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March 13, 2014


See?  They're here.

Alien abduction.


This ThreadPost is a bit glib given the circumstances. I know that because I am inappropriately glib at times; someone like TM has to be a grown-up around here.

Jeff Dobbs

There's nothing wrong with this "threadpost". I know that because I run JOM.


cicada 3301...


Does anyone here know how the stolen passport Iranians were identified?


the plane could have flown on for hundreds of additional miles

Four hours ~ two thousand miles. Not quite enough to get to N. Korea, for what it's worth.


When in operation, the engines automatically transmitted data to Rolls Royce, on the ground, at 30 minute intervals. This fact has been known for a while, but Rolls has been quiet about what the transmissions showed–or, more important, when they ended.



I answered that question on the last thread.

Here is a repeat:


They contacted the relatives of the people on the passports who said they were alive and well and that their passports were stolen. Then they went thru the tapes they had of everyone checking in and saw that the 2 stolen passport people were traveling together. I forget how they identified Ali the guy who did the stealing or the Iranians - maybe thru the mother.


Hmmmm how did my name get in that post?


I think they got "Ali" from the ticket agent who sold him the tickets on behalf of the two Iranians. Not sure how they got the actual names of the two travelers.


Thanks. Here is what I am thinking, especially after hearing that one of the clowns had a Facebook page.

Either they identified them through a criminal database where we all believe facial recognition software was intended to be used, or his Facebook info is an example of what the NSA has stored in its files and a 'good' reason why they need all this data.


TK-- didn't the Bangkok travel agent out Ali buying the tickets using the stolen passports, and then the Malay airport authorities synced up the time the passports were flashed through at the gate to ID the images of the 2 Iranians?

Old Lurker

Interesting how two conflicting thoughts swirl about this mystery.

First, in this day of movies depicting all-powerful, all-seeing technology, one can be forgiven for assuming that our wizards at the Pentagon, NSA & CIA know exactly what happened. Of course it is a big world out there and that is not a realistic expectation...but you know people think we can see everything.

The second thought is that we can not trust our government to tell us the truth assuming they know it.

And there you have it.



there goes my theory.


all the big firms maintain "shadow profiles" that collect identifying information. however i think the names were provided by locals. probably drug mules.


Jane was right that one of them, at least, was identified by his mother, who was waiting for him in Frankfurt. They had posted the pictures of the two online and appealed for help from the public in identifying them.


At least that's their story. :)

Stephanie VIP shhhhh its fight club

The original report of the released list of passengers and crew was what started the investigation as the Italian and the other guy came forward to claim they were not dead.

Glad that they weren't Americans as they would have had to spend years proving they were alive as appearances in court are not positive proof as that story from a few months back shows.

Jim Eagle


The travel agent wasn't in Bankok but in Pattya, a resort town.

I imagine GE, RR and all engine manufactures have non-disclosure agreements with their client airlines. But as I have said elsewhere, you can bet a WSJ reporter has sources at all these companies.


I think I read a report a few days back that NRO was asked to check all their Sat imaging for that area at that time frame to see if they could see an explosion or fire, etc. They came back that it was all clean.

Old Lurker

So they say, JiB.


Jim Eagle

This an extra 4 hours range:

It could be on top of Mt. Everest like Noah's Ark on top of Mt. Arafat.


This is such a fascinating mystery.


White House suddenly decides sequester doesn't apply to Barrycare subsidies.
Hmmm, what has changed lately that might make this change necessary? Have people eleigible for subsidies suddenly needed $560 million more than they did before? No that hasn't changed at all.
Hmmmm...what could it be?
Perhaps the fact the knuckleheads haven't signed up leading to almost certainly massive insurance company losses and a staggering impending rise in premiums?
Might be on to something there.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

The second thought is that we can not trust our government to tell us the truth assuming they know it.

That is SO true for me. Benghazi was the final straw.
And I am totally done with believing reporting from most "news" sources...especially the WaPo.


A third thought is the world must not be overpopulated.

I guess the planet is large enough to hide an airliner and a couple hundred people.

Dave (in MA)

http://abcnews.go.com/International/us-officials-malaysia-airline-crashed-indian-ocean/story?id=22894802 Article by Obama's friend Martha Raddatz


Flight XXX got lust in transit.


President is on TV making a speech. He says the Economy is doing well and improving. He says unemployment is lowest in years. But he says he has to improve opportunity for everybody in America. He is going to give more Americans a chance to succeed. FOX has cut him off, so now switching to FOX Business to see if he says anything else.


NPR's report just now:

"So where are we on Day Six? No better informed than we were on Day One."

btw, TM--if you need a vacation--this morning I commented to my husband:
"This has to be a promo for a new season of Lost."

Stephanie VIP shhhhh its fight club

Lol BR.

With that copilot...

Frau Morgenstern

Those are burger-flipping jobs, daddy, and part-time ones at that. They are not good enough for Americans--as we learned 2000-2008. Who is going to inform Pres. F'n Farce?


daddy, did he really use the first person in that speech? "I have to..." do this and that? What a complete sociopath.







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