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March 13, 2014



Why are planes designed to even allow turning off the transponder?

Just started catch-up but GMax asked this a couple threads back.

Some airports want you to turn the Transponder into a Standby mode when on the deck taxiing around. MoodyBlu could probably tell us precisely why, but my guess is they don't want it transponding and clobbering their Ground radar system or some other radar system if we are on the deck. Maybe it clutters their scopes and diminishes their capacity to differentiate between targets they want to look at.

Off the top I can recall that Beijing where I was 3 days back has a requirement in some of their notes to turn the Transponder to Standby while taxiing, and we are supposed to remember to turn it from standby to TA/RA (on) as we get airborne. Bangalore I know has the same requirement and there are probably tons of other locations having the same requirement.

Since we hardly ever (basically never) do turn it from the off position once we do the cockpit set up and testing of the system on preflight, in locations like Bejing it is very easy to forget to turn it from standby to on for takeoff, and when you start your climb-out you can tell that you haven't turned it back on because the controller will start querying you about what is your altitude readout, so you quickly reach over and turn it from standby to on. (It's possible that that happened to us out of Beijiing just 2 days ago:)

In some cases the NSA has masqueraded as a fake Facebook server, using the social media site as a launching pad to infect a target’s computer and exfiltrate files from a hard drive. In others, it has sent out spam emails laced with the malware, which can be tailored to covertly record audio from a computer’s microphone and take snapshots with its webcam. The hacking systems have also enabled the NSA to launch cyberattacks by corrupting and disrupting file downloads or denying access to websites.”


more theories will have been generated on what happened than have been generated in over 50 years on JFK's assassination.

I think someone on the plane had Obama's original birth certificate.

Danube on iPad

I find most charming the notion that the millenia-old phenomenon of territorial conquest expired at the end of the 20th century. Where, exactly, is that written, and how did I miss it?

Jack is Back!


From my knowledge, standby is for the exact reason you stated - interference avoidance with ground radar. My earlier link up thread shows the cockpit array from an Air India 777-300R and the transponder twitch switch and squelcher.

Here is a good article Jim Mathews at Aviation Week about how pro's seach for missing aircraft

jimmyk, I am always the first to acknowlege my kookiness at times. I should have amended my first kookie theory by noting it got to Iran by stopping Bangladesh to refuel:)

Beasts of England

Exactly, Bori! No good deed goes unpunished or un-protested!


AS for the reports (probably already discounted as I read more later this afternoon) about engine data continuing to be sent from the engines for hours, I wonder if that engine info is sent thru a Satcom data link, meaning it is fired off as an electronic data bundle to some satellite and then sometime later that satellite downloads that data to company receivers somewhere on the planet.

If so, I'm guessing that there might easily be a many hour delay between when the satellite received the data and when it finally sent the data onward. I don't know the specifics of how that process works so I am just guessing here, but that might explain how data sent from the engines from just before the planes disappearance at time 01:30 local Malay time, may have been downloaded 5 hours later (at say 06:10 local Malaysia time) onto some Pratt and Whitney ground based data collection, accounting for the apparent discrepancy.

If that is the answer, from the Press conferences I've seen the last few days, I don't think the malaysian authorities are competent enough to explain it clearly , and I don't think the hostile Press is smart are decent enough to accept that as an answer.


I think someone on the plane had Obama's original birth certificate.

The plane will be found in multiple layers.

Stephanie VIP shhhhh its fight club

Ok that was funny.

Lulz to Jimmy and TK.


I find most charming the notion that the millenia-old phenomenon of territorial conquest expired at the end of the 20th century.

Good question DoT. Also I wonder what other behaviors we exhibited back in those unenlightened ages of the previous 20th Centuries that we are no longer supposed to be engaging in, such as massive Govt 5 year programs, mass modification of human behavior schemes, character assassination of one's political opponents, Press censorship, bureaucratic corruption, voter fraud, selective prosecution by state agencies like the IRS, Anti-Semitism, etc.

I'm with you. I wanna' see the new list of what's acceptable 21st Century behavior and what ain't.

Miss Marple

Shep is all excited about the plane again, going with the "Where in the world is the plane?"

I go back to the pilot with the simulator in his home. I think that is odd, but maybe not. daddy, do lots of pilots have their own simulators?

Maybe he was practicing flying the plane low to avoid detection?

And if this wasn't the "blow up in the sky" brand of terrorism, where is the plane and what is the point of taking it?


-- I wonder if that engine info is sent thru a Satcom data link, meaning it is fired off as an electronic data bundle to some satellite and then sometime later that satellite downloads that data to company receivers somewhere on the planet.--

I'm pretty sure GM's Onstar stuff is a continual feed so if a $20,000 car is a live feed I'd think a multi million $ engine would be also.


From the 'headlines we'll never see' department;

Nobody Knows What Happened to That Plane and We Won't Print Any More Idiotic Baseless Speculation Until Someone Does.


Account Deleted

"I wanna' see the new list of what's acceptable 21st Century behavior and what ain't."


First you have to pass a gullibility test.

1. What color is the SkyDragon?.


daddy, do lots of pilots have their own simulators?

Miss Marple,

I have never know of anyone to have a real simulator.

It would not surprise me if a guy had a small electronic thing set up with a joystick and a display for playing video games or introducing his kids to aviation games or such, but I've never heard of a guy having a full blown Simulator contraption with motion and hydraulics etc. If so, perhaps this guy had a side business of possibly training incipient pilots for a fee.

I have read noting about what he had, so I don't know what he had.

Beasts of England

Bravo, TK!

I think the engine data is continual feed. I have a buddy with RR (engines) and sent him a note asking, in general, about the data packets.


"Val" is short for Vladimir? I wish I had known this when I dated a Val in college with a spectacular rack. Why? No reason. Just fondly remembering her rack.


I rode a flight simulator at the Boeing Museum in Seattle some 20 years ago. The motion sickness wore off sometime in the last year, I think.

Jeff Dobbs

Where, exactly, is that written, and how did I miss it?

Wasn't it Francis Fukuyama


No pressure, but I'd love to see a Clarice piece on what are acceptable behaviors in this Brave New World of the 21st Century.

I'm still waiting for my hover craft and my portable

Atomic Energy Lab.

James D.

Is it just me, or does this sound both ridiculous and kind of terrifying at the same time?

On Thursday evening, the group No Labels Foundation will be sponsoring a meet-up between Bill Gates and some 80 senators, as well as New York Times quasi-conservative columnist David Brooks. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), who co-chairs the group, will open the event; Politico speculates that Bill Gates’ attendance was made possible by the fact that No Labels co-founder Nancy Jacobsen is married to the executive vice president and chief strategy officer for Microsoft, Mark Penn.

The No Labels Foundation bills itself as a group devoted to political unity. Its website states:

No Labels and the No Labels Foundation believe we have a solution to this crippling dysfunction and gridlock. And, we are promoting a compelling and realistic plan to nurse our government and our nation back to health.

No Labels’ plan is to put together “problem solvers” to come up with bipartisan solutions. Some of those solutions include cutting Congressional pay until a budget is passed, moving to a two-year budgeting process, and creating a Commission for Government Transformation to advise on how to change government to make it more efficient. The group’s anthem was co-written by Akon. Major politicians involved with the group include New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman.

Bill Gates, David Brooks, Mike Bloomberg, Jon Huntsman, and 80 Senators...would it be wrong to wish for a freak tornado, or giant sinkhole, or some other Wrath-of-God-type natural disaster to wipe out the whole event and everyone attending it in one fell swoop?

Miss Marple

Hey, James D., remember that scene in The Ten Commandments where the worshippers of the golden calf were swallowed up in that big pit?

I bet the following senators were NOT invited: Sessions, Inhofe, Paul, and Cruz. Maybe Bernie Sanders because he hates big corporations.


No labels = Oligarch wannabees


Wasn't it Francis Fukuyama

Remember the "peace dividend"?


Actually if you read Fukuyama correctly, it means a return to 19th Century behaviors, WEB Griffith's last series, the Carlos Castillo one, piggybacked off the purloined African jet, as it's premise.



ACARS can go 3 ways comm. VHF radio, SATCOMM, digital uplink. Short bursts every 30 seconds. Shuts down at landing gear engaged.

In re: Home based simulator, there was a article awhile back about a father who built one for his son in their garage. The guy wasn't even a qualified pilot. Frederick flys F16's on his Wii:)


...would it be wrong to wish for a freak tornado, or giant sinkhole, or some other Wrath-of-God-type natural disaster to wipe out the whole event and everyone attending it in one fell swoop?

Does envisioning the whole group attacked by wild boars make me a bad person?


Fukuyama wrote the End of History and the Last Man. Windshuttle carved it up like a turkey.

Old Lurker

DoT I think the Greeks knew that it had always been and would always be thus, that the strong will take land and things from the weak.


"bipartisan solutions" is to Republicans and Democrats what "compromise" is to Israelis and Palestinians. Somehow it's only one side that ever actually gives up anything.


Thrasymachus is Plato's Dialogues, made the point most enphatically, Hobbes punctuating
the point, millenia later.


"peace dividend"?

TOTAL FY 1991 federal spending was what $1.3T?. Total revenues are about $3T now. The TPs are doing their job, Leviathan is insatiable, it always wants MOAR!

Beasts of England

Rolls-Royce buddy said that data updates are user defined, i.e., they can be near real-time or in preset intervals. He has no specific knowledge of the MA protocols.

Per satellite downloads, data storage varies widely per categories of comsats, but on-board data storage tends to be at a premium. In my opinion, any data received in this application would be down-linked immediately.

So, considering the above information and assumptions, it doesn't sound improbable that there could be a few hour delay in receiving the engine data from the MA flight...


Skydragon will tell us what to eat:

Old Lurker

Scrotus' 3:48 link to Rutherford makes me about as sad as anything I have read lately.


feel the awesome

McDonald's and some of its franchisees have been hit with multiple class-action lawsuits filed by workers alleging that the fast-food giant is systemically stealing their wages.

The suits, which were filed Wednesday and Thursday in California, Michigan and New York, claim McDonald's has engaged in widespread wage theft by making employees work off the clock, shaving hours off time cards and not paying workers overtime.


The warmistas have jumped the shark. They are parody... bad parody.


This article may make people more aware of what the Democrat senate fraudsters are doing to make their healthcare more expensive.


Very interesting, daddy, jib, and beasts. In automobiles we use CAN (controller area network) systems. The various computers communicate just about everything to all the computers. The receiving computers only select the data that is relevant to their function.

Turns out aircraft adopted this from the automobile industry:

"CAN Bus in Aviation"

The engine's processing unit would certainly found altitude and speed relevant for its function.

In a car's setup, I could find seemingly bizarre data in some computers. Who knows what data was in the RR computer.


Just doing some irresponsible Conspiracy Theory brainstorming, and wondering if I can come up with reasons why various agencies involved in the search might not want to reveal everything they know:

1) China: They probably don't want to reveal the ability of their Satellite's re; image resolution, coverage, etc, or any other capability they may have to monitor all sorts of transmissions that they wouldn't want folks to know they monitoring.

2) USA: Ditto the above.

3) Malaysian Military and Civilian Officials: Also probably hesitant to reveal their MIlitary radar capabilities. Also probably trying to tamp down terrorism possibilities as a potential problem affecting Tourism, etc.

4) Malaysian Airlines: Probably would rather it be a mechanical failure they can blame on Boeing than something that would indicate problems with one of their pilots or with their inadequate boarding procedures allowing terrorists to board.

5) Malaysian Customs Security: Would rather it be a Boeing mechanical problem instead of a screw up of their Passport screening process of inadequate bomb sensing gear at Kuala Lumpur Airport

6) Boeing: They want to know the answer, but considering problems with the 787 and News Headlines about that, they would probably prefer the fault to lie with a Terrorist or a rogue pilot scenario, than a failure of their Aircraft Ditto Pratt and Whitney or Rolls Royce, (whoever made the engines).

7) Lawyers: Who has got the deepest pockets and is easiest to go after?

8) The Press: They probably want an easily understandable conclusion, instead of a confused mystery, so they may make money playing up conspiracies of all the above agencies hiding stuff that would explain the mystery.

I suppose I'm missing a bunch but I haven't talked to Rosie O'Donnell lately.


--the executive vice president and chief strategy officer for Microsoft--

The open question is whether Microsoft will ever hire a quality control officer.
If MS built cars it would have door locks that any crook could build a key for that not only let them in but kept you out and after 20,000 miles it would only travel half as fast as when you bought it.
But at the end of each day when you went to shut it down MS HQ would send out mechanics to spend all night updating it for you so that it was even slower the next day but less secure.
And the punchable little twerp who made this crap car would be the richest man in the world.

Danube on iPad

We are one of three couples who are the guests of our host and hostess in Los Barriles. All four of us guys are former law partners. As I write, one of the wives is talking to the couple's son, who has an investment banking firm in Kiev and is married to a Ukranian woman (lawyer, flawless English). The mother is on her cell phone, and the connection is made through the internet by using an app called Viber. Quite amazing.

They do not feel themselves in any danger but are constantly vigilant.

Boeing followed a similar strategy to reduce wiring on the 777 in 1996, but the company did not use CAN bus. Boeing called it OPAS, for Overhead Panel ARINC 629 System. Overhead panels are connected to a controller in a card file, which converted switch data to an RS 485 bus. The bus controller converts this RS485 bus to the ARINC 629 bus. LRUs connected to 629 buses can get switch position data and also send annunciator discretes to the overhead panel.

I don't get the "gridlock" thing. Harry Reid won't allow republican bills to be voted on and democrats have no bills. So if anything it is Harrylock.



Old Lurker

So I guess Kerry likes to draw red lines too:

"Secretary of State John Kerry warned of serious repercussions for Russia on Monday if last-ditch talks over the weekend to resolve the crisis in Ukraine failed to persuade Moscow to soften its stance."

Danube on iPad

...married to the executive vice president and chief strategy officer for Microsoft, Mark Penn."

Penn was, IIRC, in a senior position in the Hillary campaign in 2008.

Jon Huntsman still makes my skin crawl.

Account Deleted


Excellent MS analysis. Did I mention my new computer, running Windoz 8, has a minor speech impe-pe-pe-pe-pe-pe-pe-pe-stutter?


And Penn was in on the digital scam I mean transition, why I had throw out my VCR.


Every liberal I know, disgusted with the democrats loves John Huntsman. He makes my skin crawl too.


Was visiting my lawyer a couple of months ago and he was struggling to not put his fist through the monitor of his new and improved Windows 8.

Old Lurker

Would be hard to say whom I despise more:

"On Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry testified before the Senate Appropriations Committee regarding the need to provide Ukraine with economic assistance during its transition from the government of deposed President Viktor Yanukovich. The aid bill has encountered resistance from House and Senate Republicans, particularly a provision to provide aid to the International Monetary Fund which would utilize funds already allocated to the U.S. military.

Following that hearing, a hot microphone caught Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) approaching Kerry and congratulating him on his testimony. Graham also offered to “help” with House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), presumably over his and his conference’s opposition to the Senate’s version of a proposed aid package for Ukraine.

Thomas Collins

After perusing this discussion, my next laptop will be a MacBook Air or Pro, or I will have my friendly computer shop upgrade my 2001 Apple iBook.


Linday "you jack*ss" Graham strikes again.

“Hey John, good job. Let me know what I can do to help you with Boehner.”

I am behind on the thread(s), so you may have already seen the above. It has been all over twitter for most of the day.



Old Lurker

You snooze you lose CC. Beat you.


I think I' going to have to learn to speak Apple with my next computer, if only as a blood pressure therapy


ha ha, I see OL and I posted at the same time. Love the photo of Graham and Kerry at my link. And, the comments made by Caleb Howe are an absolute hoot!

Beasts of England

No spiking the football, OL! ;)


Jackass Lindsey gives me gas, instead;


What a pair!


So Kerry has given Russia a deadline of Monday. Does Obama think he is going to need to change the subject on Monday? Why else would Kerry say that?


Light loafers and Mr. Potato Head.


By Monday, what will be the disposition of forces;


Our Elected Govt Officials in action:

Tell Vlad I'll have more flexibility

"Let me know what I can do to help you with Boehner.”


off OFF


Your kung fu is too good for me.

Old Lurker

WSJ "Senators announce bipartisan deal to extend jobless benefits for five months."

Broken record alert: How does the Senate originate a spending bill again?


Trying again.




Nose jobs, turkey neck removal, droopy eyelidectomies all have a decent track record of improving appearances.

Has this Kim Novak, John Kerry 'fill my face with tapioca' thing or Pelosi Galore's 'gather my hair AND my skin in a bun on the back of my head' ever made anyone look better?

rspect me, damit

One of my employees, a woman of color, who for years could not shut-up about how great Zero was now hates the man with a white-hot passsion. The fact that our health plan has the benefit of being very expensive and now has a very high deductible might have something to do with it. If the D's have lost her they are in trouble everywhere.

Account Deleted


I really don't know if the stutter came from Windows 8 or Dell. I'm fascinated by Dell's decision to place the power switch button precisely at the point where I grasp the laptop to stand it on edge when I stand up for a moment. Even better, the switch on my old Dell had to be held down for 2-3 seconds in order to turn it off. This one only takes the lightest of touches to cut the power.

If you don't have the chance to actually try out a new Dell laptop equipped with the @#$%^%$ marvelous Windows 8, just straighten a paper clip, heat it until it glows, and ram it under a thumbnail. The experience is amazingly similar.

Old Lurker

OK that made me laugh out loud "just straighten a paper clip, heat it until it glows, and ram it under a thumbnail."

Jack is Back!


ARINC developed ACARS back in 1978. I have had to interface with them for years back in the day. They have the RAMS program that everyone else tries to emulate but can't. So their RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintability System) was initially developed for engine manufacturers (IIRC) and then the power business adopted it to tighten the noose on our engineer's neck.

I had to bid a big multi-billion job once guaranteeing the RAM for a 4 unit 1600MW complex. We had 6 guys doing nothing but taking vendor data and run ARINC on it then compounding the results giving it to our finance wiz kids to do the numbers on how to cover the risk.

We ended up having to bid the RAM instead of dollars to get the job. Our risk model was more conservative and we didn't get the job but the guys that did will probably never bid that way again - they lost not only their margin but damn near their cost:)


There is more than one website with Dell Hell in the title, for a reason methinks.


Well I've had less trouble with this Dell, then with my Hewlett Packard or E machine clone, fwiw.



I got this from a Pilots Forum re. the Malay plane;

"I'm a current B777 pilot.

About a year ago, in response to a Boeing Flight Crew Ops Manual Bulletin (BAB-95) relating to a potential software glitch affecting the selected altitude on the MCP, the operator I fly for changed our procedures to comply. Before the change we used to leave the Altitude increment selector in the 1000s position, subsequent to the change it is now routinely left in the Auto position (i.e 100 foot increments).

Had the flight crew experienced a rapid decompression then following donning of oxygen masks, establishing comms between the two of them, checking for cabin altitude/rate and passenger oxygen as required the next checklist item calls for an emergency descent. In my company this is routinely taught as a double loop starting with selecting a lower altitude on the MCP altitude selector, optionally using HDG/TRK SEL to turn off the airway, pressing the FL CH switch (commence descent at current IAS), deploying the speedbrake and ensuring the thrust levers are closed. Once the descent is established a second sweep tidies up the altitude selected (MSA/10k'), refines the heading, increases speed if appropriate and checks again for speedbrake deployment and thrust lever closure.

If there had been an explosive decompression centred on the E&E bay that knocked out all comms equipment and the crew oxygen could it be that the initial actions of the emergency descent checklist, the first sweep, be accomplished then hypoxia set in before the second sweep could be completed?

Under the old 1000s position of the ALT SEL an anticlockwise spin would reduce the selected altitude by many thousands of feet, an anticlockwise spin of the heading could give a large heading change to the west, the aircraft would descend at current IAS (normally in the cruise at FL350 M.84 equates to 250-260Kts indicated). However if the ALT SEL was in the Auto position a quick spin would change the selected altitude by only several hundreds of feet, possibly by pure chance FL295?

This scenario could explain the lack of comms, the primary radar target tracked on a westerly routing and the fact that no debris has yet been found. At FL295 the pilots would succumb quickly to the effects of hypoxia, the passengers likewise once the passenger oxygen was depleted. The cabin crew may have transferred to portable oxygen and attempted to reach the flight deck (my company trains the cabin crew to do exactly that if the descent has not commenced within 80 seconds). However even had the cabin crew entered the flight deck would (could?) they attempt a radio call, once they removed their mask there wouldn't be much time of useful consciousness to get that call out even assuming they knew how to.

If I had access to satellite imagery I think I might extend the search out in the last presumed direction of flight to the fuel exhaustion point and see if anything was there."

What do you think?

Jack is Back!

As I am sure daddy will attest, Malaysia is a predominately muslim country albeit one of the more gentle kind (if that is possible in these days). In fact, when I was there, they had casinos in the Cameron Highlands which is like the Monaco of Asia. {NB: some of the best golf courses in Asia].

But, But, But. All their denials are almost protective of a real possibility a muslim (Iranian shia) hijack of their plane for nefarious purposes or they know one of their crew went suicidal.

Just another nugget from a childish, insane mind:)


Well it is the House that Malathir built, with all that entailed,


“It’s going to be very hard to hold the Senate — I think the Senate goes,” he said on Morning Joe on Thursday. “I think we heard from the Ghost of Christmas Future this week; they’re going to lose the Senate,” he added, referring to Republican David Jolly’s victory Tuesday in Florida’s special congressional election.

The speaker? Chris Mathews. Best comment by a wag, "The Thrill is Gone." Ba boom.


If anyone cares, local updates from the ADN and local blogs:

1) Shell's Chief Executive Officer Ben van Beurden says the company will cut capital spending in the U.S. by 20 percent in 2014 after setbacks in its shale gas operations and in Alaska.

No surprise.

2) Wasilla man killed in police chase earned mention in 'Into the Wild'

This is the guy who found Christopher McCandless, that nutty kid who went off to live for a winter in an abandoned school bus and either starved, poisoned himself or just froze to death. Weird.

3) Scientists discover pygmy tyrannosaur that once roamed Arctic Alaska

Pygmy? Everything's bigger up here. Bah humbug:(


Pelosi Galore's 'gather my hair AND my skin in a bun on the back of my head' ever made anyone look better?

In her case it helps the cameraman with the tight shots in her porn movies.

/slinks away...

Jeff Dobbs

Poker night! I'm playing entirely with the money I won last month.

(that's what happens when you tell mrs hit and run, "we all broke even")

I'm supposed to be on my best behavior this month though, princess hit and run's teacher's husband is coming.

Challenge accepted!

Where "!" should be replaced by whatever the grammatical equivalent of "grudgingly" would be.



For those of you who regret Windows 8 and think Windows 7 would have been better: Well, maybe, but I opted for 7 over 8 and it stinks too. I'm getting so used to the little spinning circle almost every time I open and close a file that I've figured out creative ways to spend the time, like go wash the dishes, do my taxes, etc.

I googled "Windows 7 freezes on file open" and there were dozens of posts to various forums going back several years, plus a bunch of "fixes" that either didn't work, or were useless, such as "reinstall Windows 7." Obviously MS is well aware of the problem and doesn't give a damn.



That sounds too convoluted to me, but I'm not a 777 guy. I'm off to work in a couple hours and if I bump into a 777 crew at ops or the layover hotel I'll pick their brain quick.


Agree with your 05:05. I'm guessing that the Malaysian officials are indeed holding some stuff back (personal history of the pilots--emails, screw ups at Passport control, etc) so that when the Media exhibits hostility in the briefings some of it is legitimate because of evasions to their questions, and so feeds into the "They are lying and hiding stuff from us Conspiracy mentality".

Whether or not if and what they are hiding is of real consequence or had anything to do with this matter, beats me.

Frau Mistrauisch

Beware of Tweety Bird bearing gifts:
Beware of "We'll lose the Senate" statements. I remember the "leak" that Bent Willie blew up during his disposition and left the room for 45 minutes. Didn't happen. I don't trust 'EM.
No way.
No how.


The first overseas trip I took was from Texas to Ireland. I wasn't really worried until we boarded at the plane at JFK to fly to Shannon. I got to thinking about that wide expanse of ocean, about all the hours we would be in the air over the water and what might go wrong. I did not sleep until after we checked in at our hotel in Dublin.

Since that first trip I've been to England, France, Greece, Turkey, and Israel. I enjoyed those trips so much - wonderful memories. I'm not so sure I would do the same today. I would be walking the plane looking for crazy people and potential terrorists and worrying about whether or not we were going to end up in the drink.

Tomorrow is my birthday - I will leave the traveling across the seas and oceans to others now.


Hey, TexasIsHeaven, an early happy birthday to you.


Texas, I solved that problem a long time ago--I just look around for nuns (I am not Catholic), and little children. I know, I know, it does not always turn out that the something does not happen, but it has never happened to me, and I have enjoyed numerous flights overseas and on little airplanes which have needed the pilot to jump down from his seat and go out and turn the propeller!


One of my employees, a woman of color, who for years could not shut-up about how great Zero was now hates the man with a white-hot passsion.

Problem with that is does she still hate Repub's more, so that next time she'll vote for another idiot Dem promising more Rainbows via "Mend it don't end it" nonsense?

I just heard that partisan moron Bob Beckel on The Five specifically say that Obamacare today is better than the Health Insurance we had before ObamaCare, and that is with full knowledge of how dicked up the Sign up computers are, how many people are uninsured and have lost their insurance, how much more expensive this is than promised, how you cannot keep your Doctor or your Health Care, and on and on and on. Beckel and his mindset will simply turn on Obama as the wrong guy to deliver the magic, but Hillary or whoever will be the savior who can and will step in and do it if we only give her our votes and more unlimited power to implement it.


CC - thanks much for the birthday wishes. I am so depressed I have to look up to see dirt. I cannot get those people on that plane out of my mind. What an awful thing - to have to wonder what has happened to your loved one. And no answers - no idea what the hell has happened to them.


Happy Birthday Texas! So glad you are around.

Eric in Boise

TexasisHeaven, I made my first overseas visit in September, also to Ireland. One thing that I really got an appreciation for was how vast the ocean is, even between the states and the westernmost European country.

I mentioned it to the missus, she went with me - and she just smiled and nodded. She's flown to Australia twice, so she was probably thinking "Amateur!".

Jeff Dobbs

Pre-empting your own birthday isn't against the JOM style guide.

I'll allow it.


(she's turning 37)


TiH, me too--though I am quite sure the folks on the plane will never feel any more pain, I so feel for their poor families and loved ones. Cannot imagine the torture of not knowing one more thing today than they did six days ago.


That the plane was hijcked seems far fetched though I do remember a large plane (sans passengers but with a captive pilot) disappeared in Africa a few years ago and I don't recall reading it was ever found--Just flown off the runway IIRC. There was at the time lots of speculation that someone would use it as a decoy to overfly and bomb..


H&R - my bad. Thanks for the exemption - is that like one of O'Bummer's exemptions? I hope Not!

And since I never saw hide nor hair of you or your chainsaw - I ate your share of the beans and cornbread!


Thank you Jane! I know there are quite a few of us here on JOM that have March birthdays. I bet H&R could tell us how many.

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