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April 05, 2014



Stephenson's Cryptonimicon, gives a good window into this world, from the US side, Harris's book was not that good,

Danube on iPad

Why can't the NSA nail Rachel from Card Services?




the key to this, is Mark Lloyd, regardless it is Wheeler or his predecessor;



So the support is still higher then when the Court steamrollered with Furman;



I wonder if one month is enough time to put a bs set of data in a soon to be found "black box" where no debris field seems to have existed.


the rest of the story, also fits into this thread;



They just heard a ping about 117 miles from land in Australia. I wonder if they tried to land but fell short? One conspiracy theory at a time please.

4JackisBack!2 (On His iPhone)


Sitting at soccer waiting for Frederck's game to start. Two moms from another team are discussing ObamaCare and agree 1) not free, 2) unworkable and their solution is to do like they do in Britain.


One conspiracy theory at a time please.

I'm branching out.


do like they do in Britain

Placebo health care. The kind that lets you feel secure until you get sick or hurt.


37.% khz does seem fairly specific, of course as with everything in this incident, subject to review;


Interesting how in the Horde link, the convergence point is 1968, I guess it reflects the lack of confidence in institutions at that time,

Miss Marple

TK, I was thinking that, but of course, that is just crazy talk.

I figure we will find a few pieces of wreckage of dubious nature, a black box, and some generic Chinese body parts.


some generic Chinese body parts.

Maybe that is the "Ping" they detected.

Patrick R. Sullivan

No one does Obit as well as the Telegraph;


'Roberts found himself facing an enigmatic recruitment process at a War Office building just off Trafalgar Square during which he was asked by an anonymous major if he played chess. When he responded in the affirmative, the major asked if he could also “tackle crosswords”.

'Another nod of the head was sufficient to see him sent to the codebreakers’ “War Station” at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire, where John Tiltman, the chief cryptographer, recruited him into his research section, warning him that “absolute silence must be preserved” about what happened there.'


Yes, the Telegraph is great at this, because they assume the audience would understand what Enigma was,

that Chinn fellow, shirley he can't be serious;


this was the gem, he turned up;



PBS had a series entitiled Bletchley Park. Interesting.


On the US side, the real life versions of Waterhouse and Shaftoe, from the book re earlier, Justice Stevens and this fellow;

Redstone attended the Boston Latin School, from which he graduated first in his class. In 1944, he graduated from Harvard College,[7] where he completed the studies for his baccalaureate in three years. Later, Redstone served as First Lieutenant in the United States Army during World War II[7] with a team that decoded Japanese messages.[8]


strangely, I don't think they are reassured;


4JackisBack!2 (On His iPhone)

Mrs.JiB and I love Bletchey Park. It is up in Bucks north of London and very popular museum. When in London it is A Don't Miss destination.


Patrick Sullivan - Thanks for the interesting link to the Telegraph story.

Imo, *any* story about the history of Bletchley Park is a “must read.“

Nice blog that you have there, and linked to, also.


So who knows if that ping is real:


Miss Marple

You know, there is something fishy about every single thing about the missing plane.

Next Godzilla will have eaten it or something.

I am going to clean off the patio.


JiB, take it from my sister, recently home from many years in London. We do not want to do like the Brits: Too little hit and too much miss.

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