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April 30, 2014



Yes, smellier fishwrap, is Amy Chozick, up to the challenge, yes we can?



sorry and hope you feel better soon.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

but was this that big of a deal

Yes, because Cuccinelli had been our Attny. Gen. & served in the VA Senate. It wasn't like he was a stranger.
But 24/7 screaming ads & "news"paper lies about him painted him as an extremist. Abortion money & "green" money elected McAuliffe.
Hell, JOMers were even buying into it. Cuccinelli is just too extreme. He needs to drop social issues.

He wasn't bringing up the social issues...it was all the outside groups doing it.
Cuccinelli was gonna ban contraceptives & destroy the earth...we should elect the out-of-state crook instead.
McAuliffe was/is a loser. Selling EB-5 visas for a scam "green" car company. Where was the media machine reporting THOSE stories? I bet most Virginians never heard of the EB-5 scandal.
Seriously...it is a disgrace that McAuliffe won.


feel better soon Clarice.

Clarice Feldman

MM, I just love that part of the country. I know you'll have a great time.


Feel better, Clarice! I've had more root canals than I care to count, but never an emergency one. I hope someone is pampering you.

Jeff Dobbs

Sounds like a fun trip, Miss Marple. I haven't been to Glacier since I was a teen.

I've been to Yellowstone more times than I can count. Love it there. Absolutely love it.


Feel better soon, Clarice,

the RNC chose not to contest VA, even Michael Steele knew enough to put the appropriate resources. Steyer dumped enough money in there to float a small ocean liner,


So per the Horde, the French Krugman, is a Trotskyite diaper baby, yes very relevant to 2014.

Miss Marple

lyle, I know, and we probably won't do it unless between now and then I win the lottery and can afford to fund a non-paid week of vacation for DIL.

I will be content to see some of the Rockies and the Badlands, as well as Yellowstone. Plus we will hit Wall Drug and the Corn Palace because we want to see touristy things too.


Rich: My guess is it was invisibility via weird work hours that put you on the short list, and lower seniority/non-corporate attitude were deciding factors.

My old company had seemingly annual RIFs. They were not performance based so much as mandates to middle managers to cut x number of people. Middle managers are the worst at knowing what people two steps away from them actually contribute, therefore, they are always cutting either obvious troublemakers or non-obvious (aka invisible) high-productivity employees. It's truly a crap shoot who they strike off the list, and since they face no repercussions short of a momentary twinge of guilt, they don't much care.

Did you get severance?

Beasts of England

Hope you feel better soon, Clarice!

Danube on iPad

To continue the metaphor, this clown is below the Mendoza line.

Jameis Winston busted for shoplifting.

Beasts of England

Jameis Winston busted for shoplifting.

I thought they paid him better than that...


The old sod Boehner is not willing to call up a joint select committee until he has evidence directly to Obama. Nixon pines for John.

Our side is so incompetent and ineffectual that Lindsay Graham sounds like George Patton. Sickening.

Further, (hang on) do not subpoena Rhodes, subpoena secretaries, aides, others on the email list. You know Rhodes will lie and you should not give him the opportunity without impeachment in your file.


One of the commenters at the Horde, riffing on the notion, that all of the Top Men, actions are 'enemy action' has a line from
the Winter Soldier, 'Hail Hydra' Gary Shandling could probably pull off Boehner in the movie,


Where I got Piketty's background;


Danube on iPad

Yellowstone is simply magnificent - you're absolutely gonna love it.

Clarice, wash down two aspirin with an ice-cold dry Martini, hit the sack and call us in the morning.



I did get a severance, it wasn't much given I wasn't there for very long, but better than nothing.

I think I had made mention in the comments here before that my nonstandard schedule made me invisible and that was why I was looking to try and raise my profile (oops! maybe I should have been so invisible like Milton in Office Space!!!). Senior management had it out for those of us who were working the overnight operations so I think I just got caught up in a broad brush. Apparently, my direct manager didn't have any input into the decision (that is why it feels like a disciplinary action) and he wanted to keep me around. I'm not sure how true that is but some of my former coworkers who are still with the firm have told me this (and they have also said that they are radically changing how the shop is being run, and with the buyout, I'd recommend to all my other co workers updating the resume might not be a bad idea).

Danube on iPad

There may be an allegiance problem:

"When paparazzi caught up with V. Stiviano, Donald Sterling‘s girlfriend and the woman on the other end of Sterling’s racist rant, Stiviano went on an odd tangent about how one day, she will become a future president. She said, 'One day I will become President of the United States of America, and I will change the legislation and laws.'"

Clarice Feldman

Thanks, I am warned to stay off alcohol but I do have a prescription for stuff that has street value if you get my drift. I'm starting to feel better and am able to see again.

Rick B


I could see the dim bulbs on the NYT editorial board flickering in excitement over your proposed strategy to keep their peck and drool subscriber base occupied but I don't see such a strategy having any resonance with the Lackwitz Sisters, Gullibles and Plantation voters who provided the margin necessary to elevate the incompetence of the Great Black Hope for the world's amusement admiration.

There just isn't anything really holding the Democrat coalition together at the moment and the 404Care wedge hasn't lost its edge.



"On April 17, 2014, President Obama declared the success of his law, claiming that 8 million Americans had signed up for health insurance, but data from the insurance providers reveals that the president’s figure is largely misleading. As of April 15, 2014, insurers informed the committee that only 2.45 million had paid their first month’s premium for coverage obtained through the federally facilitated marketplace. While the administration has relied on questionable nationwide figures to boast the law’s success, the state-by-state breakdown compiled by the committee underscores the serious problems facing some states."


Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Sounds like your premature severance with your former employer was a blessing in disguise, rich. Reading between the lines, especially the latest information about a pending "sale" of the business, your recommendation to your other co-workers sounds right on to me. You might consider looking at that experience as getting a head start on what could well be a mass exodus.

Clarice Feldman

You got back in, Rick, yeah!


RickB IN DA HAUS.... sweet.


--my direct manager didn't have any input into the decision --

Ah, so familiar.

In my experience, direct managers always were asked to submit the names of those to be laid off, but it was all pretense. One of my better bosses* told me he refused to name anyone, informing HIS boss "you're going to fire who you decide to fire; asking me for names is just your way of putting my finger prints on it instead of your own".

*I think was laid off a year later.... :(


Jim Rhoads-

I was thinking about that yesterday. The deal terms look odd to me and a bit I read about synergies and cost cutting would put the lay off number somewhere around 2000. Thankfully I start my new job next week and should be able to take a few classes online next semester to keep my enrollment active.

Rick B


Your announcement of my lock out generated a tip from Stephanie which allowed me to break back in. My thanks to you and to the others who provided suggestions and support.

Jim Eagle


He is reading Robert Graves 2 volumes of Greek Mythology and has bugging us for trhe last year about this trip. Always is defined here as a year or less:) In fact, he has been reading Rick Riordan since he was 7 , so, it could be 3 years.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Welcome back, Rick. Missed your trenchant comments.



My 6 year old grandson told me there were thousands of whatever he was talking about. He quickly clarified that by thousands he really means 3 or 4.


MM-make sure you visit the canyon in Yellowstone. There are few that are as easily accessible and so many never know it is there.

A boat trip on Lake Yellowstone is nice too.

Doublecheck if Glacier is fully open before you contemplate driving there. It is my dad's favorite national park and we were doing Canadian Rockies after I finished law school. The Park Service told us it would be July before it was fully open that year.

I second Wall Drugs stop.


welcome back Rick.


Everyone keep that stroke of geneeus on your short list if you get locked out (I do have them everyone once in a while ;) ).

Set up a throwaway email addy and then create a new typhus account with it.

Glad to see my suggestion worked.


Joining in late as usual - been busy at work this week. Sorry to hear about Clarice - hope you're feeling better soon.

I had barely read about Rick Ballard being locked out (over my lunch hour) and now I see he has scaled the wall and gotten back in. Hooray!

Between 11:30 and about 1:30 (Pacific time) JOM was taking forever to load again. But was fine before and was fine after that time frame. Did any of you have that issue too?


CC it's been off and on slow loading (and sometimes loads unformatted) for me today as well. Just happened again not 5 minutes ago.

Off to fix dinner!



I had a server time out a little while ago, and it has been clunky since I've been on today.


Rich: Just one last comment (maybe!) - I always said to myself that I did not want to ever work for someone who didn't want me to work for them. This isn't arrogance - isn't saying I was the best-ever employee blah blah everyone should want to hire me; just simple acknowledgement that job satisfaction for me required a mutual understanding of what qualifies as "good work".

More than once I found that not being the lest bit threatened by some bad judgment on their part resulted in their moving on (or, in a few cases, out), and me moving up.

Miss Marple

rse, My memory of going there in July, back in the 70's, tells me you are correct. I believe we hit snow on some of the passes.

I intend to make sure they see the canyon. I remember it from years ago, and even have an old photo of it from the 30's hung up in my laundry room.


Posted by: AliceH | April 30, 2014 at 06:37 PM-

I'm not sure how much stock I'd put into what my coworkers were saying, because I did have a cool and not terribly productive relationship with my direct manager. He wouldn't have exerted himself to save my scalp, but he did indulge me in allowing me to basically set my own work schedule, something pretty much no one else at the level I worked at was able to do.


I agree with the others about Yellowstone. Just an amazing place. Spent a whole week there exploring much of it. Entered from Idaho and departed through Wyoming - truly breathtaking beauty - and my first visit to Jackson Hole.



My first root canal was the closest thing to hell I've ever been in. After my 2nd one I decided the dentist screwed up the 1st one and didn't tell me. So I hope you get well soon.

Good news/ bad news...

Hmmm I wonder if they are hiring...

Danube on iPad

This is an exceptionally well-written piece by a Princeton student, and is the finest rejoinder I have ever seen to the "white privilege" bullshit.



Has this bit of hilarity been noted? (via Iowahawk via Allahpundit):

As of April 15, Only 67 Percent of Enrollees in Federal Marketplace Had Paid First Month’s Premium


The hubs is all hot to go to DC to see the Smithsonian again, but I truthfully have no interest in going to Washington - unless it's rope and tree assembly. Don't want to put up with the prices, the security, or the smug.

Smithsonian Channel will have to do for me.

Besides, vacay requires at least a little sand or some thrill rides. And no, Lindsay Graham doesn't count...

Jim Eagle


I celebrarted my White Priviledge today by shooting 77 but letting my African-American buddy shoot 76 but giving him two 3 footer gimmees. He said thanks, finally. What gives and I said thank Adam Silver.


Getting caught up after a long day...

Feel better, Clarice. I've never had a root canal, hoping never to need one.

The Ct Turnpike (I-95) had tolls until 1984 or so, what was up with that?

I-87 and I-90 have had tolls as long as I can remember, I-90 in both NY and MA


DoT's 7:13 link is amazing, almost gives me hope for the future.

Clarice Feldman

Rick, with you gone, who could I steal from?

I am feeling better. There's a wonderful endodontist practice near here. Because it was an emergency he wasn't able to complete the job so the Friday after this he'll do that.

He's the partner of the guy who did my other 2 root canals who is the absolute best, though this guy seems to have also done a good job. Whenever, I have to do these things, I thank heaven I live here--elsewhere in the world, including the UK--there really isn't anything like these skilled people and this fab eqpmt.


That Carney answer to Karl was awesome.

"Last year you told us the WH only changed one word. We now know that to be untrue, care to correct the record?"

"Well, first there was fire, then came the wheel..".

"So you're not going to correct the record?"

"Karl, When it comes to correcting the record, we could get into that, bu.."

"Yeah," (i.e let's get into it)

"Next question."


Beautiful, man. They're gonna teach that for years!

MM, I visited Glacier in late June once and hiked about 2 miles from the road at the continental divide on the Going to the Sun Road only to be immersed in full on whiteout conditions a short time later. Very unnerving on foreign terrain in shorts and sneakers. The kids will enjoy Yellowstone just as much.


I know they've mostly moved on to Sterling, except for a poison pill by Horsford



If you can be banned for life for saying something mind numbingly stupid in private, can we ask John Fing Kerry to clean out his desk and go haunt some French bistro?

Jim Eagle


Pretty good oral dental surgeons down our way according to Mrs. JiB. She has had some major cap and root canal done and is very pleased.

Anyone have any suggestions on hotels, B&B's or apts. in Rome? We have always stayed at the Hassler or the Russie but this year we want to be in the Trevi/Parthenon district and be able to walk to the Vatican.


In the first season of House of Cards, Underwood undermines a rival for the job he had been promised, secretary of state, a vain popinjay, in love with his own voice, I know
they had to stretch for the requirement of fiction,

Rick B


MarkO posted the link on 404Care paid signups earlier. The 2.45 million signups for the federal exchanges covers 66% of the US population. If the state run exchanges covering the remaining 34% have the same payment ration, the total signups will come in at 3.71 million for the entire population.

IOW - President 404 only exaggerated by a bit over 100% in telling this particular lie.


MM - I applaud you for doing this with your grandchildren. You are building memories! I hope to do that one day when I'm a grandmother.

Clarice - sorry to hear of the emergency as I figure it means you were in pain. Use your pills and don't wait until it gets too bad - get "ahead of the pain" as they say.

The Carney clip is all over the internet - I cannot watch him without picturing the "fake" library books with his son's finger in the photo...what a joke -


JiB, didn't (Another)Barbara once recommend an apartment in Rome - even posting a photo or link to it? I seem to vaguely recall it and the apartment looked very nice. Hope I am not mis-remembering.


What was the hangup Rick, that had you locked out, I've been on occasion in a situation where 'walk like a Thallosian' is the feeling,


Volodya, just toying with us now;


Miss Marple


I stayed at the Colonna Palace which is right across from the italian Parliament and only a short walk to the Pantheon.

Excellent service, nice rooms, terrace with tables on the roof, free breakfast with good coffee. Spectacular view of central Rome - you could see both the Colosseum in one direction and St. Peter's in the other.

Here's the link:


Go Fish Arseholes

"MarkO posted the link on 404Care paid signups earlier. The 2.45 million signups for the federal exchanges covers 66% of the US population"

There has been a sea-change in MediCal enrollments since Ocare.

Single-payer coming soon to your neighborhood !

Danube on iPad

For anyone driving Going-to-the-Son Road across Glacier, allow me to suggest you do it going east to west. The road is cut into a steep south slope, so that if you're headed east your right front tire is excruciatingly close to 3,000-ft. near-vertical drops - no curb, no guardrail, no nothing. I did it that way once in a fire-engine red 12-cylinder Jag with the top down. If we were going out, it was gonna be in a blaze of glory.

Dave (in MA)

I got one of the 2 speeding tickets I've ever gotten in 37 years of driving when taking the exit off the main highway to Wall Drug. I was going 27 in a poorly marked school zone and the stormtrooper demanded cash on the side of the road or else he was taking me in.

Miss Marple

Fun news!

Oprah wants to buy the Clippers!


Clarice Feldman

You mean the Pantheon, don't you, JiB? I can't recommend anything there . A bit out of the center of the city,there is an astonishingly good Hilton--comfortable and quiet. I seem to remember one of the best restaurants in Rome was located there which , if still true, is a nice way to relax after all that touring:Hilton Garden Inn Rome Claridge

Jim Miller

Going back to the subject of the post for a moment (if you all will excuse me), here's a question for baseball fans: Didn't MoDo botch her metaphor (as I suggested in my own post)?

As I understand it, a hitter who tries for home runs all the time is more likely to whiff. (Perhaps she should have urged Obama to at least swing at good pitches.)

For the most part, I don't expect our "mainstream" journalists to be able to discuss policy choices intelligently, or fairly, but I do still expect them to write clearly, to be able, for example, to use simple metaphors correctly.

That's obviously a mistake on my part, but one I haven't been able to shake, completely.

(Former NYT columnist Frank Rich abused metaphors so often that I began to expect that he was doing it on purpose.)

Jim Miller

Substitute "suspect" for "expect" in that last sentence.


Minitrue, an objective to be achieved;


Miss Marple

Jack, there are 2 good restaurants near that hotel.

One is on the street behind the hotel and is called the Trattoria Antonia. The other is in the piazza on the way to the Pantheon but for the life of me I can't remember the name.

Rick B


I have no idea what caused the lock out. It's the first time it happened to me. I keep hoping Typhuspad will be sold to a competent company but I have a serious problem imagining why anyone would buy it.

hit and run

From the time I was 6 until my sophomore year in college my family visited Yellowstone at least once a year every year . . . except for 1983, the year my baseball team won the world series (not Little League).

After my sophomore year in college I spent the summer working in Canyon Village.

I spent most of my off days up in the Beartooths backpacking.

As a kid, my dream was to hike into the Yellowstone back country and covertly build a small cabin and spend my days like Grizzly Adams.


I heard that Oprah, Larry Ellison, and David Geffen want to buy the Clippers. Great! We're going to exchange one asshole for three.

The British press are announcing that Peaches Geldof died of a heroin OD. We have to save more of these people. Like with alcoholism, one is always a recovering addict. Heroin addicts seem to think that just one jolt does no harm. Ask Brad Nowell.



I thought a whiff was just a swing and a miss.


this falls in the Taranto category of questions no one is asking;



Taranto spots another contender for obtuseness;

Let's start in the Mideast with Max Fisher, author of the story titled "Does It Matter That John Kerry Compared Israel to Apartheid?" The answer to that question seems to be self-evidently yes, but Fisher wants to argue that it shouldn't matter. The whole kerfuffle, he insists, is a "distraction": "We're not debating . . . the substance of Kerry's points or the future of the Israel-Palestine conflict."

Jim Eagle

Babe Ruth, white guy, Struck out 1330 times.

Regie Jackson, black guy, strikes our 2,596 times.



Danger Will Robinson;

"Once again, [John Kerry has] fed a problematic narrative about himself as a man who goes knee deep with his foot in his mouth, and a larger narrative of an Obama administration foreign policy that's stumbling and in trouble--which the president defended over the weekend as 'you hit singles, you hit doubles; every once in a while we may be able to hit a home run."--Edward-Isaac Dovere, Politico.com, April 29

Clarice Feldman

Sorry. I was mistaken . It was the Cavalieri Hilton I was thinking of.http://waldorfastoria3.hilton.com/en/hotels/italy/rome-cavalieri-waldorf-astoria-hotels-and-resorts-ROMHIWA/gallery/index.html


JiB we stayed in an apartment in Trastevere for week and found the location extremely convenient for reaching the area you are interested in.

VRBO has 258 listings

Clarice Feldman

Everything looks lovely. It's a pity JiB won't adopt me. Frederick has all the fun.


This hotel is near the Tiber, across from Trastevere, near the bridge.
Stayed here last fall for one night. They upgraded us to the most lovely room,gorgeous marble bath, with a huge roof top terrace.
As we checked in at 7p and left at 8a, it was all for naught.



Quite a room,anonamom, you;re right one evening doesn't seem enough,

Jane on Ipad

If Sterling is such a racist why would he sell to Oprah? He says he's not selling. Good.


Terrible news to report.

My oldest just got accepted to Dartmouth, Georgetown, Brandeis, and Berkeley.

Jim Miller

Sue - MoDo wants Obama to whiff less often -- and hit more home runs.

As I understand it, those two are contradictory goals for most hitters. If you swing for the fences on more pitches, you will get more home runs, and more whiffs. That may be the right choice, depending on the hitter, the team on th situation.

What she could have said, to be consistent, would be that he should try for more home runs, and fewer bases on balls.

(Incidentally, whiff is used in several ways in baseball. Sometimes pitchers whiff hitters; more often batters whiff pitches.

Miss Marple


Well, she must be a good student, so congratulations on that!

I vote against Berkley, as I saw a special on it and all the students were walking around staring at phones.


Congrats, daddy, I guess it depends on what subject she wants to study, and does she want to be on the West or the other coast,

Thomas Collins

Congrats, daddy. If your family is visiting the Boston area in connection with your daughter visiting Brandeis, let me know and I'll treat you all to nachos and beverages (adult or otherwise). My wife is a Brandeis grad, and she just told me she'd be glad to share her thoughts on the school. We also know families with recent Dartmouth, Georgetown and Brandeis grads whom we could ask to speak with her.

Jane on Ipad

We'll Daddy, I used to date guys from Dartmouth so TC better include me in that meet-up.

What's her first choice?

Thomas Collins

You're always welcome in any of my meetups, Jane. Did I tell you I now live in the Seaport District right across from a sports bar? Great nachos and wide screens!

Danube on iPad

Heartiest congrats, daddy. If mine had those choices I'd suggest Dartmouth. Loony stuff going on there (and everywhere else) now, but in my experience their grads are a special breed.


congratulations daddy. what a menu of choices.


She's crazy. I think she likes Dartmouth.

I'd prefer Berkeley since it's closer for me to jump down to and they've had 40 to 50 years experience being completely nuts, unlike the others which have only been certifiable the last decade or so. Plus in Berkeley you can still drink a Margarita on Cinco De Mayo day and not be labeled a racist.

Oh well. Once Momma tells me what my opinion is I will let you guys know.


That's great, daddy, congratulations. She must be brilliant to get into all those schools without pretending she's a Cherokee.


My husband, daughter and I were just up visiting Berkeley for "Cal" day. While it is still certifiably whacko politically, it seems more a nerdy, engineering school than anything else (parents and children alike). We were stampeded by people running to get into the lecture from 5 noble laureate alumni.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

What a good news to end the day with, daddy. I remember your saying you gave your girls extra reading and math instruction. Smart momma and daddy. Is this daughter the Latin student?

Frau Indianerherz

jimmyk @ 10:20, you are a wonderful wag.

(Maybe daddy calls his girls Alaskan-American. heh)



I love the setting and the beauty of the Berkeley campus. Off and on now for 30 years I've loved taking the BART to Berkeley, walking under the redwoods up to Sproul Plaza, and on the days before the big Saturday Football Game, watching all the Asian Cheerleaders and Asian Pep Band guys all out on the plaza doing Rah Rah ceremonies that most of the non-Asian students won't participate in any more.

Then I walk past the hundred or so tables of students handing out literature for "La Raza or the Young Palistinians or the College Republican's" and on down Telegraph to the used Book Stores. I don't get down there near as much as I used to, but when I do a Book Store run across Campus, chased by a few decent beers, makes the trip.


Paul Goddard of ARS died.

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