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March 30, 2014



Well I stand corrected, I was more thinking of Bryant's response.


When we were obligate locavores

You better smile when you say that, Mister!


The NY Times explains that reliable Republican farmers in California want immigration reform to ensure cheap, exploitable labor.

Have they talked to Fresno Farmer Victor Davis Hanson about that? I doubt it.

Here, BTW is his latest posted at The Fresno Bee.These are different political lies

No one knows how many foreign citizens who entered the U.S. illegally were apprehended inside the United States and returned to their country of origin last year -- a figure vital for any compromise on passing immigration reform.

The Obama administration claims near-record numbers of deportations. In fact, once again government agencies -- in this case the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) -- have mysteriously changed the way they compile statistics. The ICE now counts as deportations those foreign nationals whom the Border Patrol immediately stops or turns away at the border. Such detentions were not previously counted as deportations.

There is a pattern here. Changes in data collection seem to have a predictable result: Inflation and unemployment rates become lower. Economic growth becomes greater. The IRS focuses on government skeptics. Obamacare is not in trouble. Illegal immigration is not such a problem.

If the people increasingly believe that bureaucrats try to alter realty to reflect preconceived ideologies or the goals of the particular regime in power, then America as we know it is finished.

Beasts of England

What's a 'reliable Republican farmer'? Someone who always plants his corn early?

Captain Hate

I didn't know McGiniss had died. First class jerk, but I found Fatal Vision persuasive as to MacDonald's guilt.

Wasn't that the point of the narrative? Steven Glass was an entertaining writer for New Republic; he was just a liar who made stuff up. I don't know if he was innocent or guilty and he's probably a person I wouldn't like at all. But it seems like all the people against him, including Mike Wallace, are major a-holes.

Stephen A Smith has been on Levin's show numerous times.


Hey, look who's coming to town:http://www.utexas.edu/news/2014/02/27/president-obama-keynote/

Adultery Of The Heart on the 8th, Slick on the 9th, W and JEF (and MOTUS) on the 10th. Coincides perfectly with my parents' visit for Porch Jr's birthday. Security/traffic nightmare at my campus workplace too. Oh well, at least W and Laura will bring some class.


Robert Barro once wrote that the most successful monopoly ever is the NCAA. I'm not sure exactly how they manage to maintain their stranglehold over college sports. Does it have some kind of government sanction?

Danube on iPad

"But real freedom obviously bothers you"

I don't believe you understand what freedom is. Is a merchant free to commit fraud? Price-fixing has no more place in a free-market economy than does fraud. It has been prohibited in every free-market society on earth. Its presence is inimical to the purpose and function of a free market. To call its prohibition "socialist" betrays utter ignorance of what socialism is.

Captain Hate

Isn't the NCAA made up of all the participating colleges and universities? I know that Gene Smith, the AD at Ahia State and one of the dumbest people God ever put on the earth, was on one of their selection committees.

Danube on iPad

"If monopoly is a result of freely negotiated mergers, that's fine."

Actually it's not, because it has huge third-party costs of which you seem entirely unaware. In any event, the crime of price-fixing has absolutely nothing to do with mergers.


I can't understand why Aussie Prime Minister Tony Abbott is liked by Aussie farmers, when Abbott is so intent on stopping cheap illegal laborers from coming into the country to work in the fields. What am I missing?


Searchlight strangler complains about the Huntress;


the performance of most of these sports consortiums has been dissapointing at best.


But Cap'n, I don't know enough about the case to form an alternative opinion. Did McGinniss make stuff up? As much as I dislike the guy, I have no way of knowing.

On my kindle today so I haven't been able to follow links easily - sorry if I've missed stuff I should have read..

Jim Eagle

Kentucky v. Michigan. Some game. On CBS. LIttle over 7 to go.

They unfortunately meet the GATORS next.!


Perhaps Mexican's are heading home simply because of who they'd rather have as their First Lady:

Danube on iPad

"he's not making some arguments that haven't been made before by pretty well known, respected people"

I don't know of any known, well-respeted person who has argued against the crminalization of price-fixing. (Other facets of antitrust law, yes,and rightly so.)


it has huge third-party costs of which you seem entirely unaware

I'm perfectly aware that freedom isn't free.

You prefer a socialist nanny-state hammock, while I'm convinced that people with talent can thrive in a more challenging but ultimately unrestricted environment.

Jim Eagle

So, how do you spend your day?

How the great minds partitioned their time to create.

Captain Hate

You probably know more than I do, Porch. DoT seems to believe justice was done; maybe it was. I agree that McGinnis being an a-hole is extraneous to the case being settled correctly or otherwise. I just found Malcolm's book fascinating and the deeper she got into it the more she encountered seemingly credible people who didn't think that justice was done.

Jim Eagle

Where is Gmax? We have 2 SEC teams in the final four and only one Big Ten. GATORS.

Captain Hate

For some reason I'm finding this version of Calidago's Methcats very entertaining. In a completely crooked dirtbag way, of course.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--They unfortunately meet the GATORS next.!--

Actually UConn does I believe.
Great win by Kentucky.

Danube on iPad

You might want to take a look at this, Jimmyk:


Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

I don't think you have to listen to the prosecutor to decide McDonald is a psychopath rightly convicted and with a bizarrely improbable story.
The evidence does that.


Well you had the crime scene, that was botched, the prosecutors rather narrowly focused on McDonald, then despite the fact
he initially got off, McGuinness's book and specially the film, painted an indelible narrative about him, so much so, that Mcguinness's lawyer, who is now one of Steyn's counsel, had to pay an undisclosed
settlement, Captain's reading of Janet Malcolm
brought the whole thing up,

Danube on iPad

"You prefer a socialist nanny-state hammock"

Anybody who thinks a government that promotes and protects free and open market competition among private parties is "socialist" is frankly nuts. People with talent can and do thrive in such an environment. If they are allowed to collude, talent becomes less necessary and competition is stifled.

The assertion that "freedom isn't free" could just as sensibly be used to defend the freedom to commit fraud, theft or assault.

Captain Hate

The NCAA almost lost their asses on this case, due to greed and stubbornness:



any new relevant info regarding MH370?


Nothing of consequence.

News I'm seeing is saying that 4 medium sized orange things spotted by plane yesterday, close together, are what they are most interested in getting a look at today. Todays search is I believe just starting as it's 08:30 AM in the morning here in Japan, so probably first decent daylight just starting in the search area.

Every BBC Update mentions the terrible predictions of the leaked new IPCC Report foretelling of impending Global Warming catastrophe. It's interesting to see that the BBC is so quick to mention details of that leaked IPCC report, yet when they received the very first downloaded batch of the ClimateGate E-mails they stayed completely mum.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--I don't know of any known, well-respeted person who has argued against the crminalization of price-fixing.--

Price fixing is usually one of the objects of collusion and monopolies. A great many Austrian, Randian and assorted other libertarian type arguments have been advanced that the criminalization of these is unnecessary and empowers the government excessively.
As jimmyk points out;

There is an argument that collusion and monopoly only persist with the help of government, otherwise they break down.

I hope you're not going to tell him what economists' arguments are legitimate any more than I would tell TK how to fix a car. :)


It may come as a surprise, however, that in addition to critics on the left who urge a more adventuresome federal antitrust agenda, there are a few critics to the right of the Chicago school. This small but tenacious group argues for the repeal of all antitrust statutes.

The chief proponents of repeal are Professor Dominick I. Armentano of the University of Hartford and Fred L. Smith, Jr. of the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC. They draw on arguments developed by several scholars including Professors Donald Dewey (Columbia University), Jack C. High (George Mason University), Mario J. Rizzo (New York University), Lester G. Telser (University of Chicago), George Bittlingmayer (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung), and Gerald P. O'Driscoll (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas). I refer to these authors collectively as the "new critics" of antitrust.


I'd forgotten about that case, DoT. But the bigger restraint of trade by the NCAA is the prohibition on paying the athletes, which has the effect of enriching colleges and coaches at the expense of players. The fact that the NCAA seems to be a voluntary organization with no government backing gives me some doubts about the Friedman view that monopolies can't survive without government backing.

Of course I recognize that there might be problems with universities paying big bucks to athletes, but the result of college sports no longer being a big cash cow could be simply the development of pro farm systems for basketball and football like the one baseball has.


Interesting Freudian Slip.

Mr Andrew Reisinger(sp) being interviewed on BBC TV right now about the soon to be released IPCC Report, in response to a question about critics within the IPCC organization saying the report is too alarmist, Mr Reisinger responded: The IPCC is a very large Church if you will.


Well the latter doesn't help the narrative, the current incarnation of the National Front, is more protectionist like it's Poujadist roots, but notably more mainstream on other issues like it's counterpart across
the Alps, the National Alliance, that Fini helped modernize,


Apparently, schools are no longer teaching economics or, like Obama, students are not studying it.

These people should be called "economics deniers."

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Does google offer degrees in economics?


You know, this will not make the contrary argument any more respectable:


Jim Eagle

I am always reminded of the admonition of a collegue who was an economist that " an economist is a highly educated professional who's guess is as good as your's or mine":)


Great win by Kentucky.

Oh good, doesn't that mean Obama loses? Didn't he pick Michigan?

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Yes. CBS highlighted some Kentucky fan's tweet tweaking the retard.


this is the latest hunch, blind guess, who knows what;


the success of the UMP, despite the games, they have been playing against Sarkozy is more reassuring,

Danube on iPad

The saga of the breakup of the Bell System monopoly and the ensuing competitive market that resulted in the magnificent innovative explosion that was the telecommunications revolution is instructive. Prior to that breakup the Bell System (Bell Labs, AT&T and Western Electric) was a sclerotic institution that stood athwart all attempts at innovation by others.


I doubt anyone in his right mind would describe today's telecommunications market as "socialist.""


Striking isn't it, since 1984, seems to be their owner's manual;


Jim Eagle


Only the one in North Korea:)

Captain Hate

I couldn't figure out who this idiot was this morning: http://twitchy.com/2014/03/30/its-come-to-this-sen-angus-king-fails-to-explain-disaster-of-obamacare-by-saying-theres-no-such-thing/

Jim Eagle

Where's skoot?


Wonder how this exercise, in speaking truth to power, will fare;

http//www. hot air com/archives/2014/03/30/video-phelim-mcaleer-and-the-gosnell-tv-movie/


It seems he took Celinda Lake's advice, and 'dialed to eleven'

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

The argument has long been that the ATT monopoly would not have stood absent government support.
As ATT itself says; 1913: AT&T settles its first federal anti-trust suit with a document known as the Kingsbury Commitment. It establishes AT&T as a government sanctioned monopoly.


the breakup of the Bell System monopoly and the ensuing competitive market

Not sure how that supports one side of this debate or the other. Wasn't that Bell System a government-established monopoly, based largely on the notion that telecom was a "natural monopoly" like, supposedly, utilities, mail delivery, etc.? Withdrawal of the government sanction was the main thing that precipitated competition and innovation.

Danube on iPad

From the article from which Liberty quoted above:

"Even scholars identified with the 'Chicago school' (Particularly Robert H. Bork, Richard A. Posner, and Frank H. Easterbrook), whose academic work has been at least partially responsible for many recent changes in antitrust, have defended the prohibition of horizontal price-fixing agreements. In a 1979 article describing the Chicago-school view, Posner explained that 'only explicit price fixing and very large horizontal mergers' are 'worthy of serious concern.' In fact, the prohibition of horizontal price fixing has enjoyed consistent support from lawyers and economists across the American political spectrum. It is reasonable to conclude that the overwhelming majority of both conservative and liberal students of antitrust law would agree with Bork that the 'contributions to consumer welfare over the decades' from the law's prohibition of price fixing 'have been enormous.'"

I must confess that, as a former antitrust defense lawyer, I have never heard of any of the people listed in Liberty's excerpt, but I have certainly heard of the three worthies mentioned above.

There is indeed a theoretical basis for the notion that a price-fixing or production-limiting cartel must invariably collapse because each member has such an incentive to cheat. (I once spent mush of a year working with an economist who was to testify on that theory in what was then the largest antitrust case in history.) Suffice it to say that before they collapse they do enormous economic damage. See, e.g., OPEC (which is still going strong) and the uranium cartel of the 1970s (my case).

Miss Marple

Tony Abbott press conference on now. I think they have no new news. He is thanking all of the search teams for their hard work. Search crews are from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, China, and the United States.



The various 'terms' used by the reporter in your Daily Mail link, about the riots occurring now as a result of today's French Election, struck me:

For instance, the losers in today's election, the Socialists, are never termed "Left", or "Far Left". The story just calls them The Socialists.

The FN (National Front) which kicked arse today are always called the "Far-right National Front", and are also in this story called "the anti-immigration and anti-Europe party," and "the FN, which is regularly accused of being racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Muslim."

The rioters, opposed to the FN are, according to the story, termed "anti-facists". "Riot police were also out in force in other parts of the country as anti-fascist demonstrators threatened FN candidates with violence."

I don't know enough to know if any of these "terms" actually fit properly to the groups they're tagged on to, but it struck me as a headscratcher that the guys opposed to illegal immigration are Far Right and the guys who are out in the streets threatening violence to the candidates who just won the election are the anti Fascist's.


Loved the concluding 3 graphs of the story tho':

Mr Hollande's response to the expected nationwide drubbing is said to be a major reshuffle, replacing Prime Minister Jean Marc Ayrault with Interior Minister Manuel Valls.

The despairing Mr Hollande is also expected to bring his former girlfriend, Segolene Royal, back into government.

This is now possible because Mr Hollande's ex-first lady, Valerie Trierweiler, who hates Ms Royal, has disappeared following the President's alleged affair with the actress Julie Gayet.

Couldn't happen to a nicer center of the road Socialist.


Yes, daddy, one learns to read between the lines to note that is probably the CGT, and
their occupy movement, some of them overlap.

the Front National has it's rough customers, but considering the neighborhood it operates in,

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--This is now possible because Mr Hollande's ex-first lady, Valerie Trierweiler, who hates Ms Royal, has disappeared following the President's alleged affair with the actress Julie Gayet.--

I forget, is his name Monsieur BillyJeff Hollande?

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Never mind, Hillary never had the decency to disappear.

Danube on iPad

Here is the article from which Liberty and I have quoted. I highly recommend it to both of you who are interested.


Beasts of England

Good points, daddy. In addition to having never seen 'far left' in an MSM report, we also have to play name-that-party when a dem is arrested.

Similarly, CNN has been taking some heat for the black-out on Shrimp Boy's congresscritter. CNN stated that they do not cover state senators. Someone went over the CNN website and searched for 'Wendy Davis filibuster' and got dozens of results. Shameless.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

It didn't take long for Hollande Socialism to come down to earth. Of course he obviously has other "stuff" on his mind that takes precedence over governing.


Someone went over the CNN website and searched for 'Wendy Davis filibuster' and got dozens of results. Shameless.

That's pretty funny, BofE (in a black humor kind of way). Fortunately both of CNN's regular viewers probably rely on other sources as well.


A store no longer needed.



One wonders if most of his actions were just trying to impress her, as it appears the affair began before the election;

Gayet is a centre-left activist, having appeared in a video supporting François Hollande during the 2012 French presidential election.[12] She is a member of the Support Committee of the PS candidate for the 2014 Paris mayoral election, Anne Hidalgo.[17] She also supported same-sex marriage in France.



I understand your point, but "Ma Bell" is a terrible example. It was government regulations, first withe the Mann-Elkins Act of 1910 and most notably the Communications Act of 1934 that allowed it to become a monopoly in the first place. Those pieces of legislation and others created barriers to competition and innovation.



I thought Abbott did well in that press conference.

Earlier I caught the IPCC Spokesman saying The IPCC is a very large Church if you will.

Now I see that Watts Up has posted this on the Father of the ‘Gaia hypothesis’ James Lovelock: environmentalism has become a religion


Speaking to the Guardian for an interview ahead of a landmark UN climate science report on Monday on the impacts of climate change, Lovelock said of the warnings of climate catastrophe in his 2006 book, Revenge of Gaia: “I was a little too certain in that book. You just can’t tell what’s going to happen.”

“It’s just as silly to be a denier as it is to be a believer. You can’t be certain.”

Jim Miller

The news from Oso is less bad. Saturday night, the authorities reduced the number on their missing list from 90 to 30.

I am not sure why it took them this long to go, first from 176 to 90, and then to 30. In towns that size, you should be able to talk to surviving residents, and get a pretty good number in a day or two, at most.

And Snohomish County should have enough resources to do that. The population is about 750,000, and the median household income is about 70 K.

Kudos to whoever noted here the other day that 90 seemed implausibly high, given the number of houses along Steelhead Drive, the neighborhood that was hit. I was wrong not to think about that a little harder than I did.

(For those wondering about the politics in Snohomish, it's been run by Democrats for some time, though they do get challenged. The current county exec, John Lovick, came in after Aaron Reardon was forced to resign after a sex scandal. I don't know much about Lovick.)


that's good to know, Jim. tragic as this situation, it doesn't appear to be as bad as first thought;

Meanwhile, removing all doubt, about where they stand:


Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--Kudos to whoever noted here the other day that 90 seemed implausibly high, given the number of houses along Steelhead Drive, the neighborhood that was hit.--

I'm glad my guess was right, but 40 or 50 is plenty bad enough.


It doesn't seem implausible, a course of action;


Rob Crawford

And Democrats want cheap, reliable voters.



Late to the Piece, but excellent as usual. Did anyone ever find out if that New Jersey School Board President, just convicted of stealing from the district’s federal lunch program after falsifying applications to obtain free meals for her children, was a Democrat?

Being married to an NYTimes employee, I can't imagine she wasn't.

Jim Eagle

As I have mentioned here before the National Front is mostly center-right but the socialist are in fact left wing in French politics. The Gaullists are the centerline to measure both left and right.

But that doesn't matter to the MSM when you have a narrative that needs definition.


I think the expression, that comes to mind, is Das Vedanya;

Secretary of State Kerry: Ukrainians have to decide on road ahead; it's not up to the US to make decision but US can help create a climate for negotiations - @Reuters

Danube on iPad

So stipulated, Bori. I wasn't addressing the issue of how the monopoly came into being in the first place; I was simply pointing out how, once created, it was extremely harmful and inefficient. And once dissolved, competitive and innovative miracles occurred.


An infuriating piece it describes;


Jane on Ipad

I feel like the mudslide has been incredibly under reported, at least compared to the missing plane, and the latest on Bridgegate. And in comparison Russia and the Ukraine have also escaped scrutiny, probably because it would require pointing out what a baffoon our president is.


“It’s just as silly to be a denier as it is to be a believer. You can’t be certain.”

Yes, though that's a bit of a straw man. Most of the opposition to the AGW crusade are "skeptics," not "deniers." We do deny that drastic action should be taken on the basis of flimsy and flawed evidence.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

In news no one cares about, Mercedes finished one-two in a Grand Prix for the first time since 1955 today, in Malaysia as a matter of fact.
They've dominated the first two races with Red Bull a distant second and Ferrari and McClaren slogging along in the pack.
Sorry Beasts.

Jim Eagle

Talking about Socialists, HIldago the Socialist is the new mayor or Paris. Nothing will change. The Moors will stil come in by Metro or RER and rampage. The single digit arrondissments will continue to attract the world to the beauty and ight of the city. But under all of this the politics of vengeance et intimadation will be there for the nitiés

Jim Eagle

An 8, 7, 2 and 1 are in the final four.

Does anyone know what the hell Dick Vitale is talking about anytime he opens his mouth? You mean there is no one out there younger than 80 years old who knows something about basketball?

Before I go to bed - GATORS!

Jane on Ipad

Did anyone else see Washington Insiders tonite? I thought they were going to jump up and scream for revolution. They reminded me of me. They agreed there has never before been a president with such little regard for this country. And they are worried.

Me too.


Of course this was just an innocent mistake:


Jim Miller

Jane - Credit where due: The Seattle Times has been quite good in its coverage of the mud slide (with the exception of a Danny Westneat column).

I probably should put together a post with list of some of their better stories.

BTW, I suspect that those looking for a single cause/single group to blame will be disappointed. Just to give you an idea how complex the causality might be, the area above the slide was logged recently by a private company, with the state's permission -- but there are people who are saying that the company went closer to the edge than the permit allowed.

If both of those are true, then both the state and the company might have made the slide happen when it did, or might have made it worse than it would have been otherwise

Jim Eagle


So after 5 years even the Insiders are catching on? I don't think they are the sharp knives in the drawer to be listening to like we have been on that platrform since day one in 2008. Or earlier for me back in 2004 when Champ addressed the Dems convention. I knew then this was a dangerous, arrogant and narcissistic guy just like the previous ones the Dems nominated (i.e. Clinton and Kerry). But he was the right color.


On Hidalgo, it's interesting that even at a cesspool like Yahoo News (which I got to from Drudge), the comments are overwhelmingly negative, in the vein of "Two great cities, New York and Paris on their way to socialist destruction." I'd like to think there's been some kind of awakening. We'll see in seven months.


Jim, my local Drainage Commission tells me trees cause erosion. (Yes, appointed assholes making up reasons to be even bigger assholes). By their logic, the slide would have been worse without the logging. I conclude whatever bad things that happen anywhere are a direct consequence of government.


Here is the segment in question;



Well some have yet to learn, the conferences in Amelia Island and Las Vegas for one, then you can ask D'nesh D'Souza, how well speaking truth to power, works out,

Jane on Ipad


They sounded a lot more worried than you do.


I would clarify Cadell a bit, the Carter of that era, did have a narrow learning curve,
he did allow Vance to resign for his idiocy,
he did have an occasional proAmerican figure somewhere in his employ, like future CIA director Woolsey, what he took from his loss, was to double down on the entreaties to the left,

Beasts of England

The new IPCC Summary For Policymakers has been released:


Socialist crap is the kindest description I have. Mentions of cash transfers, gender inequality, and myriad other progressive tropes.

Beasts of England

Saw that, Ig. No comment. ;)


Seriously, do you need Admiral Ackbar, so say how bad a notion this was;


Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Looking at the pictures Jim, there are no trees anywhere near the edge of the slide that look shorter than fifteen or twenty feet. The long range shots shows the whole area behind it the same so it hasn't been logged for ten or fifteen years I would guess judging by the trees and it's all virtually flat.

Unlikely, IMO.

Jim Miller

narciso - When I saw the story on the award, I concluded that it was a deliberate attempt to divide the Republican party. I am sorry, of course, that the elder Bush fell into the trap, though I suppose it would have been hard to refuse the "honor".

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Pictures of Obama in Saudi Arabia.

Is the only woman Susan Rice?
How the Republicans get labeled anti-women is beyond me.
What's Obama even doing over there on this tour?


Thanks beasts.

From my perspective I found the last 2 paragraphs on page 23 to be danger zones.

Night all. Tomorrow should be interesting.


the last few times I've seen Pat Caddell he's been really fired up.

Jane on Ipad


If all those people were coming at me dressed like that, I'd be scared as hell.

Jim Miller

Ignatz - The claim is that larger trees would have absorbed more of the rainfall we have been having, about 20 percent more, if I recall correctly. The trees you are seeing there grew back (with help from planting?) after the cut.

I'll see if I can put up link to that article in the next day or two.

Please understand, I'm not endorsing that argument; I'm just passing it along to show the difficulty of identifying a single cause.

Understandably, but unfortunately, some of the players have already gone into "no comment" mode, presumably on the advice of lawyers.

(And for the legal beagles out there, this thought: Heirs, according to one report I saw, may be able to sue the state, if their loved one was lost driving on the state highway, but not if they were in one of the homes. I am not a lawyer, so I have no idea whether that is plausible.)

Beasts of England

Here are the two paragraphs that rse mentioned. Disturbing verbiage, indeed.

Adaptation planning and implementation at all levels of governance are contingent on societal values, objectives, and risk perceptions (high confidence). Recognition of diverse interests, circumstances, social - cultural contexts, and expectations can benefit decision-making processes. Indigenous, local, and traditional knowledge systems and practices, including indigenous peoples’ holistic view of community and environment, are a major resource for adapting to climate change, but these have not been used consistently in existing adaptation efforts. Integrating such forms of knowledge with existing practices increases the effectiveness
of adaptation.

Decision support is most effective when it is sensitive to context and the diversity of
decision types, decision processes, and constituencies (robust evidence, high agreement). Organizations bridging science and decision-making, including climate services,
play an important role in the communication, transfer, and development of climate-related knowledge, including translation, engagement, and knowledge exchange (medium evidence, high agreement).

Frau  Schlafhemd

This headline will haunt my dreams tonight:

Weiner Meets His Muse

Anthony and Huma both look like they've escaped from a Tim Burton movie.

Till Monday, then...

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