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April 01, 2014



If he served abroad, they'll blame the wars,
much as they tried with Dorner, that story went away right quick till the report last month,

Danube on iPad

I enjoyed reading Steyn's brief, but I suspect the court will grant Mann's motion to dismiss. I would guess the court will say that all of Steyn's counterclaims are de facto charges of abuse of process and malicious prosecution, and that they can only be pursued if Mann's suit fails. But the moving papers certainly alert the court to what is really at atake, if it weren't aware already.

Hope I'm wrong.

Jeff Dobbs

The next one will come from a Jihadi named Joe. How will that feel?

You're asking people who think jihadi first when a mass killing - especially against US soldiers - how they would feel if a guy named Joe turned out to be jihadi?

I'd say exonerated.


It's curious how speaking truth to power, is not all it's cracked up to be, unless your a jackass like Tim Robbins who we could never shut him up.



Good point but you cannot to this day associate someone named Ivan as a jihadist without proof beyond doubt. But I do know guys named Harry, Dick and Chuck have been known to terrorize me:)

Jeff Dobbs

I may not sleep for a week after learning that JiB is terrorized by Harry Dick.

'goggles they do nothing'


Yes, it's kind of a reflexive action, to the Media's Dr, Strangelove salute, a killer is a killer,


Might need full neuralization, hit,

In other news, Bittman possibly after a bad paella has gone Krugman, over climate change,


Just up the road: This day in history?

Near present-day St. Augustine, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon comes ashore on the Florida coast, and claims the territory for the Spanish crown.

Although other European navigators may have sighted the Florida peninsula before, Ponce de Leon is credited with the first recorded landing and the first detailed exploration of the Florida coast. The Spanish explorer was searching for the "Fountain of Youth," a fabled water source that was said to bring eternal youth. Ponce de Leon named the peninsula he believed to be an island "La Florida" because his discovery came during the time of the Easter feast, or Pascua Florida.

In 1521, he returned to Florida in an effort to establish a Spanish colony on the island. However, hostile Native Americans attacked his expedition soon after landing, and the party retreated to Cuba, where Ponce de Leon died from a mortal wound suffered during the battle. Successful Spanish colonization of the peninsula finally began at St. Augustine in 1565, and in 1819 the territory passed into U.S. control under the terms of the Florida Purchase Treaty between Spain and the United States.

Clarice Feldman

Thank you, Jane. I think the best part of being an appellate lawyer is you really don't have to know very much about the law..it's largely story telling where you are limited to what's in the script notes. I spent far more time on the Statements of Fact than on anything else, because if the facts are not appealing, well.....


Such modesty, clarice, from someone who got one of the first reversals of a Watergate witchhunt, one still has to present the argument succinctly and with conviction,


Charles Koch fires back (WSJ):



Regardless of the motive, this is the second attack on a military installation in about a week, recall that incident in Norfolk,


Taranto spots a moment when Woody Allen was still funny;

Dr. Melik: "This morning for breakfast he requested something called 'wheat germ, organic honey and tiger's milk.' " Dr. Aragon: [chuckling] "Oh, yes. Those are the charmed substances that some years ago were thought to contain life-preserving properties." Dr. Melik: "You mean there was no deep fat? No steak or cream pies or--hot fudge?" Dr. Aragon: "Those were thought to be unhealthy--precisely the opposite of what we now know to be true." Dr. Melik: "Incredible."--from "Sleeper," 1973

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Who knew Woody was clairvoyant.

Jane on Ipad


That's funny, because facts are the most important thing I've ever had to know, as well. I'm very surprised that is true on your level. Of course I'm a huge believer in specializing, so there is only 1 thing you have to know the law about. It becomes 2nd nature.



This has all gotten too weird. A US Senator constantly slandering specific Americans. It is bad enough how they treat the tea party movement...but what if a US Senator was doing this to you?

Stirring up hatred for YOU specifically? In speeches, on TV, in writing,...slandering you over & over.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Was hit and run home alone today?

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Grrr, proper link to H&R with chainsaw in neck.

Captain Hate

Reid needs to be horsewhipped in public. Too bad we don't have an opposition party.


Chain of fools.


when Hairy Reed did that to Limbaugh he auctioned off the letter ... unsettling our political class would target individuals though.



skynet ... http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/20/washington/20letter.html?_r=0

screwed that up...

Captain Hate

I saw that guy on the news; he can't wait to get back up in trees. Maybe Iggy can give him some safety tips.


good grief ...

Captain Hate

Camille Paglia, despite voting for the JEF in 2008, was outraged that he would target an entertainer like Rush. I think that opened her eyes to what a creep he was because previously she tried to blame his acts on the people around him.


...in the neck. and he's still alive.

get that man a powerball ticket.

Beasts of England

Yes, TJ was a busy boy. Being a tall, smart, charming red-head was probably more than the ladies could resist. Of course, I could be a little biased. And humble...

Never heard the story about the La Tache, lyle - not sure that Monopole existed at that time, but I'm replying from memory. I know some counterfeiters sold a bottle of Ch. Lafite that was supposedly etched with his glyph a while back. It turned out to be fake (and vinegar). I think it was one of the Forbes who bought it, but I'll have to check.



cute doggie.

Beasts of England

@JiB: I can attest to those prices, but I understand that a nominal dude working at a music store may not appreciate the market for guitars priced in the stratosphere. Not many folks do. Or should! Glad they had a Flying V knock-off and a conversation starter. I'll fill you in on celebrity-owned guitars for your next trip!

Beasts of England

I ran out of guitar pics (picks?), rich. It's cute doggies all the way down!


clever beasts ...

and if you want a friend get a dog

Account Deleted

I sorta hope to hear the Searchlight Pederast squeal like Ned Beatty every day until his sorry assed party loses their majority in November. Koch Industries isn't on any ballots.

Beasts of England

More Beasts stories:

Went to dinner tonight with a very attractive and engaging lady. Had a nice meal, bottle of vino and conversation. She actually paid, which was a bonus! It was my ex-wife. ;)

On the downside, I have to testify against the mother of my most recent long-term girlfriend tomorrow morning. I don't look forward to that. At all.

And to tie the two incidents together, the father of the former girlfriend has a large roofing company in the area and won the contract to roof the guardhouse, antebellum mansion (clubhouse) and pool house in the gated community in which my ex (wife) resides. Six Degrees of Beasts. lol

Beasts of England

Another Ft. Hood shooting? Are you kidding me? After there were warning about an attack the other day? Wow.


HI all, LTNS. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather this week.

Thinking of y'all, especially Iggy.


Yikes, how did that circumstance happen, sorry to hear that Beasts, any motive for this thing,

Beasts of England

@narciso: it stems from an arrest involving myself, the girlfriend and her mother a year and a half ago. Her mother's screw up, but we all got arrested... This should be the end of it. I truly pray I don't have to testify against the former girlfriend, too. Ugh.


I know it will come as a shock, but I agree with DoT on the outcome of Steyn's opposition. I posted the link before I read the brief.

Although, I will also say that I thought the SLAAP motion brought against Mann should have been granted. I have some experience with those in California courts with angry corporate executives suing blogging shareholders.

Steyn is winning the literary war.


A shame about that, so this makes the second incident on a military installation, in the last week, the second on this particular installation, and the third including the Navy Yard, 'winning the future' is going on,

Eric in Boise

Um, Beasts, you know my daughter, right?

What's that? You don't?

::Whew:: :)


Any news from the Beastette on South Beach, I've only been down there, once when I was in college, so I sympathize, it's like the Star
Wars Cantina down there,

Beasts of England

She's having a rather large time - thanks, narciso! Sun burned, laughing about the outrageous prices and doing lots of people-watching!

Don't worry Eric, Idaho's a long way away!


This requires something stronger than winning the future;


something in Spanish or Russian;


You know they didn't totally ignore GM's situation but they were certainly 'slow walking' there way to the solution;


Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--I enjoyed reading Steyn's brief, but I suspect the court will grant Mann's motion to dismiss.--

I would be a little amazed if it didn't.

--I would guess the court will say that all of Steyn's counterclaims are de facto charges of abuse of process and malicious prosecution, and that they can only be pursued if Mann's suit fails.--

Even if Mann's suit fails I will be surprised if Steyn could prevail on a malicious prosecution suit. By using the word "fraud" Steyn erected himself a fairly high hurdle to prove lack of probable cause.


sorry to hear that beasts on the legal stuff.


morning Stephanie. hope all is well.

Beasts of England

Thanks, rich - hopefully the chapter closes tomorrow.


i hope it does. my prayers for you.


And more hijinks in the other ring;



Somewhat of a Ted Steven's Trial Update.

The ADN Posts this NYTimes story which attempts to show how the DOJ has recovered from the disgraceful prosecution of Stevens: After Stevens case, Justice Dept. corruption unit finds its teeth again

The parts that stuck out at me are bolded:

The Public Integrity Section, long accustomed to exposing the official misdeeds of others, became the focus of two investigations of misconduct leading up to Stevens' conviction. The head of the unit left under a cloud of suspicion. A promising young prosecutor committed suicide...

The Stevens case exposed inexperience and poor organization. Prosecutors with the Public Integrity Section convinced a jury that Stevens lied about receiving gifts, but hidden evidence tainted the conviction.

These cases could finally turn the page on the Stevens debacle, which officials believe unfairly tarnished the section.

So they manufactured false evidence, intentionally hid exonerating evidence, tampered with witnesses, forged documents, lied under oath, intentionally hid exonerating witnesses from the Court and the Stevens Defense Team, and smeared the rookie FBI Agent who blew the whistle on their corruption with tactics worthy of a Kangaroo Court---yet somehow they still think it was simply inexperience and poor organization, and that the episode has unfairly tarnished the section.

Got it.


Yes, daddy, they covered up fraud, they vouched for a degenerate, apparently with the cooperation of the FBI agent who had the hots for him, they made up evidence, most of those involved, have not been disbarred,


yet somehow they still think it was simply inexperience and poor organization

What, they forgot about the "messy desk" excuse?


Of course, the juvenile must not be criticized at any time;



All's well, thanks! Heading to MS this afternoon. Played enough last time to get invited to a slot tournament this weekend. Comps for room, food, and tournament entry. Splitting gas with another couple, so it's a 4 day weekend for about $50 and whatever I add to my free play money.

And the pool is opening at the casino this weekend. Margarita time! I got out yesterday and today for a little vitamin D and a slight sunburn. Last week's visit to the doctor, the blood work indicated I was low on vitamin D. I was like well, duh, WhoTF's been out in the sun since Christmas, it's been cold and rainy. Doctors, seriously.


Mexico 2 USA dos. Stay thirsty mi amigo



have a grand time.

>>>Stay thirsty mi amigo

Posted by: Gus<<<

I've got beer and some music blaring in my ears.


...and apparently everyone else is in bed.


Rich,I'm still rockin!,,,,


Rich, I have to play a gig tomorrow. Good Lord I am fortunate.


awesome ... rock out.


Who among us doesn't enjoy a good Giant Rat story?

Miss Marple

Ugh. I am not a rat fan. When I was a young bride in West Berlin I was walking with my husband in the evening in late October, kicking the piles of leaves which had fallen on the sidewalk. I shuffled through one pile and brought a big rat up drapped over the top of my foot, wiggling and making hissing noises.

I do believe the noise I made could have broken glass. I also set a record (for me) for a straight up jump) followed by running for about a block.

Do not like those critters!


Yikes, that some big rat, btw, according to Crowley's book on Venice, they traced the black plague to a siege of a Genoa colony in the Crimea, a place called Kaffa, those who had been there, brought it back to Italy,

Jeff Dobbs

What about the R.O.U.S.'s?

Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist.


If there were only people, who could point out these details for the rest of us;


instead of you know, having the Obama sticker on the trapper keeper.


Really good Sultan Knish http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2014/04/twilight-of-red-and-green.html

Really resonates after last night's program on higher ed with 5 presidents left me feeling like education has become an expensive colossal wasteland at every level led either by fools or people convinced they are doing messianic work to change the nature of the world.


the Nye committee referenced in the comments, rse, one recalls that Alger Hiss was a staffer on that body, subsequent to his State Department career, it helped stoke the isolationism of the 30s


DoT/Ig-- Steyn's motion. The 'Constitutional Tort' counterclaim will rightly be dismissed. That was Steyn's ego driven idiocy. I don't know anything about the local DC (recent 2012 enactment) anti-SLAPP statute to know whether he stated a cause of action for that. The Common Law claim will be dismissed without prejudice,meaning he can reassert it depending on the outcome of the Mann libel/defamation case. My assumption is that when this whole thing settles out, that common law counterclaim will be dropped. As Ig rightly points out Steyn made this thing difficult by shouting fraud in the publication. Was it actionably reckless and malicious to scream fraud? My personal opinion is that it was protected opinion, and I have that same view when the Warmistas scream 'denier', it is all part of the clash of opinions. I think a DC judge would be a fool not to dismiss Mann's case on that ground. But Steyn said what he said, and now it has to be fought out. If the judge doesn't dismiss Mann's suit, Steyn/Nat Review get to do all of that lovely discovery into Mann first. Mann is desperate to keep all of his UVa emails secret. Just another reason a DC judge would be a fool not to dismiss Mann's case.


But he is a fraud, the willingness of the media to close ranks around him, is the distinction, just as they willing to be advocates for terrorists, (the Church committee redux) just as they willing to have not only a justifiable instance of self defense be railroaded, but risk his family be murdered, in nearly all times, and in nearly all instances, they facilitate evil.


'Fraud' as opinion or demonstrable fact proven in court by a preponderance of evidence? I hold the opinion, but I couldn't prove in court because Mann's work contains so many weasel words and qualification?, that his work is nothing but opinion itself. it isn't 'science' it's useless. BUT, to my knowledge, Mann never claimed his hockey stick 'work' was anything else. The best Mann critic is Stephen McIntyre, and to my nowledge he's never called Mann a 'fraud' publicly. There's a reason for that IMO.

Captain Hate

Katranny's rag covering the important stuff:



One of the amusing bits is how the Times can't get around Rumsfeld's masterful defense in Errol Morris's latest piece, you are supposed to be contrite, to plead mea culpa,
'what a wicked animal, it dares to defend itself' they've probably done six pieces, the Daily Beast had to misrepresent his words to score points.

they call us murderers and torturers, without context, they rationalize the acts of a Bin Laden or an Rouhani, if needs must, by erasing part of the record,

Miss Marple

rse, Thanks for the Sultan Knish article.

I think everyone should read it because it is the key to how the anti-war people think.

There is value in being able to say that the left is 50 years behind on foreign policy. They hate being thought old-fashioned.


Are they that blind, they don't see what's going on, I withdraw the statement,

Miss Marple

narciso, The left has several character traits which we should exploit:

1. They are incapable of admitting error.
2. They think they are the good side always.
3. They do not understand math, or history, or other cultures.
4. They are greedy for power and wealth, and justify it because of #1 and #2.

Example: For years we have been told that homosexuality was genetic, an inborn trait that could not be caused by man or cured, that it was not a choice.

For years we have been told that it is a woman's right to choose to terminate a pregnancy, for any reason.

So, if homosexuality is inborn, a genetic marker will eventually be found. So then I guess a woman could abort a potential gay child because it would be something she didn't want to deal with.

Let them wraps their brains around that conundrum.

Jeff Dobbs

I see Insty picked up the NC voter fraud piece from the Tatler. He links to a WRAL arcticle that has this in it:

The largest states – CA, FL, NY, and TX – are not part of the consortium.

Oh. Okay then.

I spent about 5 minutes yesterday trying to find the states included and not, with no luck.

Yesterday using rather crude math, I estimated that if you had ~36K fraudulent votes from 28 states (that participate in the crosscheck program), you would have roughly 64K total fraudulent votes if you included the other 22 states - but that was assuming every state had an equal population, because I didn't have the data to support making a better assumption.

TX, FL, CA and NY alone make up 33% of the total population of the US.

When I account for those four states, and then re-run the numbers -- instead of an estimated 64K total fraudulent votes -- it becomes more like 87K. Again, a crude number that could be off due to any number of factors. But still.

That's over 2% of the total votes cast in NC in the 2012 presidential election.

A battleground state in which the last two presidential elections were decided by 93K (2.1%) and 14K (0.3%) respectively. We truly are talking about enough fraud to potentially change the outcome of an election.

FL doesn't participate in the 'consortium', so I assume they are not doing anything similar to this NC crosscheck. What about OH? What about VA? What about CO? What about IA? NV, WI, NH, PA on and on and on.


Iggy,chainsaw accidents are common in northern Maine.My father-in-law was an optometrist.Hubby remembers a knock on the front door of their house,must have been a week-end,the office downstairs was closed.A man was standing at the door,face bleeding,his eyeball hanging out of the socket. Doc,he said,I need help.My father-in-law said there is nothing I can do,you must go to the hospital now! The poor guy had a chain saw accident. Sounds gross,but it left an impression on hubby.Kids always remember the gross stuff.

Captain Hate

Addled codger and 18 credits get confused:



The Ft Hood shooter. Will we learn he was medicated with psychotropic drugs? I recall that TomM posted a few articles about the correlation of mass shooters and psych-meds. Is this another correlation? I hope TomM posts about this again. Is the psych industry creating these shooters?

Miss Marple

NK, I am wondering as well.

Jeff Dobbs

I don't ever want the meme of me being a danger to myself with a chainsaw to ever die.

That's why I'm not going to ever admit that my chainsaw hasn't worked for several years.

[TheVIMH: sounds like you just did]
"Sounds like"? What're we playing charades?

[TheVIMH: whatever. at least i don't split my infinitives]
I meant to totally do that.

[TheVIMH: if by 'that' you mean dodge the question at hand, sure]


Waaay off topic. Is Putin acting out of desperation because he's milked Gazprom dry and he needs to improve his geopolitical position asap before the EUweenies wake up and import LNG from North America in high volume? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-04-03/gazprom-s-910-billion-gaffe-shows-putin-economy-waning.html

pagar e

Not much interest in Chicago shootings. Wasn't that where we had the President saying he was going to get to the bottom of the Ft Hood story?


Jim Eagle

Mrs. JiB just sent this to me:

This Crow is The Smartest Bird You Have Ever Seen

Adds a new dimension to "bird brained". But he is still smarter than Harry Reid, that's a given.


As I understand Lopez has only been in the diagnostic stage - no treatments as of the shooting.


The story of Obummer, even when his people try to do the right thing they screw it up, in this case social mediaing Cubans:


Again, a crude number that could be off due to any number of factors. But still.

I would assume that the fraud is almost entirely in the battleground states. So of those four big states, only FL.

But I thought the 36,000 number was for NC alone (though of course it overlaps with other states, since it's the number of people who may have voted in NC and one other state in the consortium). Since NC is a medium-sized battleground state, it's probably representative of what happened in other battleground states, proportionally to population. So I'd guess the total of fraudulent votes is much bigger than 87K, even if the 36K for NC turns out to be an overestimate.

pagar e


Meanwhile President Obama is taking donations like crazy, for what? His next campaign.


"Obama So 'Heartbroken' By Fort Hood Shooting He Heads To DNC Fundraiser"


Thanks JiB; here's a quote from Gerahty's email today from the Ft Hood Commanding Gen:

"Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, head of the Army's III Corps at the post, said the shooter was a veteran of combat in Iraq who had "mental health issues and was being treated for that.''

'Being treated for that'... does that mean counseling? psych drugs? More info needs to come out.


I wish they'd use the more accurate term for Dem "fundraisers": shakedowns.


Sounds gross,but it left an impression on hubby.Kids always remember the gross stuff.

My dad would select certain articles from the newspaper to read aloud to us when it was time to get up for school. As we lay in bed trying to get 5 more minutes of shut eye we would here about the 78 year old grandmother that was stabbed 40 some times while at home.

My dad would highlight that she always left her door unlocked because she came from a safer period in time. "The intruder entered the house through an already unlocked door."

Not only did we learn to lock our door, we also got up 5 minutes earlier.

My kids get the same lessons.


Is the psych industry creating these shooters?

Probably a product of the LIV industry.

I jest.

My wild guess is that when they post the picture of him he will have the same glazed over beady eyeballs as ever other lunatic shooter/face-eater of the 5 years.


...of the last...

Miss Marple

TK, I had to learn to lock the door myself.

When I was a kid, the only time we locked the house is when we went up to our cabin in Wisconsin for a 2-week vacation. There would always be a 2-day search to find the key prior to leaving.

I absolutely lock the doors now, even during the day. The other side of town has had a rash of home invasions and I figure sooner or later it will spread to this side of town.

Jim Eagle


My comment was based on this:

"The suspect was under evaluation for post-traumatic stress disorder, but had not been diagnosed, Milley said."



Off to roto-till.

Clarice Feldman

FL and NY probably have the largest number of multiple state voters IMO. So many New Yorkers retain their registrations and vote in both states. If I were hunting down vote fraud, I'd certainly check that out.





Florida is trying Clarice, but the Feds are not timely cooperating with census or some other data. jiB can probably provide details. Vote rolls will not be purged in Fla before 11/14. The margin of fraud in Fla will remain for this election.

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