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April 19, 2014



First rule of prog survival (updated): do not upset the Soros Steyer.

This extends to post election fail employment opportunities.

Not just Buffet.

Not sure if true, but Tom Steyer has interests in fracking and rail transport.


I think someone already had an inkling that the pipeline would get kicked down the road.


That is part of a 5 Billion worth of capital investment that they will spend this year.

Oh yeah?  What about global warming?

I've read that Texas is the terminus for the pipeline because there are specialty refineries, developed for Venezuelan crude, there. Also, that the products then aren't exclusively for the US. Nonetheless, if we don't use this tar, the Chinese will.

There is no good reason not to build this pipeline.

Would welcome instruction.

I'm quite sketchy on the allegations in comments 2 & 4.


Let's not forget Tom's brother, Jim, either.

Founder of Common Sense Media. http://www.commonsensemedia.org/about-us/who-we-are/staff-leadership/james-steyer

No ability to influence prevailing memes there.


Or the role of their own advocacy think tank. http://thenextgeneration.org/about/our-mission

Chirp, chirp!

Throat deep in alligator hide collars.



Did you get a chance to read my recent Adaptation Quartet on what transformations are being made preemptively via education and other social sciences?

I was back reading some Club of Rome intentions from the 70s on ed about a week ago and what the IPCC engineered into its new definition of Adaptation used to be called anticipatory learning. The social planners and bureaucratic mandarins do not want to have to wait for actual effects to justify what they are doing. The proper use of anticipatory would have been a tip-off. As in most things these days the assumption is people only read the Executive Summary, not documents themselves.


You note how Steyer is painted as nothing less then an unalloyed good, whereas he's really just a rentier, whereas Koch does actual good, but they are 'pure evil;

But you know the Canadian Menace, must be kept at bay, at all costs,

Jeff Dobbs

Forget gun control, Bloomberg should first focus on brand control:

Following the news that former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans to spend $50 million on an anti-gun campaign called “Everytown for Gun Safety,” a clever pro-gun group swooped in and took the name for a Facebook group before Bloomberg’s posse could.

The Everytown for Gun Safety Facebook page currently features an AR-15-style rifle and an American flag as its profile picture. The move likely has annoyed Bloomberg and his fellow anti-gun advocates.

Eric Reed revealed to TheBlaze on Friday night that it is his group, Gun Rights Across America, and 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control that are behind the Facebook group bearing the Bloomberg campaign name.

Childhood's End.

The intermediate utopian state's been skipped, the devils.

Captain Hate

If we had a real opposition party, they'd be referring to the donks as Steyer's Hires. But the Repubs are searching for reasons not to do that in their Amy Vanderbilt Guide to Losing Graciously.


Krauthammer learns the wrong lesson;


feeding the crocodile, only gets you eaten last,


"But you know the Canadian Menace, must be kept at bay, at all costs,"

It is not just the Keystone:


Massachusetts has set a goal of 2,000 megawatts of wind capacity by 2020. About 5% of that capacity [100 Mw] was in place by mid-2013.”

After all the RPS mandates, rebates, carve-outs, subsidies; after $789 million spent in 2013; after an explosive growth of the industry, solar power provides less than 1% of Massachusetts’s electricity.

They don't want Canada's cheap electricity either, because that will not help eliminate the taxpayer's cash as much.

Quiz in the AM.

Canada, believe it or not, is going to import Norwegian wood chips, for a powerplant. Apparently the plant is too small to engender local sourcing for the specialty fuel and the only other source is Texas. Of course you know about woodchips from our South going to fuel Drax, a woodburning plant in the UK, which sits over a coal mine.

The exaggeration, the catastrophe, has been a madness of the herd, oh, yes, a business opportunity. But whatever warming man seems able to do is turning out to be net beneficial.

Which do you prefer?

Marvelous Anthropogenic Global Greening: It's MAGGic,


Wonderful Anthropogenic Global Greening: It's WAGGish?


Isn't it good? Norwegian wood.

Abby Some ever.

In 1660, a lot of dat wuz Den, Mark.


the commenters on that Politico link, mad hatter city, well the premise is all wrong,


Just imagine how different things would be today if PPACA, which upends a 7th of the economy, had received just 1 hundredth the analysis and scrutiny of a proposal to add a few more miles to our vast, safety-proven, pipeline infrastructure.


so this, just is par for the course:



Another good column by Michael Graham regarding the disgusting case of Mass. DCF and the Pellieter family. BTW, they finally found the body of the murdered little boy who was supposed to be 'protected' by DCF. Perhaps the combination of the two cases will finally rouse the public.

Graham's column: Where are the Catholics?


Which is the point, the Vogon review committee for the extrication from a Bug blatter beast of Traal is on this,


Oh, DCF is infamous down here,

the lesson seems to be, if you are doing something right, destroy it;


if you are doing something wrong, let a 1,000 scams flourish.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--But the Repubs are searching for reasons not to do that in their Amy Vanderbilt Guide to Losing Graciously.--

I have no doubt the RNC is frantically sending out feelers to Steyer letting him know that for just a little of his pristine filthy lucre they'll do their darnedest to find a nice palatable way to enact Dem policies just a little slower and more efficiently.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--"Obama to act on Keystone in next couple of months", Obama has kicked the can down yet another dark and winding road:--

Can't kicking the can be defined as an "act"?
Come to think of it, isn't this whole shitbird's life an act?

Tom Maguire

Hedge fund billionaire rebranded as environmental philanthropist Tom Steyer had a financial stake in the tar sands but he has since kinda divested himself:

Steyer said his portfolio is being divested and placed in a fund that does not invest in either tar sands or coal.

That does not specifically exclude investments in the transportation of tar sand oil, but it would certainly violate the spirit.

As to what he does invest in well, privacy rights, doncha know. He may be posturing but it will be hard to bust him.


On one of the other threads some one asks about the Reid accusations of others not paying taxes. My guess is he just lies about it, like he does everything else. Who is going to stop him? No one stops him on all his other lies.
The leftist propaganda spreaders act like every word he, Pelosi, Obama and the rest of the Obama regime are read from the gospel.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

I'm still at home waiting to go to Awesome Con...we got a bit nervous about leaving my father-in-law so long, so my husband & him are on a walk right now.
I'd hate to be in the newspaper with a story about some lousy people that left their children or needy grandparent home alone while they went on some trip! hah!

'Yes, yes...he was trapped in a burning home...but we got to see Shepherd Book & buy some Buffy the Vampire Slayer gear!'


"He may be posturing but it will be hard to bust him."

How did he accumulate these millions he is willing to use to destroy us?

How did that ex-mayor of New York get the $50 million to try to take guns from law abiding citizens but not from criminals?

Clarice Feldman

Kicking the can down the road isn't "acting"> Well, I'll be.

Danube on iPad

Good luck with this one:


Danube on iPad

Pagar, I expressed the thought that Clivon Bundy would sue that bastard for libel. To accuse someone of not pating taxes is libelous per se, and Reid did it in an unprivileged setting, viz., not on the Senate floor.


As Dana Loesch pointed out, Reid didn't speak out against the Cuyahoga bridge occupiers, or
the rabble out in Portland,

they poison the well, so it becomes very easy to become a 'public person' ask George Zimmerman about that, when he was just doing his job.


all it takes is some interested parties lying to Mayer, Shane, Priest, and then you're png



I had this piece from yesterday;


Danube on iPad

No question Bundy is a public figure for purposes of libel law. But if in fact he has paid his taxes he would have a good case assuming Reid could not show any basis for believing he hadn't.


Reid will have to pay in a lawsuit and in his future re-election bid. I believe this is his last rodeo. He'll probably not go quietly and will eventually spend his last days writing and reciting Cowboy Poetry.
MM; yes i think Nevada can do better. The union stranglehold and voter fraud are rampant there. Reid needs to be primaried big time in his next election.
BOE: I hope your foot feels better.
clarice: So pleased to hear the good news about your nephew.


Reid's son wants that land and Bundy is standing in his way. Surely someone will investigate this story further.
Side note: I love how most Americans want answers to F&F Benghazi and the IRS scandal Obama only acted on the NSA because Dems held his feet to the fire.


No question Bundy is a public figure for purposes of libel law. But if in fact he has paid his taxes he would have a good case assuming Reid could not show any basis for believing he hadn't.

A bigger question for me is how he found out.

Frau Osterei

From the nethermost orifice of the hockey stick campus:

Anticipatory Learning for Climate Change
Adaptation and Resilience -

We look at adaptive capacity using the concept of anticipatory learning, defined as learning about the future before impacts are apparent.

To paraphrase Fritz Hollings, "There's too much anticipatory learning going on.

DoT - I saw that this morning. Are the DC bureaucrats snickering or rofling?


He just dialed up Lois Lerner, just like Sheldon Whitehouse and E Cummins did. DUH

Clarice Feldman

Jane, DoT prefaced his point by suggesting--not without historic warrant--that Reid was just making shit up.


Reid should be sued fiercely with burdensome discovery to show his malice. "Our side" will likely do nothing. Bundy and the Doe "terrorists" can join together.

There should be constant questions about why he is not defending the citizens of his own state against Feds who collect debts with SWAT teams.

Again, "our side" politely slides into irrelevance.

Danube on iPad

"A bigger question for me is how he found out."

I would be in a state of ecstasy taking his deposition.


They had Romney's tax records, yet he lied anyways, Reid is a loathsome rat going back 40 years, when he rightfully incurred the wrath of Tony Spilotro, the Top Men will just nod quietly, and take their lumps,

Cummings slimed Engelbrecht, right before the election, and the blanc mange committee chair Issa, apologized to him, that's all people ever heard, the correction is in microfont on C 32.


St. Michael of Gracie and Blessed Nancy of Del Monte will be celebrating the Gaian vigil at the Church of the Blessed Windmill tonight.

Elizabeth of Warren will deliver the homily, " The Importance of Being Earnest."

Frau Osterei

Won't Reid get to use his immunity as a senator to keep on telling lies about Mr. Bundy or how he, Brokeback Reid, got tax information?

It's not culture of corruption, not crony capitalism; it's crony criminality.

Frau Osterei

Janet, am I to understand your good f-i-l was not interested in appearing in public with you in your fan togs? Saul is a man of standards...or he knows it will be nice and quiet while you are out.

Frau Osterei

matt @ 1:06, next time a warning, please.


--It's not culture of corruption, not crony capitalism; it's crony criminality.--

Frau wins Comment of the Day!


I had one relative who was on the beach, I knew at least one classmate who's parents flew the B-26s


Account Deleted

Why should anyone volunteer for the Emanuel Goldstein role as peck and drooler fodder before BOzo finishes demolishing the Fascist Party? Does the GOP need a Gingrich/DeLay/Bush lightning rod while BOzo is setting the AFL against the watermelons, the Gullibles are reflecting on their stupidity and the Lackwitz Sisters are wondering where their "free" health care is hidden?

I'd rather the 404Fascist Party continue to demonstrate its innate dishonesty coupled with manifest incompetence without the aid of blatherers on bullhorns for the time being. There's no political sense in interfering with the Fascist suicide.


OT, but related to the recent lunar eclipse . . .

Here's an amazing time-lapse photo of the lunar eclipse over Ennis, Texas that also features a beautiful field of bluebonnets in their full, glorious bloom:

Reminds me of the too-soon-departed Bad, and other loved ones we've lost - but it also reminds me of JOM's fantastic contingent of Texans.

I don't think it was just coincidence that on the recent "What state are you?" test, I scored a solid "Texas" as my state.

LUN is a full-size version of the photo for those who'd like a copy of their own.


That doesn't really work, does it Rick, and the Dems are always proactive, the chocolate ration delivery wagons, are operating overtime, and they've got a feedback feature on their website, it's pure Billy Mays, but that's how they win, or at least hold back the tide,

Danube on iPad

Reid's immunity is provided by the Speech and Debate Clause, which only applies when conducting congressional business on the floor. Reid defamed Bundy on a TV program.


interesting who crawls out of the mud;


he came up with the 'squirrel' move to dismiss any opposition to the Clintons


thick as thieves, they are;

Warren Buffett Promoted Tweet > @ElizabethMay Good news! Kerry & State Department announce further delay on Keystone #cdnpoli #GPC

Ed Rooney couldn't have done it better.


Jane, DoT prefaced his point by suggesting--not without historic warrant--that Reid was just making shit up.

I'm sure of it. I'd just like him to admit it under oath.

Beasts of England

But the Repubs are searching for reasons not to do that in their Amy Vanderbilt Guide to Losing Graciously.

That brought a fine morning laugh. I just hope it's not funny...


I've noted that Whedon doesn't often understand his own material, on Firefly, the BrownCoats were one motley band against the behemoth that is the Alliance, the Avengers
are in their own way, a more powerful band headed by an industrialist, against a great Horde, at odds with Bureaucratic organizations,

Jim Eagle

I am glad my observation 2 years ago vis a vis Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway's share of BNSF has proven to live a long life. Next up the the FERC which is owned lock, stock and barrel by Obama.

BTW, its my opinion that Keyston gets its approval as an "October" surprise this year. But will that be too late to persuade LIV's and dissuade Greens? By then, they will have exhausted Steyer's money.

Account Deleted

"That doesn't really work, does it..."

It worked for 63 House seats in 2010. It may work for 10 Senate seats in '14. It didn't work against BOzo's NEW! FREE! ONE WEIRD TRICK! 404Care campaign in 2012 but Sir Goldilocks and the Top Men aided and abetted BOzo with the "Me,too - only kinder and gentler!" campaign.


Explanation for my earlier comment;

Bugblatter beastThe Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal's picture in the Guide
ImposterliveSubmitted by Imposterlive
The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal is a wild animal from the planet of Traal, known for its never-ending hunger and its mind-boggling stupidity. The Guide calls the bugblatter the stupidest creature in the entire universe - so profoundly unintelligent that, if you can't see it, it assumes it can't see you. The Guide imparts further that, while Vogons 'wouldn't even lift a finger to save their own grandmothers from the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal' ('without orders signed in triplicate, sent in, sent back, queried, lost, found, subjected to public inquiry, lost again, and finally buried in soft peat and recycled as firelighters'), the best way to irritate a Vogon 'is to feed his grandmother' to one.


I think I just described how FERC works, or doesn't, as the case may be,

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

-- Rick Ballard | April 19, 2014 at 02:14 PM--

Wish I had said that.
Perhaps I will someday. :)

Jim Eagle

This isn't the first of last time Reid has stepped in it. Remember when he went after Rush during the "phony soldier" kerfuffle? Rush was able to raise over a $2 million auctioning off the letter Reid and 40 Dems sent to Clear Channel's Mark Mays who gave it to Rush. The Marine and Law Enforcement Institute was the beneficiary.

Isn't about time to hage another successful fund raiser? Maybe auction off a front row seat where Cliven Bundy punches Dingy Harry in the nose.


From 2 threads back

It can't be coincidental that Bundy, like Mitt, (and Huntsman and Reid) is a Mormon.
Do they have to send in their income and tax returns to Salt Lake City for review?

I flew with a Mormon 2 trips back; a very solid citizen, excellent guy, with great values, and he didn't cost me a single nickel in beer money. I have nothing but good stuff to say about him. We got on the topic of Harry Reid on the one hand and Romney on the other, and when I said that I was amazed that the Church hadn't come down hard on Reid for slamming Romney from the floor of the Senate, he told me that the Church Policy is not to allow any politicking. He said the Church simply does not officially interfere in encouraging political choices or political action, so that even tho' Reid angered the heck out of folks by his disgraceful comments on Romney the Church itself was silent on the matter and would stay silent on the matter.

I mentioned that I didn't think that was precisely the way Joe Smith did it when he ran for President back in the 1840's, nor the way Brigham did stuff in the 1860's-1880's out in SLC.

He chuckled about that, but he said that that was the current policy, and from knowing him I have to believe he was telling the truth as he knows it.

Beasts of England

Radical approaches to making golf more user-friendly and approachable in the linked article. Count me with those, including Curtis Strange, who would rather lose the game than have 15" holes or share the course with 'foot golfers'.

Sergio Garcia at Reynolds Plantation, where the 15" hole was demonstrated. How could you miss?



Off to a g.g.granddaughter birthday party, but I wanted to post this - THERE IS HOPE FOR SOME in the future:


Jim Eagle


This was a featured article in today's WE edition of the WSJ. It was also demonstrated at the PGA show this January in Orlando. They used simulated shuffleboard court on turf with 15" holes. I believe Garcia shot a 30 and Rose a 33 on a 9 hole course used to test Tour player reactions.

Its estimate to take 10 strokes off your game and reduce playing time by 35 to 45 minutes. Taylor Made is pushing it.

Beasts of England

@JiB: I know that I would have at least three holes-in-one, including one on the 7th at Pebble Beach, with a 15" hole!

I do like the idea about reducing the required playing time - I think that's one of the biggest obstacles the game faces. Especially with the younger generation... Although, I'd suggest something a little less invasive to accomplish this, such as painting a three-foot ring around the hole and declaring anything in that ring a 'gimme'.


As in great great granddaughter? The great granddaughter of your child???? Are you 80+?
(Though, I'd guess if every generation had a baby at 15, it would be possible to be a great great grandmother at 61.)

None of that is any of my business of course-- but if you are 80 and on Twitter, I am impressed!


How about that;


Beasts of England

Nice to see the Cherokees going on the war path, narciso. Hope they take her scalp! ;)


McClatchy decides to let their prog readers know early that a spanking is coming. Here:

Democrats are finding that their path to keeping control of the U.S. Senate this year is getting bumpier.

At least four states where Democrats hold Senate seats that once were seen as fairly safe are now considered in play: Michigan, Iowa, Colorado and New Hampshire.

They join seven states with Democratic incumbents where analysts see decent bets for Republican pickups: Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota and West Virginia. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney carried all seven in 2012.

The new four are now battlegrounds for the same reasons that plague Democrats elsewhere. The Affordable Care Act is detested in many circles. Anyone associated with Washington is often toxic. And popular Republicans who are running for other offices are often on the ballot.

“The common thread is that there’s a Democrat in the White House who’s not that popular,” said Kyle Kondik, the managing editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball, a nonpartisan research group at the University of Virginia. “It wouldn’t be surprising if any of those states went Republican.’

Republicans also appear more motivated. “There’s a sense that a possible takeover of the Senate is real, and that will give a boost to the Republicans’ ability to thwart the president’s agenda” said Chris Budzisz, the director of the Iowa-based Loras College Poll. He was speaking of Iowans, but the perception holds more broadly.



If you're looking for some quality Legal help to assist you in arguing the Justina Pelletier case, help may have just arrived.

John Edwards back in N.C. court as a trial lawyer

John Edwards is back in a courtroom — this time representing the parents of a 4-year-old Virginia boy with brain damage...accusing Vidant Medical Center (formerly Pitt County Memorial Hospital) and an emergency room doctor of failing to make sure the child received adequate oxygen.

Edward's Law Firm (EdwardsKirby) says OUR MISSION IS THE JUSTICE YOU DESERVE

The firm’s website notes Edwards and his partner, David Kirby, “obtained the largest personal injury verdict in North Carolina history.”

Jim Eagle

Tyler Darden's latest: How Americans Die

Better titled "When Will American's Die". I am sure Medicare and Social Security are are fully funded to take care of all of us that reach 85 in the same numbers as those who are aged 5 or less.


This isn't the first of last time Reid has stepped in it. Remember when he went after Rush during the "phony soldier" kerfuffle? Rush was able to raise over a $2 million auctioning off the letter Reid and 40 Dems sent to Clear Channel's Mark Mays who gave it to Rush.

That's why I started listening to Rush. Being in MA I had heard bad things about Rush for my entire life. After I became a conservative I never bothered to tune in - mainly because I never had the radio on at work, and why bother?

Then came the episode you spoke of JIB. I decided he was indeed my type of guy, and have never looked back.


Gee thanks Daddy. I'm tapping Dot, Mark, Jim Rhoads and the rest of the talent here first.


with big hole golf? I suppose for a golf purist it would be a death-like experience.


It a bunch of charts from Bloomberg.

>>>motor vehicle accidents has lost its top spot as the primary cause of violent deaths across the population<<<

a benefit from higher gas prices?

Beasts of England

“The common thread is that there’s a Democrat in the White House who’s not that popular,”

Not naming any names, of course...

Jim Eagle


I take it you just rushed by my 3:49 to post that?


rich, I missed it. Happy (belated!) Birthday!



I was being too cute by half. The link in your comment goes to the WSJ article you mentioned a few comments above.

Thanks DrJ.



Great photo of the Lunar Eclipse. Thanks for posting it.

Here's something I notice that may be of interest.

When I look at the photo above, if I start with the totally red moon in the middle and look to the far left moon photo, I can see that the moon has followed a nice arc. When I look to the far right moon photo, again starting from the totally red moon photo in the middle, I do not get an arc. Instead I get almost a straight line, with just a hint of an arc. Since the moon photos all appear to be evenly spaced, I assume they were taken at similar intervals.

When I lay a toothpick on the photo from the red moon to the moon on the left, it is very easy to see the arc, as the arc leaves a space between the toothpick and the interim moon photos. When I do the same trick of laying a toothpick on the red moon and having it touch the far moon on the right, it is obvious that there is no similar arc and the tootpick touches all the moons without any open space.

So all that being said, what is the reason for the diminishment of the Lunar arc? Kepler I imagine could come up with the answer, and probably good old Ike Newton as well, but me, I'm clueless.

I can guess stuff like "the moon orbit is not a perfect circle", or "the atmosphere is messing with the light rays", or since the Earth is rotation and orbiting, "the apparent straightening of that arc is simply confirmation of relative motion between the earth and the moon", etc.

If anyone knows the answer I'd love to know. Thanks in advance.

BTW, It's even more apparent using the toothpick with the large photo in Pat4's


hit hardest hit:

The aficionados of beer and distilled spirits could be in for a major price-shock, if proposals by the Food and Drug Administration come to pass. Currently, breweries are allowed to sell unprocessed brewing by-products to feed farm animals. Farmers prize the nutritious, low-cost feed. But, new rules proposed by the FDA could force brewers to implement costly processing facilities or dump the by-products as waste. As one brewer put it, "Beer prices would go up for everybody to cover the cost of the equipment and installation.

Janet, am I to understand your good f-i-l was not interested in appearing in public with you in your fan togs?

Consider the lilies of the field. Neither do they toil nor do they spin, yet I say unto you that Solomon, in all his glory, was not arrayed as one of these! (Matthew 6:28-29)

Janet, Which one are you?

Or have I got the wrong convention?




(think it was in florida where I saw a bottle of beer cheaper than a bottle of water-priorities, priorities).

Jim Eagle


Thanks for the correction. Can't believe I didn't copy it correctly. Age!


I think Frederick would love to go to Awesome Con. He is a big fan of Super Heros like Justice League. Where can you find comic books anymore? I told Frederick that when I was kid every Mom & Pop corner store, drug store and grocery had racks for comic books. Not anymore where we live.



no problems. was hoping to not start a food fight.

Jeff Dobbs

DrJ - you really should have warned me to sit down. And especially not to be drinking any beverages before reading that. Beer prices skyrocketing? ::spit take:: Dangit. This cheap beer is kinda getting more expensive. ::licks beer up off floor:: #fivesecondrule

rich - when gas gets up to about $4.90, it's roughly the same price as beer by the gallon. Of course, that's before DrJ's awful no good very bad news hits the beer supply chain.

Miss Marple


ISn't it odd that comic books have disappeared from the rug stores? I think now you have to comic book stores like the one on Big Bang Theory.

They are more adult oriented and geared towards collectors. They sure don't cost 10 cents like when I was a kid!

There was a huge auction of comic books and pulp magazines here locally. A guy started collecting them and stored them in a rental warehouse facility. When he died, his relatives didn't realize what was in there since the rent had been paid in advance and they didn't have to get stuff out right away.

When they got around to going to the storage facility, they about fainted. Full almost to the ceiling. That estate was in 3 separate auctions I went to and then they held a separate auction for the rest of the stuff. PILES of comics, some from the 40's and early 50's, some I had never heard of. Huge numbers of pulp magazines like Daredevil Aces, The Phantom, True Crime Stories, etc., many from prior to WWII.

I think the heirs ended up with a lot of money, even after auction fees. When I looked at the comics it reminded me of how much I loved them when I was a kid, and how sad they have been taken over by the adults.


Where can you find comic books anymore? I told Frederick that when I was kid every Mom & Pop corner store, drug store and grocery had racks for comic books. Not anymore where we live.


It's even worse than that. By the time the girls came along, the only comics I could find in the check out stands to buy them were Archie and Betty and Veronica.

Now we get this:

Comic book icon Archie to die in July's final issue

Archie Andrews the famous comic book character that has ruled the market of comics for past 73 years is set to die in this summer issue of July 2014...Archie will heroically sacrifice his life while saving the life of a friend.



think it is a problem with the base the camera is mounted on or with the image processing (if it is a foreground and sky stitched together and the moon part is made up of hundreds of images).

the moon is at 5 degrees to the elliptic and it has a slight wobble

more about the orbit of the moon but were afraid to ask

Miss Marple

daddy, That is just terrible. Why kill him off? You could just have him graduate from high school!

We live in depressing and terrible times.


Thanks Rich, Good explanation. Shoot.

I was hoping I had proved Newton and Keplar wrong. and overturned a false view of the Universe:(

But still it doesn't arc


That is just terrible. Why kill him off? You could just have him graduate from high school!

Beats me Miss Marple. It is awful. Seriously.

I do notice there is some wry fun being taken with the topic:

Jim Eagle


Even the local Publix has Archie but in paperback kind of book form right above the scandal sheets. Also, didn't they also introduce one of th characters as "gay"? Not the same as real comic books like Superman, Plasticman, Green Hornet or Captain America.

BTW, I have none from my boyhood days but I do have one on the life story of Barry Goldwater I bought about 25 years ago at a show being held in the hotel I happened to be staying.


Daddy, on Saturn about half the distance from the equator to its north pole looking at Saturn's ring, it would look like the time lapse of the moon.

Looking at a circle from an angle it looks like an ellipse.

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