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March 04, 2014


President Sarah Palin

Listen you little chicken shit bully from the old KGB, you don't scare me. I am not your friend. I am your worst nightmare. You think you have free rein because of your gas and oil to the poor yellow livered countries of western Europe. Well, screw them. I want your ass not their complaints.

From now on your mine. I am prepared for you to meet the most powerful Armed Foces in the world and an ICBM you never even knew existed. You think you can wrestle a bear, hell Vlad I kill them with a single shot.

Now get your shit together and leave everyone alone or you will feel more than a pang of Soviet nostalgia.


No, narc. My latest comes from the former US Atty who was on Fox in November. It is something that touches every part of the record, including the broken windshield and Connelly's wrist.

I'll look up your suggestion.

Jim Eagle


Did I ever tell you I love you:) Don't tell Mrs. JiB since she is exactly like you except the American part. Still a Belgian. If only she was Mexican or Islamic.

Jim Eagle

markO, its a great book if you can deal with the detail. Do you shoot? It helps if you know guns.


I think Slo-Joe should take over

Why not, after all Lurch stepped in when Cankles was not up to the job, and don't say it cant get worse cuz again Lurch...

Old Lurker

That quote from Zeke above about the imminent demise of the medical insurance industry should become Exhibit 1 in any shareholder suit against any insurance company which aided and abetted the ACA.



I have been known to shoot. Recommendations from you two are valued. I'll get on it.

miss Marple

Old Lurker, I cannot remember which insurance company it was, maybe Aetna, where the CEO was quoted as saying he had a child with health problems and couldn't face the guilt of others not having coverage.

It sounded to me like he let his emotions rule rather than his duty to his shareholders. I thought then that if I owned stock in Aetna I would be calling a lawyer.

Old Lurker

Anyone here a fan of Bernard Cornwell books?

Has Narc read all of them maybe?


No I can't say that I have. OL


Now granny always told me it takes one to know one:

Grayson's office: Ms. Grayson’s behavior has become increasingly erratic, and she has demonstrated an alarming disconnect from reality.

War on Women Democrat representative version?

Old Lurker

I recall that MM. Now combine Zeke's glee, with JiB's Chevron lawyer's advice, and then with Frau's famous Thucydides' quote and tell me which insurance exec should not be shot.




JIB, I just tweeted your Alan Grayson remark.

Yesterday I vowed to never buy another Apple product and today I'm asking about Apple TV. Sheesh!

mad jack

I've read just about all of them OL. Saxon Tales - Big fan of Uhred.


They bought off the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, this time around,

Taranto points out a memo in the Hillary stack, where an aide, like many of those in the current day, doubts one 'can keep your doctor,'
pledge, just like Betsy McCaughey warned,

mad jack


miss Marple

Old Lurker, I have read all of Cornwell's Sharpes series, in order from beginning to end.

Very interesting, learned a lot about warfare in the early 19th century.

I was always reading Regency novels that referenced the Peninsular campaign, Waterloo, etc so I thought I should have a more realistic view.

Very good. Learned the term Forlorn Hope, for men who were in serious trouble who were allowed to redeem themselves by being the almost hopeless vanguard in storming a fortification.


"The low-IQ US president and his country’s Secretary of State John Kerry speak of the effectiveness of ‘the US options on the table’ on Iran while this phrase is mocked at and has become a joke among the Iranian nation, especially the children,” General Masoud Jazayeri said, according to the semi-official Fars News Agency.

I don't think it's fair to speak of Kerry that way

miss Marple


I recommend reading the Sharpes series in order. It follows Wellington's battles and characters come and go, so you will be lost if you don't read them in sequence.

mad jack

The Sharpe's were good and a nice follow-up to O'Brian for a land based take on the period. I really enjoyed his Warrior Chronicles/Saxon Stories.

Jim Miller

As for Biden replacing Obama, I've thought that would be a change, not for the better, but for the less bad, for years.

And have said so, a couple of times on my site.

Consider just four reasons why Biden would be less bad:

1. He can conduct basic negotiations with Congress.

2. He mostly likes this country.

3. Our "mainstream" journalists would be willing, occasionally, to criticize him.

4. He would do less to exacerbate racial divisions.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

This was linked on FB - http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/sthompson/131008

"I am frankly growing very tired of the many "commentaries" on Obama's unlawful behavior,...

I suspect that many, many Americans are asking when will politicians and others in positions of power simply say "no." Refuse to obey the federal dictates from the Obama regime. If those dictates are unlawful, why should they be obeyed? If they are harmful, why should they be obeyed? I read recently that Scott Walker (Governor of Wisconsin) refused to cease services in his state at the whim of the Obama administration, under the ruse of the "government shutdown." The color of this man's skin is not the issue here. Neither is the fact that he is the "first" of anything. The fact that he is being used to destroy a free nation is the only issue."


Janet at 6:32 -- Great post and right on the mark!

Captain Hate

He was a speechwriter for Holbrooke, who needed a whole other room to hold his ego, at 15?

The only way this gets any weirder is if you throw Alan Grayson in the paternity roulette.

Old Lurker

Thanks re Cornwell, guys.

I confess that I came upon them about two months ago when Janet posted a bcc video clip of some British officers suggesting one of them kill himself for the dishonor of losing the King's colors. That series was new to me so I watched the clip then looked up the books that led to the show.

Before I knew it I had read the entire Richard Sharpe series, then the entire Saxon series ...Uthred!...and now I am finishing the King Arthur series such that my wife is raising eyebrows at all the $9.99 charges to iTunes and how I now read every night hours after she goes to sleep.

Basically it is all Mitch Rapp in armor so I love it.

I mention it because Frau's Athenian quote about the constancy of human nature is revealed in all these historical struggles.

Uthred so intrigued me about Vikings that while at night I read the candy, during the days I have been brushing up on the migrations that settled Europe from the Ukrane up through Germania then the North countries the to Britain and Normandy.

There really is nothing new under the sun.

Captain Hate

I wouldn't trust Biden as far as I could kick him; he's an ignorant blowhard (think BOR only dumber) with a paranoid mean streak. The only reason to prefer him is that it would remove the Ferret from running the country.



I suspect that many, many Americans are asking when will politicians and others in positions of power simply say "no."

That is the problem, nobody outside of some Republicans are really saying anything at all. So it is easy to convince some that it is purely partisan and obstructionist.

In turn, this has embolden Obama to do more and more of the same. In fact, some are just angry that he does not push it far enough.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Yeah...I don't know what to do.

I love the Sharpe series.

When evil stalks upon the land
I'll neither hold nor stay me hand
But fight to win a better day
Over the hills and far away.


So senior admin officials are saying they can see no scenario in which military action would be called for.

Zero is a rookie, a feckless little pussy. God help us.


I've said the same thing Jim, so obviously I agree.


On Special Report they said the WH has said it is giving Putin 'a way out".

The problem being, of course he isn't looking for "a way out".

Obama will stomp his feet.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself


Don't know what to do...

Danube on iPad

OL, I really enjoyed Cornwell' "Agincourt." A treasure trove info re the English longbow, men fighting in armor and the like.

A small sacrifice for peace in our time.

Heh, a way out. He means the Baltic Republics.

Old Lurker

Already downloaded DoT and next up after Arthur.




If you're a leftist, you apparently don't have to pay any attention to election laws in Wis.



Slaap lekker, jonguns. Tots morgen.


Pagar, no sign of any John Doe interest in the lefty side of campaigns (the AFL-CIO and Voces de la Frontera also backed the Milwaukee DA's campaign... by coincidence).


No of course, that's just a given, henry,

BB Key

OL, I think I read all of his books except The Fort . Maybe we can get Marlene to read it and give a book report ;) . I even liked the Civil War series , Starbuck Chronicles set in Northern VA

Old Lurker

Thanks BB. I plan to catchup with you. We're the sailing books any good?


I am very partial to traditional Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and English music and what struck me with Over the Hills and far away was how it can be plaintive and rowdy and majestic depending on who plays.

"King George commands and we obey."

A soldier's lot hasn't changed that much in some ways.LUN


Well this is true, it was certainly the base of Cazrist expansion;



the summary of the day's events;



Thanks Henry. It seems to go on and on.

The Kentucky AG's office must be the same way. Laws they don't approve of have no meaning.


Speaking of which, the Kennedy whelp wants to put an end to prosecutions of DUI's in Westchester Cty.


How clueless do you have to be to go on national television and say that Westchester prosecutors have a “terrible policy” of “pursuing every single case of driving under the influence”?


Great, a Dem war on sobriety.

miss Marple


About as clueless as White House aides telling the press that Merkel and Obama are working on a way to let Putin get out and save face, guaranteeing that if this indeed was the conversation, publicizing it embarrasses Putin so he will refuse.

Democrats are morons. That is the God's honest truth.


"Admit it Clarice, you and Perle switched the President's rug to a Sesame Street theme." I admit it,but Chalabi put me up to it. Don' tell Sibel..Psst.

miss Marple

What does Putin want?

Answer in my thinking, is to be a strong leader of a Russia that is economically strong, admired and respected on the world stage.

So what does Obama do? Call him weak and crazy. Threaten his economy and act without respect, trash talking and making wiseacre comments.

We will be lucky to get out of this alive.


Patton Boggs is fighting for itslife as aresult of its entangelent in the Chevron case. *Weep,sob,sniffle*


About the ICBM--I read a credible account--can't remember where--that is was planned well before and we were informed about it.


Clarice, will their legal malpractice insurance cover much of the hit? Or we're they so sure of crony status they didn't need insurance?

Captain Hate on the iPad

The big mouths in the White House, including Saint Biden, have gotten good people, domestic and foreign, killed. Where are the calls for a Special Prosecutor?

mad jack

OL, it seems you have gone full immersion. I second DOT on Agincourt. I enjoyed The Fort. Paul Revere does not come off particularly well in the telling and that was an enjoyable bonus as a distant relation to the night rider is a somewhat vexatious presence in my social circle.

miss Marple

Clarice, I read that, too.

So, is the administration trying to escalate this by portraying Putin as a warmonger?

Or maybe it was on one of those reports Obama failed to read and thus the administration was surprised.


TK, my company was audited by the IRS for the first time in living memory - more than 60 years.

We newspapers have to be squeaky clean if we are going to hold others to the same standard. There was no reason for the audit. Nothing was found out of order. It was inconvenient and left me with deep suspicion.

Jeff Dobbs

OL . . . just wanted to note that YL should have an email. I really slacked my way to success on this, mrs hit and I were confuzzled as to who was supposed to do what.

BTW, mrs hit goes over Apr 8-16.

Old Lurker

Mad Jack ...full immersion is my OCD working. :-)


--Clarice, will their legal malpractice insurance cover much of the hit?--

The lawyers can answer this much better than me, but I don't believe it generally covers intentional acts or actions taken in bad faith. If they are found to be part of or originators of the scam I don't think it would be covered.


Admiral Painter, would quite agree, miss marple

Old Lurker

Hit, we are going April 19 to 30 so we will miss Mrs Hit. But YL gets there Mar 29.

mad jack

OL, I believe Cornwell lives in Chatham so you can wave to him from ACK.

Jane on Ipad

I'm thrilled about Patton Boggs. I read Kevin Williamsons piece on the entire thrilling ruling. If you have other links, please post them.

That's Holder's firm, right? How will he rescue them?


the BBC's Marcus, said that about the ICBM clarice,

No, that's Cokie's brother's firm, also that of the late Ron Brown,

Captain Hate on the iPad

sbw, sorry to hear about that nuisance audit. Not very subtle...

Account Deleted


Thanks for the tick-tock link. If I'm reading correctly, Magic Hat's $1B is Putingeld to keep the gas tap on but Putin says future deliveries will be at market and only if total arrears are made good. The EUnuchs have agreed to $2B in additional Putingeld to meet that condition.

Putin is still going to insist on first position for Russian banks in the Ukraine BK and the Crimea will remain hostage as a guarantee of prompt resolution.

It looks like BOzo really showed him up - in Rainbow Unicorn Utopia.

Jane on Ipad

Oh that's right Narc. Iggy I havn't read my malpractice policy in years, but intentional acts are rarely covered by a liability policy.

Bankrupt the bastards!


I billion doesn't even cover the vig on the lone, maybe if it was labeled SkyDragon warding technique,

...His ineptitude and allegiance to the party establishment jeopardizes major Republican gains in the House and Senate this year. More and more Americans see Republicans as no meaningful alternative to the Democrats and Obama.

With this in mind, House Republicans have let Boehner know his time as speaker is at hand. But who will follow him?

The man who covets the job is Boehner’s No. 2 – Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

But this really represents no change at all.Cantor has backed Boehner on every significant issue. He has also been one of the loudest voices in the House promoting amnesty for illegal immigrants.

There are two ways to stop Cantor...


Tarantino could write the script for James Spader to act out and they still would not achieve the representation of slime that I think Cantor is.


Gates, just struck me as underwhelming,


Rob Crawford
Althouse whines...

Why does anyone care?

Rob Crawford
We will be lucky to get out of this alive.

No, the quote is "This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it."

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

I guess we were blissful in our ignorance before the internet...but it is painful to uncover all this corruption & lawlessness & then have nothing happen or change.

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but when I hear a bit of news on the TV I feel like I know more than the MFMers do about a lot of the topics.
If nothing else, I think I could ask better questions of the guests.
It is too frustrating.
When is the giant march on Washington? It can't come soon enough.

miss Marple

Rob, I was saying what I thought, but the quote is appropriate as well.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Will Lerner be on CSPAN tomorrow?

Jane on Ipad

TK ,

Gateway Pundit is reporting on a couple of Hillary scandals that seem right up tour alley. One involves her ordering the Waco disaster which killed 74 people. Maybe as Obama winds down you could look into that one.

miss Marple

Boy, Rumsfeld on Hannity is on a tear!


Just read summaries of Judge Kaplan's decision. Unreal. Had no idea. I love the statement of the corrupt scum extortionists. How dare Judge Kaplan create a full record and determine the Facts-- he can't do that we're activists. And it appears Patton Boggs will disappear. Good. Lobbyist scum.



I love these guys.

And by the way, the great bmoe blazed their trail.

Danube on iPad

"I don't believe it generally covers intentional acts or actions taken in bad faith."

Spot on. It is squarely against public policy to allow a person to insure himself against intentional wrongdoing. (Think of what kinds of things might go on were it otherwise.)

Two of my closest friends/partners were peripherally involved in this thing for a while, then backed out when they suspected the wrongdoing. We'll all be down in Baja together next week and I'll pick their brains.

Off the top of my head I should yhink this guy Danziger might be looking at jail time. And I believe Patton Boggs may simply go under.

miss Marple

Rumsfeld: he's out playing golf and going to fund raisers instead of forming a coherent foreign policy. It's like he has no idea what the job of the president is?


Is there a USGA event in Baja?


Who's gonna prosecute the Chevron activist frauds? Holder? That'll be the day.

Beasts of England

@Rob Crawford: Thought it was funny because I've never heard of female to male gender-bullying. And pretty sure I've never heard of the entire gender-bullying meme. Funnier still that Althouse had to run interference for President MomJeans: isn't gender-bullying in its own right? lol

Beasts of England

Great quote, Miss Marple. The adults from the previous administrations have to be completely flummoxed by JEF's rampant ineptitude...


Well this can't go wrong;



henry, I don't think it covers this. PB was largely a lobbying firm..It's reputation was one of a you eat what you kill firm high rolling without much to indicate they were particularly skilled at international litigation of this sort as far as I knew.

They've dropped lawyers, partners, offices and today i read they were bringing in a management consultant to learn how to make their operations more efficient. I wonder if they will stay alive.

In the back of my head I seem to recall hearing or reading that the individual partners may suffer a big hit.




Maybe as Obama winds down you could look into that one.

Why wait?



That was the link Jane was referring to.

Jane on Ipad

Dot, Clarice, Mark, Jim, how much of this stuff do you think goes on?

Old Lurker

Jane, holder was at Covington & Burlington.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Sadly, Jane, far too much. I believe it has been steadily on the increase in the last twenty-five years.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Here is one of the videos of Donziger plotting the fraud - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1N6SyeRUiw0


Hey Truthbetold. "I hear you knockin', but you can't come it"

Captain Hate

Welp, that was a nice journey through the POI past when all the main CIA characters were on the same side. Kind of. I wonder if they've added another character or if this was just a one off.

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