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April 03, 2014




Sorry, I did not get back to you earlier. The preliminary report on the guitar I was talking to you about is that it is a early 19th Spanish.

The V neck, 12 frets, smaller size, friction turners, fan bracing and rectangle bridge saddle all indicate that. Their are markings that may identify the maker but because of the lack of styling it appears like a practice guitar or of someone without means.

Final report should come soon.


The salien thing about Colbert is that he isn't funy.

Colbert's lame schtick of trying to play a curmudgeonly Republican will never come across near as good as the real thing. Here's Alaskan Congressman Don Young today at a Congressional Hearing being a crusty, curmudgeonly A-hole to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell for her refusal to approve an emergency gravel road from King Cove to Cold Bay:

Young blasts Interior secretary over King Cove road

A portion:

Young: By the way, does a helicopter bother the birds on that refuge?”

Jewell: “Sir, I’m sure when a helicopter is flying it bothers birds on the refuge,” Jewell replied.

Young: “Just like birds out here on the George Washington Parkway? We have thousands of cars go by and they’re about 6 feet from the road? The birds get used to it.”

Jewell: Izembek is a unique wetland of critical international significance, and the birds there are different than those in the Potomac River.

Young: “They are no different, they are the same type of birds, same species as far as genetically goes and you and I know that,” said Young.

Jewell: “No sir, the Pacific black brant...” Jewell began.

Young: “There is exactly the same attitude, they get used to it," he said of the refuge bird, saying there's already traffic in the refuge from dozens of miles of roads."

They deserve each other.


"the Pacific black brant...”

Why did the Pacific Black Brant not cross the Gravel Road not built at Izembek?

Because it was shot before it could get there.

Here's a nice website on Hunting The Pacific Black Brant in the Izembek.

Or you can shoot them at their winter location in San Quintin Bay, Mexico, which is home to roughly 3/4 of the total Pacific Black Brant population.


This Times of India story tells us that just this week Four Indian Pilots have lost their licenses for letting unauthorized passengers into the Cockpits of 3 different planes.

Seems like in that part of the world it's not unusual, even tho' it is illegal.

In other news related to the missing Malaysian Jetliner, Anwar Ibrahim, the recently convicted opposition leader, is now going on the offensive against the Govt: MH370 Malaysia Airlines: Anwar Ibrahim says government purposefully concealing information

He said the families of the 153 Chinese victims on board were right to demand information from the Malaysian government, which had permitted a multi-national search operation to spend a week searching in what it must have known was the wrong place.

“Why didn’t we alert the Chinese, the Vietnamese that the operation should cease in the South China Sea and let them spend millions on search and rescue in a place that they know fairly well cannot be the site of the plane?”

Good point.


JIB-just saw your question. Handel is very bright and competent and was the leading vote getter coming out of the primary in 2010. The good old boys couldn't stand that under the Gold Dome and she lost the run-off. We ended up with someone who has shown no signs of cerebral activity in the several times I have met him at ed events.

The RNP member was a year ahead of me in law school and on Managing Bd of LR when the Editorial BD all showed up early before 2nd year. We did not have our keys yet and it was well over 100 when we came back from dinner. Called upstairs to get someone to let us in. RNP answered but said he was too busy to let us in. That was what he was like at about 24. He and Newt have been close since he was a student where newt taught. I did not know he was on RNP, but I am not surprised.

Miss Marple

daddy, Glad you enjoyed my rat story. You're right; whenever I read about rats or hear about them, I do remember that incident and get the shudders.

Regarding the guitar auction, it's possible the estimates were out of line, but it is also probably because collectibles and antiques have been in a depressed market and that situation has now reached the collectible guitar market.

I attend auctions almost every week, and I cannot tell you how many things do not go for what they went for 7-8 years ago. I routinely buy Roseville pottery for 20-30 dollars, Marx toys for 75% under book value, etc. Part of this is the economy, and part is that the Boomers are divesting themselves of stuff because they are downsizing and their kids don't want it.

The younger generation is broke and living in apartments or with their parents. They don't have room for collections, they like Mid Century modern, and they are totally uninterested in anything their parents liked.

Things that have taken a hit include toys from the 50's, dolls, clear glass (except for Waterford), art pottery, and anything manufactured as a collectible in recent years (Department 56, Hummels, newer Barbie dolls, NASCAR die cast, Longaberger baskets, Boyd's Bears, etc.). You can buy Boyd's Bears at 1% of what they retailed for.

I don't know how many times I have had to tell friends that their vast collection of Precious Moments, Hummels, collector plates, etc. are worthless.

So I am not surprised at the low prices on the guitars. And the fact that some did not sell when their was no reserve tells me the market has collapsed.

Miss Marple

Their = there.

I need more coffee.


Ugh - good morning, I guess. Trying out Chrome browser for first time, instead of the usual Fascistfox. So p.o.'d at that company for making me do this.


Yes, I know of Handel, because of the Huntress's endorsement in the primary,
Deal has proven the 'very model of a modern major crony' to paraphrase Gilbert and Sullivan

Old Lurker

I love JOM.

Just received a sweet long email from YL who (as loyal readers know) moved last weekend with her husband and 2 mo baby to Hong Kong for six months.

Now that the jet lag is over, what could have been more fun and more helpful for her than to spend yesterday afternoon with Hit's wife and with the H&R friends who also live in HK and who have a bunch of kids and have been there long enough to decode some of the ways ExPats deal with kids in that setting. Since Hubby is working long long days, meeting Hit's wife and friend was exactly the boost she needed.


On another front, got the call yesterday from the tax account informing me just how much the a**holes running DC are going to cost me April 15. Cynic that I am, even I was shocked at the increase. And my (business!) partner was hammered even more. Grrr.


Great news, OL, so even the White House, is telling Lurch he's been increasingly pointless, which is rare.

Miss Marple

Off to to run errands and then the Food Pantry.

I hope all of you have a great day!


Oh that's very cool OL. What's Hit's wife doing in Hong kong?

Old Lurker

She is visiting their former neighbors.

Sounds like a boondoggle to pay Hit back for all his hours wasted at the pool hall, don't you think, Jane?


OL-- good to hear YL/family are settling in.

So Taxes UP, Jobs Nowhere. Another nothing jobs report. March is a legit BLS report in that the business 'birth/death' model is neutral, so it doesn't add tens of thousands of jobs that BLS assumes are created by newly formed businesses. April-June BLS does add jobs based on that model assumption. So when we enter the FIFTH recovery summer in June 'Topline' unemployment will be down to 6.4% or so. No real fulltime jobs will have been created, but there will be 6.4% unemployment. Think the voters will buy that? Well some will, but...

Old Lurker

There is that rock solid 38% NK. Sort of the built in head start on all matters political.


Ed Morrissey gives a nice summary of today's nothing burger jobs report.
PS: the WH has told Kerry to quit it with the Palestians? So Kerry will be put out to pasture like Slo Joe now. Obummer sure doesn't like Old White guys.



OL-- Obummer has the rock solid 38%, no doubt.White Dems? I think they are 32-34% rock solid floor. I hope GMAX and RickB are right that it is also close to their ceiling for the foreseeable future.

Jeff Dobbs

Since Hubby is working long long days, meeting Hit's wife and friend was exactly the boost she needed.

We seem to have a bit of miscommunication.

mrs hit and run gets to HK next week, so whomever YL met with yesterday that identified herself as such was an impostor. :)

But I am so happy to hear that YL got to meet up with mrs hit and run's BFF. That entire family lives to serve others -- I swear if YL doesn't practically abuse this new friendship with questions, requests for advice, help, babysitting, meals, or whatever, mrs hit and run's BFF will be insulted.

This is the woman who spent nearly every day at our house for a couple of months after I lost my job in 2009. mrs hit and run is a worrier by nature and some days would find herself curled up in bed nearly the entire day. This dear woman came over to hang, to talk, to keep mrs hit and run's mind occupied, to cheer her up, etc. She also helped mrs hit and run paint nearly the entire house to get it ready to put on the market if things came to that (fortunately, they didn't).

In fact, the job I now have is thanks to her husband. After several months of unemployment, he said I should send him my resume because he might "know a guy". So I did. He passed it along to the then VP of Finance at my present company (I kinda knew this guy because all three of our sons were in the same cub scout troop, but certainly not enough for me to have ever discussed my job situation with him). Turns out, there was a not-yet-posted job coming open at the company and I was a perfect fit. This friend of a friend then inserted himself in the hiring process and almost single-handedly ensured I got the job (I'm not in finance, so this was "going out of his way").

It's not just a mere coincidence that our lives crossed paths with mrs hit and run's BFF's family.


Just read the WaPo page one story. ValJar completely sticks the stiletto boot into Kerry. OMG.


Morning. OL,Hit's wife must be a saint. : )

The front page of the Bangor Daily has a "news" story about Ashley Herbert,native of Madawaska. Oh,you ask who is Ashley Herbert? She is the star of the 2011 season "The Bachelorette". She married her bachelor in 2012 on national TV. They are expecting a baby later this year and she is on the cover of In Touch magazine. This is news because? Maybe a few LIVs will actually buy a newspaper today,inquiring minds need to know.

Old Lurker

That Mrs. H&R was not even there makes that woman even more special, Hit. And in the small world department, they even have a mutual friend at your friends employer. What are the odds of that?

Cool or what?

Danube on iPad

POW reunion:



The salien thing about Colbert is that he isn't funy.

Well, yes, but in a particularly painful way. And not just because of his politics, though that makes it even worse. Smug wold be an understatement.

That's based on about a 4 minute impression, which is as much as I could stand.

Clarice Feldman

Hit is my idea of a saint, actually. A heart full of kindness--as long as there are no chainsaws around.

How wonderful for YL to have a new friend in a new place. And such a nice one, apparently.

WaPo indicated Dept of State has 6 billion dollars unaccounted for in their sloppy contracting operation over the past 6 years. Another Hillary achievement.

Old Lurker

How oh how is it that Hillary is not laughed out of town as a meaningful leader?


One of the things I see as an old car guy is that virtually every Porsche that was not wrecked, and Ferraris and Mustangs and Corvettes is sitting in someone's garage right now.

Prices are at new highs for a lot of these cars, but the reality is that the drivers are aging and the money pool is shrinking as MM so aptly points out.

Perhaps there is hope for my acquisition of that 1937 Cord yet.


Clarice-it is dreadful how often the Clinton Global Initiative comes up as a key component of the UN's transformational vision for all of us. It was a massive conflict for an SoS and is a massive conflict for a candidate for the Presidency.

It certainly is the antithesis of having US interests as traditionally understood at heart. Like Bloomberg and Blair, it seems we have former politicians who feel they are a global nomenklatura entitled to do well while acting in overlordship of the 'little people."


WaPo indicated Dept of State has 6 billion dollars unaccounted for in their sloppy contracting operation over the past 6 years. 

If only Chris Stevens didn't botch the MANPAD sale to our enemies...

Now it is up to the salesman in chief.



"Hit is my idea of a saint, actually."

i can't tell you how relieved I am to find out that saints drink Tito's!


I concur with everyone's feelings about H&R. He has a wonderful way of welcoming everyone into the JOM family and keeping us all entertained with his great sense of humor.Life can be made so much better by helping one another.
Every Friday I think of Miss Marple at the food pantry and admire her ability to do something to solve problems and give people hope.
Jane is tireless along with Janet in doing all the right things to ensure fairness and a better life for everyone. Every week Clarice writes a soul searching article to inform people about the truth and offers concrete solutions to right the ship of democracy and freedom. We will defeat Obama and his democratic minions because we have a moral compass and will defend liberty at all costs. How telling that the McCutcheon decision would reveal for all to see who the real opponents of the 1st Amendment are in life. Chuckie Schumer comes to mind. I knew at the time he defeated D'Amato that he would always be a part of the political landscape that would undermine our American life.


Progressives have no moral principles; they have goals.


well they do have one principle-- the ends justify the means. Of course that is at best amoral.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Progressives have no moral principles; they have goals.

I just did a FB rant on needing to know exactly what I am ALLOWED to BELIEVE & what is forbidden. Apparently all our jobs depend on it.

Let's ask the secular left mob - "What, in your mind, is sinful?"
What are their commandments that I am not allowed to break?

'Thou shalt not oppose redefining marriage'

'Thou shalt not question man-made global warming & cheerfully pay for & embrace ALL "green" ideas/projects, no matter how lousy'

'Thou shalt advocate for, pay for, & celebrate killing babies.'

'Thou shalt hate America & Israel.'

'Thou shalt hate the Koch family.'

Old Lurker

I would change to word "goal" to "appetite"


The salien thing about Colbert is that he isn't funy.

The salient thing about Colbert is that he thinks he is.

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