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March 12, 2014


MarkO on vacation

My Easter Bunny will be hoping.

MarkO on vacation

Because I am on vacation, I have not been able to follow the threads and topics with the religious fervor rigorous applied in other circumstances.

Anyway, I know we were looking for bgates. He showed up on Twitter yesterday. May he return to our fold.


So you say that Obama will equalize pay for men and women in the White House by taking money form the White House travel budget ?


Forget the math.
What business is it of the Federal government who gets paid what?
The proper response to this is not to seek to stop him from doing it; it's to abolish the department of Labor.


Building Collapse in East Harlem, NY


Danube on iPad

"I think the intent of the rule change is to make sure that people working overtime are fairly treated,”

Let that imbecilic statement serve as a reminder: it is an article of faith among these people that no one treats anyone fairly unless compelled to do so by federal law.

Members approved the Equitable Access to Care and Health (EACH) Act, H.R. 1814. The bill would let people avoid buying health insurance under ObamaCare if they could cite a religious reason.

People seeking an exemption would have to include sworn statements in their tax returns explaining their objection to health insurance.

Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.), who sponsored the bill, said ObamaCare currently exempts only those people who are part of a major religion, which leaves no room for others who also believe they must be exempted.

"Today's bill must become law," he said. "Among the many problems with the Affordable Care Act, the current conscience exemption only protects religious exemptions of a few select faiths."

Democrats said they worry the IRS would not be able to enforce the new language. House Energy and Commerce Committee ranking member Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) said the IRS would have to define what a "sincerely held religious belief" is and enforce these exemptions.


Redefine religion by defining it...


I work by the hour now but when I worked full time it was salary. I could take off and go to my children's ball games, school functions, spend days with my dying father without my pay being cut. If I worked overtime it was more than made up by the days I missed for personal stuff. I would never have dreamed of keeping up with my hours then. I'm sure I came out ahead by the end of the year.


"What business is it of the Federal government who gets paid what?"

Actually the biggest worry in the Obama regime seems to be that the Obama donors get theirs.

"After all, his donors have to get paid. Eighty percent of Obama’s green energy “investments” his first term went to committed donors."



I posted this in the previous thread, but it seems more applicable here:

Oh, by the way: Obama just quietly suspended ObamaCare’s individual mandate until 2016


So now, the individual mandate is a tax that anyone can avoid paying simply by stating that paying is a hardship.

And I'll add, why bother with forcing companies to pay more overtime, when you can just let working choose to pay less taxes?

In fact, I would love to see a president use the newly found rulemaking power over taxes to allow people to opt into a lower tax rate by just declaring their current, higher one a hardship.


Defund the labor department.

jimmyk on iPhone

"What business is it of the Federal government who gets paid what?"

There's also the pesky question of where the President finds the Constitutional authority to do this. Or maybe that's the same question. Regardless, if he can get away with this, what can't he do? There's got to be a check on this somehow.

Jim Eagle

From the prior thread daddy asked about Kuching's location for a radar site.

It is in Sarawak Proviince which on the Island of Borneo. That is SSW of KL, not up north on the Thai border.

I have a wacky theory but I don't have the aero charts to truly calculate it. Lets assume the two Iranians are not asylum seekers. Lets assume somehow they gained control of the plan at about 1:45 local time, turned off the transponder and changed course from NNE to WSW, over the small isthmus connecting Thailand to Malaysia and then from the straits to the Andamann Sea on a heading north of Aceh on Sumatra. Then fly over the Indian Ocean, avoiding Sri Lanka and India right up on a NW heading to Iran.

However, you have the problem of the passenger smart phones. Whoever received the plane and it's cargo (20 electronic warfare and cloaking engineers and technicians), they would have made sure those phones were totally disabled. BTW, smart phones will still ring after being disabled because it is the network searching for them.

Just a theory. But its as good as any of the other one's out there.


JiB knows how to intrigue me.

I have heard very little about the 20 engineers.

More please.

Man Tran on iPhone

CT and Moody,

Per your primary radar random blips being poor evidence, I concur, but only because those systems are terribly antiquated. My systems routinely pull a bad wheel out of 800 on a passing train without benefit of the transponders that now exist on rail cars.

One of my best coders is now working for an outfit that is making modern target tracking radar and is appalled at how ancient the original stuff was.

The point? If I had the handful of returns from the military scope to analyze, I'm pretty sure the geese and thunderheads would quickly be discarded. Whether the second westerly track could be tied the the prior northerly track would obviously depend on how big the time/position gaps were near the supposed turn.


Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller 6m

WH issues veto threat against bill that would authorize House/Senate lawsuits against Exec Branch for failing to faithfully execute laws.


They are attempting to debate those bills right now, ccal.

jimmyk on iPhone

Jib, intriguing , but it looks quite a bit farther to Iran, especially if they started toward Beijing, avoided Sri Lanka, etc. Also likely more headwinds. So don't think they'd have the fuel.


what is that the remember your oath act?

good grief.

Thomas Collins

I agree with Obama on this one. If the Housecritters and Senatecritters conclude that Obama is not faithfully executing the laws, the remedy is impeachment and conviction, or use of the Congressional power of the purse.


Jared Bernstein, the former chief economic adviser to Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., and the former executive director of the White House Task Force on the Middle Class, embraced Mr. Obama’s move.

One imagines Jared--who lacks an economics degree, BTW--draws pictures and uses dolls to explain all things economics to Drooling Joe.



interesting. but then wouldn't the Iranians have a bunch of passengers they'd have to deal with. that kind of craziness I could see the north koreans pulling.

There are two possible visions for the future.

One is the nihilistic vision of the environmental left: increasingly severe government-induced shortages, higher and higher electricity and water prices, massive taxpayer subsidies to politically well-connected and favored industries, and a permanently declining quality of life for our children, who will be required to stretch and ration every drop of water and every watt of electricity in their bleak and dimly lit homes.

The other is a vision of abundance, a new era of clean, cheap and plentiful hydro-electricity; great new reservoirs to store water in wet years to ensure abundance in dry ones; a future in which families can enjoy the prosperity that abundant water and electricity provide, and the quality of life that comes from that prosperity. It is a society whose children can look forward to a green lawn, a backyard garden, a family swimming pool, affordable air-conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter, brightly lit homes and cities, and abundant and affordable groceries from America’s agricultural cornucopia.


That is how you talk to voters.

Frau Morgenstern

cc - Clarisse may need to increase her inventory of pikes and flails.


TC, this action is more likely a result of having Boehner at the helm.

I would believe the house would quickly drop this legislation if the leadership started to lead.


>>>Irate Man Walking On CA Boardwalk With Chainsaw, Yelling At People... <<<

lol...anyone seen hit today?


Plane went to N. Korea?


Surely a company would have standing to sue over the overtime overreach.


Every once in a great while, Scarborough shakes off the effects of Stockholm Syndrome and makes a cogent point. Here:

“History shows Obamacare sunk Democrats in 2010,” Scarborough said. “I think we may have something historic here happening, where you have one act actually causing grave damage to a political party two midterms in a row.”

“I personally believe Alex Sink’s consultants, that had her stand in front of the camera that said ‘fix the Affordable Care Act,’ I think that’s a horrible mistake,” Scarborough continued. “You don’t fight on enemy terrain. She tried to fight on enemy terrain, defending this act that no Democrat has tried to defend over the last four years. They just don’t do it because you can’t do it on the campaign trail, unless you like losing.”

So maybe the irony here is, that Democrats who thought they were being so smart in delaying much of the "Afforadable" "Care" Act, have basically managed to accomplish in two consecutive elections to lose one and then both Houses of Congress. It might just knock the smug right off of them.


Here is an article on the company with the 20 missing employees. It is called Freescale and it's headquarters are in Austin, TX.


Danube on iPad

"There's also the pesky question of where the President finds the Constitutional authority to do this."

I think the argument would be that, pursuant to its interstate commerce power, the congress has authorized the Labor Department to make rules regarding pay and working conditions. And no, you won't find anything about this in the Federalist Papers.


McClintock for Speaker.


"You don’t fight on enemy terrain."

This will shock the drafters of the Jindal, Boehner, Rove 100% plan.

Captain Hate

From the dead thread:

David Jolly on the Issues:
We need to secure our borders. To discuss comprehensive immigration reform while we continue to have a porous border where more people can continue to enter our country illegally ultimately ignores the very basic principle that people in our country illegally should not be given special treatment over those who have been patiently waiting in their country of origin to enter our country legally."



no TK. just commenting that a hijacking scenario in which the passengers were kidnapped is so loony I don't think even the Iranians would do it even if they had the technical means to do so. The only country I can think of that routinely just kidnapped citizens of other countries is North Korea.


Danube is correct. Under current law, Labor was looking to adjust the exemption limit to about $30k/yr. All the JEF has done is hijack the process and declare a $50k/yr limit outside the normal regulatory process. (Checked with the payroll product team, JEF stepping on the process was a surprise, changing the limit was not).

Thomas Collins

I can see your point, TK. But couldn't backbenchers dissatisfied with Boehner make their point just as well by introducing legislation defunding the WH and agencies in certain areas (such any WH or agency activity granting ObamaCare waivers)? Perhaps it doesn't matter how the point is made. I just don't like to see Congress considering legislation to bring federal courts into a matter that Congress has the constitutional power to address.

Jim Eagle

All: Fully agree with all poked holes, its just that if this is some kind of takeover by passengers or one of the crew then why change directiion? If it is suicide by pilot or co-pilot then auger in right away like the Egyptian.

The other is that something happened structural or mechanical that knocked out their electronics completely and they started back to KL but flying blind. Maybe they thought if they could cut through the narrowest part of the Malay land mass, look for any lights along the coast of the straits then turn south on dead reckoning using VFR looking for Butterworth, which would be just south of where they crossed. Lots of civilization along the northwest coast of Malaysia, from my experience there. Even at early AM they would be able to spot something as lit up as the Butterworth Airport which is just a few miles east of the coast with a N/S jumbo runway alignment.

Malaysian highway No. 1 runs N/S along the coast. This is the main highway for the country that runs up from Singapore. It will have lit traffic no matter what time of the day.

So, if that was the plan, they didn't make it and most likely crashed either in the straits or they didn't make that U-turn to begin with.

Anyway, always looking to test any theory out among the illuminati of JOM:)


--WH issues veto threat against bill that would authorize House/Senate lawsuits against Exec Branch for failing to faithfully execute laws.--

I don't understand.
Why don't they just say that given his veto threat it is unlikely he'd go along with it, but they still think it would be a good law and say that it therefore is one?
Then the courts can say that they think it would be good and deem it a law as well.
Solons and judges have pens and phones too.

I think congress should say that the individual and employer mandates are not suspended or delayed without even asking a judge.
I think congress should form a law enforcement branch and start faithfully enforcing and executing laws they deem necessary.
If Barry wants blurred and meaningless lines between branches then blur and make meaningless them all.


>>>Surely a company would have standing to sue over the overtime overreach.

Posted by: Porchlight<<<

probably. it is a dopey spread the work scheme that Hazlitt has written about decades before too.

a bit of back of the envelope here:

so raise the salaries of a few people who make right around 49200, then layoff support staff and reassign the work to the now exempt employees. not sure who the rule is supposed to help.

Captain Hate

She tried to fight on enemy terrain, defending this act that no Democrat has tried to defend over the last four years.

WTF is the intern killer talking about? I can give you plenty of names of donks who've defended 404Care over the last four years; either explicitly with their statements or implicitly with their votes.


and I see that DoT and henry were on the case ...


looking at one of the maps it appears it was close to land when it made the turn supposedly. is there a way (in a Hollywood sense anyway) to have dumped the cargo holds. then dumped the aircraft. bizarre story.

jimmyk on iPhone

Not sure I see the connection to interstate commerce, unless that's just the deus ex machina for anything the government wants to do. Also, what requires Congressional approval. Wasn't the original OT law something passed by Congress?

Account Deleted

"not sure who the rule is supposed to help."


Dem incumbents relying on the LIVs. This isn't any different than raising the minimum wrt negative impact. It's just an attempt to elicit an empathetic response from the peck and droolers.

The transparency of the idiocy is not a hindrance, given the target audience.


I am with you TC. Unfortunately the Repeal and Replace Boehner, Ryan, Cantor contingent would not mind, in my opinion, having an Obama like executive given the opportunity.

This legislation is a threat to them as well.


jimmyk, the original law was passed by Congress, with a regulatory adjustment process included. JEF stomped on the process -- to change the topic from Sink if for no other reason.


Happy Birthday Agent J.


--Not sure I see the connection to interstate commerce, unless that's just the deus ex machina for anything the government wants to do.--

Bingo. It's the Wickard basket they dump everything into.


Stop, stop, stop with the speculation. I work with Freescale. This type of company routinely sends teams of engineers all over the planet, but primarily between destinations such as China and Malaysia, as those are where the manufacturing plants are. Kuching is an electronics manufacturing hub.

Device programming is done in India and America. The software is then loaded onto the hardware (chip+package).That is where the IC's and QFP's and devices gain value and capability. The end user then programs the device (or has the device programmed) for their application. There are a lot of steps involved.

These were almost certainly manufacturing engineers working on process and production issues.

There are tens of thousands of Chinese engineers, and Pakistanis, and Indians, with the same abilities as FSL's people.

We just don't know what happened and won't until the experts can identify wreckage or other data.

I'm still trying to find out how the elephant seals magically levitated 10 miles inland at McMurdo 7,000 years ago. Bueller? Bueller?


It might just knock the smug right off of them.

One would hope. I doubt it, though. Smug is their DNA. Which JOMer recently grabbed that German word from Insty that essentially means, "a face much needing a fist in it?" Exhibit A: Mark Hannah. I need to wear a mouth guard when he comes on Kudlow, my teeth grind so much.

Jim Eagle

One thing missing in the overtime pay story is the effect on taxes both for the Government (good) and the employee (bad). I've run projects with lots of non-exempt union crafts who didn't like to work lots of overtime like a 60 hour work week, for example. It put them in a higher tax bracket and even at double time with the bennies added on it changed their tax status to almost a wash.

IOW they were working 60's and their net out was 48. You can bet the class of employee (non-manual, professional) are pretty close to the cusp of a tax rate change should they start to get OT. The answer from savvy business will be - you have a choice, take a pay cut or get laid off.


thanks Rick.

have a sense that the 14 campaign and the administration's pen-and-phone strategy is leading to something. maybe take the Wisconsin Dem strategy national? doubt the Dems could or would want too (it didn't work in WI and cost a lot of money and similar disruptive efforts have failed as well) but if they are going to lose anyway why not lose in a "let it burn" mode.


WH issues veto threat against bill that would authorize House/Senate lawsuits against Exec Branch for failing to faithfully execute laws.

Obama has never vetoed a bill that I can recall, harry Reid does it for him. So I say let him try - the spin will be spectacular. It's not as if everyone doesn't know he is violating the constitution.

TC we are approaching the point where more people think impeachment is appropriate than don't. But I'm not sure we are there yet.

Frau Morgenstern

literally a slap-face.


Backpfeifengesicht...that's a keeper. thanks lyle and frau.

read an article in the atlantic flagged up at the horde this am. that is what I was thinking.


>>>you have a choice, take a pay cut or get laid off<<<

or both eventually.


here's the article. guy's a backpfeifengesicht


Frau Morgenstern

eye bleach alert:
rich, the freedom from job lock that runs a thrill up Bela Pelosi's leg.

We could start a collection of "Backpfeifengesichter"----
Dirty Harry
Clenis and Hillary!
Hanoi Jane

Frau Morgenstern

add Billy the Bomber

Man Tran on iPhone

Adding to Matt's comments re Freescale: they were the microprocessor div. of Motorola before they started breaking up the ol gal. I designed in dozens of their chips throughout the 70's, 80's and 90's. Most elegant chips around until TI started beating them in the ultra low power game.


maybe i ought to take up cowboy poetry in german...you know follow my dreams and all.

was looking for how many got the ax and haven't been able to find the number...my group was about 20 (but had heard a rumor it was going to be a couple hundred). anyway, suppose it doesn't matter.

Jeff Dobbs


Yesterday hit and run jr informed me of this word. His translation was a "face that wants to be punched".

I explained that it was more like a "face asking to be punched" as in...

Q: Why'd you punch me in the face?
A: You were asking for it.

BTW, haing fun in CA. The Venice boardwalk is fun, though my voice is a little hoarse. Gotta run, here come the cops. bye

Jim Eagle


Interesting how the Urban Dictionary defines it and then uses it as an example:


German compound word for a 'face that should be slapped'
When GWB smirks on TV, my German friend Uwe tells me that he sees a 'Backpfeifengesicht'."

Its from 2006 but another BDS moment nevetheless.

jimmyk on iPad

" All the JEF has done is hijack the process and declare a $50k/yr limit outside the normal regulatory process. "

So does that negate the interpretation offered by DoT that Congress authorized this sort of move? Or is the regulatory process not a creature of Congress, but just a quaint ritual that can be discarded at will?


If Repubs pick up 10-15 more House seats and 230 are comfortable holds and Obummer's disapproval stays mid-50s%; impeachment hearings into his illegalities will be supported by voters and impeachment hearings mean judiciary committee subpoenas. In other words it will be the way to go in 2015.


Jane makes a great point about Obama and his veto threats.

Remember when he barked about the Full Faith and Credit Act?


That act is currently stalled in the Senate:


As an aside, I noticed this statement from Obama in his veto threat:

American families do not get to choose which bills to pay and which ones not to pay, and the United States Congress cannot either without putting the nation into default for the first time in its history," 

Oh my! Compare that to this most recent quote:

I guess what I would say, if you looked at that person’s budget, and you looked at their cable bill, their cell phone bill, other things that they’re spending on, it may turn out that it’s just they haven’t prioritized health care because right now everybody is healthy.



This is yet another example of the juvenile and divisive approach that the sophomoric community activists of the Obama Administration take to the productive people--businesses and their employees--of this great nation. Even as the disaster that is Obamacare continues to wreak havoc on our healthcare system, our economy, our workplaces and our lives, they cavalierly decide to inflict another extremely disruptive and poorly-thought-out scheme upon productive business and hardworking people who are just trying to do their jobs and get our economy back on track. All because they are simply incapable of viewing the workplace as anything but a class warfare zone.


>>>Irate Man Walking On CA Boardwalk With Chainsaw, Yelling At People... <<<

lol...anyone seen hit today?

It is not hit. He is incapable of being irate. If it said "Smiling Man with Beer Waving Chainsaw Around and Complimenting People" then I'd be concerned.

(A) nuther Bub

impeachment hearings into his illegalities will be supported by voters

No they won't. Impeachment hearings will be supported by people like us on the right, people who think and talk about politics all day long. Most voters are scared of the term "impeachment" because it brings to mind unrest, instability, disorder and even revolution. I think it's a mistake for any Republican to even utter that word unless we are eager to see Obama's support escalate.


Did I miss Gowdy? Hank Johnson is up. I think he is challenging the definition of "tipping point."

jimmyk on iPad

Amen, boatbuilder. I just wish the word "fair" (as in "fairly treated") could be banished from all policy discussions. It's a meaningless term, which makes it dangerous, as it then means whatever some petty tyrant wants it to mean.


"A Texas Democrat who hates Obamacare and wants to impeach the president is one of the party’s top candidates for Senate after a primary Tuesday cut a crowded field down to two."



The Obummer statement about hey buy my shitty insurance instead of cable/cell phone should lose the Dems about 2M votes in December. Personally, as a matter of family budget and prudence, I agree with Obummer, insuring against devasting illness takes priority. But Obummer passed ObummerCare with lies and misreps that led LIVs to believe it would all be FREE FREE FREE. Now they find out that the coverage is overpriced and Obummer is telling them they should give up what they like, even though they can wait to buy Obummercare when they get sick, without penalty. the ignorant young and Dem plantation voters will give the dems a big FU in November. Rightfully so.


This guy is just like Manchin. He talks tough to win but will then reside in the pocket of Obama.Repub senate candidate is a sure Nobama vote.
Happy Birthday Dr. J!
Anuther Bub: You are correct! Part of Preezy's desire to flex his illegal muscles is to taunt the repubs toward impeachment. No impeachment until AFTER the midterms. We must focus on Jobs, economy, the ACA {how horrible it is} and present a Republican plan of action that is 10 times better than the dems. GOTV efforts have to improve.
A word of caution for repubs: We must do better in early voting and absentee.
A special note: a felon who voted more than 3 times in the last election released on probation from jail because she claims to be bipolar. Now that person should never be allowed to vote again.It happened in Ohio.
Love the Jolly win-take that dims!

Danube on iPad

"that's just the deus ex machina for anything the government wants to do"

A very apt description.

James D.

if they are going to lose anyway why not lose in a "let it burn" mode.

Yeah, unfortunately, I can totally picture the Dems taking that route.


You are right on the money. No one but no one is giving up their phones for health insurance.
Cable,maybe but even that is a stretch. Sibelius and Odummy are scrambling- Obama on "FERNS" Just when you thought he couldn't stoop any lower.
Zeke Emanuel- I will write the DNR myself for that pompous windbag. I bet he wants all medical attention he can get in his contrat for end of life.


Talking tough about impeachment wins elections.


BTW, the Impeachment Dem is a chick.


Is a president allowed to give himself a pardon or his AG and HHS Secretary, for that matter? Can those pardons be overturned because the crimes are so egregious?

I would suggest we wait until after they are out of office and then indict them.


Remember after Clinton's impeachment-Repubs took a hit in the midterm. We can't re-write history ala the dems.



I am sorry to hear about your job. Keep your head up.

As to the subject at hand, I was talking earlier today to a friend who owns 14 McDonald's francises. He told me that this was on the works for over 2 years. Last year he was advised by McDonald's corporate that he should switch from an salary to his managers to an hourly wage system in contemplation of these type of changes.

He has a little under 40 salaried employees that would be affected by the new rules but, since he is already paying them by the hour he will not be affected.

One thing he found out was that with the change his labor cost went down, as he was now paying for actual hours worked, he found that far too often the workers would not work the 45 hours scheduled. whereas, before the workers would have been paid a set salary regardless.

One final thing, a last year's Francisee Owners convention in Las Vegas they had a workshop on dealing with ObamaCare and how to deal with it. He said that on his own business he averages about $11,000 per employee for healthcare. According to the workshop he could drop coverage, pay the fine, give his employees a $3500 raise and still save $2000 per employee.


A woman or a man who is a Dem will do whatever Reid tells them to do in the voting area. More dems in the Senate are useless to us. We can't even get the Independents to vote our way.
matt: Out of office works for me too. Hold them accountable for their lies and their cheating ways.


"While the Republicans still maintained majority control of the United States House of Representatives after the 1998 midterm elections, they still suffered a net loss of five seats to the Democrats"

That is a big hit?


Fast forward to January 2, 2015......

And that's the only thing I need is *this*. I don't need this or this. Just this pen... And this phone. - The pen and the phone and that's all I need... And this remote control. - The pen, the phone, and the remote control, and that's all I need... And these matches. - The pen, and these matches, and the remote control, and the phone... And this lamp. - The pen, this phone, and the remote control, and the lamp, and that's all *I* need. And that's *all* I need too. I don't need one other thing, not one...


Impeachment: nothing that should be discussed now. But if Repubs pick up House seats, win the Senate, and pass a popular Budget repealing ObummerCare and Obummer vetoes and uses Exec Orders to circumvent Congress-- start the hearings. Will Dems protect Obummer then?.... yes... but only kind of.


I think many managers will make the adjustments you have stated in your post. There is no way they will sacrifice their line of profit to make Obama feel good about himself.


To be clear, the Democrat seeking impeachment is drawing that hard line in a Democrat Primary.

This is not an appeal to conservatives unless it is an open primary. I will investigate.

jimmyk on iPhone

Also, Clinton was a relatively popular president who paid some attention to public sentiment, and his law-breaking was not primarily policy-related. The JEF is a lawless thug in matters that affect everyone's paychecks, health, and freedoms.


I like your scenario as well.
TK: How has Clinton fared since he was impeached? He has higher approval ratings than the Preezy.
His whole embarassment has gone down the memory hole because LIV's are suffering from amnesia over his presidency. Any loss of seats in the House or the Senate is cause for concern. Look at 2012. We could have had the Senate if we nominated the best candidates.

(A) nuther Bub

Indeed she is, TK. I've read about her in earlier articles.

A chick. A black chick. A far leftist chick who wants Obama impeached because he's not socialist enough. A follower of Lyndon LaRouche chick. An utter loon chick.


Well that about covers the 'Impeachment Dem"


So true about Obama . He mistakenly thinks he knows what is best for everyone. He is totally clueless about business and I anm sure he is in a snit because Big business hasn't heeded his call to become a nanny state.


Forget talking of impeachment! Let's look to the mid-terms and winning, winning both the House and the Senate. IMO, talking about impeachment of Obama will only make him more popular--that is, poor first Black President and look what the Repubs are trying to do to him. Also, in my economically depressed area, the LIVs would never give up their phones nor their cable!


>>>Posted by: jimmyk on iPad | March 12, 2014 at 02:45 PM<<<



I do not care how Clinton's approval is doing presently. What I do know is his impeachment led to him acting like he respected the Office for the remainder of his term.


Loon chick that isn't doing so badly with her strategy?


Nice The Jerk ref, matt.

Frau: Thanks for "Backpfeifengesicht." So useful.


I am sorry to hear your news as well. It can be like the grieving process. I will pray for some good resolution to the situation.You are a talented,valued individual who will land on your feet.



thanks. i'll stop droning on about it soon (it is unproductive) but needed some shoulders to cry on as the shock settled.

applied for a job in Hawaii just for the change of pace (it would be a tough commute for school but have another option on that I'm exploring too-asu's online program).

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