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March 16, 2014



And unlike KAL with Larry McDonald on board there is no wreckage at sea that is easy proof of the shoot down.

Makes sense. The Chinese are definitely wanting obfuscation here.


Oh, and First!!

I will not claim I have all the answers but I will put forward a likely scenario which has been very clear to me from day one due to my location, local knowledge and investigative nature following the planes disappearance and clocking up over 70 hours of research following the hunt for the missing plane and seeing through the Tsunami of Disinformation which was all released from US sources. 

My theory is this and its the most plausible one on the table right now. 

I believe that flight MH737 had its identity switched with a USAF Cargo plane and simply landed one hour later at the nearby CIA Secret Interrogation facility at U-Tapao Airport Thailand between Pattaya and the Cambodian border. American forces built U-Tapao during the Vietnam War era for bombing raids by B-52’s. Although it is classed as a International airport due to its long runway the reality is very different with all sorts of secret US missions including NASA high altitude research station and suspect Terrorists arriving for interrogation .It has also been accused by the Thai Opposition as a cover for spying into Neighboring countries through it secretive NASA High altitude Weather program.


Jeff Dobbs

The plane would probably have passed over Myanmar, which seems to have an air defense system capable of tracking a missing Boeing, but would their government be forthcoming with their data, especially if the Chinese were urging them to keep it quiet?

So we may be talking about a . . . Burma close shave.

Now, come on JOMers...

Who Really Knows Their JOM Stuff?

At least give it a try peeps. It's killing me that we're wasting precious time by *NOT* wishing this JOMer a HB.

Danube on iPad


Wow. That one coulda come straight from the Birther Report.

Carol Herman

Just about everyone who feeds a living off of drug sales, knows how to evade radar. (Before planes, they knew how to evade coast guards.)

Who wanted to buy the plane? Well, someone who couldn't get normal delivery. Bad guys. And, there are lots of bad guys lining up throughout these countries. With lots of flights that go unnoticed. Or you wouldn't have a big drug trade.

Since it's clear, now, that the "experienced pilot" was involved, AND he chose to fly the 777 on a routine red eye flight. He knew most people were fast asleep. The airport was operating ona skeleton crew.

First thing that got done was to kill all the passengers. Which is why the plane rose to 43,000 feet. And, while the inside was de-pressurized, this plane did not have its sides collapsing, like an empty coke can.

Since the routes out to the sea have been scoured by every means possible, the most likely scenario shifts to a land landing.

If you can hide drug shipments in those very same wastelands on the ground. And, this plane can land anywhere. Since it doesn't need a mile long runway. You've got to consider "what would the pilot want to do."

Answer to that question is to land "safely." Bodies on board, perhaps, got dealt with by crew who pushed the dead passengers out. At sea. Sure. Not one body has shown up. So, maybe, they were all still strapped to their seats?

There's an infestation of bad guys throughout that whole area.

Even history teaches you a lesson. The Byzantine's couldn't convert these hooligans to Catholicism. But they streamed into Islam like nobody's business.

And, then you add in the Turkish "speakers" ... plus, the caravan routes of the old Silk Road ... And, you get to see how various tribes molded themselves.

"If" Ghengis Khan and his grandsons didn't come off the "steppes" to rape and pillage through most of Europe (and the Mideast), you wouldn't know about horseback riding savages, who were, in terms of warfare, well ahead of any set of Europeans.

What this aircraft theft shows ya, though, is that there's a whole unwholesome part of our world, where the savages hold the upper edge.

Learn anything new? Sure. There's very little in the way of accurate radar operating throughout that whole field.

And, there's even less cooperation from the Chinese then you'd have expected, considering the passengers got no Chinese protection at all.

Also, if this was a "big" theft, how long aloft would the pilot have wanted? No one put a gun to his head.

If the plane is carefully hidden away, where can the pilot go to be "comfortable?" Lots of badlands out there. And, he's not walking around with a camel in the Gobi.

Danube on iPad

The loon continues:

"Now the question is why would the US want to hijack a civilian Airplane and land at its CIA Interrogation facility?.
"The clue maybe lie in the twenty ethnic Chinese passengers belonging to the defense firm Freescale which has links to both China and the US and the manufacturer of micro processors and chips that power and control the Military might of China and Russians war capabilities. Especially drones and Missiles systems with war likely with Russia and increased tensions with China this theory should hold some weight."

You betcha.


Happy birthday MarkO!



I guess that means the other theories have panned out.

Jeff Dobbs

Sue FTW!!!




Happy Birthday MarkO!!

Happy Birthday MarkO's Grandson!!

Danube on iPad

I guess that because no theory has yet been proven, all are equally plausible and must be give equal consideration.


damn it. guess wrong on the other thread.

Happy Birthday MarkO.

Happy Birthday Sandy.

Miss Marple

You know, we all have theories and questions about the plane. I think it is probably better if people don't assert that they, and only they, have the right answer.

One thing this does show us is that investigation is not as easy as one would think from movies and TV. (Or in my case, Agatha Christie books.)


RSE did you see Bill Gates this AM, on some show, I think Stephanopolus, talking about Common Core? I had to change the channel.

Mark O is a Pisces! Well of course he is! Happy B-day!


and a Happy Birthday to MarkO's grandson.


Happy birthday to MarkO & grandson!


I agree with Danube amd Miss Marple.

Miss Marple

For those who wonder if anyone is interested in the plane mystery, Anderson Cooper beat Bill O'Reilly last week because of CNN's constant coverage of said mystery.



Danube on iPad

"I think it is probably better if people don't assert that they, and only they, have the right answer."

Let me be the first to say that I don't have a clue. That is not to say, however, that there are no theories that can be ruled out.

Happy birthday Mark O. And to your grandson.

Account Deleted

Happy Birthday, MarkO & o!

MarkO on vacation and grinning

Thanks to all my wonderful JOM friends for the warm birthday wishes to me and my grandson.

This week I have been at the Camelback Inn in Scottsdale AZ. I needed some time away and it all worked out wonderfully.

As an added joy, my youngest daughter, Grace, became engaged to her wonderful young man, Tim. As you might imagine, my standards for her were stringent. He met them all and exceeded them.

It has been a memorable week, made sweeter by your thoughtfulness.

Oh, Go Duke.

Miss Marple

Wayne Knight, who played Newman on Seinfeld, has been killed in an accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.


lol...shoulda' used that "o"...

and I'm going to get a few inches of global warming this evening. good news too, I've got a phone interview scheduled for tomorrow.


Happy Birthday two O's/

Another theory:

Miss Marple

OK, scratch the story about Knight. I got that from Iowashawk, but he just tweeted it was a hoax.

Jeff Dobbs

good news too, I've got a phone interview scheduled for tomorrow.

Great news. Good luck.

May I suggest you also get you a pen. You're gonna need a phone and a pen.


Yay Rich and LOL Hit.


Haven't been to NRO for awhile.
Just exactly when did it become a subscription site?
They could barely lure me there when it was free.


Happy Birthday to MarkO and grandson.


Never mind. I apparently clicked on the only story that demanded a prescription.


Jeebus - *subscription*

Miss Marple

Ignatz, some stories are subscription, some are not. It made me angry when they did that.

A lot of the stories only let you read the first page, too. I consider that bait and switch.

Account Deleted

Was there any ululating proclamation of responsibility after the Uighur headchoppers' butchery at the Chinese railway station? The Kunmking police blamed irritated jihadis but there isn't much followup on the story.


Well the fact that Kuala Lampur was the departure point for at least two of the hijackers, that two of the HV detainees, 'Hambali' and Attash, were involved, always throws a flag with me.


Happy birthday, Sandy Daze and MarkO and grandson.


thanks hit. i'll be sure to have my pen in hand.


Happy Birthday MarkO, and GrandO and congrats on your future son-in-O.

BTW, has anyone notice how that track is after it passes Myanmar almost completely over the Himalayas? How effective would radar be in that area? Does anyone know, if the high mountains would hide your plane?

Frau Wahrheit über alles

Woweeee! MarkO in AZ with family and celebrations all around him. What a life! Happy birthday, rascal you.

TK, although not addressed directly to you, on the prior thread, I left my take on Onkel Adolf's eligibility or ineligibilty for holding office based on his citizenship. It is too bad that he was not run over by a St.Pauli's beer truck while he lived in Munich all those years while he perfected his hope-and-change-for-Germany speaking skills, charisma moves and getting his personal logo designed. Pfui!


I can't seem to post this here.

Don't forget Venezuela


they are good at missing the point at Carlos Slim's

Stephanie VIP shhhhh its fight club

Happy birthday, Sandy, MarkO and o!

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Happy Birthday, MarkO! Lots of love to you!!


well they would act more or less the same way if it were Tea Party

Jack is Back!

Indonesia Maritime Ministry has asked a Greek tanker to search an area of the Malacca straits. Reports of a debris field that looks like luggage, Probably a false trail.

Indian air force general responsible for Nicobar and the Andaman Islands says they only turn on their defense radar "when necessary" whatever the hell that means. Also, some experts are been quoted as saying not that hard to evad ChiComm radar near the northwest border areas where the Uighurs are located. If you go to the maps and look for Xiyjiang you'll see its a high desert plateau - no runways needed.

Jack is Back!

Forgot to wish MarkO and the granson a happy, happy, happy birthday.

Mark, did you play golf? Fun golf courses at Camelback. Played them about 15 years ago attending a function there.


True, Jack but you have to cross a sizable swath of Chinese territory to get to Zinjiang.

Tom Maguire
...all [theories] are equally plausible and must be give equal consideration.

Now that the snow has mostly melted I can definitively rule out my backyard as a landing site.

But the spring clean-up of the garage has yet to begin...


Now that the snow has mostly melted I can definitively rule out my backyard as a landing site.

Says you.


Jack is Back!


This day in history:

"The United States Military Academy, the first engineering school in the United States, was founded by Congress for the purpose of educating and training young men in the theory and practice of military science and engineering. Located at West Point, New York, the U.S. Military Academy is often simply known as West Point.

Located on the high west bank of New York's Hudson River, West Point was the site of a Revolutionary-era fort built to protect the Hudson River Valley from British attack. In 1780, American General Benedict Arnold, the commander of the fort, agreed to surrender West Point to the British in exchange for money (6,000 pounds). However, the plot was uncovered before it fell into British hands, and Arnold fled to the British for protection.

Ten years after the establishment of the U.S. Military Academy in 1802, the growing threat of another war with Great Britain resulted in Congressional action to expand the academy's facilities and increase the Corps at West Point. Beginning in 1817, the U.S. Military Academy was reorganized by Superintendent Sylvanus Thayer, later known as the "Father of West Point," and the school became one of the nation's finest sources of civil engineers. During the Mexican-American War, West Point graduates filled the leading ranks of the victorious U.S. forces. With the outbreak of the Civil War, West Point classmates regretfully lined up against one another in the defense of their native states, north or south.

The academy is under the general direction and supervision of the Department of the Army and has an enrollment of more than 4,000 cadets."

Jeff Dobbs

So we may be talking about a . . . Burma close shave.

::tap tap tap::

Is this mic on?

I've updated TM's map above.

We can either surmise that trying to fly a 777 unauthorized over China would put the plane . . . in a pickle.

Or I surcame to TCFAB! early today and am already . . . pickled.

I can stop at any time.

I just choose not to.


I am sticking with my theory. The plane went down right where the eyewitness saw the fireball. The Malaysian govt did not want to tell the tale of radical Islam and their catering to it. They started with a small lie that compounded into many lies.

The US backed the lies to reduce panic in our trade relationship with the Islamic country.

Now they have a mess on their hands.


Could a pilot without any functioning navigation or communications equipment steer a big airplane like that to a safe landing? I am thinking of a scenario where a goodguy pilot takes out a badguy pilot who has sabotaged all the controls.


Wayne Knight grew up in Cartersville Ga, famous for nothing but the damnedest high school baseball program in the state.

Just a geeky kid who found something he could do and do really well.


on another less noticed front;



The Indian announcement confirms something I said a couple of days ago. That it was not inconceivable that the Indian military radar did not pick-up the plane. Their resources would be trained towards Pakistan, their closest threat not out to the Ocean.

Not exactly something you want to transmit to your enemies and it was the reason nobody was mentioning it. I would think that China is in the same boat and if the plane made it to China undetected or unchallenged it would be embarrassing to say the least.

Captain Hate

Jeebus - *subscription*

I think you had it right the first time. Btw, there was an ad shilling for Common Core on FNS; they must be getting some unwanted pushback.

HB MarkO. Try not to make Coach K faint again.


I'm becoming convinced this man is trying to get us all killed. After complete unmitigated failure at everything he's touched, what other options does he really have.

(Too much NCIS?)


The beat goes on!

"*More* Democratic House retirements this week?"

I believe there should be many more.

Mike Giles

"The plane would probably have passed over Myanmar,...."

Why, when they could have flown up the bay of Bengal and flown over increasingly Islamist Bangladesh.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Does it matter if the passengers are missing or dead? Do their lives matter?

If the plane was brought down because of terrorism...does that matter? Maybe the terrorists really believed in some political &/or religious philosophy. Who are we to judge whether their beliefs are wrong?
..and if we think they are wrong, what are we basing that on?

I just don't understand the world we live in anymore. I need Obama, Kerry, Samantha Power, Jarrett, tell me what exactly they believe & what they are basing those beliefs on.
Their world seems so random...
No wonder we don't have a coherent foreign policy.

Account Deleted


We're in luck if he's trying to, especially if he's working without an organ grinder. If that's the case, we can look forward to a period of excellent health,

I'm trying to figure out what his initial kung-fu phone and pen strikes against the Completely Crazy and Insane Putin will consist of and how much damage will be inflicted upon EUtopia as a result.


Expect several Democrat in unwinnable races to decide to "spend more time with the family" while accepting a lobbyist position


well according to the Interpreter link, Rick, the damage should be only moderate, however, leave the potentates of Eutopia, to dial to eleven.


The FNS ad buy is from the chamber of commerce and bipartisan policy institute of national governors association. The idea is to make conservatives feel like outcasts for continuing to question the common core. I mentioned the other day this was coming and how it reeks to me of fascism. I just wish NGA and CoC would hire the British actor who voices the Daleks on Doctor Who to announce that "resistance id futile."

Jane-I did not but Gates was in Dc to speak at the obuchenie, er Teaching and Learning Conference 2014. I put the link up on my blog this morning as a commenter changed tactics from trying to tell me Vygotsky was kind of Marxist in some of his beliefs to telling me these CHAT theories are not actually being implemented in the classroom.

Gates is a big believer and funder of David Christian and his Big History project. It was co-created with Moscow State. Out of naivete or for whatever reason only he and maybe Melinda knows, Bill is quite infatuated with much of what has traditionally been labelled Marxist.

The other dfay JOMers were detailing their frustrations with Windows 8. MS has joined together with Pearson, under Michael Barber's troubling guidance, to join Windows 8 to an all-digital Common Core curriculum. Precisely as the folks at MIT Media Lab have dreamed of for at least 2 decades. The visual will totally guide the perception of reality.

Fits with those 13 year olds unable to sleep now because their middle schools are scaring them so hyping AGW catastrophe.


We're in luck if he's trying to,

Ya got a point there.

I don't know what is going on in other places but both Amy's kids spend their school day being taught on the computer. Both completed their grade requirements months ago and when that happens they do on-line school. The youngest just took a practice MCAS (I have no idea if it's called that everywhere) and scored 100% in 12 minutes.

It sounds like if you are smart, school is no longer for you.


Reading a book on CD about the Foundations of Eastern Civilization. Discussing geography, the lecturer explained that the Chinese take great pains to protect the Three Gorges Dam because of the potential for wide devastation if it were breached.

Anyone notice any wreckage in the area?

Danube on iPad

My best guess: " The plane went down right where the eyewitness saw the fireball."

Captain Hate

The FNS ad buy is from the chamber of commerce and bipartisan policy institute of national governors association. The idea is to make conservatives feel like outcasts for continuing to question the common core. I mentioned the other day this was coming and how it reeks to me of fascism. I just wish NGA and CoC would hire the British actor who voices the Daleks on Doctor Who to announce that "resistance id futile."

Thanks for that feedback. I don't care what anybody says, Fox is just as bad as the rest of the MFM on this.

Miss Marple

We are in a big kerfuffle about Common Core in Indiana.

After much complaining by Indiana citizens, Governor Pence ordered a review of the curriculum, which was passed by the legislature.

However, the preliminary replacement curriculum is about 90% of what was in the Common Core one. People are genuinely angry.

Pence was on radio answering questions about it and said that "We are in the middle of the process" and "Hoosiers should go on line and review it and make suggestions" and stuff like that.

The fear is that he has been getting pressure from the CoC and the Governors' Association and is sort of putting up a smokescreen.

The rado host, Greg Garrison, listened to a bunch of platitudes from Pence and warned him that this is NOT going away, that Common Core had caused more reaction than any issue he had covered on his show, even immigration.

Stephanie VIP shhhhh its fight club

If the plane augered into the ocean, which would be similar to hitting concrete from that altitude, why expect much if any of a concentrated debris field? There was a plane that was taken over by a fired employee back 30ish years ago that augered into land and there was very little left on the ground and the debris field was scattered over a vast area. Not even much in the way of a fire IIRC.

If you mist gas over a wide field do you even get the expected gas slick? If the pilot or whoever dumped fuel that would even further reduce any slick at auger in speed/angle/debris size.

Could they be looking for the wrong sort of markers of a crash?

Too much inside the box thinking for "expected" results if you ask me.

Miss Marple

I went by the TV and apparently we (the USA) have at least one ship searching off the west coast of Australia.

Danube on iPad

"Fox is just as bad as the rest of the MFM on this"

Because of an ad buy?


Common Core is being pushed here, too: there is a splashy article below the fold on the local Sunday paper.

The central talking point seems to be "critical thinking" and the means to teach that. Does anyone have a good definition of those words in the Common Core context? I'd guess they are similar in meaning to "Critical Legal Studies," which basically is the multi/culti bullshit that rejects blackbook law.

Captain Hate

Educate me again, Robin. Why does the Chamber of Commerce support Common Core; other than they like monograms with two "C"s? Don't they want people who can think for themselves for employees?


Make that black letter law. Yikes!


Happiest of birthdays to MarkO and LittleO.

Captain Hate

Because of an ad buy?

Yes, and the lack of any resources devoted to pointing out what rse scrutinizes on a regular basis.

Account Deleted

"the damage should be only moderate"


I saw the whistling past the graveyard scenario. The purveyor is taking a remarkably narrow view of the chess board. Russia and China are both wary of the IMF bank robbers and China wouldn't mind seeing Germany's gas cut off just as it begins a devaluation in retaliation for the US/EUtopian devaluation which has done absolutely nothing but enrich TBTFs and Hedgehogs through the carry trade.

The US/EUtopian card house is looking a little shaky.


I went by the TV and apparently we (the USA) have at least one ship searching off the west coast of Australia.

I'm telling ya, Rottnest Island is gorgeous this time of year.

Captain Hate

Btw, Mrs H and I went to the art museum today to see a new exhibit on repetitive works by Van Gogh. It featured a number of works of that type, particularly portraits of the same people which he redid in strange new ways as he got progressively more insane. It also created the opportunity for forgeries to exist, a couple of which were included which had previously snookered the experts.

I assume this will be a traveling show so it's highly advised if it comes to an area near you.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate, do you know where it is going next? My daughter and I might like to see it if it is coming to Chicago or Indianapolis.

On a similar front, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is getting some of the clay warriors from China. They are setting up a big exhibition about it. Interestingly, the Museum is painting a lot of areas red. You may draw your own conclusions on that, as I am not sure who decided that, a suck-up on the museum staff or the Chinese Government.



One of the first things a student pilot learns to do is navigate using a compass and maps. You don't need any navigation radios.

Many if not most student pilots practice landings at uncontrolled airports where there is often nobody to talk to.

The size of the airplane really doesn't matter and these are the very basic skills anyone who has been trained to fly will be able to do.


And in the good news department, Fred Phelps has met his maker.

Captain Hate

I can't find find anything about any future venues, MM. It was already at the Phillips Collection as reviewed here:

Did any of our DC JOMers see it?

Captain Hate

And in the good news department, Fred Phelps has met his mak/i>

One less donk. Good riddance.

Captain Hate


Captain Hate

Behind enemy lines:


Happy Birthday Marko and grandson Marko.
I would love to see the Van Gogh exhibit and went last summer at the end of June to see the Impressionists. We do have a wonderful Art Museum in Cleveland.
The crazy pilot brought the plane down. Psych tests should be required for all who pilot planes,{sorry daddy.
Obama once again as RB said Friday-"can't find his behind". He 's all werklempt about people mocking his"mom jeans". Russia is acting like the Evil Empire and Bammy is talking jeans. I feel like i'm in that Bizarro world episode of Seinfeld.
Saw the movie "Blues Brothers" on cable this morning. That movie never gets old.


Cruz with a kind of Breaking Bad vibe.

Jim Miller

"And in the good news department, Fred Phelps has met his maker."

By a bolt of lightning, perhaps? It would be fitting.


The pilot -- was the 8th the first anniversary of his wife's death?

Frau Stachelschwein

My husband thought those doctored photos of Cruz would make him appeal to the progs. heh!


Caro and I went to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, last summer. I was much less of a fan of his when I left than when I arrived. My mind changed a bit when I found out he was murdered and didn't die by suicide.

His brother was his marketing guy and when he died a year after Van Gogh his sister-in-law took over the marketing and made him famous. After looking at his stuff I decided she was the real genius in the family - I'm biased but I think Caro's art is far better than his.


I couldn't remember who Fred Phelps is was. But it was pretty clear no one was grieving. So will the church disband?

Frau Stachelschwein

"The central talking point seems to be "critical GROUP thinking" and the means to teach that."

I supplied the missing word, Dr. Jot. It's related to values clarification only the clarification has already been done for everyone by Billy the Bomber & Co.


Well, eevryone has different taste.I love Caro's art, but I also love Van Gogh's and the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam is one of my favorites.


nothing works, yet they push harder.

Common Core, which isn't the first generation of constructivist mind arson, just the latest,



What bummed me out at the Museum is by the time he gets to the end of his career he is finally using lots of color and seems to have some joy in his soul for the first time, and then whap! He kills himself. What a bloody waste -

Which is why I became less critical when I found out he was murdered but I still like Caro's stuff more.

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