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March 24, 2014


Captain Hate

Another deep theological discussion with Sally Quinn:



No, the Budapest memorandum would be beside the point;


pressuring the Japanese, shirley they can't be serious.


"The nuclear freeze was big on college campuses during Obama's formative years and he has learned nothing since."

Obummer and the rest of the American Left have morphed into the Bourbons of the early 19th Century (what was left of them anyway)of whom Talleyrand famously said:
"They have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing." History repeats, this Bourbon replay in the form of Obummer is a disasterous farce.


Too early, for such stupidity, O'reilly, for going on Quinn's, and Quinn for removing all doubt,


Not just learned nothing since, but has forgotten that we knew this was a dangerous world. Still cant we all just have a coke and a smile!


The Left haven't forgotten what they believed (nay...knew!)in the 70s-80s when 'no nukes' was all the rage. The arms race is entirely the fault of USA imperialism. The NYT is the perfect spokesvessel for this group of morons.


Karzai has long since proven to be a hack;


Jeff Dobbs

"The Obama team came in thinking a lot of things would be easier than they turned out to be"

The only thing that turned out easier for Obama than he thought was winning a Nobel Peace Prize, which he won in part because he convinced everyone how easy it would be to close Guantanamo, signing an order ordering is closure on Day 2 of his presidency.

Solyndra is closed and Gitmo is still open.

"I like being president. And it turns out I'm pretty good at it."
--stuff Obama said in Month 2 of his presidency


meanwhile back on the ranch;



Then again, the Afghans and the Russians are more on the same page, so one can understand, although not forgive,

Account Deleted

"Maybe if the Ukraine had nukes this Crimea debacle wouldn't have happened at all."


US/EUtopia has lots of nukes. They're still in check to the Russian Repoman due to a slight deficiency in ability to generate enough power to keep the lights on in Ukraine, let alone EUtopia as a whole without Gazprom deliveries. Would Ukrainian nukes be furnishing the means to make good on debts generated by the thieving Soros backed scum who have been looting for the past ten years?

The self emasculation by the EUnuchs to provide the funding required to subsidize their beloved SkyDragon totems appears to have cost substantially more than foreseen in the initial estimates. The current situation does not comport with the EUtopian vision and is therefore totally invalid and Putin is a big meany for revealing EUtopia's complete idiocy small error.


EU energy blackmail submission: like any good gangster...or Russian Imperial Tsar....
Vlad: "seen his opportunities, and he took 'em."

Rage just not done over, er, up, there.

Fifteen thousand slain,
Warming British hospitals.
Peter's sobbing now.




Nukes seem kind of useless except as an instrument of terror as with Iran. No sane or civilized country will use them against another nuclear power (MAD), and it seems unnecessary or deeply problematic to use them against a non-nuclear power.


Story up at drudge says that this was the very first line flight for the Malaysian Air co pilot.

Unbelievable that we are learning about that only today.

Also worth remembering how Captain "Sum Ting Wong" of the Asiana crash in San Fran did not understand how the auto throttles worked and he had 10,000 more flight hours than this co pilot kid did.


To clarify my 10:24, of course we have to have nukes for MAD reasons. But I don't see how Ukraine having them or not would have made a difference, as they wouldn't have used them against Russia.


This seems to be a definitive statement from the Malayasian PM. What happened and where seem to be answered. Now the Data/Voice recorders need to be recovered to determine 'why'. Those lithium batteries are a prime suspect for me: http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news/national_world&id=9477444


Obama's just not that smart.

Miss Marple

NK, I would believe it if we hadn't been lied to about those lithium batteries and various and sundry other bits.

They allowed people to search in the wrong area for at least 2 days.

SO although I assume the passengers are lost, I do not necessarily believe it crashed where he says it did.


sawed off runt and big fat Democrat Nate Silver explains it to you:

“Especially in recent years, Democrats have come to rely on groups such as racial minorities and young voters that turn out much more reliably in presidential years than for the midterms. In 2010, the Republican turnout advantage amounted to the equivalent of 6 percentage points, meaning a tie on the generic ballot among registered voters translated into a six-point Republican lead among likely voters. The GOP’s edge hadn’t been quite that large in past years. But if the “enthusiasm gap” is as large this year as it was in 2010, Democrats will have a difficult time keeping the Senate.”

Of course on the flip side, same guy gave Duke a 93% chance of defeating Mercer...


Maybe similar to the Air France airbus crash as well, both co-pilot error and difficulty finding debris."The black boxes were finally located by robot submarines after a search spanning 23 months and costing about $40m."


Those recorders will have to be found.


"Story up at drudge says that this was the very first line flight "

What's a "line flight"?

Comanche Voter

I'll go with NK--Obama and his crowd are Talleyrand's Bourbons. Obama didn't learn anything at the classes he mostly didn't attend.

Those bums are giving me a headache and I think it's time for a little "Bourbon and Branch" ---as in some fine Kentucky whiskey and a little water.


News now reports that there were 440 lbs of lithium batteries on board in addition to the 4 pallets of fruit we were previously told was all that was on board. That's easily enough to destroy that airplane.

Don't know how much was on the ups 747 that crashed in Dubai but it crashed after only 22 minutes of flight so you can see that it can happen quick


I never knew before that passenger planes transport commercial cargo. I thought they only carried passengers, luggage and pets.


A line flight just means a standard revenue flight. From Kuala Lumper to any location carrying passengers etc. he was probably flying line flights on the 5 previous flights with an instructor. What they mean to say is that this was his first leg on this type aircraft affter having finished his flights with an instructor evaluating him.

It's pretty much semantics. The Asiana plane that crashed in San Fran was still a training flight for the captain that crashed but obviously it was a line flight as well since it had all those passengers on board. Since things are so expensive in aviation on big planes you do lots of simulator work but for your IOE (initial operating experience) you do it on a revenue flight with passengers or cargo. It's too expensive to fly a guy around any more I empty airplanes


Daddy, Are they backing off the area near Perth? And if it is lithium batteries why did they make a u-turn, and why no mayday?

I still think it's in Pakistan.

Account Deleted


If you were a Russian thug oligarch, how would you describe the IMF thieves 'Cyprus haircut' in weapon terms? Russian bank exposure in Ukraine is only slightly less than EUtopian exposure but the Russians know the IMF thieves designated to referee the Ukraine BK will heavily favor EUtopian interests.

I lean towards the Russians as having accurately gauged EUtopian weakness wrt Opium Famine damage with MAD now being the destruction of EUtopia due to Gazprom cutting gas. Gazprom would obviously take a big revenue hit but a four month siege would finish EUtopia.


Maybe Harry Reid can denounce Nate Silver on the floor of the Senate? He already has a speech written. "Lies all Lies" so he could do it today and not lose momentum...


I am watching Rand Paul' Berkeley speech on cspan.

He is educating the LIVs.


Train derailment near OHare?




It ran up the escalator. Someone was late for a flight.




So ... Japan is disarming itself for the benefit of China.

Who does Obama work for?


From the previous thread:

Digging into ObamaCare and HealthCare.gov, I seem to have found an interesting fact - that you only get pushed into Medicaid (below a certain income level) in states that expanded Medicaid, in response to the Act. That means that someone with no income (but possibly substantial assets) in their mid 50s in MT can get a gold ObamaCare plan for maybe $150 a month, out of pocket, with maybe a $450 tax subsidy. In states that expanded Medicaid in order to get the extra money from the feds, they would have been pushed into Medicaid instead.
So, if I understand this correctly, Bill & Melinda Gates & family (who don't take a salary from the foundation I'm sure) could move to MT and get their health insurance subsidized? Steve Jobs' widow and children?

Indeed pretty much everyone of the 1/100th-of-1% that is incredibly wealthy and can live off of the interest on their cash investments.

(And, oh-so-coincidentally, they are all democrat voters and funders.)


We called up Keyes Chevrolet in Los Angeles and were quoted a broad price range of between $3,400 and $34,000 to replace a "drive motor replacement battery" in a 2012 Volt. Tellingly, perhaps, the dealer we spoke with was not sure what replacing a 'drive motor replacement battery' (and the 'Grade B' version, at that) entails, and told us we'd have to bring a Volt in to see what's wrong with the pack to get a real estimate. We got the same confusion and numbers to replace the battery from Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We asked GM to clarify what this $34,000 charge includes, but that information was not forthcoming.



"Who does Obama work for"

I ask myself that all the time.


For whom does the bell toll?


Here's the UK Daily Mail's published report regarding French local elections. Even 30% of french voters turned out to be 'persuadable' against socialism by voting against Hollande's socialists to 'punish' them. No wonder Nate Silver is breaking the bad November news to his fellow Dems: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2587643/Victory-far-Right-France-National-Front-gets-mayor-local-elections-set-leave-Hollande-humiliated.html


I really don't think japan is going to transfer the nuclear materials. Not with a feckless United States and a nuclear China.

This would give China the ability to blackmail Japan, as if the economic blackmail isn't enough.

The Japanese and Taiwanese have so much invested in China that they will take a massive hit should China decide to use the tool. The U.S. and Western Europe have less on the line.

However, the multinationals will do their best to protect their interests. I believe this may become one of the new poles in the predatory world we are seeing evolve.


Only a few outlets have identified how well the Gaullists have done.


The Gaullist outpolled the Hollandaise malaise soundly, by about 5%. Le Pen would vote with the Gaullist on many many things and together they mean France kicks the Socialists and their commie brethren to the curb.


30% of all french voters were anti-Socialist votes. I don't think 30% of USA votes in November will be anti-Dem, but the combination of anti-Dem votes and 2012 Dem voters staying home will approach that percentage.

Cecil Turner

I sorta expected they'd have actually put hands on some of the reported debris by now . . . though whether or not it'd be MH370's is an open question.

If you accept the "ping" data as solid (and the experts seem to), then the safe landing scenarios are pretty much out. There's no way it could avoid radar and get up to one of the airfields along the northern arc.

I'd say the odds-on hypothesis remains a rogue pilot; with hijacking or some sort of emergency followed by nobody at the controls a distant second/third.


My guess would be a crazed pilot or co-pilot; Lithium battery fire 2d.


In other news, on a topic discussed from time to time, US Military readiness, and in particular, US Navy personnel issues, please consider

Keep a Weather Eye on the Horizon: A Navy Officer Retention Study

Recent signs within the U.S. Navy, coupled with external factors, indicate a looming officer retention problem is on the horizon. More than a decade of prolonged, high operational tempo, ever-increasing deployment lengths, a rapidly improving economy, and erosion of trust in senior leadership, coupled with continued uncertainty about the future, means the U.S. Navy could be facing its most significant retention crisis since the end of the Vietnam War. In fact, officer retention is at a tipping point where events from our past, present, and anticipated near-term future are coalescing to negatively impact retention. In short order, we will begin losing a large number of officers with more than a decade of operational wartime experience, and they’ll be taking their expertise and lessons learned with them. While their qualifications can be replaced, their experience cannot. This trend is also likely to impact our enlisted ranks because of the significant negative impact plummeting junior-, mid-, and senior-grade officer retention can have on the enlisted members within their commands.

The author, Commander Snodgrass is the PXO of VFA ONE NINE FIVE, forward deployed to NAF Atsugi, Japan. He is a 2012 graduate of the U.S. Naval War College and most recently served as Speechwriter to Admiral Jonathan Greenert, the 30th Chief of Naval Operations.

Jim Eagle

The only problem with the reporting of the French muni elections is that Le Pen is more center right than far right. You don't see the press calling socialists "Far Left" do you:)

There are Far Right parties in France but National Front is not one of them no matter how the press wants to paint them.


Now, after 70 interviews and at least $1 million in legal fees to be paid by state taxpayers, that review is set to be released, and according to people with firsthand knowledge of the inquiry, it has uncovered no evidence that the governor was involved in the plotting or directing of the lane closings.



What's Barry going to do with Japan's fissionable material? Probably send it to Iran. Gift-wrapped.


Neo-- thanks for that link. The NYT just spitting out the verdict that Christie didn't know about moving pylons and jerking Ft Lee LibDems around. The new Lefty meme will be that the underlings believed Christie wanted it out of his 'culture of intimidation.' Christie has an opportunity here; he can win some 2016 primary votes by demanding Obummer/Holder/IRS be subject to an indy prosecutor, just like he was to look at IRS, F&F, Green Energy Kickbacks and NSA snooping. He'll have credibility to make that demand.


He'll have credibility to make that demand

Nonsense. Credibility is determined by the Columbia School of Journalism hookah bubble readings and cannot possibly be understood by we peons.


Credibilty amongst the Repub primary voters of course. The Lefty Journos will carry on with the 'culture of intimidation' created by Fat Chris mem. I expect Christy to push back, and some journos may surprise and join in the call for an Obummer independent counsel.


I expect Christy to push back, and some journos may surprise and join in the call for an Obummer independent counsel.

NK, thanks for the chortle.


I think there's some chance the WaPo Ed Page demands an indy counsel. The editorial page has recently been making noise about going rogue off of the Lefty reservation.WaPo demanding an indy counsel would be a big deal.

jimmyk on iPad

"I lean towards the Russians as having accurately gauged EUtopian weakness wrt Opium Famine damage with MAD now being the destruction of EUtopia due to Gazprom cutting gas."

Rick, that sound more plausible than "If Ukraine hadn't given up its nukes than Russia wouldn't have dared take Crimea."

jimmyk on iPad

"The new Lefty meme will be that the underlings believed Christie wanted it out of his 'culture of intimidation.' "

And it will never dawn on them that the same argument applies to Obama and the IRS. Perhaps because they are not even aware that there's an IRS scandal.


Don't look now, but the grim reaper is collecting playbooks. Rasmussen has a new poll up, showing Treadwell +4 over Begich in Alaska. Biggest news is Begich being down at 43% this early. In a purple state that would be catastrophic, so in red Alaska I would advice Begich to get the resume circulating early at K street and avoid the rush...


Dialing up to eleven


hat tip, the Horde.


Apparently, they are doing the full Vercotti;



In that last link, Vladimir Posner is moving to France,


Just bring it,




You know it will be "all Bush's fault". They won't release anything else.


Of course, but as we saw with the IG report, it was much more nuanced, then they led to believe, as Thiessen noticed.


Sandy has a good link at 12.38 on Naval Officer retention problems. Couple that with:


and one might wonder how much the Obama regime figures they could save if they just did away with the Navy?


So, the Malaysian authorities are doing this finding, Red Queen style, verdict first evidence later,


TK put up a good link @ 11:36,
it included:

"This wanton act caused the loss of a quarter-million acres of the most productive farmland in America, it threw thousands of families into unemployment, and it devastated this region. "

Did any one go to jail over this?


Here's a shock:

529 Morsi supporters sentenced to death in Egypt


Cairo (AFP) - An Egyptian court sentenced 529 supporters of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi to death on Monday after just two hearings, in the largest mass sentencing in the country's modern history.

The Western media are all stunned by this.

Me, not so much.


Lord love a waterfowl;

In the interview, published in Monday’s edition of de Volkskrant, Obama said, “The United States does not view Europe as a battleground between East and West, nor do we see the situation in Ukraine as a zero-sum game. That’s the kind of thinking that should have ended with the Cold War.”


Yes, Minya happens to be a Brotherhood stronghold, something David 'Abbott' Kirkpatrick didn't know;
the earlier link came from here;


Jim Eagle

I would love to see Obama's grades from both HS and College especially those in World History. The man is a complete, credentialed ignoramous. We will spend a half a century undoing the damage this manchild has done to America (warts and all). That is if the electorate wants us to remediate the damage but rather continue on the path of destruction.


The electorate:



The new Lefty meme will be that the underlings believed Christie wanted it out of his 'culture of intimidation.'

True, but considering that many on the right believe the same thing about IRS employees and Obama, you can hardly blame the left for using the same argument.

I personally think IRS goes all the way to the top. As much as they might want to do it, I don't believe that mid-to-low-level IRS employees flout the law in that consistent manner without direct orders and a promise of protection if it blows up.


Porch-- fair enough, politics ain't beanball, but a little perspective. IRS singled out citizens for illegal disparate treatment to deny them their 1st Amendment and statutory rights to organize as nonprofits. The bridge nonsense, some political and bureaucratic underlings harassed political opponents to curry favor with their boss, who threw them out on their ass for lying to and embarassing him. The other difference is that Christie called in an outside investigator and has cooperated with the Legislature. Obummer has stonewalled an independent prosecutor and the House. In fact,these two cases have been handled in completely opposite ways by Obummer and Christie.


Has anyone linked to this? PowerLine and Volkoh are calling out WaPo on the Koch story. The story is rightly shifting to the WaPo reporters, not the Kochs: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/washington-posts-erroneous-attack-koch-brothers_785771.html

Jim Eagle


We beat that one to death this weekend. It took many directions including transvestitism - you don't want to know.


SkyDragon: 1 Malayasia Air: 0


Look, I feel horrible for the families and loved ones of the passengers and crew but this is beyond parody.


Shocker-- Obamaniacs begin to recognize reality, another LNG export terminal approved. The USA needs to build dozens of these for LNG manufacture and export loading on to tankers, and the EUros need to buld dozens of import plants all along western and northern EU-Land: http://hotair.com/archives/2014/03/24/obama-administration-ignores-eco-radicals-approves-another-natural-gas-export-terminal/


Good points, NK. I don't think the situations are very comparable and I think the bridge story is BS and is a big fat nothing in compared to IRS. Just saying that it's an argument those on the right have also used.


JiB-- OK, I lurked this weekend from the Bahamas, the 'Michelle's a man stuff", made me head for the beach.

Jim Eagle


I think the global warming crowd are starting to act more like the Westboro Baptist church. They let no loss go without inserting their own creepy beliefs.

Old Lurker

JiB "We will spend a half a century undoing the damage this manchild has done to America"

Truthfully we cannot lay it all on him, he just came along at the worst moment to push the car over the cliff but others have been moving the car there for decades. We all know I am usually more pessimistic than most here, but I do think that if we woke up collectively and soon, we could fix it in twenty years as to the economy, military and (therefore) global standing. But JiB is right that it will take fifty years at least to dilute the mal & un-educated as a share of the population.

But that is only if we make a major turn soon; Hillary for eight years will make it irreversible.


I prefer to lay it all on him.
We should give no quarter.
No more playing nice.
He's not a real "president;" he's a celebrity, barely educated and fully un-American. Calling him a patriot is debasing the word.

Jim Eagle

Sarah Palin encourages Hillary to run for POTUS

The Dems and their apologists in the MSM will spin this to be an endorsement. Believe it.


The Tehran two-step:

Asmawati Ahmad, spokeswoman for the Malaysian assistant police commissioner, told Agence France-Presse that the issue occurred when someone photocopied the images. She said it “was not done with malice or to mislead” and said this was explained when the images were handed out to members of the media.


They must have a limited edition Whitehouse Xerox machine...


Good analogy, JiB. Hadn't thought of that.

Jim Eagle

In case you're interested:

How they figured out MH370 took the Southern route

I was trained on Doppler but that was over 40 years ago and this seems plausible from my diminishing brain cells.


It's a plausible track, but there needs to be evidence, of wreckage, otherwise it's just conjecture, no?


Surprising, that doesn't say what the headline does, shocker,


Account Deleted


Perhaps Sisi should generate a YouTube montage of the kinetic detweeting and permanent unfriending of Morsi's MB associates? He could call it ARAB HARVEST - a Clinton/Soros/Obama Production with a special shout out to Google for all its help.

I'd watch an Arab Spring retrospective narrated by Sarah Palin. I'm sure she'd be glad to do it to keep the public well informed as to Hillary's foreign policy achievements.


An Egyptian court sentenced 529 supporters of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi to death on Monday after just two hearings, in the largest mass sentencing in the country's modern history.

Huma hardest hit.

Beasts of England

I guess I'm part of the evil thin privilege supremacy or something. Per usual: can't make this crap up!

What do we want? Fat justice! When do we want it? Right after lunch!


Jim Eagle


Its the timeline that has been reported that I have a hard time reconciling with what is supposed to have happened. If anyone knows where there is a minute by minute timeline let me know. But from memory, the plane began to turn before the copilot said "good night" which to to me dismisses an electrical fire, oxygen starvation and an auto-pilot suicide in the South Indian Ocean.


I found this informative above the ICAAN announcement:http://www.weeklystandard.com/articles/icann-can-t_785695.html?page=1


well that part does seem dodgy, has there ever been this haphazard a search operation,
hobbled by the host government's airline?

Why would we do that, specially the way the judiciary has been treating Sarkozy;



Time to take the quiz, folks:


A perfect score for me. You?


the only way to win, is not to play, likewise;



what is beyond category error, for a hundred, Alex;


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