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April 19, 2014


Clarice Feldman

How nice, frau!

Jack is Back!

See, I hexed Kooch to hole out from the bunker in front of 18:)

Clarice Feldman

narciso, I think Obama's Easter remark is utterly bizarre.

Beasts of England

Thanks, JiB! I was honored by that hat-tip from David Burge (iowahawk) - he loved one of my other cars in parked front of Muscle Shoals Sound.

The first Moocher definitely deserves the award this year, if not for the vulgar China trip alone...


In Glenn Reynold's (Insty's) link about the expanding Chinese Christian population, there is this witty bit in Glenn's comment section:

Sea Writer
So, what happens when the Chinese Constantine or Vladimir appears?
5 hours ago Like (1) Link To Comment

China already had one:
4 hours ago Like (0) Link To Comment

What happens when the American Mao appears?
5 hours ago Like (2) Link To Comment

Glenn Reynolds
We already have one.
3 hours ago Like (2) Link To Comment


Captain Hate

Clarice, the JEF never fails to say something wildly inappropriate for the occasion.


I had Spence for Modern Chinese History.

Henry, I'm envious. I hope he was good.

Jack is Back!

On this Easter day, Frederick would like me to remind you all to not put all your eggs in one basket:)


I think Obama's Easter Message fits with the required Universal Love mandate the schools are to be pushing all over the globe that marries Eastern spirituality tenets with Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development.

Saying something about Judeo-Christian faiths was called for, but he had to offset with the instinct that J-C as traditionally practiced bolsters the individual so he started naming religions that do not as comparable.

Wildly inappropriate, but very in-line with the UN agenda on both ed and religions.

Clarice Feldman

Florence King posited about Clinton that he kept offending because narcissists need to know we still love them no matter their failings. Is Obama testing us that way or is he really stupid/nuts?

Jack is Back!


No. He is narcissistic but mostly stupid and nuts.

Captain Hate

Speaking of Muscle Shoals, Pravda TV will have a two hour special on the recording studio and its famed output tomorrow.


Yes, Clarice, both things are true,

the leader of the Taiping rebellion, that claimed 10-20 million casualties, I wouldn't put Constantine in that category,


Spence was very good. The main theme was that whoever conquered China, a credentialed class (filled by national exams) in the bureaucracy turned them into Chinese so that nothing really changed. Mongols, Europeans, Communists ... all rule as Chinese until they lose the mandate from heaven and someone new steps up to be tamed by the civil service. (Which means DOOM when translated from Peking to DC).

Beasts of England

@Captain: There have been a couple of documentaries made about it over the last few years - which channel? (sorry, I don't know Pravda TV, but I'm assuming PBS?)

The studio changed hands again last year. My buddy who owned it, sold it to Rick Hall (of FAME fame) and our Alabama Music Hall of Fame. They are going to refurbish it (my buddy also owned all the equipment and took that with him) and open it to the public - which is a wonderful development.


no good deed goes unpunished;


Happy Easter all!

Back to the festivities for me.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Jeez, that Frederick is a good looking kid. Gotta be his mom genes. :)

But he definitely has inherited his duffer fashion sense from JiB.


I have resolved not to mention the name of the Palm Sunday murderer, which apparently many have done for other reasons,

he seems to have fooled the Feds.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

This topic may only interest Beasts, if even him, but this year seems to be confirming what I've thought for some time; Sebastian Vettel is not the best driver in F1, his car was the best.
He's not even the best driver on his team this year.
Hamilton, or especially Alonso, given the superior Red Bull car of years past would have been at least as dominant as he was.


Of course, the lesson of Phillipians 4;15, would elude the president, for obvious reasons,

Jack is Back!

Thanks, Iggy. Its his Mom's contribution, believe me.

Regarding F1, lets not forget Schumacher's condition is no better.


JiB, Happy Easter! I too think that your Frederick is one very good looking young man, and I also love his style!

Captain Hate

Your assumption is correct, Beasts, PBS. I just updated the glossary. Should be on at 9 pm.


A short voter fraud story that leaves me scratching my head.

Woman arrested for Nevada voter fraud

1st sentence: Secretary of State Ross Miller says a woman has been arrested on two felony charges for allegedly using a false identity to register to vote and casting ballots in Nevada elections.

Last sentence: Miller says Segura was arrested Thursday for entering the country illegally.

So which is it?


well I do detect a little similarity between you two, like between my dad and me,

Jack is Back!

Thomas Sargent's 335 word commencement speech to UC Berkeley in 2007

H/T Insty


daddy, that's another one of those yes questions,


Guess the speaker;

"Basically since Yalta we’ve had an assumption that borders are basically going to be borders and once that comes into question if in Ukraine or in Crimea or anywhere else, then all over the world all bets are off," Brooks said. "And let’s face it, Obama, whether deservedly or not, does have a — I’ll say it crudely — but a manhood problem in the Middle East. Is he tough enough to stand up to somebody like Assad or somebody like Putin? I think a lot of the wrap is unfair but certainly in the Middle East there is an assumption that he’s not tough enough."


Quiz Time:

Guess who said this today on Meet The Press?

"Obama, whether deservedly or not, does have a — I’ll say it crudely — but a manhood problem in the Middle East.”

A) Ted Cruz
B) Karl Rove
C) Bill Kristol
D) David Brooks

I'll reveal the answer after I iron another crease in my pant:)

Danube on iPad

Yeah. H. Lee Sarokin.


Carp, Narciso beat me to it@#$% grrrrrrrrrr

Great minds:)


Sharp as a tack, that lad,

so one is getting the notion this Piketty character is French for Krugman,


Of course in the bizarro universe, that is Charles 'Mary Kopechne would be happy' Pierce, we see he is putting Red Squaw on his trapperkeeper.


Obama has a "manhood" problem on planet EARTH.

Thomas Collins

Happy Easter to my friends at JOM.


Clarice's American Thinker Piece is at 343 comments and counting.

It sure is a shame we can't swap Clarice for Jen Rubin at the WaPo.

In other news, I'm amazed this is in the UK Guardian:

Corn biofuels worse than gasoline on global warming in short term – study

Basically says that our Federal Govt just spent half a Million bucks on a Science Study that proved that corn ethanol, which we've subsidized to the tune of a Billion bucks, releases 7% more horrible AGW Carbon into the atmosphere than if we just used regular old non-biofuel gas.

Jack is Back!


You or any of our Bay Staters running tomorrow?


I bet David Brooks because I think he was probably the only one on MTP.


I bet David Brooks cause in the middle of the statement was this:

... off," Brooks said. "And ...


Happy Easter everyone!


I thought that name felt familiar:


the dog that didn't bark;

Thomas Collins

I am not, JiB. A co-worker and former co-worker of my wife are running.


I bet David Brooks because I think he was probably the only one on MTP.

You're too sharp for me, Jane:)

Looks like an intafada has broken out unfortunately in the comments at Clarice's AmThinker Piece.

And has anyone heard from JimmyK lately? New rioting has broken out near the Temple Mount in the heart of old Jerusalem.

Thomas Collins

Any Bay State JOMers running? If you are a lurker, let us know you're running and go back to lurking if you want. Or even better, unlurk on Tuesday and tell us how it went.


Yes, it's regrettable that some try to justify
anti Semitism, or find a way to rationalize it, in forums such as this,


Great stuff Clarice. I read "last preppers" libtard tantrum, and it was classic lib. No matter what evidence is given to you as a lib, you deny, it, spin it, change the issue, be a victim, call your opponent a liar, use any tactic you can to win an argument that you have already lost. It's like a 10 year old, who has not yet understood the concept of responsibility. Liberals have been TAUGHT that liberalism, socialism, and Marxism are correct, and that those who oppose them, merely do so out of EVIL, ignorance, racism, sexism etc. If you are Satan's spawn, libs need not contend with your logic


If you watch Narciso's link to Legal Insurrection at 07:39 above, it's a 1 minute long segment from the Meet The Press roundtable.

Professor Jacobson rightly comments as follows after Brooks makes the "Obama has a manhood problem":

No one jumped to Obama’s defense when the charge was made. Note the reaction Chuck Todd. Not even a head shake of disagreement. Neither David Gregory nor the other panelists jumped to Obama’s defense.

I think it's even worse than that: If you watch Chuck Todd, he starts saying something and then immediately shuts up about it, I think because he realized how stupid it sounded, even tho' Brooks was nodding his head in standard NYTimes BobbleHead agreement:

Todd: BTW internally they fear this, it's not just Bob Corker saying it, Ok, questioning whether the President is uhh the Alpha Male. That's essentially saying he's not Alpha Dog enough, he's not, his rhetoric isn't tough enough. They agree with the Policy decisions that they're making, nobodies saying...but it is sort of the rhetoric, internally this is the question.

It sounds to me like the instant after Todd says "They agree with the Policy decisions that they're making, nobodies saying..." that even he realizes how stupid that sounds and that he just stuck his foot in it, so he instantly flops back to the talking point of a lack of tough enough rhetoric, and Gregory instantly comes in to bail the fool out.

Maybe it's just me, but I hear nothing but people saying that his Policy decisions, whatever the hell they are, are weak, wrongheaded, illogical, unrealistic, and absolutely bound to encourage people like Putin or Assad or the Iranians and the Chinese to take even more aggressive moves against our National interests.

And even Chuck Todd realizes that. He just can't say it publicly.


A pastor made the provocative point, whose was the greater betrayal, Judas, who clear
wanted Jesus to be spurred to action, and
when he realized what he had done, hung himself, or Peter who denied him three times,


A blessed day to you all. In this day and age, Obama has to reach out to everyone. It's the AYSO "everyone gets a trophy/shout out" policy (except for conservatives, of course). i won't begrudge him, or Michelle for wanting to commemorate Brown vs. Board of Education.

BvBofE was one of the most important decisions of the past 75 years and was the right thing to do. I despise racism.

On the other side of the pond, the credentialed moron class increased by 55 when a bunch of them sent a letter to the Telly denying that England was a Christian country, as Cameron called it the other day.

Of course, the state religion or position of the Queen as head of church and state might bely that opinion, but nevermind, the Wiccans, Druids, Muslims, Gaians and "Humanists" will have a go at making the UK an intellectual no-go area. They and the chavs.

Querida and I did the Easter Vigil last night. Very impressive. We have a tremendous music director and she wove a tremendous synthesis of sacred together with a tremendous choir, incredible organ, and brass quintet. It was the epitome of our church year, but we got home at midnight. I had to be back there at 7:30 so that was no fun. running a bit ragged today.


Well they can't tear down their graven idol, but they will try to chip at it, surreptitiously,

Jack is Back!

Both were part of the plan and prophecy but Judas played the greater part for the death and Simon Peter the greater for the establishment of the church.


When Obama IMMEDIATELY canceled the Polish Missile shield. Putin knew Obama was weak. When Obama made the RIDICULOUS Cairo speech, the Islamofascist World knew Obama was weak.
What has Obama accomplished in 5 going on 6 years? NOTHING. He has spent 5 trillion dollars in 5 years, more than any President in history, he has rammed down a SOCIALIST INSPIRED health care plan, that does not work, cannot work, will not work, and is not WANTED by the American populace. Other than that, Obama has lost Senate seats for the Dems, and lost House seats. Oh, and he's partied with Beyonce and golfed.


There is a restaurant in Nantucket called the SeaGrille. A few years ago - I think maybe 3, one of the owners, name Robin, was riding her bike home late at night, as she did every night, and was hit by a drunk driver. Given that it was Nantucket the driver was a friend. Robin was not wearing a helmet as so many people had told her to do for years.

She was in the hospital for months and then at Spaulding rehab. Mentally she was not the same person she was before - in the least.

Her 2 daughters, one of whom is married to a close friend's son (I went to their wedding) worked with her endlessly to get better. And worked and worked and worked.

She and her daughters are running the marathon tomorrow. Cheer for them if you get a chance.

Tomorrow is also Dick and Rick Hoyt's last marathon. I've watched them in every marathon since they started running. Dick is in his 70's now. Rick lives in Sturbridge. He is now 52 years old now. When he was born his parents were encouraged to institutionalize him. He has been in a wheelchair his entire life. The diagnosis is spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy.

Despite the fact that Rick can't talk, he graduated from BU many years ago. You can read their story here. If you get a chance make sure you see them and cheer for them in their last marathon. (I think it was supposed to be last year but due to Boston Strong...)


North Korea's answer to Justin Bieber.

Kim Jong-un gets mobbed by ladies. Cracks a smile

I can't stand it. Later...


Heartwarming story, Jane,

On second thought, I guess it doesn't matter what hair color she is.

Jack is Back!


If they took their caps off they'd all look like him or die.

Jane, we are a country of stories like Robin's and the Hoyt's. It's what makes us strong.

Off to bed. Leave tomorrow. Slaap lekker.

Miss Marple

Hi, all. Wonderful Easter with church, family, and then a little bit of gardening.

Just thought I would stop by and see if I could get on the site. I am heading to bed early because I woke at 5AM.

Good night, all!

Frau Osterei

gus @ 8:22- NOBODY sez it better!


Thank you Frau....,MY DEAR!!!!

HAPPY and BLESSED Easter to all. The Lord has Risen, it is true!!!

Btw. To all and especially my dear friend Henry. Gus had HAGGIS on Easter.


Jong-un's hair looks like Sideshow Bob.


Maybe he got his mail, mixed up with Chicago's

Account Deleted

Brooks is making a category error. The Mahometans have known BOzo was harem safe since before 2008. They have since been given proof (Libya/Egypt) that he is also a cowardly liar of very mediocre intelligence.

There's a difference but I would not expect a NYT columnist, and especially not SharplyCreased, to be able to make the distinction.


Haggis. Well we had great weather. Chain saw ran perfectly. Good beer. But no haggis.


Hey Henry, I hope you had a Blessed Easter. I had plenty of Haggis, I wish you had been at my house! Let's do lunch!!!


Gus, yes a fine Easter. Call my office tomorrow & we'll set up a lunch.

Clarice Feldman

Can't keep up with all the posts. Thanks for the kind comments andI agree with frau, gus's sum up is first rate.


Rick, your miscalculation is as follows. Obama is BRILLLLLLLIANT. Because: He GOT INTO Harvard. Because, he was the President of the Law Review Journal. Because he is sort of kind of Black-ish. And so on. Going forward, Obama was given various passes, because he is Black-ish, and because of the aforementioned NON-MERIT based credentials. Furthermore, Obama gets credit and credence because he is a "good family man", and because he "speaks so well". NOT A HINT OF NEGRO DIALECT. Not a (heheheee) smidgen!!!!
It's the perfext LIBTARD PORN MOVIE!! The Messiah of all righting of societies wrongs is here among us!!!! And he's got finely creased pants!!!!!! Getting INTO Harvard is the KEY. Obama did NOT EARN his way in. Obama didn't WRITE ANYTHING for the LAW REVIEW. Obama passed no legislation, nor did he WRITE any LEGISLATION in either the ILLINOIS nor U.S. Senate. Obama just rode the tide of LIBTARD LOVE. And here we are.


Thank you Clarice, that is very kind of you to say.


Thanks Henry, will do. Henry, I had dinner at the White Fox Den, last Friday. Have you dined there?? It's not far from you, and I wish I had called you.


Occasional breakfast there, it is nearby. Friday I had dinner with my niece before she heads off to Australia.


We'll do a fish fry there. It is fantastic. Very filling Totally Wisconsin.


Is anybody else having problems getting the page-load indicator to stop spinning? Everything appears to be there, and I can even post (well, if this shows up I can) but it never indicates that it is done.


Just full of category error;


About what we suspected;

this wonderful software, has been acting crazy all week, but it seems to be working now,


A glimpse outside the cave wall;


What a lovely Easter my JOM friends.

God Bless all of you.

Captain Hate

Has everybody gone to bed?


at least this thread has CH.


I wake and the first headline I see this AM:

Moody's Downgrades Vermont Law School to Ba1; Outlook Negative

That is junk. Part of the Obama transformation I assume...

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