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April 01, 2014


Miss Marple

NK, My sneaky self would start a rumor that voters are going to randomly be investigated for food stamp fraud.

But that would be wrong.


I'm not sure why anyone would bother voting in NY in addition to FL. NY elections, especially presidential, are never close, so why take the risk? But lots of NYers have 2nd homes in FL and would, if they can, vote in FL instead of NY. So I wouldn't look so much for duplicate voting as registrations in FL by people who don't really live there full-time.

Jeff Dobbs

I would assume that the fraud is almost entirely in the battleground states. So of those four big states, only FL ... I'd guess the total of fraudulent votes is much bigger than 87K, even if the 36K for NC turns out to be an overestimate.

Sorry - I am estimating the total NC fraudulent vote to be 87K. Not total US.

If 36K fraudulent votes cast in NC are identified by looking at double votes in 28 states - that do not include TX, FL, NY, CA - then there would be roughly 51K more fraudulent votes cast in NC from the remaining 22 states that include TX, FL, NY, CA. The size of the big 4 states drives that higher number.

But that assumes there is an equally likely chance that each state would represent an equal portion of double-voting citizens. That's obviously not true. But I am only ball-parking some numbers here, at least until someone starts paying me to spend more than 5 minutes with a spreadsheet on this stuff.

Florida is trying Clarice, but the Feds are not timely cooperating with census or some other data.

I have no idea what's involved in joining the crosscheck consortium - but FL is not a part of it. You'd think of all states in this union, FL would be the first to sign up.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--But he is a fraud, the willingness of the media to close ranks around him, is the distinction....--

I agree Mann is a fraud. My point though was that to prove malicious prosecution pretty much anywhere you have to demonstrate the suit was brought without probable cause, meaning no reasonable person or lawyer given the facts could ever hope to win the case. That's going to be tough with the word fraud out there. That is an allegation of illegality which expressed as a fact is usually construed as slander or libel per se.

James D.

We don't live in a police state, right?


FBI agents Wednesday seized "thousands" of cultural artifacts, including American Indian items, from the private collection of a 91-year-old Rush County man who had acquired them over the past eight decades.

An FBI command vehicle and several tents were spotted at the property in rural Waldron, about 35 miles southeast of Indianapolis.

The man, Don Miller, has not been arrested or charged.

Robert A. Jones, special agent in charge of the Indianapolis FBI office, would not say at a news conference specifically why the investigation was initiated, but he did say the FBI had information about Miller's collection and acted on it by deploying its art crime team.

I love that the FBI doesn't feel it needs to explain why it initiated an investigation, or a massive raid. "Probable cause" is so 18th century, I guess.

My favorite bit, though:

The aim of the investigation is to determine what each artifact is, where it came from and how Miller obtained it, Jones said, to determine whether some of the items might be illegal to possess privately.

Jones acknowledged that Miller might have acquired some of the items before the passage of U.S. laws or treaties prohibited their sale or purchase.

It "might" be illegal for some of the items Mr. Miller had, so they have to seize everything an apparently harmless 91-year-old man has worked his entire life to collect. Makes sense to me.

The government can't catch guys who plan to commit mass murder, even when there are enough warning signs for a blind and deaf man to notice; that's really not a priority.

But 91-year-olds who probably aren't even in violation of some obscure law against the purchase of artifacts passed a couple of decades after they bought them...they'd better look out, because the FBI's got a task force ready to pounce on them at a moment's notice.

Defund it all. Every freaking agency, every department. Gut the DoJ especially, and every law enforcement branch under it. Fire everyone from a GS-5 on up. Raze the ground, salt the earth, and start again from scratch.

How much worse could it be than what we have now?


the Courts are no help;


of course, the ignored the DoJ's stall on the voter lists,

Jim Eagle


Not just New Yorkers but every snowbird that has a Florida address. Scott has been trying to purge the rolls but keeps getting his eyes poked out by Holder and his storm troopers.

I do know that the reason NY's 1st Congressional district (Suffolk and the Hamptons) has gone Sky Blue is because every Manhattanite who owns a home on the South Fork is registered there and not in Manhattan. The First used to be solid red but then along came Tim Bishop and the rest is history.


FWIW, Ft Hood shooter on meds. They mention Ambien, but there may be others.


Henry thanks-- this is the line from the story about today's testimony: "He was taking medications including Ambien, the secretary said." he had been under psychiatric care for a month, but there was no diagnosis that he was dangerous to himself or others. Well the shrinks got that one wrong. 34 yo spc truck driver, he was not a glowing professional soldier success story.

Clarice Feldman


My impression is that these jerks feel entitled to vote in both places. I'[m sure there are more recent stories on this.


Hey, Mia Love fans--per some conservative group that I cannot vouch for that emailed me, she needs $ as a RINO is being backed in the primary, which she expected to not have to spend much on.

Here's her direct site:


Time to start putting our money where are mouths are, JOMers!!
I know from friends who've run, even the five dollar checks are
meaningful while being called greedy, racist, child haters.


What makes her opponent a RINO?

He makes a non-RINOish point:

But Fuehr, a retired telecommunications executive who lost a bid in 2012 for the 2nd District, cautions against some of that thinking.

“I’m better qualified. I have greater depth and breadth of experience than Mrs. Love,” he said.

“And I think that Mrs. Love is a fine person. But I think getting an African-American woman into Congress ought to be the result of the election, not the goal of the election.”


I assume there is evidence of his lack of purity and I eagerly await its presentation.


He can’t be pure, he’s from Utah!

[Example from Logical Fallacies 101. :-) ]


That is funny, sbw!


Now now TK, no weaseling here. MiaL is a TP darling so you've got to dig deep and give $$$ to her. I've been taught here that to challenge a TP with a more 'establishment' repub is heresey, and to some, makes you an enemy of liberty. Dig deep for Mia TK!


"There is evidence .... I eagerly await its presentation" Wait.....?


She has a funny name.

Miss Marple

James D, As a seller of antiques and collectibles on eBay, I live in terror of accidentally selling something prohibited by Federal law.

I will not even consider anything made of ivory, even if it is authenticated as antique and complete documentation of provenance comes with it. Selling antique ivory without acceptable documentation can get you 10 years in a federal penitentiary.

Indian artifacts are another thing I am wary of, because they can end up in situations like poor Mr. Miller. He was probably turned in by a rival collector or a disgruntled relative. Sort of reminds me of the Stasi's operations in East Germany.


TK-- heh.

Miss Marple

James D., Are you able to access comments on that story about the FBI taking that old man's collection?

I see there are 106 comments but I cannot get them to open.


Sorry - I am estimating the total NC fraudulent vote to be 87K. Not total US.

My mistake, I misunderstood your post. But as the FL-NY discussion suggests, double voting is only part of the story. Anyone who lives in a non-battleground state might try to vote (only) in a battleground state. NC seems like a place where people have vacation homes that would give them an opportunity to do that.


The shooter is most definitely going to be found to have been on psychotropics, from what I heard on NPR at the top of the hour.

"Suffered from depression."

Mia Love needs our money, per an unvetted conservative group's email that found it's way to email box this morning--some RINO is now running against her and she didn't think she was going to have an opponent.

So, JOMers--time to put our money where our mouths are!

Here's her personal site:


My friends who have run say even the $5 contributions make them pull out whatever it is that they need to face being labelled a greedy racist child hater and carry on.


Oh! sorry about the repost---I couldn't find the other one.


What makes her opponent a RINO?

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