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March 04, 2014



One tough kid.


There was an article a couple weeks ago that said movement reduces pain -- control and pain impulses use the same channel but control overrides (that is why we hop around like idiots when we drop a hammer on our feet, it works). As MS affects nerve system impulses by reducing them, it makes sense that pain would give way to numb. However that indicates her MS is pretty advanced (?) and she does not have much time to wait for a cure.


Reading about this young woman and her health situation I teared up. Just courageous.


Wow! Woman of the year! You go girl!

Jeff Dobbs

How many comments will go up before someone says something about thinking this was going to be about one of Beasts girlfriends?

Spoiler Alert: four


Janice Dean has MS and she has been talking about it lately. A few years after she was diagnosed she got pregnant. Her symptoms have not returned since.

The body is weird.

Stephanie VIP shhhhh its fight club

I had allergy shots weekly til I got pregnant and afterwards never had to have them again. The body is indeed weird.

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