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April 25, 2014



Another great pieces is up. Good Sunday morning, everybody.
My son and his best friend and I spent the day yesterday walking and riding around New York City, starting with a walk through hipster heaven Williamsburg, then walking across the Willie B (great views!)into the lower east side. From there we went to Wall Street, saw where Washington was inaugurated, walked to the foot of Broadway, then rode to midtown to peek into the lobby of the Chrysler Building, lunched in Bryant Park, then a stop at the Nintendo store in Rockefeller Center, then up to see Grant's Tomb. We walked around Morningside Heights and Harlem before taking the subway back down to Williamsburg and calling it a day. All in all quite an experience.


Yep, Clarice nails it --again.


Jim Eagle

Bravo, Clarice. Another.wonderful indictment of those unhappy souls in Progland who just want the rest of us liberty seeking citizens to go away. But we're staying.

Clarice Feldman

Thank you.


Great work Clarice. Peter, I took that Williamsburg Bridge walk last summer with the missus. Sounds like a great day.


Damn, Clarice, I love the way you write!

Jim Eagle

Another chapter in that NY Times best seller: "They Eat Their Own"

Randi Rhodes Quitting Radio, Slams Ex-Colleagues Maddow, Frnaken

Miss Marple

Clarice, Thank you so much for an excellent essay, tying together everything that has gone on with Bundy.

Superb column which I will link on a couple of web sites!


WOW! New NRA Ad "It's us against the world!


Jim Eagle

Meanwhile back at the ranch: Ukraine Crisis.

Pro-Russian gunman show seized military monitors from Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic

I think we can pretty much kiss Eastern Ukraine goodbye.

jimmyk on iPad

From JiB's 8:20'

So when Air America came I said, oh my God, and the opportunity is amazing, to be the advocate of even more people and to tell people even more about, you know, how you get through this life and what's important, you know, that you vote and participation and your own life, meaning every part of it is the most important thing that you can choose.

And on and on like that. Shocking that someone as articulate as this couldn't make it in radio. And she professes shock that her colleagues were primarily interested in advancing their own careers. Translation: Sour grapes.


Clarice - This week's "Pieces" is truly a treasure.
Thanks for another great column for our Sunday morning reading !

After savoring it one more time, maybe I'll go back and enjoy the smackdown our esteemed host administered to that nasty dwarf of an "economist", Mr. Krugman.

Clarice Feldman

Thanks, again.


Pikkety Talkity:

When Clarence Birdseye made $22 million in the 1920s inventing a way to flash freeze foods, he became wealthy while those who bought frozen foods became poorer. Progressive leaders want you believe purchasers of frozen fish were worse off. What pompous, overbearing nonsense.


Clarice - that was a GREAT Pieces today! So proud to know you and read you.

Clarice Feldman

Hey, cc, you give me too much credit--I pick the brains here, wrap the thoughts in a package and send it off.

Captain Hate

It's pretty bad when satire has better analysis than the MFM:



His truth is marching on. Nice job, Clarice.


I pick the brains here, wrap the thoughts in a package and send it off.

Damn straight. A hundred years from now, anyone who reads my editorials in past issues of the Rome Sentinel will think I’m a polymath when actually I just listened in JOM class.


Am shocked to learn that this NBA racist Team Owner has been a supporter of Dem Politicians.

One of the effects of all the hyper-PC sensitivity and outrage over every imaginable verbal offense is, at least for me, such fatigue and boredom of the topic that I cannot get interested in, much less worked up about, any more stories about people saying mean things, even in the rare case that they are genuinely offensive (as opposed to "phiesta," or some septogenarian rancher saying "Negro"). So maybe this NBA guy should be punished, or maybe people just need to grow up, or maybe both, I really don't care any more.


Big C: Yes, but there is a talent in the assembly and wrapping up of the package that not everyone shares. Your "package" today was just superb.


I pick the brains here, wrap the thoughts in a package and send it off.

CC beat me to it, but: Not as easy as it sounds, even if that were all, which it ain't.

Clarice Feldman

Thanks again,


Clarice, like others have said it is a pleasure to look forward to Sunday morning and reading Clarice's Pieces where every Sunday they seem to get better.


I am so torn on Bundy. Part of me wants to celebrate him and part of me is leery of him.

Great Pieces Clarice.


An old man, boinking a half black, half Mexican. Woman more than half his age doesn't sound racist to me. He sounds jealous and not very educated. How did he make his money?

Jim Eagle

Did anyone know about this story:

Death on the American Riviera, an Investigative Seriies of a Congresswoman, Iraq War Veteran and a Hit and Run DUI

We all know about Trey Radel and Michael Grimm but Lois Capps gets a free hall pass.


Sue, can you translate your 10:03 please?


Sue is commenting on this link from CH:


Jim Eagle


Sue is referencing Donal Sterling, 81 year old owner of the LA Clippers of the NBA who made REAL racists remarks to his 35 year old concubine who is half black/half hispanic.

Unlike Bundy, he is a big Dem donor. So, its crickets except the NBA players are going to make it above the fold page one and not the sports section. Pass the popcorn.


Thanks, TK. I was trying to figure out if Cliven Bundy has a half-black half-Mexican young wife.


And thanks, JiB. Good point about the comparison to Bundy.


Sorry. You are supposed to read my mind. I might work up some outrage over Sterling if, as Stephen A. Smith said, it was well known he was racist, and black players refused to play for him.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--Thanks, TK. I was trying to figure out if Cliven Bundy has a half-black half-Mexican young wife.

Posted by: jimmyk | April 27, 2014 at 10:48 AM -

Heh. Me too.


And my outrage meter might go up if they hadn't cried wolf every 5 minutes.

And part of my angst might be it is sucking all of the news air up and leaving very little for them to talk about my Mavericks being up 2-1 on their sainted Spurs!


And my outrage meter might go up if they hadn't cried wolf every 5 minutes.

Yes, Sue, you said much more succinctly what I was trying to say in my 9:25 (and again in the new thread).


when actually I just listened in JOM class

. . . and, just like Clarice, actually often credit TM and JOM commenters, too.

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