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February 02, 2014


Danube on iPad

When will Kristof tell us Juanita Broaddrick's story?

Miss Marple

The guy is a creep. I have known this for years, even without any testimony.

And I don't like his movies, either.


"Inappropriate touching" is when liberal elites engage in pedophelia. "Sexual assault" is when a white male enters the same room as a female. Not too difficult.

Captain Hate

I agree he's a creep. I like his movies but part of their appeal, I think, is he has insider knowledge of damaged people.

Those are pretty serious charges but at this late date it will never be more than her word against his.


But, according to Meryl Streep, Walt Disney was much worse and needs to be denounced publicly. Hollywood is full of seriously off-skew people.


And, as a retired lawyer, might I once again call out those who claim a perp to be "innocent until found guilty"? The presumption of innocence is just that...a legal presumption that should have no more effect than a trial presumption that puts the burden of proof initially on the prosecution.

Innocent until proved guilty? Think about it.

Account Deleted


It's more than her word against his but Mia Farrow's decision not to prosecute 22 years ago precludes relative certainty.

I won't miss Woody Pervert when he croaks any more than I will miss Roman Rapist.


Strangely enough, since Waas' confession American Thinker contributor Clarice Feldman has also called Plamegate a "hoax". And she has now added former FBI Director Robert Mueller to her list of people who "conspired to conceal" this from the White House.

When looked at logically, Feldman's list of conspirators-which now includes the State Department, the Department of Justice and the FBI-fully supports Waas' admission of a big Washington cover-up.

Feldman and the American Thinker want us to believe that top officials at these three different agencies, who all served at the pleasure of the President, kept him in the dark for three years that Dick Armitage was Robert Novak's source.

Why is the American Thinker still clinging to the official Armitage "disinformation campaign" version of the Plamegate story, and ignoring the recent confessions of both Judith Miller and Murray Waas?

Murray Waas: Plamegate cover-up is “something that is bigger than Watergate”


Captain Hate on the iPad

Rick, I meant to say something about her inability or unwillingness to protect her own flesh and blood; but couldn't figure out how to phrase it. I don't know what she factored in to her decision but it doesn't bolster her daughter's claims.

I just saw an ad on FNS, which is nothing but Super Bowl coverage, for "The Plan" by The GOP House for immigration.

Captain Hate on the iPad

That link is very disturbing, Rick; even by Vanity Fair standards.


Even though Mia is not exactly a model of mental stability, and aside from the weird marriage to Soon Yi, there doesn't seem to be a pattern (no other victims have come forward), the account in Rick's link seems beyond reasonable doubt. It's hard to say Mia did her daughter a favor by not prosecuting.


And I suppose it's coincidental, but Mia's brother is a convicted pedophile.


Jane-Rebel Alliance1

The last line of that op-ed was the killer.



Porfivor Nixon

We don't really lack the information, we have known what she said he did for years, she said he took his finger and inserted it into her vagina. His finger penetrated her, so I think it goes beyond "inappropriate touching."


Darn,I lost a comment. My guilty pleasure is reading Hollywood and rock and roll memoirs.(yeah,I know) Mia wrote her memoirs in 1997 and it she tells of the typical messed up Hollywood life. Her father was a Hollywood whorehound,in fact Mia was afraid to tell Sinatra that her father had slept with Ava Gardner. Mia and her sister were on the infamous trip with the Beatles to the Maharishi's ashram. The Beatles wrote the song Dear Prudence about Mia's sister.


The very first time I saw Woody Allen doing standup on some TV show (it was so many years ago, I no longer remember which show), he had so many twitches and tics, I thought there was something physically wrong with him. He has never been funny to me, and I've never bothered to watch but one of his movies (which left me wondering why people think he's such a genius).


Woody Allen was good probably up to Annie Hall,
Sleeper, Bananas, a few others, then very annoying, much like our latest troll.


I paid an obscene amount of money so that my girlfriend at the time, her mother, and I could watch Woody Allen blow the clarinet to a packed house at The Carlyle back in the mid to late '90s. My girlfriend's mother was visiting from France and I sorta tried to wiggle out of paying the steep price for the tickets by noting the allegations, which she was already aware of even though she lives in France. "Mom" did not bat an eye. Her response boiled down to, "but it's Woody Allen". And my girlfriend took her mother's side, so that pretty much ended the discussion.

Again, it was a packed house after the allegations had been fully aired in the public. So even back then the public wasn't holding the allegations against him enough to boycott his entertainment.

Danube on iPad

The guy is a phony intellectual. A poseur.


Look, I don't like Woody Allen. He is a parody of a limousine liberal, the ultimate elitist, isolated Manhattanite insider, who makes movies for a few hundred thousand of his rich, enclaved Democrat friends and those who desperately long to join them. I think Annie Hall the un-funniest "comedy" I ever saw, although I do like Radio Days and some of his other schmaltzy throwaways containing the paltry few recognizably middle-class characters to be found in his movies.

But I don't like destroying anyone in print, where there can be no real defense. I particularly don't like it in this case because of the decades long public campaign of personal destruction carried out by Dylan Farrow's mother and Allen's ex-wife, Mia Farrow. I sense something of the harpy to her attacks. Yes, I understand the loathsome nature of the allegations, but I feel more the rage of a virago than I do the cold determination of a mother lion to avenge her cubs. There's something emotionally not right about that woman.

So something smells here to me. I think it entirely possible that, after being told all her life how she was abused, Dylan believes with all her heart that it really happened. And it could be true. I don't know. But if nothing more I do know Dylan Farrow is getting Extra Double Special VIP treatment here, and all to destroy someone. And I don't like that.

So I'm going to sit back and see what plays out.


the freaks in Hollywood and the nyc "culture scenes" will never be aware of life outside their sphere, just like politicians. as the known legal scholar whoppy goldberg said of roman Polanski "it wasn't rape rape"

Danube on iPad

The author of the Vanity Fair piece, Maureen Orth, was married to Tim Russert.

Danube on iPad

If God required me, on pain of death, to say whether the charges are true, I would would say that they are. But He has imposed no such requirement.


If you like a little more irony in your diet, apparently Mia Farrow has had little to say publicly about Roman Polanski's proclivities and remains friends with him.


I'm with Sardondi. IIRC--an I may not be recalling accurately--Mia acted in a film by Woody even after the supposed incident with her adopted daughter.

Or was it after the claim about Satchel?

Or her finding the pics of a naked Soo Yi? One of those--her career was more important. I think she's nuts. I think he's nuts. I think we'll never know the answer, And I really see enough neurotic behavior in D.C. that I am unwilling to shell out $$$ to see more on the big screen.


Well he was always neurotic, but amusing, Sleeper besides presaging Ear Leader, also had the bit where all the so called bad food, was good,


That part of Sleeper was great, narciso.
If I had to re-watch Hannah and Her Sisters, I'd blow my brains out first.


I recall an article last week suggesting all comedians were sociopaths or narcissists. This example does not challenge that finding.


There were a couple of Allen films in the 70s and 80s when he hit his stride as a director. The rest of his oeuvre sucks, including his writing for the New Yorker, and his very trite standup shtik. And looking at that Vanity Fair link, I am inclined to believe that the child was sexually victimized. So he and that Polish director can both go to hell, and won't get any more of my money.


They should show that one down at Gitmo, of course that could violate both conventions,


Staten Island Chuck is the coolest groundhog. He bit Bloomberg a couple of years ago, and today he made Wilhelm drop him.


A very perceptive animal, would that there were enough voters so inclined,


Equally stupid and self destructive behavior;


what level of embarassment would it take for the Daily News, to disown DeBlasio, bgates can't parody them adequately

Frau Motorroller

"Inappropriate touching" is when liberal elites engage in pedophelia. "Sexual assault" is when a white male enters the same room as any Republican male enters the personal space of a female."


Loved this aaddlepated comment at the Times;

Jeff Graves
Alhambra, CA 50 minutes ago

It's not so unusual that a man who was held down as an infant and his genitalia mutilated while he screamed in horror might grow up with some sexual issues.

I blame it on Bris.


That Mia is as whacked out as Woody means we should have more sympathy for the kids not the pedophile.

Frau Motorroller

I liked it when Woody Allen wrote gags for others and no one knew his name or face.


Did she get rabies shots,



--Well, yes, and I have been boycotting Mr. Allen for two decades now.--

I see your two and raise you four.
Unless you count about twenty years ago when I came in the middle of and tried to watch some of Annie Hall.
About two minutes of watching Tony Roberts trying to keep the marbles from falling out of his mouth while talking to the bespectaled little creeper put an end to that.


But isn't that Robert's m.o, he was in a really bad Amityville sequel sometime back,


Zelig was an amazing film. But Allen peaked years ago.

Miss Marple

My husband HATES Tony Roberts. He always calls him "that guy" and says that he only gets work in Woody Allen movies, which is a sign of how bad they are.


As Whoopi would say it was not "rape, rape" in this case "incest, incest".


bgates can't parody them adequately

which is odd, considering I'm a narcissist and a sociopath.

The word that stood out to me in TM's quote from the DOJ was not fondling but explicit. I hope the actual statute was written more carefully than that.


If asked, I would say he did it. If not asked, I would still say he did it.

Frau Motorroller

Roger Simon on Bill Ayers/D'Souza debate is worth a complete reading:

Bill Ayers is Saul Alinsky on steroids — an Alinsky beyond Alinsky, as it were. During the debate, he rarely responded directly to anything anyone asked or said, only recited a script so old it might as well have been found on some Egyptian tomb painting. But since he has done this for so long, he did it brilliantly, unwaveringly, no contradictory idea or even thought allowed to enter his brain. Victory for his cause was all.

In the old days (sixties), Ayers did this in a clumsy manner, getting involved in all kinds of counter-productive violent actions that hurt his goals with the public rather then helped them. He is far savvier now, dazzling his student audience with a string of heroic names, some obvious (Malcolm X) and others obscure, I’m sure deliberately, even to me who has been paying obsessive attention to such things for decades. Israel was, of course, an apartheid state and the Iraq War fought for the benefit of Halliburton. Leftwing cliché after leftwing cliché spewed out as if no one could possibly deny these self-evident facts revealed ex cathedra to the gullible young. If you repeat something often enough, it must be true.

Yes, he is more dangerous now than when he was violent post-adolescent trying to stick a bomb in Pentagon restrooms — and not just because of his legendary influence on the president or possible authorship of Obama’s putative autobiography. He is far craftier than that. He took a vastly more potent, and more devious, approach and got his teeth into our educational system.



Seven year olds cannot legally consent, nor can 13 year olds. Even if they are in Jack Nicholson's house.

Frau Motorroller

MarkO - you said it.


You can't deny Allen's talent. Zelig, Manhattan, and so many others have been excellent.

Unfortunately, artists are oftentimes freaks and degenerates not fit for polite company. This is why there was such opprobium until the 20th Century. The starmaking machine was also the coverup machine as so many known scandals have proven.Imagine what we don't know.

Rule #1 is keep your children away from artists and musicians and actors.They are to the greater degree libertines and sybarites and Democrats and often have no sense of decency whatsoever. They do it because they can get away with it.

It is quite obvious that Allen's body of work and life choices make him out to be a sexual deviant. He should have been castrated long ago.

Dave (in MA)


. In May 2007, Roberts returned to Broadway in the roller-disco rock musical Xanadu.
The horror.


the film was treacly enough the play must be sheer torture, like that camp version of Point Break,

Miss Marple

I have been sidetracked on Zero Hedge comments, in which the banker suicides have been linked to the occult.(You may imagine me rolling my eyes here.)

As I once said, you can eventually connect dots to almost anything.

J Story

One should be extremely suspicious of uncorroborated accusations. There are many reasons why someone might produce a false accusation, and even if Dylan Farrow's character were exemplary, there is also the matter of "recovered memory syndrome", where false memories are "discovered" or implanted. The tragedy is that while these unsubstantiated public accusations are not sufficient to put him jail, they are already doing serious damage to his image.

As for Farrow, the question is, "why now?". Is it because Allen is now unable to launch a full-scale counterattack in the courts of law and public opinion? Is it because of a forthcoming book? Perhaps we are better served to look more closely into Dylan Farrow's background and life up to now.


"WNBC confirms reports that actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead of an apparent overdose in an NYC apartment today."


OIG Report January 2005, in regards to her main allegation:

"Our review also found that many -
although not all - of Edmonds' allegations about the co-worker had some basis
in fact. This evidence does not prove, and we are not suggesting, that there is
sufficient evidence to conclude that espionage or any improper disclosures of
FBI information occurred."

About her other allegations:

"With regard to Edmonds' other allegations of misconduct, most were not
supported by the evidence we reviewed. However, she did raise a valid concern
about unnecessary travel for certain linguists."

One instance where that 2 linguist could have avoided the travel. NOT at all exonerating Sibel Edmonds in fact, it was critical of the FBI procedures not corroborating her allegations.


"One should be extremely suspicious of uncorroborated accusations."

No. Not really. These allegations are not "uncorroborated" and I have no obligation to find him innocent until proven guilty. That's just silly.

Start with the Orth piece and gather information.



not you too. 9 year old stories...

did I miss it? Happy Birthday Hit.

and did that fat rodent see his shadow...we are supposed to get crappy weather tomorrow.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

It's a little hard for me to believe the guy who married his step daughter, rather than his other step daughter. What the hell would be in for her to announce the abuse at this point?

That being said, back when I watched movies, Annie Hall was my favorite beyond favorites.


To echo Matt, I think if we were to boycott all the output of filmmakers, musicians, writers, etc. who were deviants or otherwise reprehensible individuals there wouldn't be a lot left, at least since the mid-19th century when art became primarily self-expression rather than something to elevate the soul.

So I can enjoy a Woody Allen movie if it's good (there haven't been a lot of those in the last 20 years) despite his being a creep and likely a pedophile, though "Manhattan" comes a bit too close to home so to speak. And Polanski was a brilliant director despite his failings. But that doesn't mean they should be showered with honors either, or, certainly, shielded from prosecution.


Too bad about Hoffman, another self-destruction.

A great from the earlier generation passed away: RIP Maximillian Schell.


rich, sorry I just wanted to point out to someone that the report he claims exonerates Edmonds does no such thing.


I think what triggered her coming out now was due to an award Allen received recently. The irony of it all?
As an adult, going through what must've been years of therapy because of the child sexual abuse she experienced at his hands, can be part of her healing process. First time for her.

TBH, I never liked the jerk. The old Vanity Fair article confirms how creepy Allen is.
Once a scum, always a scum.


Frau-To have his "Teach Freedom!" essay in 2014 in a book called Imagine Living in a Socialist USA put out by a mainstream publisher has to be such a boost for Ayers. The actual implementation he and bo sought in the 90s under the Standards for Teaching and Learning is going forward, embraced by many Republicans. They either love the spectre of the eco devt dollars attached or they remain foolishly committed to taking policy advice from people who believe in implementing socialist political theory and Soviet psychological practices through education while hiding all the above under the noun "pedagogy."

I have spent the morning reading all the Governance attempts to close all the doors. I can tell when the writers are fibbing, but the deceit and unaccountability make me ornery. Maybe I will go move some firewood. That usually has a calming effect as long as I do not get splinters.


sorry. I just got up and the coffee hasn't kicked in. I also think I managed to pop my other ear last night.



Clarice Feldman includes the FBI in the "Conspiracy to Conceal"

Captain Hate

With 18 credits, you can only expect so much: http://m.newsbusters.org/blogs/geoffrey-dickens/2014/01/30/dont-know-party-politician-caught-scandal-hes-probably-democrat


Clarice great pieces this morning.


Having watched the officials take away the winning points in regulation--while fouling out Parker and then take away the winning points in OT by failing to call a foul on Hood's slam dunk (a total of 5 in a 2 point game) [I'm not at all over it], I confidently predict Denver by 10.

It's 50 degrees on the field in NYC.


This is confusing. Am I supposed to believe clarice is a dishonest and unreliable hack who makes unsubstantiated accusations and conceals conflicts of interest and cannot be trusted or an authoritative journalist whose word can be taken to the bank?


--To echo Matt, I think if we were to boycott all the output of filmmakers, musicians, writers, etc. who were deviants or otherwise reprehensible individuals there wouldn't be a lot left, at least since the mid-19th century when art became primarily self-expression rather than something to elevate the soul.--

Which raises the question; is avoiding self indulgent art a bad thing?



DoJ Inspector General Glenn A. Fine complicit in fraud known as “Plamegate”


Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Boy that may have been the most screwed up sentence I have every written.

I think what triggered her coming out now was due to an award Allen received recently.


I swear I have dementia! That was exactly the reason the last sentence was so compelling. The people honoring him asked what was his best movie. His step daughter started with that, told her story and asked the question again.

After reading it, it was hard not to quote Hillary: "What difference does it make?"

Thomas Collins

I'll be rooting for Seattle tonight. Hauschka, the Seattle placekicker, graduated from the same high school as my kids (Hauschka was on the high school varsity soccer team when my son was on the freshman team). My wife and Hauschka's mom were parent chaperones on a fifth grade children's chorus trip to Florida. I figure those are good enough reasons to tip the scale when I have no compelling reason to favor one team over the other.

My prediction is Seattle 24, Denver 21. If I'm way off, I hope noone remembers (although H&R no doubt will preserve my way offness in the JOM Hall of Prediction Shame). :-))


Well rse, the Ignite magic beans, which have been in effect down here, for the better part of a decade, were the first stage, and it's the square wheel syndrome, it doesn't work, and that's the least disturbing about it,


Hoffman, was in the last Hunger Games, and was supposed to be in the halves of the next film,


Roger Simon: [Ayers] took a vastly more potent, and more devious, approach and got his teeth into our educational system.

It is not like the 1950s when McCarthy accused communists of infiltrating government. People like Ayers don’t have to be communists, and who cares if they are. Commies or not, they peddle worthless ideas.

What matters is that those now in authority were educated so poorly they cannot sniff out the clichés right under their noses. They embrace pleasant-sounding canards but not principles because no one -- teachers included -- challenged them to verify for themselves longstanding lessons extracted from experience.


is avoiding self indulgent art a bad thing?

Sometimes it still has some redeeming value despite itself. I'm reminded of the debate we had here about "Seinfeld," which I'm convinced was entirely a brilliant parody of self-indulgence, but others found to be a celebration of it. The eye of the beholder, I suppose.


Well he doesn't have to be, but he is, and he learned the Gramscian track is more effective then direct action, which was the failure of the Social Revolutionary, along with most anarchist factions,


Inspector Fine was believable when you used it to prove Edmonds gravitas, now that I demonstrate that he did not he is a co-conspirator. OK, go with that. Bless you child.

A SC ruling.

Ernie is a scientist, he gets 'such a wholesale returns of conjecture out of a trifling investment of fact'.

Danube on iPad

The only publication in the world that carries this lunatic garbage is the cuckoo Illinois Pay to Play. Why do you suppose that is?

Jim Eagle

"If I had a son, he wouldn't be playing football. Too violent"

Dead Venona Scrolls.

Ernie, just as I object to an Alinsky style attack on West, with 90% of Venona undecrypted, I object to an insinuation led discourse. It marks a mind trained to follow its own bias.


Interesting, how they will work around this passing, because he's supposed to be around all the way to the end of the series,

his passing raises the bete noire of legalization, which is somewhat of a red herring, the problem is not the law but the culture, that encourages the breach of said law,

My way.

Well, D, we know Plamegate was a hoax. E just doesn't see it the right way.


Doug McGrath has tried to replicate Allen's early success, but one of them, Company Man, where Allen has a cameo is perfectly dreadful.


I don't think anyone has to worry about getting hurt playing football Barry's way.
His form makes Tebow look like Joe Willie.



You did not demonstrate anything. Fine himself does not deny that he knew that Plamegate was a sham.

Clarice Feldman wants you to believe the State Dept, DoJ and FBI concealed information from Bush for three years.

And apparently you do believe that.


I'm with you on Seinfeld, jimmy.


John Elway out himself,


Gather moonbats home in a jar.

Hah, he practically commanded it, not that they wouldn't have so concealed anyway. Omerta landed on the hoax, early. One small step for narrative, into a huge chasm for mankind.


I had to laugh while reading this bit ... http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/31/opinion/brooks-the-opportunity-coalition.html?partner=rssnyt&emc=rss&_r=0

We found someone who thought the SOTU was brilliant. David Brooks in heat, ready to stain that perfect crease.

>>>This means he will have the opportunity to build what he himself could have used over the past few years: An Opportunity Coalition. He’ll have the chance to organize bipartisan groups of mayors, business leaders, legislators, activists and donors into permanent alliances and institutions that will formulate, lobby for, fund and promote opportunity and social mobility agendas for decades to come.<<<

The whole thing is ridiculous.

Thomas Collins

Where's glasater and Jim Miller? Are the nachos warming and the refreshments on ice in readiness for the big game?


I will prove to be the exception to the rule on this particular thread.
I don't believe Woody Allen abused his stepdaughter.
If you recall at the time I believe they were considering or close to a divorce. I was surprised Allen married Farrow because of her wackiness. and instability. Anyone who cuts her hair off because Sinatra dumps is questionable in my mind. I believe Dylan suffers from recurring memory{false one} and is probably hoping to somehow break into show business. Mia doesn't have the pull to get her jobs so her 15 minutes of fame starts with the Kristof article. Many in New York and California are jealous of Allen's success. I have to admit I like his movies and appreciate his being honored for a lifetime of work. Any new young actress gets a lift after being in his movies. Scarlett Johannsen, Emma Stone, and even Mia benefited back in the day. I like Diane Keaton as well and still think "Annie Hall" is one of the classics. That said ,artists of all types don't live by the same rules that regular people do. That is just a fact of life. Mia didn't prosecute because she knew she would be blackballed in the entertainment industry if she went that far. Also she along with Streep and Julia Roberts are over-rated in my opinion.


The only publication in the world that carries this lunatic garbage is the cuckoo Illinois Pay to Play. Why do you suppose that is?

Posted by: Danube on iPad | February 02, 2014 at 02:50 PM


Spoken like a true follower. You must be so relieved you have Clarice to lead you.

Jim Miller

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think that Kristof has ever discussed the Jimmy Savile/BBC scandals.

Which strike me as far worse than what Woody Allen is accused of having done. (I haven't followed the cases closely enough to have an opinion on his guilt.)

Given the BBC man now running the NYT, I can understand why Kristof might be slow to pick up on those scandals, but perhaps he should, anyway.


I love Seinfeld, still watch the reruns and feel it should have received more Emmys. Julia Louis Dreyfuss is still very funny and also poignant in Gandolfini's last movie.


--Gather moonbats home in a jar.--

LOL, kim.

Rob Crawford

Seinfeld and Allen -- over-rated, famous for being famous, and utterly boring.

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