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March 21, 2014



I'm not too livid with what I know of the Toyota thing.
That it was floor mats that people didn't keep in the proper place is the usual operator error that should have gone little or nowhere.
But from what I can see Toyota may have stonewalled and misled people, at least they copped to it.
If they were in the right then they should have Chevronned Holder right up the arse, not cut a deal.

Captain Hate

maybe the best way to win is to take second tier players and keep them 4 years.

That sounds like Gary Williams.

Thomas Collins

PC Friars up by 2 over the Tar Heels with less than 10 minutes to play. The Saints have come to San Antonio and are making the Geels pray.

For those not familiar with PC, When the Saints Come Marching In is the PC fight song.

Thomas Collins

Make the Heels.


They're making us.!@#$


"Feet of Stone" McAdoo!!!

Thomas Collins

Friars 5:28 away from the upset. It's 66-62 PC. Great game.

Captain Hate

Memphis just proved that incredibly dumb teams can win in the tourney.

miss Marple

Danube, I would remind you that DNA can be used for more than criminal purposes.

It can be used to target ethnic heritage. Their are groups who would like that information, such as certain antiSemitic groups.

It can be used to see if you carry any genetic diseases, which could eventually be used to deny health insurance, or even worse, prevent marriage or force abortions.

It could be used to test for certain types of mental retardation, which in the hands of eugenic it's could mean extermination.

It could be used to search for rare blood types and force donation.

That is all I can think of right now, but I do not think having a data bank with this information on the general public is a good thing.

Thomas Collins

71-66 PC. Heels have the ball.


I'm not just livid, every thing Holder said about Toyota could be said about the Administration and Obamacare.
Deliberately deceptive.
When they should be concerned about public safety, they were concerned about public relations.
They misled the public.


Ukraine signs a trade pact with the Ukraine, and Tatars discover that volodya holds then with the same respect asthe Chechens


Whoa! First time i've ever heard the F word during a college b ball game!


ADN just posted a story from the NYTimes discussing the great idea of this new airborne Wind Turbine that will float 1,000 feet above terrain to catch the wind and produce power.

No mention in the story of birds, eagles, hawks, kittiwakes, etc.

Wind industry flies high; airborne turbine set for testing in Alaska

Thomas Collins

Key steal and drive for the layup for Bryce Cotton. 77-74 PC. 1:18 left.

Thomas Collins

Page ties it.

Captain Hate

That thing will clobber the birds that the Stalinists used to pretend to care about.


Two foul shots coming to McAdoo . All he has to do is hit 1 to win.

Any bets?


"Hands of Stone" McAdoo wins it for the Heel's from the free throw line!

I knew he would of course. Never doubted him for a moment:)

He's got great touch.


1.7 sec's remaining and he's back at the line to toss up another couple bricks.

Danube on iPad

"Right or wrong to take DNA is not the question. Does it violate the 4th Amendment prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures?"

I will stipulate that "wrong" is synonymous with "violates the 4th Amendment."

You have cited a beneficial use to which the baby's footprint may be put. It may also, thirty years down the road, be used to convict him of a murder (or acquit him). Thus you deem it reasonable.

Shall we list the yays and nays for a DNA registry? Suppose we took the baby's DNA at birth on the grounds that it might be subsequently used to (a) identify his remains, (b) convict him of a crime, and (c) exonerate him of a crime. Which of these possibilities makes the seizure unreasonable?


Meanwhile the unfriending in Syria claims another ambitious lad,
Sanafr al nasr

Thomas Collins

McAdoo has won it for NC my both making and missing foul shots. 79-77. Congrats to daddy and NC nation. Tough loss for Rhode Islanders (we all love PC basketball whether or not we went there). But NC's offensive rebounding pulled it out for them.


Congrats to Mercer. Some of the folks here might remember me singing the praises of one of my favorite Southern authors, Ferrol Sams. He was a Mercer alumnus, and the second novel of his autobiographical Porter Osborne trilogy, The Whisper of the River, is set at Mercer (called Willingham in the book) in the years leading up to WWII. I recommend the whole trilogy most highly. I sent it to Soylent Red a couple of years ago and he said it was a big hit with his comrades in theater.

Sams died last year. I wish I'd written to him to tell him how much I enjoyed his work. I always meant to. I strongly suspect he was a fellow conservative and since he was a country doctor, I would have loved to have heard his views on Obamacare.

Captain Hate

I guess Cotton had to do all the rebounding too.


Ugly, ugly, ugly win. But I'll take it.

So like the University of Providence, I'm going to the dogs.

Jim Eagle


Are you back south? Where were you looking in Volusia? Need any help in that matter? Too bad we couldn;'t meet up.


Is it wrong to take a baby's footprint at birth?

This looks like bait...

Stunning: Another Socialist President Caught Using Fake Birth Certificate; Reality Check! 


Venezuelan deputies claim to have found new evidence that President Nicolás Maduro was born in Colombia and presented the nation with a fake birth certificate, according to one of Spain's largest newspapers.



Which of these possibilities makes the seizure unreasonable?

All of the above.

Jim Eagle


Had a friend and associate of mine who graduated from Mercer in Civil Engineering. Great school. He played part time for the Macon Whopees in the Eastern Hockey League back then.


DoT-would it be "reasonable" to insert a microchip in the baby's. Foot so he can be tracked at any time? It could exonerate him or id his remains, after all.

Jim Eagle

Slaap lekker, tots morgen, goede nacht!

Captain Hate

The second day always crushes me in these bracket pools.


No, we' re not but we willbe leaving tomorrow early, because of the long drive back.


The baby example is a false equivalence. This is not a voluntary registry.

It would be impossible that on birth the DNA could be used to determine whether the baby had committed other crimes in other, heavenly, jurisdictions or, to exonerate him from previous wrongful conviction of crimes. (Excluding those born blind so they could be healed by Jesus)

It is also a stretch to assume that the reason for the DNA grab is identification. That is not the use to which it is put. And, if it were, it would be wrongful.

I will post another message with the appropriate language from the dissent to make my point, which, as often is the case, is on the losing side.


Whenever this Court has allowed a suspi¬cionless search, it has insisted upon a justifying motive apart from the investigation of crime.
. . .

It is obvious that no such non investigative motive exists in this case. The Court’s assertion that DNA is being taken, not to solve crimes, but to identify those in the State’s custody, taxes the credulity of the credulous. And the Court’s comparison of Maryland’s DNA searches to other techniques, such as fingerprinting, can seem apt only to those who know no more than today’s opinion has chosen to tell them about how those DNA searches actually work.
. . .

The Court alludes at several points (see ante, at 11, 25) to the fact that King was an arrestee, and arrestees maybe validly searched incident to their arrest. But the Court does not really rest on this principle, and for good reason: The objects of a search incident to arrest must be either (1)weapons or evidence that might easily be destroyed, or (2)evidence relevant to the crime of arrest.
. . .

No matter the degree of invasiveness, suspicionless searches are never allowed if their principal end is ordinary crime¬solving.
If identifying someone means finding out what unsolved crimes he has committed, then identification is indistinguishable from the ordinary law¬ enforcement aims that have never been thought to justify a suspicionless search. Searching every lawfully stopped car, for example, might turn up information about un¬solved crimes the driver had committed, but no one would say that such a search was aimed at “identifying” him . . ..


Anyone as obsessed with this stuff and Danube and I can look here: http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/12pdf/12-207_d18e.pdf

Danube on iPad

"That is all I can think of right now, but I do not think having a data bank with this information on the general public is a good thing."

All your points are well taken, Miss M. They could as well be used to justify a prohibition against the taking of DNA under any circumstances. Indeed, such a prohibition would be the most convenient course for absolutists. But the 4th Amendment rests on reasonableness. I believe that the societal benefits of comprehensive DNA data far outweigh the potential societal harms. The ones you recite are certainly frightening, but they have not occurred, and there are innumerable safeguards against their ever occurring. If our government ever becomes so venal and corrupt that it would use DNA for the purposes you suggest, then a DNA data bank will be the very least of our concerns. In the meantime it has been put to a great deal of helpful uses, and no harmful ones that I can think of.


Hey Porch, I think you said you were going to SXSW.
Were you lucky enough to see Lady GaGa get barfed on art in its purest form?

miss Marple

Danube, perhaps it is my age and the evil I have seen.

When I was a young woman, I could never have imagined that abortion would be commonplace and encouraged by a president who viewed a baby as punishment. Nor did I think I would see religious people prosecuted for refusing to obey the dictates of our government.

Yes, those things haven't happened yet. The NSA May be assembling a data bank. Just because we haven't proof they have used it yet doesn't make me feel any better.

I suppose this is something the courts will decide, but I maintain it is not a good idea for the dangers it poses.

Account Deleted

"there are innumerable safeguards against their ever occurring"

Unless, of course, five of nine berobed ninnies discover a faint penumbral emanation which overrides quaint and antiquated notions held by unenlightened forbears.

Not that it could ever happen more than a few thousand times.


Constitutional protections are sometimes for precisely those things that haven't happened yet and that seem a remote possibility.


BTW, is vomit protected speech?

If so, is projectile vomiting the same as throwing your voice?

Account Deleted

I would think the actions of President Phone & Pen to be sufficient evidence regarding the efficacy of 'innumerable safeguards'.


Thanks CH. VT is one of the few engineering schools on which I have no informed opinion. I spoke to my bro today--apparently CalPoly has the slight excuse that today is the last day of finals for the trimester. [Of course, that only matters if your athletes are required to go to class...]. Are any other teams in the tourney on a trimester calendar?

Congrats again to SLU! Survived the killer 5-slot by the skin of their teeth.

Wish I could see them beat Louisville here--how do CA teams end up in St. Louis and Midwestern teams end up in Fla? The selection committee is nuts.

jimmyk on iPhone

" Why is it more inherently private than my blood type, ,my fingerprints or my retinal sca?. Or my facial likeness?"

DoT, earlier I listed a bunch of reasons (as did MM above). There's much much more info in DNA than in a footprint any of those things. The government should have to get a warrant. Every argument you make could as easily apply to a search of homes.

jimmyk on iPhone

footprint, retinal scan, or any of those things

Captain Hate

Mark Levin: Pretty ironic that Anita Hill's biggest defender was Ted Kennedy.


Wendy Sherman, the State Department’s third-ranking official,...said of the Iranians: “we know that deception is part of the DNA.”


Beasts of England

Someone at the bar I just left said the the Memphis victory eliminated all the remaining perfect NCAA pools chasing the billion dollar prize. I looked up the odds but don't know if I can process the number of zeroes in 9.2 quintillion.

@Ig: If it's good enough for you and the Duke, it's good enough for me, too.


Yahoo has one perfect bracket left, but there are none left competing for the Quicken contest.

The top bracket on Espn now has only the SLU game picked wrong.


My bracket is unscathed. Swear to Gawd.




*Tho I wish you wouldn't swear. This is a family blog, after all.

/attempted good-natured ribbing


Ok, my bracket is in shambles like everyone else's. But someone still wins. The WISCONSIN MIGHTY WHITEY is still alive and kicking, and that's all that really matters right now.


Well why bother, when you know more than Ronald Reagan, Bush Senior, Bush Junior, and Bill Clinton put together?

Jimmy Carter: Obama the Only President So Far Not to Call Me for Advice

Dave (in MA)



Couple neat Space photo's:

1) Cassini on the knife edge of Saturn's Ring

2) A Hole In Mars


How well do you know Shakespeare's words?

Apparently not very well. Only got 2 right out of 10.

Jane on Ipad

What's the big seal with lithium batteries?


Location of debris identified by Chinese satellite image: #MH370 pic.twitter.com/JK240V8zmA



China’s SASTIND has detected suspected a floating object 22m-long and 13m-wide in southern Indian Ocean.#MH370 pic.twitter.com/ngy1Wo12YL



“Roaring Forties” winds, gyrating ocean currents pose Malaysia plane search nightmare



A large piece of floating debris has been spotted in the remote Indian Ocean search zone for missing flight MH370, it was revealed today.

Chinese satellites picked up signs of a 'suspicious' object measuring 72ft by 42ft in an area 75 miles west of where Australia reported an earlier sighting of floating debris.

The images were taken at lunchtime on March 18, Chinese state media reported, just two days after the sighting by Australian satellites singled out the area in the southern Indian Ocean.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2586716/Search-flight-MH370-continue-indefinitely-says-Australia-warned-debris-sighting-false-lead.html#ixzz2wguFPNY3
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Jim Eagle


Great Shakespeare test. Beat you by one and that was a lucky guess.

He even wrote his own epithet to ward off grave-robbers:

“Good friend, for Jesus’ sake forbeare, / To dig the dust enclosed here. Blessed be the man that spares these stones, / And cursed be he that moves my bones.”


Lithium batteries in the Tesla electric car have been known to catch fire or explode.

Jim Eagle

Did you know that President Xi of China's daughter is a student at Harvard

How fitting.

Jim Eagle

What's the big seal with lithium batteries?


This article may help.

In this case a passenger's iPhone combusted and filled the cabin with smoke but was put out.

The Scofflaw in Chief.

Heh, Obama got 17 parking tickets at Harvard and only paid two. The other 15 were paid two weeks before he filed for his Presidential run.

Miss Marple

I got 4 right on the Shakespeare quiz. "Lament" tripped me up because I thought that was an older word, given The Book of Lamentations in the Bible. (My mother was an English teacher so I had a little bit of an edge, which didn't help me all that much, anyway.)

Speaking of the Merchant of Venice, this was going on this week:

Campaigner Paolo Bernardini, professor of European history at the University of Insubria in Como, northern Italy, said it was ‘high time’ for Venice to become an autonomous state once again.

‘Although history never repeats itself, we are now experiencing a strong return of little nations, small and prosperous countries, able to interact among each other in the global world.’

‘The Venetian people realized that we are a nation (worthy of) self-rule and openly oppressed, and the entire world is moving towards fragmentation - a positive fragmentation - where local traditions mingle with global exchanges.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2586531/Venice-votes-split-Italy-89-citys-residents-opt-form-new-independent-state.html#ixzz2whD4CU2T
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Hah, I got 6 out of 10, but mostly guessing. Well, entirely guessing.

This Michigan judge that threw out their ban on same-sex marriage seems totally biased. He ridiculed Mark Regnerus's study (I think that's Porch's friend) as looking for a pre-determined answer, but of course the other studies that found no adverse effect on children were completely neutral and unbiased.



40 percent. "As good luck would have it. " "But for my own part, it was Greek to me." "Woe is me!"

Where would I be without Shakespeare quotes.

Miss Marple

Year's ago, Alistair Cooke had a 6-part PBS special called "The Story of English." It was on in the 70's, I believe.

He did an entire episode on Shakespeare's additions to the English vocabulary.

I highly recommend looking the series up on the internet.

jimmyk on iPad

What's even more interesting are the expressions Shakespeare coined, many we use all the time unaware they come from him (at least I wasn't). Like "in one fell swoop" and "neither here nor there." Many more that I can't think of off the top of my head.

jimmyk on iPad

And sbw above mentioned a couple of others.

Miss Marple


Link so you can watch The Story of English.

The history of language and accents, particularly English, is fascinating.

If I remember correctly, Cooke also traces the American accents based on who settled the areas of the New World.


I attempted to look up failure rates of Li batteries last night. I found reports with 5 x 10E-6, 10E-6 and 10E-7.

10E-6 sounds about right to me (1 in a million). By the way, most of the good data on typical electronic failure rates in military applications comes from the Reliability Analysis Center (RAC) at Rome AF Base. I believe sbw's father was Commander there at one time.


Faith Based?

"What seems to motivate Obama and his kind is a bitter hatred for all that is good and decent in America."



Reliability Analysis Center (RAC) at Rome AF Base. I believe sbw's father was Commander there at one time.

Close, Skoot. Honorary commander of the Northeast Air Defense Sector -- now radar defense for the eastern half of the United States.

But we have known the real commanders of both AFRL and EADS for years, have toured extensively, and have great admiration for the people, their economy, and their diverse, inventive work.


Pagar, after reading your link to Obama’s surrender I looked up Rand Paul on foreign policy. Too thin.

Foreign policy is projected through sound ideas backed by an international community that comes to understand why we value them. Then together we marshal the economic and military power to defend them.

Obama’s foreign policy collapse for being shallow. If Rand Paul would be taken seriously he will have to retink his foreign policy.

For that matter, who among Republicans can explain what matters and why?

Roman in the Gloamin'.

North Bay snow machine,
Got a stranded Audi there;
But summer's comin'.


Ok, thanks for the correction sbw.

I would have put the odds of Adam Scott making that put on 18 for the low 36 record at 9/10. That's why I don't gamble :)


George W. Bush intuitively knew what mattered but I don’t recall he could explain to those who doubted precisely why. This is not about democracy and pushing it on others. It is about oppression.

Saddam was more than a WMD threat, he was an oppressor of his people. Ideally the United Nations should have effectively dealt with him, but the UN Charter is fatally flawed to forbid actions about the internal affairs in a member country.

In that vacuum, other nations have to be prepared to act, because if they don’t, the economic and military power of those nations can threaten the life and liberty of free nations.

Decent foreign policy requires holding the UN accountable, and if they don’t step up, to marshal support to hold nations accountable for the citizens they abuse.


Iggy, alas, I was not fortunate enough to witness the art in its most purest form. I was so disappointed. Maybe next year.

Jim Eagle


What's impressive is following up a 62 with a 68. But then the course is for the taking this year. No wind, not wet - not dry, fast greens.

We were going but Frederick has a soccer game.

It is what I call a "man sized" golf course and great crowds.

The content of Obama's wallet was characterized by the will to anarchic parking.

sbw, what the UN did was Oil for Food, thereby enabling Saddam's will to WMD. What Bush did was organize a voluntary coalition of the functioning democracies to eliminate that will.

Technicolor Speech.

I've always liked the Australian 'chuncer', but I've heard a new one.

Celebrated my perfect bracket last night.  Now I have a perfect headache: What to do with all that money.

Ooh, that was supposed to be 'chunder'. I sure barfed that one up.

Danube on iPad

"would it be 'reasonable' to insert a microchip in the baby's. Foot so he can be tracked at any time?"

No. Any legitimate purpose to be served by the ability to track someone at any time is far outweighed by the invasion of privacy.

Jimmyk, ask someone whose DNA has been taken how violated he feels. Then ask someone whose house has been subjected to a warrantless search.

If policemen carry guns, there is a potential for them to use them abusively. Should we therefore disarm them?

Danube on iPad

"Advantage, Danube."

Jeez. And to think there were so many bombshells in that case. And poor Mr. Zullo wasted all that time "assisting with the evidence."

Danube on iPad

"I would think the actions of President Phone & Pen to be sufficient evidence regarding the efficacy of 'innumerable safeguards'."

And yet you're calling for another safeguard here.


Porchlight, thanks for the literary tip. I checked out the Porter Osborne series on Amazon, and it sounds like just my speed. In college I was the only one in the dorm who was unimpressed by Holden Caulfield but I did love another coming of age WWII era book called "A Separate Peace". I sensed a similar flavor in the Osbourne books. Will let you know.


It is a waste of an investigator's time to present his investigation.


And yet you're calling for another safeguard here.

I took it as him calling for not tearing down a safeguard.

Captain Hate

Saddam was more than a WMD threat, he was an oppressor of his people. Ideally the United Nations should have effectively dealt with him, but the UN Charter is fatally flawed to forbid actions about the internal affairs in a member country.

The "where are the WMDs" crowd ignored the huge mass graves which were found; the same crew, for the most part, with a large enough amount of sympathy for the Bosnian muslims in the 90s to justify bombing the hell out of the Serbs. Neither GWB, Rove nor the GOP ever pointed that out that I can remember, and were AWOL in defending their actions imo.


A loon weighs in:


Doesn't Tucker know how unreliable Arpaio is?

Account Deleted

"And yet you're calling for another safeguard here."

Hardly. I see no reason to collect information to be abused by authorities in which I have absolutely no confidence. To believe the utterly corrupt DoJ or any other Federal nest of vipers would not "share" information to the detriment of whomever is designated the enemy of the day is to exhibit a credulity best left in the crib.

If it's not collected, it can't be abused and no 'greater good' argument can pertain until the worthless scum in the DoJ have been replaced with people willing to earn the trust of those whom they purportedly serve. The Feds have crossed the Rubicon wrt to trust and until the current crop of mendacious serial abusers has been removed I see no benefit whatsoever in enlarging their toolkit by so much as a broken screwdriver.



Evasion of the Constitution snatchers.


From the link at the Daily Caller posted by Threadkiller, "Last week, the head of the Department of Homeland Security admitted to Congress that a large proportion of the so-called “deportations” counted by the White House are in fact “turn-backs” at the border. No prior administration has included theses figures in their deportation statistics."


Should they collect DNA at the border for future time-saving policies?

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