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March 31, 2014


Danube on iPad

My error was in thinking that I was dealing with Dana, who has long exhibited a cold, malignant heart.

Odd use of the word "maudlin."


she's very sick, maybe dying, so yes it is manifest whatever has been done to date isn't helping her. This is one case where I would welcome a legal gadfly like dershowitz, he will make the legal process work best for her. What is best for her? I have no idea.


In my 11:12 post,the last sentence YS =US!
The good news of the day.

After destroying Medicare and Medicare Advantage for seniors the Democrats should have NO, NONE, NADA safe seats;





1 maudlin self-pity

sentimental, oversentimental, emotional, overemotional, tearful, lachrymose• informal weepy, misty-eyed

2 a maudlin ballad

mawkish, sentimental, oversweet, oversentimental• informal tearjerker, tearjerking, mushy, slushy, sloppy, schmaltzy, cheesy, corny,soppy, cornball, three-hankie


IMO, the actions or inactions of the Hartford DCF are instructive in many ways.

They have been provided with the same information that the Judge has at his disposal and are taking no action.

To me that says that there's enough ambiguity in the results that it could go either way.

If it was a clear case of child neglect, then they could assert authority and pretty much follow the same course that the MA DFS is following without any recourse.

At the same time if the case is not as clear-cut as the MA DFS makes it out to be they'll be providing a life-line to MA and assuming all the responsibility.


Regarding your conversation with Amy - I think that she is overlooking the horrible dynamic that can develop when individuals or families are dealing with large & powerful bureaucracies. I have a 16 year old son with autism and so my husband and I have become somewhat expert over the years in dealing with school, medical, & govt. systems. I'm sure most people go into these fields with wonderful intentions and for the most part we have had great or at least benign experiences. We are TRULY are grateful for all the teachers, doctors, behaviorists, etc. that have been so helpful with our son.

However, the few times when conflicts have arisen we have found that the powers that be have had no compunction about coming down like a ton a bricks without compunction or conscience on us as a family and our special needs child ( I think he was 3 or 4 the first time the first time they threatened to suspend him from school while I was spending the days with my mother in the hospital who was dying from cancer). We are not difficult or confrontational as a general rule, but we are very able to stand our ground and know our rights and it has taken a lot of pushback at certain times over the years.

Old Lurker

CR it seems to have been human nature from the beginning. Public servants eventually cease being that. If they start running in packs (unions) and can be led for malignant purposes, then you have Robespierre or Nazi Brown Shirts or Black shirted thugs or SWAT teams with no-knock tactics or Police Departments with tanks or Coercive Departments of XYZ, and soon Death Panels.

Old Lurker

And right after writing the above, I read:

"Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore believes that whoever was responsible at General Motors for failing to recall a faulty ignition switch deserves death."

A night of broken glass, anyone?

Dave (in MA)

So when is Tubby going to start making anti-Obama documentaries?


Tubby Moore is threatening Obummer? sober up the Secret Service and get them on the case



Amy stays out of politics because she has young kids and doesn't want to spend her life pissed off. She is married to a doctor, and she looks for the good in things. She hasn't convinced me she is correct, I still think there is a terrible wrong here, but she often tugs me back to a little reality.


"Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore believes that whoever was responsible at General Motors for failing to recall a faulty ignition switch deserves death."

If he was in France the Media would call him an Anti-Fascist.


"Medicaid applications have increased 27 percent on average from October to January compared to application rates before ACA. Application rates in expansion states increased 41 percent over the same period.”

This is a complete lie. You can download the data yourself from the Medicaid site here and compile each month.


The average monthly number of new applications in the period of Oct13-Jan14 was:

2329821/month. The monthly average during July-Sept13 was 2285806/month.

In expanding stats the monthly was 1216529/month Dec-Jan14 vs 1163350 July-sep13. There was perhaps a net increase of 50,000/month over 4 months there. New applications in expanding states DROPPED by 152000 in Jan14 compared to Dec13.

Go ahead. Download the PDF files and compile the numbers in an excel spreadsheet. The claims above are a complete lie.

They also have numbers for applications for aid in the state exchanges (the subsidized plans, not medicaid). They reached a peak of 1268718 in Dec13 and DROPPED BY 50% in Jan13 to 638,126.


I will add one more item, straight from the PDF's on the Medicaid application and eligibility page. Change between the applications in a given month and the monthly average for July-Sept13 for states expanding Medicaid coverage (many expansions did not go into effect until Jan14, BTW) Here they are

Oct13 +11%
Nov13 -7.2%
Dec13 +6.9%
Jan14 -4.9%

Yet the people quoted claim they increased by 41% compared to July-Sep13.

These are their own numbers. A few states, NY being the most populous, did not submit data.

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