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March 30, 2014



Happy Birthday Mel!


MelR-- asks that I relay all of his thanks and apprciation to JOM for the birthday wishes.


The NYT tells us one more thing we already knew ( NK please do note the last sentence JK ) :

More men are steering clear of Broadway, and not even this spring’s ultimate bro show — “Rocky,” the new musical about the beloved boxing underdog — has found a way to fill seats with them.

While men have been hanging back for years, their current scarcity, at a time when overall Broadway attendance is down, is particularly stark. Only 32 percent of audience members last year were men, or 3.7 million, compared with 42 percent (or 4.2 million) in 1980.

This season is not providing any relief. Yankees fans skipped the baseball-themed “Bronx Bombers,” which flopped fast. John Grisham guys passed on the adaptation of “A Time to Kill,” which closed after seven weeks. Among musicals, “Big Fish” was all about dads, and “First Date” sold shot glasses to underscore its dude appeal, yet both shows were strikingly poor sellers.

Women drive Broadway sales, though successful shows often depend on them to wrangle their husbands or boyfriends.

That might be the Achilles’ heel of “The Bridges of Madison County,” a new romantic musical based on the enormously successful book and film. Producers have taken out emergency loans to keep running, in part because the show has proved so unpopular with men.

“It’s always been a holy grail on Broadway — to have a show that universally appeals to men and women,” said Michele Groner, the lead marketing executive for “Rocky.” “Women are the low-hanging fruit. Trying to appeal to men is an increasingly scary challenge.” (The attendance problem is mostly with straight men; gay men are widely considered by producers and group sales agents to be a reliable Broadway demographic.)


NK-the idea of nationally consistent content standards may strike you as good, but never at any point was that what was really going on. Usually other terms are used but when CC is referred to it is as performance standards or learning standards. Both go to desired behaviors.

It is why I focus on who has the legal power to compel what goes on in the classroom and what are they requiring. It is ridiculous to discuss the idea of CC when there is so much documentation of the mandated implementation.

jib-this is very much bound up in the social justice elements and the 3rd World aspects. I get a great deal of research on the national level sent to me by irate Catholic school parents.

New post- http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/dynamic-digital-dialectical-classroomsdeliberate-transformational-change-in-students-and-society/

No more funnels can be the decal that inspires that pitchfork and pike business to truly flourish.


Gmax-- so I'm a militant hetero man, and i like broadway musicals?.... hmm... that makes me exceptional! In truth though, Bridges of Madison County musical? I'd rather have molten lead poured into my ears.

BTW-- the NYT printed that hackneyed gay musical fan stereotype? it must be true then.

Jeff Dobbs

Heh, my HOA story from recent times. The prez sends out an email update for the upcoming board meeting. It starts out....

Hello Neighbors,

We received the attached anonymous letter this weekend regarding usage of tennis courts and pool for profit. The person(s) who sent this asked that it be addressed at the next HOA meeting. We will add this to the agenda and offer the floor to the sender(s) of this letter to state their case.

We will also ask the facilitators of the tennis and/or swimming lessons, if they choose, to present the facts on their programs. This will likely raise the question of use of the clubhouse, as well, for profitable and fundraising events.

The anonymous letter was met immediately with criticism on all sides. Mostly from parents whose kids were participating. We live out in the sticks - if you want to go to something like this outside of our neighborhood, it's a real haul. (hey, I wrote about this in 2008).

Anyway, I didn't express public outrage at the letter like a lot of others. Rather, I contacted the HOA prez to express my concern privately:

[Mr. Prez] - thank you for the mature and professional manner in which you handled the anonymous letter - and seriously for all your efforts on behalf of the neighborhood. I suspect you may not get to hear that all that often, and regardless of how many times you do - it's not often enough.

I'm very interested in the outcome of the meeting on this topic, seeing as how I have for the past 6-7 years been holding monthly poker lessons for 5-10 guys in the clubhouse, personally profiting from the endeavor.

Don't tell Glenn I said that.

Have a great day.

Dave (in MA)
“Rocky,” the new musical about the beloved boxing underdog


Consider the disturbance in the Force recently:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg claims that support for the Affordable care Act was bipartisan and widespread.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz claims that 60% of birth control pills are used for other purposes.

The IPCC in the face of major evidence doubles down on AGW.

Leland Yee of California wants to ban guns and is caught in an attempt to run guns to terrorists.

I'm sure I am missing other big lies, but these people have no shame at all.


I hate to point it out, but the demographics of Democrats and of musicals seems to line up in a statistically significant way ( should I add the disclaimer NTTAWWT?) LOL


Next the NYT is going to tell us that gay women like to go to WNBA games...

Old Lurker

Janet, Progs know no bounds on seeking money from producers. Charging to use your playground (paid for no doubt with the real estate taxes I paid Arlington County) is no different than this:

"San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has just proposed to charge tech companies whose commuter shuttles stop at public MUNI bus stops. The plan, laid out at a press conference today, requires shuttles to have a permit that will fund the initial 18 month pilot program. The permits could cost around $100,000 a year per company, according to tweets from Sarah G McBride and KRON 4′s Dan Kerman

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency still needs to approve the plan at a January 21st meeting before it goes into action. Representatives of Google, Apple, Genentech, and Facebook appeared alongside Mayor Lee at the press conference.

Shuttle companies like Bauer’s and the tech giants that employ them well be charged a per MUNI stop used per day fee. Kerman reports the pilot could generate $1.5 milllion, implying 10 to 15 companies could be on the hook to pay a fee for their shuttles. The plan would make it illegal for shuttles from companies without permits to use MUNI stops."

Old Lurker

Matt, the two other gals on SCOTUS were just as detached from reality in their grilling of the Hobby Lobby lawyer last week. I found it scary.


OL-- "just as detached"

that was willful and deliberate ignorance of the complete factual record of the case. The SCOTUS gals, like the rest of the Left are 21st century Bourbons, they learn nothing an forget nothing.


JIB-private and parochial schools also must shift to what I call the developmental model that was once again described today.

This link that I put up in a comment this morning explains what is meant by redefining desired consciousness. http://www.saybrook.edu/rethinkingcomplexity/posts/10-05-11/conscious-evolution

It really is a shift by all the Western religions to the practices of Eastern spirituality. The educrats and the theocrats are selling out the commoners.


These Obama apparatchiks lie openly because they know there is no repercussion. Their lies are simply repeated on the front page of the NYT.

Danube on iPad

Knobloch...Knobloch...say, wasn't he the second baseman who couldn't make the toss to first?


Happy B-day Mel!

This is good news:


Old Lurker

Jane, who do you think will make more in a lifetime? A Women's History BA holder or a smart kid who can run diagnostics on a car? I suggest you need not even factor in the cost of the BA to have a clear winner.

Stephanie wherefore art thou springtime

HB Mel! Miss you

Old Lurker

Hey Mel...you will be pleased to know YL, Hubby and Baby L successfully vacated their Chicago apt on Friday, left Sat noon for Hong Kong, had an uneventful flight with the baby(!), arrived on schedule and were into their company provided 2BR apt, gave us a facetime tour of the place, then had friends over for drinks all within 36 hours from the time the movers arrived Friday. Man. I would still be making my checklists. Ah to be young.

Clarice Feldman

HB, Mel


" but these people have no shame at all."


Clarice Feldman

religious protection Act, not ACA,


hb, Mel.
We had an inch of wet cold snow this am, now it is sunny just in time for the opening pitch of the Mets season at Citifield. Still chilly with a wind chill in the forties, but first sun we've seen in several days. Baseball has returned to New York City for 2014!

Clarice Feldman

??? My post said, Ginsburg was referring to the religious protection Act, not ACA.

In other news reruns of The Golden Girls got more viewers than Ronan. Guess his mom will have to claim yet another father for him to gin up interest.


Happy birthday Mel!

Jeff Dobbs

you will be pleased to know YL, Hubby and Baby L successfully vacated their Chicago apt on Friday, left Sat noon for Hong Kong

Did they catch the black rainstorm signal?

Holy smokes that looked eerie. Completely dark at 11am local time.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Happy Birthday Mel R.

Danube on iPad

Clapton turned 69 yesterday.



"I suggest you need not even factor in the cost of the BA to have a clear winner."

I couldn't agree more. It would be a rare occasion that I would encourage a kid to get a graduate degree these days and almost as rare when I would encourage them to go to college.




Miss Marple

Jane, I agree but unfortunately my DIL is pushing for college, so I am giving the following advice:
1. Check employment prospects for your major. If they are poor, consider something more lucrative.
2. Do not sign up for charge cards on campus.
3. Take out few student loans, and try to get out of school with as little debt as possible.

Dave (in MA)

Jack Bruce is 70 and Ginger Baker is 74.


Clapton turned 69 yesterday.

Recently saw him on PBS in a Tribute to Bob Dylan performing a bluesy (what else?) version of Don't Think Twice. Absolute brillance. Ended up watching the rest of the live show with performances by plenty of others. Clapton stood head and shoulders above the rest, musically.

Neil Young's performance reminded me that, for whatever other musical talents he possesses, is a really shitty lead guitarist.

Old Lurker

It was a JOMer who declared some time back that putting the college on the hook for the loans incurred for their worthless degrees would go a long way to solving the problem. Hard to argue with that.

jimmyk on iPad

Janet, great point about the parks. The only justification for charging would be if a group wants exclusive use. Otherwise, that's what taxes are for. If the parks are too crowded, build more, or charge everyone admission if that's feasible (usually not).

Of course NYC has permit fees for everything (softball diamonds, tennis courts, etc.) That's reasonable because there's not enough capacity. There are also facilities you can rent out. But otherwise, open access parks are public goods.

jimmyk on iPad

And I meant to add: Happy Birthday, Mel!

dublindave forever

Wow...WH just reported that Obamacare has just blown past 7 million in sign ups and is expected to reach 8 million by the end of the day.

Miss Marple

Wow, the WH has no limit to the lies they will tell!

Thanks for the update, DD!


Wow, The WH has millions of people who will believe anything.

Thomas Collins

Happy Birthday, Mel! And belated Happy Birthday greetings to cathyf!

Neo, I agree that Putin will do something to rub BarryO's nose in the dirt, even if Putin could emasculate Eastern Ukraine (and for that matter, all of Ukraine) without Russian troops paying a visit to Uke soil. I think it goes beyond Putin's contempt for BarryO. Putin is getting back at the US for its part in the "deconsolidation" of the USSR.

Putin knows that the foreign policy team of Obama, Rhodes, Rice, Power and Kerry don't have it. So I think he'll quickly act in the next couple of years to effect a strategic alliance with Red China, and to reconstruct the Russian Empire. Not that I put total blame on Obama. With Germany putting so much effort and resources into wasteful green energy projects, and with the rest of Europe cowering at any threat, whether from rioting Muslim yutes or possible raising of the retirement age from 51 to 52 (if I'm exaggerating, it's not by much), it would be a tough go for any US Administration to counteract Russia. But it would be doable with a strategic thinker such as Reagan. With BarryO, not so much.


Sometime in early summer we will find out how many have paid versus signed up. It is then that Insurers will file for their Federal subsidy (bailout) based of lack of guaranteed participation in the PPACA.

It is then DuDa that you can come back and provide the WH spin for our JOM Laugh-a-Thon.

dublindave forever

Some reports are saying that we may be reaching 10 plus million...traffic on the site is off the charts today...

Old Lurker

Early summer is also about the time the insurance companies will start to file their plans for premiums in 2015 with the various state commissioners. That too will have to be somewhat fact based. And enlightening.

Dave (in MA)
Neil Young's performance reminded me that, for whatever other musical talents he possesses, is a really shitty lead guitarist.
I love Neil Young's guitar playing. On the other hand...
As big business suffers from Climate Change, carbon abuse will come to be seen as un-American. Capitalism will turn on Climate Change as an enemy of the American way of life. A carbon tax is inevitable.

Neil Young
March 2014


I knew I'd get some pushback on Young's guitar playing from someone. Having played guitar for 45 years and even getting a degree in it, I stand by my assessment.

Any, from The Corner:

Judge Edwards went on to angrily demand: “Who cares? What difference does it make who sets up the subsidy? . . . You have a provision that says the state’ll do it, the feds’ll do it — what difference does it make who does it?”

Edwards is one of the three hearing the Hobby Lobby case. Anyone laboring under the assumption that judges are the model of impartiality should be disabused of that notion PDQ.


I would not be surprised to find the Obama regime has never published a number that has not been revised later.


"“I’ve looked at this 10 different ways,” Barrasso countered. “This health care law is unfixable.”"

Miss Marple

DD, The traffic is unmeasurable because the site was down (and may still be) this morning due to technical difficulties, as announced on Morning Joe and also verified in Carney's press briefing.

Do try to keep up.


"There is no such thing as Obamacare." Senator Angus King (I-ME)


Some reports are saying that we may be reaching 10 plus million...traffic on the site is off the charts today...

Make crap up about Obamacare with this one weird trick...

Thomas Collins

Dublindave, once again I applaud your contribution to JOM. You have consistently, in your inimitably snarky way, predicted Dem/Prog strategy. By your 2:53 PM post, I'm taking it that the Dem strategy will be cooking the books on ObamaCare, the economy and everything else until November. But I want you to step up right now to your election day prediction. Can Dems cook the vote books sufficiently to keep the Senate?

Clarice Feldman

Can we quote you DD, when the insurance companies come begging for a bailout based on low signups of live , paying human beings?

Miss Marple

Clarice, I have come to the conclusion, after thinking about this while cleaning the bedrooms, that what they will do is say the insurance companies are lying.

No bailout and then massive industry-wide bankruptcies. What's a president to do? Why, step right up with single payer!


Steadman's wife is--hope you're sitting down--somewhat ethically challenged. But it's no big deal. If it were, the national press would have let you know.



From that link, don't miss this hard hitting, take-no-prisoners interview:



You know what is amazing? The obamacare website has been down twice for most of the day, and a phonecall gets you a message that says it will get back to you sometime next month , yet they are "blowing by" the numbers.

Did Obama use his pen to make mental telepathy an approved method of sign up?

Clarice Feldman

MM, we usually agree on things, but I do think if there's no bailout, Obama and the insurance companies will not get a second bite of the apple. Companies which didn't play ball with Obama will stay in business

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

I suspect they are intentionally making a mess of things so they can simply ignore the deadline on signing up by claiming millions upon millions tried and failed and are therefore eligible to do so all year long.

Jim Eagle

The Champ is toast.

The reason they don't want to call it ObamaCare. He's the only Dem that still callis it that.

There is no longer any "fear" of him and his regime. Only very safe districts (above 60% for Obama and the Dem incumbent) will even discuss ObamaCare as a political winner. Everywhere else its a contagion.

He is deomonstating every day his poor judgement, geopolitical cowardice and empty threats. These compound to the polls that show us losing our strength and position in the world.

Our allies have the utmost contempt for Obama and his foreign policy.

Whatever friends we have in the world they very reserved in supporting Obama and his policy. They are waiting to see how it goes in 2016 before they allow us a to take a world leadership role again.

Imagine that, the pre-eminent superpower in the world, the economic goliath, the most admired country in the history of mankind (based on immigration v. ex-migration) reduced to a footnote in a Peter Sellers comedy.

And this is exactly what DuDa, BuBu, KaKa and Their Lord of Flies master in the WH want. Scary.

Miss Marple

Clarice, you are probably right. However, I do not see these people as dealing with reality.

They have been out all day with bogus numbers, talking about this huge surge in enrollment, etc. They offer no proof.

They expect everyone to believe their lies. I don't think people will trust them to run a single payer system, but it doesn't mean they won't try to ram it through due to some sort of "emergency."

dublindave forever

"Can Dems cook the vote books sufficiently to keep the Senate?"

We've fundamentally changed the genetic DNA of the United States of America for the nest 100 years and all you care about is having the power to chose it's hair color.

dublindave forever


dublindave forever



DD, I though you were opposed to GMO improvements to crops & herds.


I read those Rand survey numbers somewhere else, and came up with something like 7 million previously insured said "no thanks" to ACA-approved plans, whether on or off exchange.

That's based on Census estimate of 18M individual insured, minus 11M QHP enrolled (2 million on exchange, 9 million direct).

Meanwhile, on the unexpanded Medicaid front in Missouri, where "In the last three months of 2013, the state’s Medicaid caseload dropped by about 14,000 people — including 7,829 children." You'd think this might be a counter-indicator to the supposed "woodwork effect" but you'd be wrong. It's a sign of how great the economy is doing. All Praise Obama.

Thomas Collins

Well, dublindave, those little mutations have added up for the progs, I'll grant you that. But recovery needs to start somewhere. And before progs become too sure about the next 100 years, they should see whether they can shut down the energy boom in the USA.

Of course, if you are correct and the fundamental change has been made, post-modern progism is on life support with Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel as the attending physician. Because post-modern progism needs other people's money and other people's children to tax, and both will be running out soon if you're correct.


I posted in the wrong thread. Not that it matters.

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