia's largest customer of gas and oil, which is Germany. Whose own environmental policies which caused them to shut down their Nuclear reactor and with the failure of their green energy initiatives are now more dependent than ever on Russian Oil and Gas.

Many of the leaders of the "Euromaidan" movement that led to the crisis were based and received monetary support from guess who, Germany. Vitali Klitschko a citizen of Germany and the recipient of their highest civilian award the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany is now the leader of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (UDAR) party.

He also had announced plans for running for President in 2015. According to several European newspapers Germany and others in the EU want to control Ukraine because of the pipelines of Russian Oil and Gas that provide the Gas and Oil mainly to Germany, Netherlands and Poland. Especially before Russia finishes 2 current pipelines that would bypass the Ukraine altogether the Baltic southern route and other northern route.



Changing the talk about Ukraine, did you read the new excuse for the lack of Warming? The new excuse is that it is just coincidence.


Good point Bori. An example of Obama's dysfucntional emotionally disturbed and way way way out of this world unbalanced view of Communism VIS A VIS real communism and Putin et al is displayed as such.
"Under my plan of a cap and trade, blah blah blah blah...."Energy prices WILL NECESSARILY SKYROCKET". Bori. PUTIN KNOWS who Obama is. Obama is a PRETEND COMMUNIST. Obama doesn't know what COMMUNISM really is and Obama loves Obama version 2.0 communism. Putin on the other hand, KNOWS what Communism's inherent failures are/were, and he is ready to adjust. Obama is a clown. Our countries SECURITY is based upon our COUNTRIES SECURITY. Get it?? Obama does not. Putin does.


Bori. The KEYSTONE PIPELINE. Putin is laughing. Obama is kicking his own people in the balls. Putin sees Obama as a WANNABEE.


Bori. The MATH is simple. there is NO GLOBAL WARMING. Simple math. Global equals planet. Warming equals increase in temperature.
NO GLOBAL WARMING IN 15 YEARS. How many years has AL GORE been out of OFFICE and profiting? If you DO NOT nor CAN NOT recognize AL GORE as a NUT, then you yourself may very well be a NUT.
To repeat. There is NO GLOBAL WARMING. Ergo, the concept of GREENHOUSE gases is a lie and moot too. Learn it, live it, love it, and express it rationally, just as I have.



Agree completely on both Obama and the CAGW fraud. I just like to point out the silliness of the "settled science" scientists.


I agree Bori, and of course in GUS STYLE, I am PASSIONATE. I just think that I have some factoids to add to the discussion that are valid and irrefutable, take care friend.

dublindave forever

Yeah,how dare the President walk and chew gum at the same time. Times like this I miss Dubya.

The funniest line of the night came when the President talked about Republicans hiring professionals to come in and teach them how to talk to women.

Stunningly brilliant.


Crimean leader appeals to Putin The new pro-Moscow leader of Ukraine's Crimea region asks Russia for help to ensure peace as the US warns Moscow against -the bbc.

Jane on Ipad

Yeah Dudu,

It's a little like breaking out in song at your nephew 's funeral.

Captain Hate

Is Rodham sober enough to realize what the JEF has done to her aspirations, assuming she still has them, for the Presidency?



she'll get a morning eye opener when she thinks about it. How'd that overcharge button workout?

and less than 10 minutes to go!


Well the Dems' modern values come from the Kennedys, billy Clinton and LBJ, so they've had program in place to handle women forover 50 years-- lieto them, tell em what they want to hear, then rape em. The Dems aren t going to change that until enough women standup and demand respect.

Robin, baking with butter

One of my Facebook acquaintances shared a post from a page called "We Survived Bush, You'll Survive Obama." It was so hard to keep my mouth shut. I think I need to leave FB until after the mid-terms.


DiploMad 2.0's thoughts



Aha-- so captH you acknowledge that drunk or notHildaBeast plans to run. Join the club, I didn t think she would either. As one of my younger partners says, the Dems will prop her up like Weekend at Berniesif they have to. HildaBeast has her own problems with the Russian Resetbutton and Benghazi.


OK, from a link above (pre coffee so forgot who) Vlad is adding fleet bases and strategic airfield in Cuba, Venezuela, etc while Obama recreates our military on a post WWII France model. Red Dawn indeed.

Robin, baking with butter

That Noonan link was infuriating. Then there is the story about Christine O'Donnell and the IRS.

I am starting to feel that voting and encouraging friends to vote might not be enough. I wonder if we should be refusing to file tax returns.


Henry-- IMO the soviet, I mean Russian, bases in Cuba and Venezuela are political theater. The real Russian means of war will be energy blackmail against the EU (they set themselves up for that with the Green energy BS) and your field Cyber War (including EMP)against the USA.

Jim Eagle

Goede morgen.

Just scrolled through last night's comments on the Flemish vernacular.

Flemish or Vlaams is Old Dutch, much like Afrikaans. There are distinct differences in both vocabulary and dialect between Flemish and Nederlands (Dutch). Also Flemish as spoke by natives is much less gutteral than the Dutch.

Lekker by the way, means yummy, good, delicious, nice, fine, etc. It is used in many different ocassions. In Afrikaans they use the term "Bae Lekker" for just about everything they recognize as good, lovely, nice or simply neat.

Mrs. JiB says "slaap lekker" means basically to sleep well.

Also, her Flemish is Antwerpen with its own distinct dialect compared to West Flanders or Brussels (which is more and more French speaking although it is geographically Flanders). For example, the common expression in meeting someone and asking "how are you or how's it going" in Antwerpen Flemish is "ouw eest". If you said that to a Dutchman he wouldn't know what you are saying.


NK, I wonder if they plan to keep "friends" in power as the Castros die off, Tommy boy goes the way of Ceacescu, and Nicaragua gets a non Chinese canal. Cuba is the glue, Vlad needs it to get to the oil & shipping lanes of the other two.

Miss Marple

Good morning!


>>>Also Flemish as spoke by natives is much less gutteral than the Dutch.<<<

And Dutch much less gutteral than the German.


I am starting to feel that voting and encouraging friends to vote might not be enough.

It's not. Then again we might be too late.

I wonder if we should be refusing to file tax returns.

Wouldn't it be fun to have all the people unite against those spending all our money to steal our freedom? I dream of that.

Robin, baking with butter

Ace has a post about the Budapest Memorandum signed by Clinton and John Major promising to have the Ukraine's back if they gave up their nuclear weapons.

From the Daily Mail:

NATO also asked Russia not to take action that could escalate tension. However Moscow responded by telling the organization to 'refrain' from provocative statements on Ukraine and respect its 'non-bloc' status.

Sir Tony Brenton, who served as British Ambassador from 2004 to 2008, said that war could be an option 'if we do conclude the [Budapest] Memorandum is legally binding.'

It promises to protect Ukraine's borders, in return for Ukraine giving up its nuclear weapons.

Kiev has demanded the agreement is activated after insisting their borders had been violated.

In response Mr Brenton said in a BBC radio interview: 'If indeed this is a Russian invasion of Crimea and if we do conclude the [Budapest] Memorandum is legally binding then it's very difficult to avoid the conclusion that we're going to go to war with Russia'.

Ukraine accused Russia of a 'military invasion and occupation', saying Russian troops have taken up positions around a coast guard base and two airports on its strategic Crimea peninsula.

Russia kept silent on the accusations, as the crisis deepened between two of Europe's largest countries.

Is this why we're calling it an "uncontested arrival" of troops?

Robin, baking with butter

Jane, they would probably shut down twitter.

Miss Marple

Robin, I don't think they would shut it down. They would just block all but the privileged few from using it.

Sandy the districts lie fallow while the capitol gorges itself daze

Robin, late last night, narc posted the link to the Daily Mail article on the Budapest memorandum. likely TPTB, will ignore, and send that strongly worded diplomatic note, "please don't do that thing you're doing, Vlad"

here it is again:

Robin, baking with butter

Sorry, I breezed through late posts while drinking coffee and missed Narc's post.

Sandy the districts lie fallow while the capitol gorges itself daze

GMTA, Robin, the memorandum places any potential responses in a different context, than if it did not exist. It was great for narc to find it, and excellent that you excerpted it. Bears repeating, because it begs the question,.are we governed by the
Rule of Law
or the
Law of Rule.

If the Rule of Law, the the memorandum has importance.
If the Law of Rule, then the memorandum does not matter, but similarly, no other agreements matter, and that, THAT, will cause a major "rethink" among other partners who hold similar bilateral and multilateral memoranda signed by the USA.

Robin, baking with butter

What does GMTA mean?

Yes, I think that our allies will be watching with great interest how this is handled. It changes the calculus for nuclear nations.


great minds think alike

Sandy the districts lie fallow while the capitol gorges itself daze



Jim Eagle


I thought there was some legitimate question as to whether the Budapest Memorandum was enforcealbe? Can't remember where I saw that but will try to find it.


JiB, did the Senate ratify it? That was an open question in the article I read on the memorandum.


well here's one opinion,


I don't know why we sign these things, but as they pointed out in Thirteen Days re Berlin,
these obligations are significant if taken seriously,

Jim Eagle

This is the article I was referencing in my 9:41 in re the Budapest Memorandum and its enforcement

"The only specific obligation that the three nuclear states – the US, Russia, and the UK – took was that they “will consult in the event a situation arises which raises a question concerning these commitments.” This means that the aforesaid nuclear states must take part in these consultations at Ukraine’s demand. However, the Memorandum has no clauses that set out the procedure of convening and conducting such consultations, making and implementing decisions, or explain the nature of sanctions against the potential offender. The documents in which China and France gave Ukraine security assurances do not call for an institution of mandatory consultations. The Chinese declaration only says about the government’s inclination to a “peaceful settlement of differences and disputes by way of fair consultations.” The declaration of France does not mention consultations at all."

Jim Eagle

Reading both narc's 9:49 and my 9:49 we are talking about "pablum" and nothing resembling a treaty or an enforceable agreement.

It is only a "diplomatic" understanding nothing more.

Obama misses another bullet.

Sandy The Districts Lie Fallow, While The Capitol Gorges Itselfdaze

Well, JiB,

True, AFAIK, the BM was never ratified, and contains precious little, as you identify, regarding actions to be taken.

In America we can say, "AHA, never ratified, hence, no treaty..."

But, in the Ukraine, they might see an American President and the British PM signing such a document, as a valid document.

This is the gray area in which all diplomatic activity lives. The mutual parties agree to sign a vaguely worded agreement, that allows all to go home saying "Peace In Our Time!!!"

The trick being, of course, that each country's version of the agreement is in its own language, saying things which are at variance with the other translations. Besides, what the hell is an official translation anyhow?

Law of Rule or Rule of Law?

Think of the recent so-called agreement with Iran. In short, we know that the agreement does not in any measurable sense obligate the Iranians to any changes in behavior.

For who and what was that agreement developed ? YGBSM.

I tell you thins, if I was a country holding some sort of signed document that included the signature of the American President, I'd start to think that what was written on that document wasn't worth the paper it was printed upon.

Now, if I had the sigs of both the USA Prez, and the Brit PM, well, twice times $0.00 =
You got it, ZERO.

Which conincidentally is who we refer to in the Whitehouse, Zero.

Coinkidink? Worthy of Mikey Spillane

dublindave forever

Foreign policy situations shouldn't be relished by Republicans as opportunities for the President to fail and his legacy to be irrevocably damaged. If you're rooting for your country to stumble on the world stage then maybe you're living in the wrong country. Maybe you've relinquished just a little bit of your patriotism in exchange for a cheap political shot.

Is it worth it?

Republicans betrayed their country in exchange for a hefty tax break by allowing Dubya invade Iraq("cuz sadam threatened my daddy").....they rolled over and pretended that the cost of war in terms of the debt and human lives would somehow be forgotten once they drove that new Porsche (paid for with American lives) .......you would think that on reflection and in terms of Foreign policy,these would be their redemptive years.

Oh well.

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