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March 27, 2014



What kind of plant would Iggy Be?

A fern?

A cactus?

A wandering jew?

Stephanie wherefore art thou springtime

Forget me nots, of course.


A wandering jew?



But actually I'd place Ig as a philodendron: Grows easily without much care and slowly takes over the place. ;)


I would be a butt plant of course;


LOL that's so you Iggy!


Thanks Ja.....Hey! Wait a minute!

Clarice Feldman

If you guys are going to keep posting obscene photos....


Never knew anybody who was a potted plant but I knew a guy who planted pot.

Old Lurker

Well I thought that since MayBee entrusted her tasteful nudes to DoT and me that just as Hit keeps track of everything else, DoT and I get the nudes.

Jeff Dobbs

Miss Marple:
Ignatz, You're not a potted plant to me

Seeing the pic Ig posted, you probably have to take that back.

But his actual question on the last page asked if he was "just a potted plant".

And the answer to that appears to be no.

He's not just a potted plant, Ignatz is a potted butt plant.


Happy Birthday Cathy F.

Trying hard to catch-up, after I missed all the fun yesterday. TM has made it very difficult.


Given that Iggie grows freakin TREES I figure his pots are pretty massive!


Cathy, please. Ccal is still at work and this is a family blog.

Frau  Stachelschwein

hahahaahahaha...from Breitbart:

Speaking at the press conference after the EU-US summit yesterday the US President wrongly suggested that Georgia “is not currently on a path to NATO membership”. In fact the country has been on the path to membership since 2008.

Was TOTUS recovering from hitting the sauce with the SS agents?

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