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March 30, 2014



isn't the rule when things are going bad in domestic politics go travel the world?

not sure what the rulebook says what to do when both domestic and foreign policy are in shambles (maybe shelter in place at Camp David).



Hobart Alter, whose development of the foam surfboard and the "Hobie Cat" sailboat brought masses to the water, has died. He was 80.


The Orange County Register reports he had been battling cancer.

Alter had his start in the early 1950s crafting wooden surfboards in his family's Laguna Beach home. When the balsawood used for the boards became scarce, he collaborated with an employee of his surf shop to create surfboards out of polyurethane foam. The lighter, less expensive boards revolutionized surfing, and Hobie became a top surfboard brand.

Alter's design of the lightweight, affordable "Hobie Cat" is credited with bringing high-performance sailing to the masses.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

It's possible Jim that larger trees might have helped but the greatest problem should have been the first ten years after it was cut.
The area was definitely planted after the clear cut.
When a plan is done there is pretty serious research into soils, etc, and checking with other agencies. Surprising that research didn't discover the geologists' previous worries.

Clarice Feldman

Oh, dear, Frau. time to make onion flan or something to put that image out of mind.

Thanks, daddy. I assume the school thief was a D or we'd have heard about it.

Jim Miller

Ignatz - I'll see if I can put up a link to the article soon. If I recall correctly, one or two geologists did object to the permit.

Back tomorrow some time.

Beasts of England

Here's the included global temperature graphic from the SPM. Temperatures are statistically flat and, other than the discredited output of the models tacked on to the end of current temperatures, show absolutely nothing of which to be alarmed.


From one of my last blogs, before Prince Bandar was sidelined for many of the reasons,
illustrated therein;


re the Washington slide disaster:

The Seattle Times reported early on that a resident of the town said that the location of the slide had formerly been a rock quarry.

A similar type of "undercutting slide" struck an east-central Washington town in 2010 or 2011, IIRC. That slide also occurred at the site of a former rock quarry that undercut the hillside above the quarry. It also completely covered a road and diverted a sizable river's course through a canyon, blocking access to the town for months.


>>>including indigenous peoples’ holistic view of community and environment<<<

they won't be happy until we are all living in caves


Thoughts of the eve by GUS.
Brewers open in Milwaukee tomorrow. We are expecting 63 degrees. We haven't seen 60 yet.
Wisconsin scored 63 on Arizona.
and.....SUV's caused the mud slide.


Mt St Helens' was caused by SUV'S

Beasts of England

Our minor league team is the double-A franchise for the Brewers, Gus! Our last season to have them. I think they're moving to Gulfport, Mississippi.


Huntsville Stars??


Rich, they won't be happy until YOU are living in a cave. Stalin wasn't a Commie, he wanted YOU to be a Commie. They aren't about to make sacrifices themselves. There is only one real zealot like that. Ed Begley Jr.

Clarice Feldman

Niters. XOXO

Captain Hate

Is it possible that there's been an initial reaction to meeting Ed Begley Jr other than "this guy has to be a complete dumbass"?

Beasts of England

That's right, Gus! I've seen some of the better players of the last several decades roll through our stadium. We used to be the Oakland A's affiliate so Canseco and McGwire both played in Huntsville.


One of my dearest friends Dad is from Huntsville. My pal once caught a home run ball from Jose Canseco.

Beasts of England

No bleachers in our outfield - just a road. He hit the ball so far, our local nickname for him was Jose Parkway! lol


Beasts, my pal whose Dad is from Huntsville, met me when I played an outdoor festival. He was 12, I was 19. He asked me to teach him guitar. We've been friends since. BTW. He is a U OF WISCONSIN grad. I'm a UW-WHITEWATER guy. UW-WHITEWATER is D-3 champs in both Football and Basketball.


Secretary of State Kerry: Ukrainians have to decide on road ahead; it's not up to the US to make decision but US can help create a climate for negotiations -Reuters

Heck, why not just send over the women of The View and say "Here's our Foreign Policy---Start chatting gals."

Beasts of England

Good to see Wisconsin in the Final Four. They moved the D-3 football championship up there, right?


No, it's been in Virginia for years. UW-WHITEWATER has won 5 times and lost 3. It's always vs Mount Union (NJ). Pierre Garcon is their most notable player. Wisconsin Whitewater has no scholarships and it's real football.

Beasts of England

Maybe I was thinking of D-2. Used to be played over near Muscle Shoals...


Daddy!! Shame on you. We need a climate of nicety!! A RESET of the "proverbial" Hope and Change Daddy!! We all need to COEXIST and SMILE on our Brother, everybody get together, try to LOVE one another RIGHT NOW!!!!!
And Johnny Kohn Kerry Heinz is just the man for the job!!!! Or NOT.

Captain Hate

Mount Union is in Ohio.


isn't the rule when things are going bad in domestic politics go travel the world?

I think it's "Absence makes the heart grow fonder", but unfortunately in this modern world our dangerous narcissist is never absent, no matter where he is.



I'm watching "The Washington Insider's" link and after only 3 minutes I've already heard, "We're surrendering everywhere", This Administration is a Team of Clowns not a Team of Rivals, and that this is exactly like Neville Chamberlain and that Putin is doing exactly what Adolf Hitler did.

I'm afraid to even watch the remaining 14 minutes.


Wow Capn' shows how dumb I am. Alliance Ohio.
Mount Union used to be a D-3 power house, until my Warhawks TAMED them. When I played a UW-WHITEWATER, I used to lie and say we were from NEW JERSEY!!! Hahahahahahahahaahaha!! My teams were less than good!!!


The encouraging thing about that Washington Insiders show was that these are middle-of-the-road voices speaking out about the disaster of this administration. It's not crazy tea partiers and Rethuglican warmongers.

Caddell seemed calmer than usual, which isn't saying much. But usually he reminds me of Yosemite Sam, and I worry his head is going to explode. I think Obama has gotten him so riled up that he had to start downing valiums to prevent that.


Daddy, do Hillary Rodham, and Botox Johnny Kerry Heinz Kohn blowhard-o-rama, seem to be CAPABLE individuals to you??? Other nations, and specifically PREDATORY nations like Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Venezuela, understand POWER and they also understand WEAKNESS. They are not honorable, nor do they HONOR the commitments that they sign and expect US/U.S. to honor. Our AMERICAN IDOL politicos, merely understand how to win POLITICAL BATTLES where the MEDIA in America wins FOR THEM.


Daddy, I read your Neville Chamberlain comments after making comments of my own. I am the son, of a British Mom. My Grandad was German for 2 years and crippled. His Father-in-law whom I am named FOR, was KILLED 3 weeks before WWI armistice. Oct 23 1918. Neville Chamberlain was a FOOL. Obama is a CLOWN. Chamberlain's best was not good enough. Obama's best is a REGGIE LOVE joke. Obama is and was not ready to serve biscuits at a church/mosque social. Our nation has become the TAKERS vs the MAKERS. The takers have NO VALUES. What VALUES do OBAMA and his WIFE display or EXHIBIT to you??

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

-- But usually he reminds me of Yosemite Sam --

LOL, jimmy.
Has he called Barry a con sarned galoot yet?


Ignatz, Obama looks and physically resembles DON KNOTTS or moreso BARNEY FIFE to a T.
Obama is the biggest LOSER "BLUFFER" to ever live. Vlad Putin loves Barney Obama's FLEXIBILITY!!! And the saddest part is that Barney Fife Obama then goes on to claim that the TOUGH GUY is DISPLAYING...."WEAKNESS". WOW.


"Secretary of State Kerry: Ukrainians have to decide on road ahead; it's not up to the US to make decision but US can help create a climate for negotiations" Heh!

We will help you write the terms of your surrender.

"I'll huff and I will puff and I will blow some more air". POTUS


Bori, Kerry Heinz Kohn, does not care about the Ukraine. He cares about his FAME and POWER.


Gus ...

Caddell seemed calmer than usual, which isn't saying much. But usually he reminds me of Yosemite Sam, and I worry his head is going to explode. I think Obama has gotten him so riled up that he had to start downing valiums to prevent that.

Posted by: jimmyk | March 31, 2014 at 12:33 AM <<<

lol that is calm. and that note see y'all tomorrow...

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Barney Fife would have put Barry right on his ass....and kicked sand in his face.



Rich, Pat Caddell, is a LIB, but he NOW gets it. Caddell has been a LIB for 40 years. Caddell now understands what happens when you "ASK YOUR COUNTRY WHAT IT CAN DO FOR YOU".
Caddell is a millionaire by virtue of his lib beliefs. And he must be sick to his stomach with what it's become.


God Bless you Ignatz. I hope you know that I love you. And it's not Barney Fife, it's BARRY FIFE.

Stephanie wherefore art thou springtime

North and South Korea have exchanged shots across their border. More hot spots to worry about, thanks Barry!


Just listened to the CNN Baldheaded anchor discuss the new IPCC Catastrophe predictions with an AGW Professor Zealot from the IPCC.

The Zealot Prof said that every ton of Carbon emitted under his calculations would ultimately cost Businesses, if nothing was done, 125 Dollars.

Immediately the baldheaded CNN Anchor reiterated to his audience what they had just heard: that for every ton of Carbon emitted the cost to Businesses would be 125 Billion Dollars.

No corrected the Professor, 125 Dollars, not 125 Billion Dollars.

The CNN Anchor seemed momentarily bummed but carried on. Okay, 125 Dollars per ton.

Eventually the Professor said that it would be great to immediately institute a worldwide CarbonTax on individuals and businesses, because it would crate so much wonderful revenue for Governments that they would use it to cut the costs for Businesses in Health care and things like that, so that ultimately the Carbon Taxes on Businesses would actually really aide businesses and reduce their costs in the long run, thus saving them tons of money.

The CNN International Host was very glad to hear that, so the interview concluded with the announcement that these new IPCC warning were terrible, but if we immediately taxed every human and business on the planet, Government would very wisely spend that Tax money and the world would be able to survive the impending Global warming catastrophe we are all facing, plus Businesses would save a ton of money.

So yesterday CNN told us that airplanes will struggle to stay at altitude once their fuel tanks are empty, and today they told us that charging a CarbonTax on every Business on the planet would lower costs and actually put money into the pockets of those Businesses.

Who needs a Universe powered by Rainbows and Unicorn farts when you've got CNN on the job.


Just a beer-fueled thought on my earlier comments on the Media's term"anti-Fascists" about the losers in France who are rioting and threatening violence against the newly elected politicians of the FN Political Party.

If the News Media term the rioters "Anti-Fascists" doesn't that by logic mean that their political opponents, the guys who the "anti-Fascists" just threatened with violence for winning the Election, are Fascists?

Seems a logical conclusion to me.

If so, then I am an anti-Communist when opposing Obama, an anti-Marxist when condemning Hillary, an anti-Idiocy railer when railing against John Kerry, and an anti-ugllness, anti-graceless-ness, and anti-meanness campaigner when criticizing our First Lady.

Any of the rest of you guys Anti-anythings?


Anti-Yankees. Anti-Bosox. That does not make me a Cubs or Brewers fan.

Also anti-tax.


CNN is run by meth addicted hamsters on treadmills, that would explain alot, yes that would be the logic but that's not the way they see it, the right is always the menace, the left is just misunderstood,


Well they are not particularly new insights, however it does seem like the Fox News Sunday
earlier in the day, seems to be broadcast from a parallel universe,


Thanks for posting that Beasts.

To be clear references in that report to adaptation go to the very cultural evolution dreamed of by Brameld and others that I wrote about in the book. The reference to indigenous peoples is the non-Axemaker Mind, before it was changed by symbol systems. Very much tied to the concrete and here and now.

Ban Ki-Moon has said the UN's unappreciated hold over global ed gives all the power to implement its agenda that it needs. I worry when the climate skeptic sites want to declare victory because the science itself now appears so clear cut. We are being shoved into a world where constructivism reigns and reality only gets through when we are doing clean up over unforeseen consequences.

Tragically often quite foreseeable to the well-informed, which is why those minds are being banished via the classroom and mass media.


They should put a tax on people who refuse to use common sense instead of agenda fitting narratives and junk science.

Captain Hate

Wow Capn' shows how dumb I am. Alliance Ohio. Mount Union used to be a D-3 power house, until my Warhawks TAMED them.

The only reason I knew that is that John Carroll University, which is within walking distance of chez Hate and the alma mater of Don Shula and London Fletcher, plays Mount Union every year. And loses; sometimes in a multi OT shootout, but always a loss.


Rouhani, is sort of the Iranian version of Volodya, this would be as if they sent Litvinenko's poisoner as envoy;


Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

This Tim Blair post is pretty funny -

"Power was a recurring theme in Knobloch’s presentation, as it is in many leftist discussions. It’s a perverse way of analysing things. For example, let’s suppose you happen upon a couple arguing whether two plus two equals four or five. A normal person would solve this by counting fingers, but a leftist will instead consider the relative power of the disputing parties.

Perhaps the case for four is being presented by a wealthy white male, while his poor indigenous opponent believes the answer is five. And she’s right, according to reverse-hierarchy power theory, until an indigenous lesbian with no legs wheels up claiming the correct number is six."


"Next we were called upon to mingle with each other. “Try to find the person in the room who looks as though they hold completely different views to yours,” Knobloch urged, which was a optimistic call, given that everyone at the event was of like mind. A laughing Asian woman turned to me and said: “Everyone should just line up to meet you.”"


Well Markov's poisoner, but you get the point,


And the Top Men, theological division are banging the amnesty bandwagon,


I know this is way off topic but it is a nice way to start a Monday morning.

This video is about a cat adopting baby ducklings. If this doesn't make you go awwwwwwwww nothing will.



So the US Chamber of Commerce wants to take on the home schoolers over the anti-CC film. That will increase the sense that they are thugs on this issue. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/03/29/Exclusive-Common-Core-Developers-Attack-National-Homeschooling-Group-Over-New-Documentary-Film-On-Standards-Initiative


Happy Monday! Senator Angus King said on FNS there is no such thing as Obamacare.See my 10:38AM post yesterday for hubby's reaction. : )


As expected, the Levick template, must insist that there was no effective intelligence from
EIT's, just like there were no ties between the Mukharabat and AQ, even though they got themselves over there in a quick hurry,


The Mullahs and the hostage taker 'ambassador'. So does this mean that the Mullahs are dickin' with Obummer/Kerry to humiliate them further (is that possible?) or is the fix in already that this hostage taker will get his visa so bygones will be bygones?

Jeff Dobbs


dublindave forever

Uh-oh,trouble in paradise.....Chris Christie had to personally apologize to Mega-Jew,Sheldon Adelson for using politically insensitive language in his speech.

Tut tut.

Last weekend saw one of the weirdest versions of 'The Bachelor' were all the Republican Presidential Candidates were ushered like excited clucking chickens to Las Vegas to meet the richest political donor in world,Sheldon adelson.

They were all treated to a day at an exclusive spa,courtesy of Mr.Adelson who instructed that they be shaved,waxed and plucked in preparation for the night that lay ahead.

The most expensive foods were flown in from all over the world and the wine flowed like the river tibre as the Republicans indulged themselves in a room filled with the softest pillows and the rarest fabrics in the world.

Jeff Dobbs

On Hidalgo, it's interesting that even at a cesspool like Yahoo News (which I got to from Drudge), the comments are overwhelmingly negative, in the vein of "Two great cities, New York and Paris on their way to socialist destruction." I'd like to think there's been some kind of awakening.

I think "which I got to from Drudge" means it's most likely that the place was experiencing an unusual number of comments from . . . Drudge readers, not the typical Yahoo cesspool of wackadoos seeing the light. Same thing when we see such comments at Wapo, for example, after finding it through an Instapundit link.


Happy birthday, Melinda, I have to check the list, more often,

dublindave forever

In a related note a wealthy Democratic donor asked if he would be doing the same thing for the 2016 Democratic candidates.....said anonymous donor laughed and said "You don't 'summon' Hilary Clinton, she summons you".


DD@8:40-- you say this like it's a bad thing;

DD@8:42-- you say this like it's a good thing.


Happy Birthday MelR, wherever you are.

Miss Marple

Good morning, all.

I do not like hearing about the Korea thing. That guy is total crazy and could invade just to get some hair mousse or something.

Jeff Dobbs

Daddy!! Shame on you. We need a climate of nicety!! A RESET of the "proverbial" Hope and Change Daddy!!

Heh. Climate of nicety.


Obama is offering the most sweeping liberal foreign-policy critique we've heard from a serious presidential contender in decades.
I spoke at length with Obama's foreign-policy brain trust, the advisers who will craft and implement a new global strategy if he wins the nomination and the general election. They envision a doctrine that first ends the politics of fear and then moves beyond a hollow, sloganeering "democracy promotion" agenda...

::wait for it::

...in favor of "dignity promotion," to fix the conditions of misery that breed anti-Americanism and prevent liberty, justice, and prosperity from taking root.

The Stuart Smalley Doctrine is reaping what Obama has sowed all over the globe.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Happy Birthday, Mel!! Lots of love to you!! Miss you...


Happy Birthday, Mel! We miss you and I hope you have a wonderful day.


Happy Birthday Mel from both me and Red!

Account Deleted

Happy Birthday, Ms Romanov, wherever you are.


Was that the 'Winnie the Poo' guy, who was a former Navy Secretary,

Jim Eagle

Happy Birthday Mel. We all miss you.


Neil Boortz for years has harped on Government Schools as having been founded by Big Bidness in cahoots with the government to educate the future industrial worker but not to make them so smart as to give them the intellectual fortune to overturn the power structure.

My problem with CC is that even our Catholic schools in Florida have adopted CC but to a modified level. I am president of our school board and our hands are tied because it is directed at the Diocesan level and they have let it be known that they know best and if you have a prolblem you don't have to send your kids to their schools.

Its our way or the highway. You can bet that in the next coming years there will be a mad wave of leavings to home schooling as long as it is still legal and not a criminal enterprise which is what the Chamber in cahoots with the States and DoE will attempt to classify it as for purposes of denying it to parents.

Even in tonie, affluent, liberal Suffolk County and the Hamptons (a bastion of everything Manhattan except with beaches) they are up in arms over CC. I see Board of Education meetings turning into the Town Hall meetings of 2008 and 2009 that gave us the 2010 tsunami.

Clarice's PIke's and Pitchforks business model will end up being sold on Amazon for a fortune. I'm thinking of opening up a local franchise myself.


Re; Finland, a little perspective about the modern Finns, not the Simo Heyha's (sic) is
noted in the works of James Thompson, an America expat novelist, and a moonbat, his portrait through his guide, a Finnish cop, reveals an extremely pc society, except for
the reactionary party, which is portrayed in the same muted colors we see from the Tea Party.

Jeff Dobbs

Was that the 'Winnie the Poo' guy, who was a former Navy Secretary


Richard Danzig, who served as Navy Secretary under President Clinton and is tipped to become National Security Adviser in an Obama White House, told a major foreign policy conference in Washington that the future of US strategy in the war on terrorism should follow a lesson from the pages of Winnie the Pooh, which can be shortened to: if it is causing you too much pain, try something else.

Mr Danzig told the Centre for New American Security: “Winnie the Pooh seems to me to be a fundamental text on national security.”

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

A little anecdote from my blue area..

Whenever a new home is built or some new business tries to open...my neighbors go into busybody overdrive. The newest "crisis" is that a daycare business might open & the kids would use the parks in our neighborhood.

Yikes!...kids using parks! We've got to STOP them!

a few of the comments -
"Will they compensate the County for their use of the park? I don't understand how private businesses continue to use our public lands for meeting their operational needs."

"If the daycare can't provide it's own outdoor space, maybe it isn't an appropriate place for them to open."

This is for kids age 2 to 5.

"Perhaps the daycare people could provide funds or manpower to remove the ivy and other invasive plants taking over the park."

Put those kids to work!!

This one really got me...

"I feel that's over-burdening what is really a very small park that is intended to serve the neighborhood, not the needs of a for-profit business."

"I don't support the business' plan to use the mini park to satisfy their need to provide outdoor play space for the children."

I couldn't take it anymore & finally chimed in -

"How can xxxx be against children using a public park? A for-profit day care business pays taxes, provides jobs, & provides a useful local service. I'm sure nannies that work for individual families are for-profit & earn money too...should they not be allowed to use the parks?
What a lovely thing to have lots of kids use the parks. If the park gets worn & used...well, that's what it is for.

Janet xxxx

I got a bunch of "agrees', so maybe the anti-kid, anti-business faction will settle down. Once the busybodies get riled up, they feed off of each other & it escalates.


Happy Birthday Mel!

Miss Marple

Janet, So true.

Years ago our local subdivision swim team wanted to let the high school swim coach work as the coach for our team and let some of the high school kids (who didn't live in our subdivision) practice and swim with our team in the summer.

Mass hysteria from the busybodies. Non-owners kids using the pool! We pay fees, why should THEY get to use the pool? This will open the pool to the public! Yada, yada, yada.

I had to stand and speak on behalf of the swim club before these people, and I gained a real appreciation for elected officials who routinely go to town halls. It was very ugly.

It was settled by our attorney pointing out that we allowed guests on guest passes that each owner got, and when the punches ran out we allowed people to come in on paid admission as long as a guest of someone else. So we made the high school swim team kids guests, figured out the cost of admission for them for the summer practice and meet days, and paid it from our fund-raising.

I have an abhorrence of busybodies dating from that day in the early 80's.


Happy Birthday, Mel. Sure do miss your comments.
Hope you have many, many more birthdays to enjoy in the coming years.


that would be logical, however there are too many people on crazy pills, as Mogatu would put it,

I think the Russian Bear's lunge, at Crimea longterm, and moving into Ukraine proper, will probably be a little more then they can chew, specially if proxies from the rest of the Caucasus join in,

Miss Marple


If Ukraine allows Caucasus Muslims to enter into this fracas, they will lose support from many, although I assume Obama would think it peachy keen.

What a mess!


The New York Post, interrupted their entertainment coverage, yesterday, to do a huge insert on Common Core, which they seem to be overly impressed with, rather recoiling in horror.

Old Lurker

HB Mel!

I miss you too.


So re Yahoo, the Palestinian ambassador to Prague, had the explosive in his hand, when it blew. you would think this were a nono


It seems I'm always recommending Kevin Williamson columns on twitter. Today's is on the paradox that is prices. For instance, on the sugar tariff: "the economic version of drug-resistant syphilis."

Bonus parenthetical:

(There’s a reason Supreme Court justices and fairy-tale wizards wear the same outfits, with the nine-member national super-legislature missing only those awesome conical hats, which we, a freedom-loving people, should insist they adopt immediately.)


Janet its not just lefties who seem to want to ban any activity in a park except growing grass. Years ago I went toe to toe with our local govt solons which had built a very fine park full of exquisite soccer pitches. It was so nice it got AWARDS. Problem was that the Parks Dept and the City Manager got all focused on the Awards and started restricting use of the fields for virtually anything other than two seasons a year of recreational league youth soccer. The biggest sin ever committed was when I organized pick up games of adult soccer. The tut tut tutting was heard to the Gulf of Mexico. Don't you know grown up in soccer cleats tear up a grass field?
The council was otherwise sane and sober folks but their first reaction was to believe the park Nazis.

Captain Hate

Mega-Jew,Sheldon Adelson

dumbassdave, like the rest of the donk dipshits, doesn't even hide his antisemitism.

HB Mel


In OT, the wonderful Ronan Farrow show is # 708 in ratings, a 'more selective' audience if ever there was one,

Jim Eagle

Back in Southamtpon last summer I gave supporting testimony to the Village Board on allowing the Surf Camp Frederick attended to use the public beach (incidentally all the Ocean beaches on Long Island are public and the ones in Southampton Town are managed by a separate political body the Town Trustees under a warrant dating back to 1640).

We had a local group of surfers who did not want to share the waves and beaches with a bunch of kids paying $ 300/week learning ocean safety, ocean swimming and surfing. Two of the kids in Frederick's camp where Chris Cuomo's and his wife was at the hearing with me. (That does not make me a My Friend aisle crosser, BTW:). But it really surprised me that a bunch of blue collar local guys who like to surf, fish and drink beers would be so vocal about sharing our common property and access to it.

Finally, one of them suggested that perhaps they wanted to run a surf camp also and I got back up and suggested that the Village think about a concession. Bid it out and whoever has the best proposal, price, concession fee, safety etc. gets the contract. That shut up the protesters since they didn't see that coming and the Village held a competition and the existing camp operator won.

There is just way too much of this happening across America but mostly in the Blue Hells which reinforces my theory that Liberals and the left are just mean, sad and angry people who's lives are marginalized when there are happier people doing the same thing as them.


There are a lot of good points to CC (testing, result based metrics, etc),in fact the original concept was inarguable if you want kids to actually, you know, learn. The unacceptable parts are the points inserted by the 'professional' government educators. Why do we pay those 'experts' 6 figure salaries and a lifetime pension?


Happy Birthday Mel.


I want to draw my line in the sand now.

I predict that after Putin gets Obama into diplomatic discussions on the future of the Ukraine, that the Russian military will invade Eastern Ukraine.

The whole point … to show the world one more time that Obama is less than a “Paper Tiger.” Putting him somewhere between "poodle" and complete imbecile.



Health care website stumbles on last day ...

Early visitors to HealthCare.gov on Monday morning saw messages that the site was down for maintenance. At times the visitors were also directed to a virtual waiting room

[think this one was intentional ...]


the whole point is not learn, but to indoctrinate, I was reading up on the Georgian incursion from 2008, and that was full of feints, retreats, and then sudden moves on territory,


Do they call this room, Carousel, Abby Goodnough does her best 'chocolate rations' account in the Times, of this fustercluck,


New York Times: Panel’s Warning on Climate Risk: Worst Is Yet to Come
Do you thin this was meant as a double entendre ?

Hundreds of protesters angry over recent Albuquerque police shootings clashed with riot officers for more than 10 hours, calling on the police chief and other city officials to resign.


Wait until they hear about the anal raping.


"Seeing With One’s Own Eyes: Evidence that the Hawaii Medical Examiner turned  a blind eye to the death of Loretta Fuddy"



Well this is quite harsh and impolite-- and all true: http://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2014/03/31/seven-hard-truths-liberals-just-dont-want-to-hear-n1816087/page/2


thanks for the link AliceH.

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