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March 04, 2014


Captain Hate

Welcome to the party, again:


After Libby, I got no faith.

Wow, Janet, I think I saw that video months ago, but a longer version.


Everybody go to sleep?


Me too.


nope. just getting started with my day.


but I'll be here talking to myself.

anyone have a wild party for fat tuesday...

Beasts of England

Tried to get fat, but not too much of a party. You're on your own, rich! ;) Bed calls...



got some prodigy though...


Richard Fernandez on Natural Gas issues related to Putin's Ukraine adventure:
Getting to Classical Gas


This is getting monotonous, 3 inches of fresh global warming & still coming down for the morning commute. Again.


I missed that episode, zoned out early,Noonan still a fool, Kerry was impressive.


'winning the future' was that about, and the way she makes excuses for Hillary, just nauseating,


What a silly idea to export gas to the Ukraine. In order to do that you have to liquidfy and ship it. Outrageously expensive for a broke nation to afford. Incredible stupidity by Ryan and the republicans.


Just before I went to bed I read that the largest refinery in Europe (it's in Russia( was on fire. Pictures looked like hell.


Yes, its in Tatarstan,


Mostly out yesterday but I am a big Cornwall fan as well.

I believe I have said this before, but the Matthew Shardlake series by CJ Sansome set in Tudor England is wonderful.

The latest, reimagining a Britain that surrendered after Dunkirk and with a Churchill in hiding leading the Resistance, was also terrific.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

from CSPAN, it looks like Lerner will be up at... 9:30am
House Oversight & Gov't Reform Committee: IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups

Miss Marple

Good morning. From Jonathan Karl at ABC News:


Miss Marple

Providing this link in case my first post doesn't appear. From Jonathan Karl at ABC:



JiB-- I haven't read the Ryan LNG bit, and I agree that makes no sense for Ukraine. Get the big energy companies into Ukraine stat, in order to develop Ukraine's shale for its own use and export to the EU. Ukraine/EU need to bust up GazProm's monopoly yesterday. The EU's allowing GazProm to get a monopoly starting 20 years ago, because they planned on 'renewables' was madness, and now they are paying the price. Germany needs to build LNG terminals asap for North American LNG as a safety valve.

Account Deleted


LNG for the Ukraine is stupid on stilts. They can't pay a steeply discounted price for gas to the Russians, steel (their main export) is rusting in stockpiles around the world and there is no shortage of wheat.


The purpose of the SkyDragon nonsense is to drive energy prices up in order to maintain the illusion of economic growth. Paying through the nose for Gazprom gas serves the same purpose as putting up the giant bird blenders to rust in light breezes.

The refusal of Russia and China to participate in the SkyDragon fraud deserves some reward.

Miss Marple

Tom Friedman's column today says that we should institute a carbon credit system, which would drive the price of oil down. That's show Putin!

Miss Marple

That's = That'll

Man havin' fun with geetahr.

Who fails to digest history, is destined to pass gas.

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