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March 19, 2014


Sandy   The-Districts-Lie-Fallow-While-the-Capitol-Gorges-Itself-Daze

Good morning.


Dinner for two.

Jeff Dobbs

The mastiff is considered a primitive breed, with legend saying both Genghis Khan and Buddha owned one.

"They told the stories at times they had shot dogs for fun in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan."
--stuff Kerry said*

*words rearranged for effect


hit, do you have a pronunciation guide?

Verse 62. Ignorance Brings Suffering

"Sons have I, wealth have I",thus the fool is fretful. He himself is not his own,how then are sons, how wealth?

Explanation: The fool worries "I have sons," "I have wealth." When the self is not his own, then how can he claim, "I have sons," "I have wealth"?

Yet he 'owned' a dog?


Genghis Khan -- Kerry's pronouciation -- was this scripted by the Viet Cong?

Jeff Dobbs

Have you seen the Susan Rice oops?

She sent out this tweet:

Good work by @StateDept with new Russian-language feed to counter misinformation on #Ukraine. Follow @ukrprogess—
Susan Rice (@AmbassadorRice) March 19, 2014

Notice that she misspelled "progress" - forgot the last "r".

So, some enterprising soul went ahead and grabbed @ukrprogess and started tweeting up a storm.

Hilarity ensues.

An example...

@AmbassadorRice Answer your phone, Susan! Google translate isn't working. We don't know what to do now. We're f*cked.


And in Sebastopol they are asking "who were those masked men?"


Did they leave silver bullets?

Jeff Dobbs

Adjust your portfolios accordingly...

“I wouldn’t, if I were you, invest in Russian equities right now—unless you’re going short,” President Barack Obama’s chief spokesman, Jay Carney, said Tuesday when pressed whether Russia was shrugging off U.S. sanctions.


“I wouldn’t, if I were you, invest in Russian equities right now—unless you’re going short,”

Classic insider information. His boys at Goldman needed cover.

Jeff Dobbs

Adjust your brackets accordingly:

In ESPN’s annual visit to the White House, the president went with conventional favorites Florida, Arizona, Michigan State, and defending champs Louisville in the Final Four. In the championship game, he predicted, Tom Izzo and Michigan State will bring the championship back to East Lansing by beating Rick Pitino and the Louisville Cardinals.

Gmax hardest hit.


Reuters admits they were Russian soldiers, my guess is Spetnaz or their deniable PMC.


Cruela's being doing some Vadering on the ACA rules re insurance companies, with her etch a sketch.


Just so you know, my day dog is cuter.


'Kemal Ataturk had a whole menagerie named Abdul' it's right there in W.E. Swinton's bio

James D.

H&R, did Carney seriously say that?

The official White House spokesman? I...words fail me.

These people are a disgrace to this country, on every conceivable level.

Or American ones.  Oops, we did.

Don't buy Russian securities, buy Chinese solar bonds.


Re-did one of the bathrooms to include in-floor heat.
Before we really got to use it it turned itself into a "dead brick" when the wiring failed in the floor.

Jeff Dobbs

H&R, did Carney seriously say that?

He did indeed say it. I don't know how serious he was.

Sandy   The-Districts-Lie-Fallow-While-the-Capitol-Gorges-Itself-Daze

The other day I opined that MH370 was flown north, likely landed as part of some clever, diabolical plot.

I suggested that of the ~640 AFLDs, crowd sourcing could comeup with a list of a "more-likely" group of potential final destinations.

~640 AFLDs, how do you narrow that data down?

Well, obviously, one eliminated the key AFLDs like Beijing, Saigon, Bankock, etc; knowing that the population around and activity at would be too great to make a surrepticious landing possible.

Quickly, then, a large group of the AFLDS are eliminated. A colleague has picked up this thought, saying:

In WW II, before Guam and the islands to the North were taken, the B-29 bombers flew out of India and China on missions against Japanese targets. The takeoff weight of a loaded B-29 demanded 8500 foot long runways, and most runways were made of cement or covered with steel matting and might still exit - away from the attention of major cities. A Boeing 777 pilot said it could land in a runway as short as 3400 feet; 8500 feet could accommodate landing and take off - so long as fuel sources were available. What would you do with about 230 passengers and some crew - climb to 45,000 feet and deny them oxygen and they would be dead in short order.

Four Indian B-29 airfields I looked at using Google Earth imagery noted below, best candidates are flagged**:
**Chakulia (22°28’00.49”N 86°42’38.52”E) 7284 ft runway, few residents nearby
**Dudhkundi (22°19’21.16”N 87°06’33.62”E) Now abandoned, few residents nearby
**Piardoba (22°59’21.86”N 87°17’59”E) it is now a straight two-lane road, few residents nearby
Kalaikunda (22°20’21.9”N 87°12’52.37”E), area is an Indian AF station, good runway but too visible

There are three capable airports on the coast of Malaya north of Kuala Lumpur, but not a good choice since they are most visible.

The Indian Ocean candidate air fields have 1 or 2 good candidates, the rest are in populated areas with lots of attention expected for a Malaysian airliner.
**Good candidates - **Roland Garos (Reunion) and **Male International (Maldives).
Good airfields but too far or too visible - Socotra, Sechelles, Diego Garcia and Cocos Island.

(BTW - I've looked at the four Indian AFLDs in Google Earth as well, they are suggestive, but not definitive. As daddy and others were discussing the other day about onboard tanking to ensure 'clean fuel,' how much Tiger MH370 had in the tank is not yet in the public domain, AFAIK.

As another friend, known through his letters only said, "

...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."


Have not yet heard what is the religion of the pilor and co-pilot. Might have some bearing on the matter. Just saying.

Any news on the pilot's family's whereabouts?
Might have some bearing on the matter. Just saying.

I think a lot of this is known, is just not yet in the public domain.

Meanwhile, I would expect those "site-surveys" to be ongoing with vigor !


Typical snarky comment from Carney.

What a weaselboy.

Miss Marple

Mastiffs are great dogs. I know a couple. They are good watchdogs but usually very gentle.

They were bred to lie around most of the time with occasional short bursts of energy if there is an intruder.

I think I need a mastiff.

Old Lurker

I think I AM a mastiff.


Does anyone else have a desire to punch Carney?

Jack is Back!


Don't know where the 777 pilot has come up with 3,400 feet to land that plane since the spec sheets say 7,500 gross weight, pressure altitude dependent. Albeit you are probably 90% less fuel weight but you still have cargo and the Pax. That's a 50%+ tolerance against the specs.


Maybe Carney is trying to take attention away from:

"The insurance official, who hails from a populous swing state, said his company expects to triple its rates next year on the ObamaCare exchange."

Anyone think Obamacare is going to save anyone money?

Miss Marple

OL, That's why I need one. We would be simpatico.

Miss Marple

Sandy, I know for sure the co-pilot is Muslim. A Brit paper interviewed his family and an aunt said he was a good boy, very religious, goes to the mosque all of the time."

I assume the pilot is Muslim as well, given his name.


MarkO @ 10:58

Not sure I could limit it to just a punch. Ass whooping has more appeal.


So, JiB, we'll probably be around Daytona tomorrow afternoon, maybe we can meet Friday.


"Not sure I could limit it to just a punch. Ass whooping has more appeal."

I'll help, or cheer. Your choice. You know he will cry like a baby.

James D.

Anyone think Obamacare is going to save anyone money?

Well, I imagine there are some very big Dem Party donors who will save money (or make money, whichever) as a result of it...


I loved this exchange (our very own AliceH) on Twitter this morning:

Charlie Spiering ‏@charliespiering 4m

RT @SecretsBedard: "That's the beauty of me," says Christie. "Everybody looks at me and sees something different."
View summary

AliceH ‏@Alice_Aitch 1m

@charliespiering @SecretsBedard Go on - tell me you didn't instantly think of the 7 blind men describing an elephant.



Cecil Turner

I heard on the news that the search is now concentrating on the southern arc. The reasoning is that if it'd gone north, somebody would've seen it on radar.

I concur with that reasoning.

Jack is Back!


If you are near the track on ISB (International Speedway Blvd.) there is a Barnes & Noble with a Starbucks inside for coffee. Its across from the track.

I have always wanted to see one of the reporters like Ed Henry, sneak up behind Carnery and give him a big wedgie:)

Jeff Dobbs

RT @SecretsBedard: "That's the beauty of me," says Christie. "Everybody looks at me and sees something different."

"I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views."
--stuff Obama said


OT for Beasts of England. A friend of mine (herself an Alabama native, Alabama alumna and musician who used to play around Tuscaloosa) sent this account written by another Tuscaloosan who hung out with Alex Chilton there in the late '80s. Thought you might enjoy it and recognize the scene described...

Comanche Voter

No I don't have a desire to punch weasel boy Carney. Maybe stake him out on an anthill, or wrap him up in a wet buffalo hide--but punch him out? No--that's so pale face.

Man Tran on iPhone

Well I just found out that our pilot/author pal liked my shadowing theory so much that he thought about it many years ago and then proved it worked by shadowing a C-141 across the pole just to make the plot line believable for one of his future books. Turns out that in remote areas far from radar installations you can get out around 2 miles before it paints as a second primary target.

Miss Marple

Man Tran - Maybe this is why Israelis are now demanding aircraft identify farther out?

Jack is Back!

Sitting in my 2nd floor office at home watching these guys building the house next door:)

Jack is Back!

Thought I had sized that correctly but believe me there are like 5 framers hanging like monkeys off those rafters as they set them.

Danube on iPad

Friend of mine said his dog was worth $10,000. Asked him how he knew; he said "I traded two $5,000 cats for him."

Jack is Back!

Mrs. JiB asked me to remind all in the NYC area that tomorrow is Macaron Day

Click on the link for a map to heavenly deliciousness:)

Old Lurker

Interesting that they are wearing hard hats but not fall protection.

Quick call OSHA.

Sandy The Districts Lie Fallow While The Capital Gorges Itself Daze

Muslim is fine as far as it goes, but would he be Shi'ite or S'u'n'n'i ? what about the co-pilot? might be suggestive.

I discount the southern arc, one, because morrell-the-weasel so strongly endorsed, and two, because only Australia is there, not unpossible, but to me, very unlikely final destination. as mentioned previously, I most strongly discount a suicide mission.

Man Tran on iPhone

For you ethnologists out there, I've always had curiosity about body type/facial features. My quiz for the day is: what background would you say Kim Strassel is from? I assume Scandahuvian with maybe a pass (as in Viking) through the Emerald Isles.

The reason: we've had a house guest for the last few days that is a spittin' image of her. Same strawberry blonde hair, peaches and cream skin, pouty lips and as they say, 32 teeth, all in front. (Hard to believe in this day, before 404care kicks in.)

Old Lurker

Continuing the "drunk with power" theme of my first post this morning on the other thread:

"The owner of a California gun parts store says he plans to take legal action after federal agents raided his business, confiscating computers, customer lists and 80 percent lower receivers as part of an investigation into alleged federal firearms violations.

Dimitrios Karras, owner of Ares Armor in National City, told the raid by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents took place just days after the company obtained a temporary restraining order against the agency."

Some Guy

"I heard on the news that the search is now concentrating on the southern arc. The reasoning is that if it'd gone north, somebody would've seen it on radar.

I concur with that reasoning."

Perhaps that is relying on a fact that isn't actually a fact. We don't know that it wasn't seen on radar, or that it flew through a country's air space but wasn't picked up on radar, except to take their word for it.

It's a huge national security risk for any one of these countries to admit any of the follow:

- we picked it up on radar, but didn't scramble jets, shoot it down, or take any action.

- it flew through our air space, but failed to get picked up by our radar

- it flew through our air space, but our radar is turned off at night

- our radar isn't manned or properly monitored at night or at that particular time

IOW, I don't imagine we can rely on any one of these countries assertions at this time.

Miss Marple

Some Guy, I agree with you. An example is Thaland not notifying anyone they picked up some blips until 2 days ago. Pakistan has not been heard from at all, and India apparently "had all their radar trained elsewhere" if I remember the story correctly.

Nice to know that if a big jumbo jet flew low over the Maldives (Indian territory) that no one picked up the signal.

Some Guy

I just had to switch of ESPN because some dork has nothing better to do with his time than share his tourney picks with the nation.

Some Guy

off not of

Jeff Dobbs

My parents used to raise German Shepherds. Their female, Bonnie, competed seriously in Schutzhund.

They did three litters with her, averaged between $5-10K per pup, depending on size, color, ears, etc.

Oh wait . . . the internet is forever. I made this page for my mom:">">

Don't laugh, it was 1999 dude, this was pretty bleeding edge stuff.

My mom still cries if you mention Bonnie. Their current Shepherd, Isabel, is daddy's little girl.

Jeff Dobbs

Bad link? the double http:// because of the wayback machine link format is killing it i guess.

Oh well.

Jack is Back!


Good observation. Its been a hard hat job since day one. Even the masons wore hats building the walls and foundations.

BTW, there is a big house that has been going up since last year just down the street. For a while there was no activity and it was because the contractor did a random drug test and 72 of 73 workers failed. The owners will spend their lives in that house finding drips and drabs of poor workmanship every day.


Carney's an asshole. All of them are.

Cecil Turner

IOW, I don't imagine we can rely on any one of these countries assertions at this time.

Nor do I, and in fact one could expect them to lie if sensitive capabilities were in question. However, a casual glance at that arc is sufficient to conclude there's no way to get there in a 777 without penetrating some high-end radar coverage (and a 777 is hardly a choice bird for evading such).

So it doesn't make sense that the hypothetical highly skilled hijacker would plan to do such . . . as he'd know beforehand it wouldn't work.


BTW, I'm still laughing over the Rooskie calling Samantha Power a transvestite.


My parents used to raise German Shepherds.

I read that to say: My parents raised used German Shepherds.

Wish I had a punch line.

Old Lurker

Lyle at 1:04 sums it up nicely.


From the last thread.


wonder who the first person to come up on blasphemy charges in the US will be. it is just too tempting for KSA, China, and Russia not too."
by rich@gmu

I predict it will NOT be one of these:

James D.

As far as I'm concerned, I think that both the U.S. government and the Malaysian government know exactly what happened to the missing flight (and other governments might, as well), and they're flat-out lying about basically everything.

I certainly can't think of any reason to believe that we're being told anything remotely close to the truth.


If I was a Reporter I'd be thanking the God's of Journalism for this development: No Reporters Allowed on Michelle Obama's Trip to China

Can you imagine how many reporters are happy as the dickins they don't have to trail along behind that graceless, ungrateful boob of a First lady for the next couple weeks? I'd think there's probably more 'high-fiving' going on in News rooms today than anytime since Watergate.

Old Lurker

You give the press more credit than I do, Daddy. Scums like scum.


Does anyone else have a desire to punch Carney?

Get in line, MarkO. Line starts about 2 years back.


So what are the chances Putin refuses to bring our astronaut home?


I agree with, OL, daddy. Those press jerks break into a Pavlovian drool at the chance to kiss Moochele's ample derriere even as she scarcely contains her honky hate.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

I think I AM a mastiff.

hahaaaha!, OL!! Too funny!

Back in Obama's dog eatin' days, one of those mastiffs could have fed the Soetoros for a long time.
Probably better tasting than maggot gagging moose meat.


Concerning dogs, up here one was killed and eaten by a wolf last week right in front of the dogs owner:

Wolf eats dog in daylight attack

HAINES — A Haines woman beat back a wolf with a ski pole but was unable to keep it from killing and devouring one of four dogs she was walking with during a mid-day ordeal near 40 Mile Haines Highway last week...

Four times it pinned 16-year-old Mason, a husky-lab-rottweiler mix that was the largest of the four pets. Still, it was smaller than the wolf that Bochart estimated at the shoulder would stand about as tall as her hip.

“Mason exploded and attacked her. That was the first real dogfight … The wolf got him by the throat and killed him in an instant. It was done in a second. Without ever looking at us, she began eating his body, with us standing right there,” Bochart said.

Save the wolves!


He'll bring the astronaut home...for the right price, Jane. And our limp wristed preznit will gladly pay. Three guesses on what the ransom will be. Hint: it's not calculated in currency but cubic feet.


You give the press more credit than I do

Probably so Old Lurker, but personally can any of us here at JOM imagine anything more personally distasteful than having to follow this graceless, ungrateful harpy around for 2 weeks, writing about what a wonderful person she is and what a great ambassador she's become for a country that she's personally ashamed of and that her husband loathes?

I can't. To an honest newsman, that would strike me as the very definition of Hell.

Cecil Turner

That reminds me of something . . . oh, yeah:

Good read.


Pagar, the link about which teachers get to step to the head of the promotion line--begins the list with WOMEN.

Like women K-!2 teachers aren't about ?what 70-80 % of the staff???

Old Lurker

"To an honest newsman"

Daddy has been flying too high too long without O2.


I think I spotted your problem, daddy:

To an honest newsman


Since when has New Jersey had villages?

Next thing you know they'll be telling us they have hamlets.


Quick on the draw for an "Old Lurker," OL.

Jack is Back!


Our school (K-8 Catholic) has 15 female teachers and 2 male teachers (Science and PE/Advanced Math). Principal is male. Staff of 2 all female. All volunteers at the school office are female. Most male parents volunteer to help out with the sports teams.

You just don't see males going into elementary education these days. Our Catholic HS is about 50/50. I think its because we have more advanced STEM curriculum and programs (not being sexists here but that is a reality that is surely changing for the last few years).

Beasts of England

Thanks for that link, Porchlight! Several names and places mentioned in the article brought back some good memories.

Beasts of England

@JiB: I've never seen framers wearing hardhats. Actually, I've never seen any residential tradesman wear a hardhat.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

When I was in elementary school, (K-6), we had zero male teachers. The only male on staff was the janitor, Mr. Navotny, who eventually married Miss Buckner, my fifth grade teacher. I attended from 1945-1951, so it appears things haven't changed much the last 60 or so years.

Stephanie wherefore art thou springtime

Worse than that anonamom, how many wimmins teachers have been convicted of sex with students? Why do teachers unions have a thing for predators? Gotta stop them for the chillen!!!

Beasts of England

Are we not gonna have a post about Preznit MomJeans' March Madness bracket picks? I know it's very important to me and probably to the nation, as well, right?


Jane, about the astronaut. I don't think he'd ever publically show himself to be that vindictive.

Account Deleted

This is a very interesting piece on China by Morgan Stanley. It's not their 'base case' but it's not 'worst case' by a long shot.

Whose hot money bought the dogs which are the subject of this post and will the dogs prove to be better collateral than copper or iron ore inventory?

Danube on iPad

I wouldn't trade my beloved Golden, Fredo, for a world champiokn mastiff.


I thought from Dear Leader's title we were going to discuss Obama trying to play chess with Putin.

Account Deleted


The President is still stuck on page 1 of Chess for Dummies. I believe he may ban chess by Executive Order before Friday. It's obviously racist by design.


So it would seem Rick.


--No Reporters Allowed on Michelle Obama's Trip to China--

Is there any way to book a Malaysian pilot; preferably a disgruntles one?

Sandy   The-Districts-Lie-Fallow-While-the-Capitol-Gorges-Itself-Daze

Off topic, and not tropic...

Arctic blast coming to Eastern US – likely to be the coldest opening to calendar spring in at least 50 years
Posted on March 17, 2014 by Anthony Watts


Don't put away that fleece just yet !


@Jack Is Back

Responded to you on another thread, but not sure you saw it. We will be back in East Hampton at Easter. Let's connect!


--It's obviously racist by design.--

I think black should be allowed to start first for the next few hundred years and white should have to forfeit his homophobic bishops in an affirmative action sort of way to even things out.

Either that or a chess czar should be appointed to pay Pigford style reparations to any black kid who played chess or even thought about playing chess since the 1960's.


From Rick's ZH link;

Most market participants have concluded that the Chinese economy, despite its excesses, will slow only moderately as the government successfully manages to “soft-land” the credit and investment boom and that, as a result, the impact on global GDP growth could be moderate and is not likely to derail the global developed-market-led expansion.

Yeah, after the exploding credit and asset bubbles in the West over the last fifteen or twenty years why would anyone doubt a government's ability to manage soft landings?

Beasts of England

No reporters. Gotta love that, right? It's not like she's traveling on the public's dime or anything...


I wouldn't trade my Golden, Gracie, either, DoT.

Some Guy

I had thought the captain's home flight simulator wasn't indicative of anything because it hadn't been reported that the flight did anything that he wouldn't have experience doing or have practiced in the training simulators.

It just occurred to me that one thing he might need practice and training on, but couldn't do on training simulators without raising questions are Short Field Landings.

I have seen large multi-engine Military aircraft do some nearly unbelievable short field landings, but I don't know if that is possible or likely in a 777.

Perhaps daddy can comment.


Pay up, suckas:


What could be compelling about Mrs. Obama's life story? She is unique only in that she is married to the President. There are millions of women, black and white, who have the same story.

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