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April 29, 2014



Baker, is a nice guy, but the big story is here;


Danube on iPad

Seems like only yesterday Kerry was dreaming of a Nobel prize.

Clarice Feldman

Isn't it nice to see Kerry's luftmenschen ideas explode in his face? Crackpot internationalist gets what he deserves.


You want to see how 'foolish' Volodya is, avert your eyes;



Clarice,I just listened to the radio interview. Wonderful!


OT but important:

CNBC reports that individual home ownership is at a nineteen year low.

Yeah, the Obummer economy is just dandy.


As in the middle east;



for you weather/climate heads, the Derby has 140 years of weather records for the first saturday in May in Lexington Ky. This year will be a below average mid- 60s day. I blame Global warming. Accuweather reports here: http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/risk-of-a-shower-for-derby-as/26243085


Obama will never be a cowboy. Not even one of those working on Brokeback Mountain.


Hey computer nerds - My outlook will no longer compete tasks - eg get my email. It just sits there. Any suggestions?


The Brokeback gays guys were shepherds not cowboys.

Miss Marple

That new show on Fox is debating whether cheerleading is a sport. Unsurprisingly, the women say yes and Brian Kilmeade says no.

If you can drink beer and smoke while participating, it is not a sport. Bowling, golf (sorry guys) and pool (no matter how competitive) are games, not sports.

Also, some athletic competitions fall more under a dance classification, even though they require strength and agility, but I am NOT getting into that argument. HA!

Thomas Collins

I don't blame Merkel for continuing to cozy up to Putin. Obama undercut Poland and the Czech Republic on missile defense. Obama's solid red lines smear more than cheap lipstick. What possible credibility do Obama and his national security team have on an aggressive response to Russian war maneuvers?

Western Europe would not be a lost cause if there was a US POTUS perceived in Western Europe as a strong leader (a la Reagan). I think the Euros are coming to terms with who the strong horse is now in the US/Russian rivalry.

Thomas Collins
"If you can drink beer and smoke while participating, it is not a sport."

Miss Marple, I am surprised at you. Don't you realize that beer drinking while smoking is itself an arduous sport? :-))

Jim Eagle

Miss Marple,

I must take exception with your personal definition of sport. Cards are games. Shooting craps is a game. Jeopardy is a game. Chess and checkers and mahjong are games.

Golf is definitely a sport as is bowling. Racing cars and horses are sports as much as racing bikes and boats are sports. Fishing and hunting are considered field sports much lke hoseback riding and fox hunting.

Your definition of sport based on the lack of smoking and drinking would therefore disqualify professional baseball up till the 1990's. I seem to remember a number of professional football players that regularly lit them up after games back in the 70's and 80's. I believe one of the problems with the decline of the Redsox's a few years back under Francona was a drinks issue in the clubhouse (during games, BTW).

Now, I know there will be a number of JOM members who will take exception to my definition of sport but since I am writing a history of British sports in the Victorian era I have research and family business success on my side. Let the arguing begin.

Don't forget you can find out more at www.thelillywhitefamilymuseum.com



>>>Posted by: Miss Marple | April 29, 2014 at 12:18 PM<<<

yikes. not this again. iirc, that issue has to do with Title IX and feminists have worked overtime to make sure it is not a sport at least at the college level which is unfair to the young women some of whom can be grievously injured.

>>>beer drinking while smoking is itself an arduous sport<<<

I've got the poise and confidence of a seasoned athlete.

Stephanie spring sprung baseballs back umm ummm umm

I've got the seasons of a poised and confident athlete. MANY SEASONS. :)

BTW cheerleaders do a lot of gymnastics and have major injuries up to and including paralysis. Guy at Georgia Tech was paralyzed on a mini tramp during a game about 15 years ago. It's not just chicks, either, you sexists ;)


I always thought cheerleading was entertainment:)

I guess I should accept the sexist label without argument.


Thanks Dave. We found it a little while ago. It's all over facebook now. As is this wonderful outpouring of stuffed animals for Justina at the state house. With the resignation of the head of the DCF (or whatever the initials are)we may be making progress.

Meanwhile - aren't you a tech genius? My outlook stopped working. Any clue?


May have mentioned this anecdote before but I have a friend from Austria who well understands the perfidy of Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Not too long ago I asked her what she thought of Russia's behavior and what she felt the "german" attitude would be towards.
She said all those countries over there are learning to hum the Russian national anthem.

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