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April 15, 2014


Frau Turnvater Jahn

I thought Glenn was a Riptoe fella.


Oh, yeah. I'm a daydream believer.


I couldn't make any sense of the post TM linked, so I'm posting a photo of Kate Upton in the Gym and going out on the dog walk to see if it makes any sense after the pups and I dodge moose poop:

Beasts of England

Thank you, daddy, for our daily Upton!

Frau Turnvater Jahn

Is Upton still dissing "her girls"?

Jeff Dobbs

Her pups?


Speaking of "An Arrow To The Heart"

Joe Biden http://twitchy.com/2014/04/15/damned-lunatic-brainless-joe-biden-tells-survivors-that-boston-bombing-was-worth-it-video/">"The bombing was worth it"

Hear that Gabby Gifford's? Joe Biden just said that your taking a round in the head was worth it. All you people in Boston with your feet blown off? Definitely worth it.

9/11 victims in New York? C'mon, let's all say it together: "It was worth it."

Too bad that Rancher Bundy and all his supporters weren't blown to smithereens by out of control BLM Agents. It sure would have been worth it.


Well in the first instance, it served to stigmatize the Tea Party, even though had nothing to do with it, in the second, it reaffirmed the ruler and subject relationship, as the birthplace of the American Revolution basically was supine, notice I didn't say citizen,

Thomas Collins

I guess I have fallen behind on the latest fitness fads, er, solid scientific research. Today I walked a mile from work to home and swam 10 laps of crawl stroke and five laps of back stroke in the pool. That's my crossfitting. Walking and swimming. When I need to lift, no worries. My wife always has boxes that she has filled with various stuff that she needs moved from one spot to another (and then back again a week later). When I need hardcore cross fitting, I do a limoncello shot and a cab after downing my scotch neat.

Perhaps I should write a book. The Ultimate TC Crossfit Program.

Clarice Feldman

Whatever works for Upton I'd like to try, though TC's fitness regimen sounds more fun.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Well I lift weights to near failure and other than being sore and the occasional strain am fine.
Now I took my usual walk around the state park next door yesterday and on perfectly flat ground turned my ankle over (with my hiking boots on I might add) and will be hobbling around for a week it feels like.

Think I'll stick to something safe like the bench press to exhaustion.


Speaking of arrows pointing in the wrong direction,


Sharpton, Wright, and Max Blumenthal were unavailable for comment,


Biden really is a moron even taking into account he garbled what he attempted to say. Just a dope.


TomC-- too funny.


Interesting they picked this date;


Dave (in MA)

Some nut ran near the site of the Boston Marathon bombing today wearing a black gown and a backpack, yelling "Boston Strong", prompting an evacuation. It turned out the backpack contained a rice cooker full of confetti. A Brian Ross level of research reveals this to possibly be him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYXbBjRvJyc (I think it's a 'him')

Buford Gooch

Terrible thing to do at the Marathon. It was kind of cool to see that it was my company's robot they used to check out the package, though.

Dave (in MA)


Buford Gooch

Yep. That's my robot. Nice picture, Dave.


Sleet and wet snow here in coastal ct. Yea.


Just watched a couple of minutes of the selfie youtube this Kayvon did. Wack job.

Who the hell names their kid Kayvon?


Yeah. Or Barack?

Dave (in MA)

I'm going to guess Kayvon was a name 'he' picked for 'him'self.

Dave (in MA)

Buford, iRobot?


Idaho's rumbling again tonight. Hope Eric's ok.

We had earthquake swarms here many years ago and it was weird. Daily for about three months epicenter about 8 mile from me. IIRC granite is not a good conductor of seismic waves, which makes living over the xenon producing Stone Mountain beneficial.

Makes it a b*tch to dig out holes for trees and azaleas though... tis why my honey do list is being grumbled about. :(

Buford Gooch

Dave, RoboteX. iRobot is a competitor.


Hey Insty likes Scott Walker. Let s sign him up.

Jeff Dobbs

BTW that Biden thread at twitchy includes a tweet by our old pal topsecretk9.

Eric in Boise

We didn't feel anything here in Boise, Stephanie. We've had a flurry of small ones this week up by Challis, which is about 120 miles Northeast, and also near the site of Idaho's largest quake some years ago.

Then again, I was teaching an Introductory Finance class, and it's possible we didn't notice the shaking due to being engrossed in Weighted Average Cost of Capital calculations:)


Beasts of England

Alabama was not in the top ten states for meth lab busts last year? I guess that's progress. Or not trying hard enough...


West Virginia number one, Beasts? UC is the only university I've ever been to with a sorority with a meth problem AND a size problem.

You'd think 450 lb chicks couldn't possibly be tweaking, but you'd be wrong.


Bad news for Acky Dacky fans.


Try Hang Gliding

My biggest complaint about cross-fitters is the amount of equipment they tie up while doing their circuits. TM, don't be one of those guys.


Since I switched to crossfit after moving I feel certain need to defend it (though not the observation that people who are really into it talk about it all. the. damm. time.). My previous workout routine was kickboxing on bags alternating strength training with resistance bands. Given a choice I would have stayed with the former but haven't found anybody doing that particular combo in my new location. That said I feel it's possible to attempt to turn any workout routine up to 11 with predictible results, and I don't see that Crossfit is unique in this respect. I can say I did struggle at first since I'd never done Olympic/technical lifting. My first rule has been to start with the lightest weight possible (empty bar or at most couple of 10 lb plates) and work with that until I understand the form and motion of the exercise. Second rule is stop when it hurts! My guess is that what people are attributing to overuse is more likely a combination of not learning and practicing proper form coupled with too much testosterone.

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