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April 30, 2014



Just who is this Les and why is he miserable?


Who gets the difference of the $116,000 sale price and the unpaid balance?

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Steyn is on Dennis Miller. You can listen live here - http://www.dennismillerradio.com/

first hour 12-1 eastern time.


Welcome to the new America.


I don't get the 'New America' comment.


New America: Where you can seize someone's home for a $6.00 tax bill; Where you can ban someone for life for something he said in private; Where you can be president and lie and lie and lie and the press doesn't even bother to mention it.


Clarice, I understand now why the Benghazi docs were released to Judicial Watch.

Apparently they started out as non-classified. When Congress asked for them the WH declared them classified and redacted most of them. Judicial Watch sued and the court ordered them to produce redacted docs. The WH had to know this was coming whihc may explain the hire of the criminal lawyer.


The tax bill reference is backwards. In 'Apple Pie' America days gone by, widows routinely lost homes for arbitrary tax or utility liens, and sometimes outright fraud. Consumer protection laws and procedural safeguards enacted over the past 50+ years make these sort of arbitrary results far less likely to occur. This whole story is bizarre, and somehow I get the sense not been fully told.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

an update - Gosnell Movie
A historic crowdfunding campaign for a movie about America's biggest serial killer, abortionist Kermit Gosnell and the media cover-up.

raised of $2,100,000 goal
13 days left


Clarice Feldman

Thanks, Jane.

That milking of oldsters for minor tax arrears was going on in DC for years, and only recently was the practice halted. I can't remember the details of the new policy but people were outraged when they understood the shark feeding that was going on here.

Clarice Feldman

Looks like the Dems have given up on Wendy Davis per Red State, Remember her when establishment types mock some TP candidates..she was the star of a well-fubnded war on women, take back Texas drive by establishment Dems, no ordinary citizen pushed forward with no experience or funding.

Frau  Stachelschwein

Well, well well. Something new I learned about Tom Steyer:

"While the Koch brothers typically receive more scrutiny from lawmakers and the media about their donations to conservative groups, the (Senate) hearing on Wednesday comes amid the annual meeting for the secretive club of wealthy liberals known as the Democracy Alliance.

One of the alliance’s members, San Francisco hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer, has already pledged to spend $100 million in the upcoming midterm elections on candidates who support environmentalist causes. Steyer is now under fire after public records revealed that his hedge fund was allegedly involved in a Ponzi scheme to defraud German real estate investors of $67 million."


Frau-- Herr Steyer will no doubt say that his Hedge Fund engaged in standard business practices in the Hedgie industry... wait, wait....


I agree NK,there must be more to the story. Many years ago,after the death of my father-in-law,my mother-law moved back to Maine full time. They had been snowbirds for about ten years. She found an overdue sewer/water tax bill in her mail for the Maine house. It might have been one of those threatening second or third notice type letters. The balance due was maybe? about seven dollars. She marched into town hall and let loose. She waved the letter in the face of the town clerk and said we've been paying taxes in this town for 50 years and this is the respect I get? For seven lousy dollars. As I always say,don't mess with Nana. :)


Good for Nana Marlene.

Captain Hate

So Deadbeat Barbie is too disgusting even for the donks?


The Dems dropped Barbie when the polling said she'd lose badly. Disgusting? ... she's no where near the critical level of Dem tolerance for that. Not even close.

Frau  Stachelschwein

"Wendy and her Catheter" wasn't enough to put her name in lights, CH.

Clarice Feldman

Rick seems to be locked out of JOM. If anyone has any ideas how we can restore him to this place, please speak up.


In both Illinois and Iowa, after your property is sold at the tax auction you have a period of some months to redeem it -- you can go pay your back taxes and the sale is voided and any money paid by the buyer is returned.

The "tax sale" isn't really a sale at all. It is merely an option to buy the property at a future date if the owner really really really fails to pay the taxes. The buyers of these things manage them as option portfolios...

I expect that there is some racket going on where the bills and notices are only on a bulletin board inside a closet in the courthouse basement or something like that.


--Rick seems to be locked out of JOM.

He's more computer savvy than I am, so I assume he's already cleared his cache, deleted his cookies, rebooted his router, rebooted his machine, tried a different browser.

I believe the only standard troubleshooting step that remains is to "jiggle the wires".


Has he tried creating a new typhuspad sign in with a throwaway email addy?

Frau  Stachelschwein

I've had trouble posting from *either* of my computers for the last several days but in the words of hit, there is always

Free Rick!
Free Rick!
Free Rick!

Rick B

Cache cleared, cookies eaten - now Stephanie's suggestion.

Rick B

waddayaknow - THANKS STEPHANIE!!!

Miss Marple

As I said, Mike Pence stepped in it with his stupid attempt to "rebrand" Common Core as Indiana Core.

Michelle Malkin recaps it all here.


I did not watch him on Sunday but a friend of mine did, and all of the things he bragged about were either accomplished under Mitch Daniels administration or are as a result of Daniels efforts.

NOT a good candidate. Do not say I didn't warn you.



Tom Maguire
I believe the only standard troubleshooting step that remains is to "jiggle the wires".

Surely somewhere there is a screw he can loosen and then re-tighten? That works for me, or will one day.


You're most welcome Rick!


No more banging on the top of the computer like we used to do with TVs?

Incidentally, I have never signed up with Typhuspad and consequently have no account that can be deleted, as Rick's apparently was. And I have only rarely had trouble posting.

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