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April 30, 2014



I watched the BBC show Copper, sort of Homicide 1864, and it painted NYC not as a
citadel of enlightenment, of course, the UK's involvement in the engagement is only lightly touched,

Miss Marple

I figure Schoen knows that the orders on Bengazi came from Obama through Val Jar, and she is being set up as the heroine who resigned.

I am always fascinated by the machinations of the Clintons, who never fail to defeat their rivals, even if it takes a while.

Captain Hate

Doug Schoen might make Boehner cry.

Can somebody make this "bipartisan" by mentioning that Powell was in on the coverup?

Miss Marple

Lovell on again.

General points out that they didn't know how long it would last, but they should have tried.

In his earlier testimony he said this really bothered him, so that is why he is testifying.

When the questioning starts, I imagine we will hear the general trashed by the democrats.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate!!!

Great point!!!

Let's drag Powell in for questioning!


the problem is the Dems all act like rabid wombats when attacked, ours for the most part like Chip Dillard, Cheney was a notable exception in Iran Contra, which they never forgave,

Miss Marple

Boehner was on Twitter acting all outraged about the documents being withheld.


Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

THis hearing is boring, TK.

blah, blah, blah... The political world can kill ya with verbiage.

Maybe the questioning will be better

Miss Marple

The Fox coverage is good, pointing out the significance of the general's statement.

Miss Marple

Issa is asking if other officers should be interviewed General says any information which would help explain what happened should be obtained.

Miss Marple

McCain calls for a Select Committee on Fox, says he, Graham, and Ayotte have been calling for one for some time.


The warning story was apparently the only story that turned out to be wrong.

Did the same lying Whitehouse debunk it? Their complicit media?

Did the media have a change of heart due to DOJ pressure?

I would like to see how anyone proved the warning story was false.

Rick B


I doubt that either the Red Witch or the Red Squaw can elicit the resonance necessary to win. I understand "it's a woman's turn" but I also understand the ease with which Howard Dean promoted the Great Black DHope over Red Witch as the prog choice in 2008, despite all the ululations of the Vulvarian Horde. Both Red Witch and Red Squaw will miss badly with very important segments of the Democrat coalition. In particular, there is no reason to believe blacks and Hispanics will respond well to white shrews well beyond their sell by dates.

I'm pretty sure Red Witch understands that Howard Dean stole her moment, not so sure Red Squaw understands much of anything.


The NYC Draft Riots of 1863 are a fascinating, and little remembered part of Civil War history. Our modern take on 'Lincoln the Legend' are at odds with events on the ground at the time. I recommend to anyone reading up on the Draft Riots and the NYC Civil War politics of the time.


"Select a committee now"

It's worked so well, shy stop now?


Thank you for updates on the hearing.

Miss Marple


Perhaps related to the ongoing cover-up?

Thomas Collins

My hope, Rick B, is that Team Obama and Team Clinton occupy themselves with undercutting each other on the Benghazi debacle, and that, even if Team Clinton emerges victorious, Hillary will be severely damaged goods. As far as Warren goes, I realize it's too much to hope for given the hard prog center of gravity of the modern Dem Party, but if the Dems nominate a woman, I would hope it's Heidi Heitkamp (although I think it's more likely that Heitkamp would be the VP choice for Andrew Cuomo if he emerges victorious).


Seems he was too competent, by contrast General McGoo is eternal.

Danube on iPad

"it is essentially a group raging & whining that someone doesn't like them."

Professing dislike of a group of people solely on the basis of their race is generally considered bad form. It is much worse when the group under discussion includes your employees and your customers who have enriched you.


Back on the Ranch, the Court decided to authorize Sky Dragon netting, through the EPA


MM,if you are on the road from Yellowstone to Jackson Hole, and it is a long drive between the two, and you feel like pizza, be sure to check out Leek's Marina. Hard to find, unless you know where it is but they make great pizza and have a nice assortment of root beers and craft beers.

Miss Marple

Jason Chaffetz is doing a good job


'what is exactly you do here;



blurred lines, the non Thicke version;


Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

bad form...







The Congress has about 50 days of legislative "work" between now and election day. What are the chances of a select committee within that time frame? In an election year?

Miss Marple

Complete list of high military officers purged by Obama Administration as of November:


This does not include the two intelligence officers gone today.



My favorite pastor at our church is a Dartmouth grad. He clearly got a top shelf education, but is also the smartest guy I know, so could be just that.

If your daughter thinks she wants to go to med school, I would strongly encourage her to go wherever she can get exposed to and participate in serious research. Probably means Berkeley of the schools you mentioned.

Fellowships after Residency are competitive, and the research experience separates the girls from the women.

Miss Marple



Miss Marple

Carney briefing up on Fox.


Hey JIB,

If you are still looking for places to stay in Rome, give this site a look. I obtained this link years ago from some Italian air traffic controllers who were advertising to American controllers to come visit Rome and rent their properties. I spent 2 years in Aviano just north of Venice from 75-77. Love me some Italy. Good luck.


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