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May 28, 2014



Did the WH highlight mispronounced words?


I love MayBee!

Jeff Dobbs

Here we go again...

Obama Burning a Strawman.

Thomas Collins

As usual, I'll have to assume the role of Obama's biggest defender from the slings and arrows of left, right and center. It should have been expected in 2007 and 2008 that Obama would be the front man for the corporatist administrative/conciliatory internationalist/critical race theory/anti-Israel based state in the vision of the Ayreses, Jarretts and Wrights of the world. He has filled that role perfectly and has moved the US in that direction as much as could be expected. As far as comments re the inappropriateness of the speech he gave in the role of Commander-in-Chief before a service academy, he doesn't give a hoot about his duties as Commander-in-Chief, except to the extent that a terrorist attack, or advances by the Russians or Chinese or other Westphalian state, might inhibit his administrative state domestic agenda. So, he used the cadets as a prop, as he uses all audiences.

What burns me up far more than Obama are (i) those of my friends who claim to be against what Obama stands for but who supported him not only in 2008, but also, in most cases, in 2012, and (ii) those in the media such as Althouse who look askance upon most of the same prog views it was clear Obama was going to promote as POTUS yet voted for him (at least in 2008). Brooks I can't really get mad at because I find him to be a Chris Matthews-type comical figure (although they have different styles, at their core they are intellectually pretentious unserious men).


Just caught mention of John Kerry telling Snowden to "Man Up."

Has Kerry "Manned UP" and released his DD-214 yet, which he promised to almost 78 years or so ago now?

"Man up Kerry, man up".


Democratic amnesty fan Luis Gutierrez helping Eric Cantor get reelected in order to protect immigration reform


I'd like to point out that I came up with my straw man comments on JOM this morning without looking a twitter or any other site. (I know, hardly an original point, but throw me a bone, here)


Deja vu, all over again;


it's this level of platitude, we know his Iowa peace pledge, some promises he does keep, apparently what Bill Ayers told the other weatherman at Columbia, about the real enemy
which is the military establishment,

ostensibly, a wide ranging counter terror training effort like that suggested for Northern Africa, would be in the long run, more intensive, and more fraught with peril, than one or two expeditionary forces

Thomas Collins

Bones? Speaking of straw, how about a pretty girl in a straw hat as your award, lyle.



Otherwise known as:

<img src="http://ak7.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/2101304/preview/stock-footage-beautiful-woman-with-straw-hat-at-pool-full-hd-phto-jpeg.jpg"/>


throw some more straw on the fire;



Men's NCAA Golf Championship final matchplay is on right now. Alabama v Ok State.

Alabama is defending champs.

Thomas Collins

Someday, Extraneus, I'm going to learn how to embed the pick in the actual post, rather than simply linking to it in the post. But thanks for doing it for me this time so everyone can see lyle's award!


Even the editors of the Washington Post hated it. Whast did they ex[ect from this community organizer--deep thinking? Executive skills? I call this The Pussy Doctrine.


I couldn't get through 3 paragraphs of that, narc.


Abortion doctors restrictions take root in South

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — From Texas to Alabama, laws are being enacted that would greatly restrict access to abortion, forcing many women to travel hundreds of miles to find a clinic. The laws, requiring abortion doctors to have privileges to admit patients to local hospitals, could have a profound impact on women in poor and rural sections of the Bible Belt.
The Bible Belt, capitalized of course.

Is it difficult for a doctor to have "privileges" at a hospital? What's involved? Maybe anonamom can comment.


Thanks, TC. I'm honored by the gesture. And in the spirit of decorum, I'll drop the mention of boners.


The thing after the pic shows how to do it, TC. All you need is <img src=""> and paste your link between to quotes.


the quotes

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Abortion is a legal, multimillion dollar business. Why they get taxpayer money (1.5 million a DAY to Planned Parenthood) or why they shouldn't have to obey health & safety regulations like other clinics, is something I don't understand.

How bout this - The Bible Belt finally demands abortion clinics follow health & safety laws & regulations just like other clinics!

Maybe PP could spend part of that 1.5 million A DAY to widen their hallways so gurneys could be used when their customers start bleeding out....or when their unlicensed assistant has given the customer too much anesthesia or meds.


Remember until recently when fracking made them look stupid, that we heard a hell of a lot about Peak Oil. I would propose that today we reached Peak Straw. You can not go into the military academies and spread any more manure than has been done today, we are now on the downside slide...


they understand the goal, although attribute too much coherence to the effort;


In many places in the South, clinic doctors come from out of state to perform abortions and don't have ties to a local hospital. Critics say the laws mean hospitals, leery of attracting anti-abortion protesters, could get veto power over whether the already-scarce clinics remain in business. They say the real aim is to outlaw abortions while supporters say they are protecting women's health.
Which of these is honest?

Steny Hoyer: We Must Protect The Most Important Clients of the VA-- Democrat-Voting Government Bureaucrats

He says that the GOP is "politicizing" the VA scandal, apparently by refusing to go along with the standard operating Democrat procedure of stonewall, cover-up, distraction, and then saying "That was two years ago dude."
The House's No. 2 Democrat accused Republicans of exploiting the scandal that has enveloped the Veterans Affairs Department for political gain and said he is worried that civil servants could be swept up unfairly in a witch hunt.
Is there anyone in America apart from a union-serving progressive office-holder who sees the main problem with the VA scandal as exposing civil servants to unfair disciplinary measures?
Rob Crawford
Is there anyone in America apart from a union-serving progressive office-holder who sees the main problem with the VA scandal as exposing civil servants to unfair disciplinary measures?

Weird. The Democrats never expressed any concern over innocent servicemen being caught up in any of their culture-war campaigns against the military...


clarice ... oh my.


surprised that even the WaPo hated it. I thought that it was nothing new and not appropriate for a commencement speech, but that is par for the course.


Great title for your column this weekend, Clarice.


I think my earlier summary 'a tale of sound and fury, signifying nothing, told by an idiot' was on point.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Obamacare -

...but Big Abortion shouldn't have any laws & regulations. Somehow it is pro-women to let the death huts do whatever they want.

miss Marple

It occurs to me that the union workers killing vets is a very powerful story line. When Jesse Waters spoke about union workers crating these hidden wait lists for bonuses, Bob Beckel about stroked out.

He bellowed and said it was a lie and other insults. He was really, really angry.

I assume that he realizes this is an opening to removing the unions from the federal government. I think we need to know if those in charge of those secret wait lists were also union officials.


MissM, the unions were in on the IRS targeting. It seems to be SOP.


Extraneus: Great title for your column this weekend, Clarice.

I second that! :)

Danube on iPad

For quite some time the editorial board of the WaPo has been to the right of thewsroom, much like the WSJ.

miss Marple

henry, I agree. It seems all unionized federal workers magically know what actions to take to help Obama. It's almost miraculous, isn't it?

My solution would be to fire all of them and replace with private sector workers with performance requirements. No unions.


I assumed you were dreaming, MM, but wasn't it Kennedy who allowed gov't unions by Executive Order? Couldn't another EO reverse that? I'm thinking no, because Reagan probably would have done it if he could.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

((They say the real aim is to outlaw abortions))

No doubt that it is hoped that most abortion clinics will go out of business if they get cut-off from taxpayer money & they have to obey health & safety standards like other medical clinics.

Why are they treated any different than other businesses? Gosnell was a millionaire. Here's a bit about Karnamaya Mongar's death there - http://www.crimelibrary.com/notorious_murders/mass/kermit-gosnell/the-death-of-karnamaya-mongar.html

A gurney couldn't be used to get her out because the hallways were too narrow.
"They attempted to use the defibrillator. But like most of the medical equipment at the facility, it didn't work."

And this from Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) 2012-2013 annual report:
*During fiscal year 2012-2013, Planned Parenthood reported receiving $540.6 million in taxpayer funding, or nearly $1.5 million per day.
*Planned Parenthood reported $58.2 million in excess revenue, and more than $1.3 billion in net assets.

You'd think they would WANT to have safe clinics. Why do they fight every regulation?

Rob Crawford
I think we need to know if those in charge of those secret wait lists were also union officials.

No more than the head of the union that extorts via the IRS.

Who met with Obama more than members of his cabinet, AFAICR.

Rob Crawford

Seems to me Steny (a French word meaning "jackass") Hoyer has given us the opening. Civil Service protection is so important, and so all-encompassing, they most certainly do not need union representation as well.

So introduce two bills to Congress -- one repeals the civil service protections but permits voluntary membership in a union, the other bans unions but retains civil service protection.

Betcha the Democrats despise BOTH ideas. Which should be presented to the public as the Democrats believing that government workers -- who are paid from money taken from working people's checks -- are deserving of more protection than any other class of worker in the country.



iirc, DOT pointed out that civil service has 5th amendment protections (due process) in addition to union protections.

Captain Hate

Steny is Exhibit A of why I could never move back to Maryland.


well the editorial page, shows flashes of sanity,
the nutroots doesn't like that,


the WaPo editorial board slaps Obama around ...


-not even a Poppin' Fresh "in fairness".


Rob, that was pretty much Walker's argument on Act10. He didn't need to give the fleebagging Dems a choice though.

Beasts of England

Roll Tide!! NCAA Golf Champions!! Back-to-Back!!

Carol Herman

Yeah, here we go with Jimmy Carter, again. But the republicans? Still the stupid party!

You know even with obama's low approval numbers, you go and look at congress, and you see people really disgusted with politicians.

None of the politicians have any good ideas.


Roll Tide. Saw a good looking woman driving a Mercedes with a RollTide tag ...


Okay, so the speech wasn't great. But you have to hand it to them that they haven't revealed the name of a top secret covert CIA Agent for going on 3 days straight now, so thats something.


Hey Guys-

I got a smile and a retweet out of Insty this PM so I'm celebrating :-) If you're interested you just have to do your own sleuthing.

Beasts of England

She had a Roll Tide tag in NoVa or are you still in Florida, rich?


Whoops! Of course this was on twitter.


Yay, Lulu! I'll start sleuthing in a moment when I start catch-up.

But seriously, who the hell is Kerry to tell anybody else to "Man Up" when that pussy has refused to release his DD-214 that he grudgingly promised he would release back when he was running against Bush back in 2004.

Man do I wish somebody on our side would go after him for his hypocritical gutlessness.


I saw Jesse take Beckel apart and loved it.
Bret Baier can't believe they don't know the name of the dolt in the WH who missed the covert agent's name on the press release list. It strains credulity that Obama doesn't know or that to date no one has been punished for it.
CW has it Shinseki is a goner by June.


NoVa just down the street from where I live.


Is there anyone in America apart from a union-serving progressive office-holder who sees the main problem with the VA scandal as exposing civil servants to unfair disciplinary measures?

Very well put, Extraneus.


It's not difficult to get hospital privileges, but tedious, as far as the records they want to be submitted. Most hospitals now require the physicians to be board certified in their specialty, which is where I wouldn't be surprised to find many of the docs doing the abortions might have trouble.


So how 'long has this been going on' and to how many;



Thanks, but I leave early tomorrow for L.A> and the Wolverine's 9th birthday. The column was written as Obama was preparing to speak. It's about Illinois' plan to have different test standards depending on the race-ethnicity of the pupils taking the state tests.


Glasater - Belated kudos for your beautiful photographs (that daddy linked a few days ago).

The photos that had the look of a painting were particularly eyecatching.

Danube on iPad

Any Executive Order can be entirely rescinded by a subsequent EO. Don't know why Reagan didn't do it, but the whole scope and effect of the scam was not as permicious back then, as I recall it.

I believe President Walker would kill it on Day One. Not sure of anyone else who would.


this is her strigoi form, retractable stinger not shown;


wait, separate but unequal, haven't we seen this movie before?


MM, I think you are on to something with the unions if Beckel got that mad.

Shinseki will go. Obama as much as telegraphed it in his halfassed presser. Then they'll announce an investigation and it will be buried as old news, and the MFM will comply.

Hi, Rob Crawford!


is the bet Shinseki will resign on Friday then the media has a lazy weekend to comment on Obama's tough and principled leadership?

and I'll second Porch in the welcome back Rob.

any word on Mustang.

Centralcal on iPad

Wonderful, Clarice! A visit with Wolverine and a Pieces all set to go. Enjoy the beautiful California weather while you're here.

Comanche Voter

My San Francisco based sister (steeped in the political left up there for 50 years and counting now)is of course a huge Obama fan.

I won't bother to analyze the Bamster's speech today. He's evidently decided that since he is incapable of blinding us with brilliance, he's going to baffle us with bullshit.

I've learned that analyzing Obama's speeches is a nasty job, best left to someone else.

When I analyzed Obama's "Greatest Speech In The History Of The Republic On Race Relations"--after he had to throw Jeremiah Wright at least under the front bumper of the bus, I noted the contradictions, the false premises, the logical gaps--and yes the strawmen and empty phrases. I sent my annotated text of the speech along to my sister (big mistake). She spent her life as an English teacher; I spent mine as a transactional lawyer doing 100 plus page contracts. So I do read closely. She should read closely but she is dazzled by the "brilliance" of the Bamster.]

Well had punctured the windbag's balloon of airy puffery, (i.e. analyzing the race relations speech). But my sister erupted in howls of rage about "cheap lawyer tricks".

Sorry pally---I call 'em as I see 'em.

But burned once--I won't bother to read Obozo's drivel.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--But my sister erupted in howls of rage about "cheap lawyer tricks".--

That was exactly my reaction to his race speech too. :)

Content of the skin.

He gave it all away with 'typical white person'.

What a relief.

Woof! Haven't been able to comment for awhile.


Useful idiot comes to mind, exactly the type Lenin said, would sell them the rope;



narciso-they should shift to a hybrid and so should we. That's the same position the CoC takes here.

Cronyism everywhere.


'confidence is high,' that's exactly what would happen;


to be this ignorant, after more than 50 years,

Rick B

Comanche Voter,

I can't think of how to break it to a prog (the skull density problem...) but anyone putting "brilliance" together with "Obama" is basing it on the Palme du Merde "cheap lawyer tricks" employed by Lawrence Tribe of HLS. I really dunno how the utterances contained in a speech by a low skill eight grader could ever be closely read.


Yes, it's the Chinese model, Raul is well positioned since as head of the army, he runs tourism, transport, utilities, a real life version
of that fictional scene in the Godfather,

take care, clarice, the wolverine will keep you busy all week,


Comanche Voter-

>>>Well had punctured the windbag's balloon of airy puffery, (i.e. analyzing the race relations speech).<<<

it is like shooting fish in a barrel. I liked Whittle's word for it-gaslighting. Obama is gaslighting us. it explains so much.


>>>I won't bother to read Obozo's drivel.<<<

...and I won't be able to get any of that time back.

>>>anyone putting "brilliance" together with "Obama" is basing it on the Palme du Merde "cheap lawyer tricks" employed by Lawrence Tribe of HLS<<<



welcome back kim.

Danube on iPad

Greatest Orator ever, you who can remember a single thing he said, other than "if you like your health plan, you can keep it--period?"

Right up there with "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

Jim Miller

Off topic, but perhaps of interest: More than 100 Seattle policemen are suing practically everybody, Eric Holder, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, et cetera, over the Justice Department consent decree. The officers are saying that the whole thing is endangering them.

This is, apparently, a real rank and file revolt. Their union head said he just learned about it today.

That's all I know about the lawsuit, which was just filed.

(It's my impression -- though not one based on a careful study of statistical evidence -- that the consent decree is unfair, that the Seattle police department had, if anything, fewer problems than the average big city department.

And I will admit that I do not have complete confidence in the Holder Justice department. Especially its anti-civil rights division.)

Beasts of England

In one of the five matches at the NCAA this afternoon, Alabama golfer Robby Shelton shot a smooth 63, including a back nine on which he posted seven 3's. His opponent shot 64 and lost 1-down. A beautiful round of match play...

Prairie Dunes showed itself quite well; the Perry Maxwell track proved again that classic design is rarely bested.


Seattle, really they didn't even fight against the WTO protesters,

So another shallow hashtag arising out of the UCSB massacre, why not something practical like self defense classes,

Danube on iPad

*yet* who....

Jane on Ipad

Skipping ahead to say this is one hell of a hearing. The first hearing I can ever recall not knowing who is D or R by their questions.

One guy just said he knew the entire panel is lying and the VA can't be fixed until they are all fired.


#Bring Our Girls Outed CIA Chief Home

Jane on Ipad


Beckel was about to stroke out today. I correlate the loudness of his complaints to losing. He knows they are sunk.

Right now Congressman Cook of CA, a retired vet is crying on TV.



miss Marple

I guess I will turn on that hearing. I was going to go to bed, but can't resist bureaucrats being trashed.

miss Marple

That congresswoman from my state wasn't having any of the platitudes. Good for her!

Jane on Ipad

I will not tolerate Sheila Jackson Lee under any circumstances.


here's a link:



Well Shiela Jackson Lee just did all she needed since she made the panel say the words "I will not rest" until these problems are fixed at the VA.

Problem solved.

Jane on Ipad

They are so full of shit. I don't believe one word they say. They care about as much for the vets as I care about Obama.


So it's convenient that this attorney in the Tamoorisi case, who was hired through the US consulate site, would seem to sabotage the case,
we haven't seen this before have we

miss Marple

Since Sheila Jackson Lee felt the need to act like she was doing something, I deduce that this is a huge scandal which is damaging to the dems and the unions.

I am unimpressed with the three bureaucrats, who are now acting like they are doing something, when they could have done something moths ago. They are acting all concerned because they have been caught.

I particularly dislike the cliche-spouting woman.

Again, how many of these bureaucrats are union officials, and did they meet with Obama?

miss Marple

Jane, you ar exactly right. They should all 3 be put in handcuffs and led away.



Speaking of Sheila Jackson Lee, interesting to notice that the Washington Examiner reports today that Thad Cochran's top aide and girlfriend (Kay Webber) who has worked for Cochran for 33 years and rents him a room in her basement where he lives, rented her house out to the DNC in 2008 so that they could hold a fundraiser for Sheila Jackson Lee.

Throw the bums out, and their staffers.


where would we be without Flathead? smarter more time ...


Yes, Putin blinked ... the tears out of his eyes as he laughs at the West.

>>>And, because Putin’s aggression in Crimea has spurred Europe to reduce its dependence on Russian gas, Putin rushed to Beijing to conclude a natural gas supply deal with China. The price China extracted is secret and experts “suspect Putin dropped the price of gas significantly for China in a desperate maneuver to ensure a steady cash flow for Gazprom in the face of sinking revenue and Western sanctions,” The Washington Post reported. “ ‘There’s something fishy in the contract,’ ” said Mikhail Krutikhin, an energy analyst at RusEnergy, suggesting that Russia got a bad bargain. Putin blinked.<<<

Putin blinked ... tears out of his eyes as he inked a 30 year gas deal with China as the EU shrivels into irrelevancy. As a gesture to how irrelevant they are, he'll cut the taps during the summer, so in the sweltering heat and darkness, the Europeans can think about how great it is to be green.


Putin blinked ... the tears out of his eyes from hysterical laughter as he read Obama's new foreign policy speech today.

Jane on Ipad

Geez Daddy. Move Congress to Guam and let it sink.


I begin to wonder if there is a single bureaucrat that works for the the Obama Administration, that has appeared before a Congressional Investigating Committee, who has actually shown up at the Hearing and produced the data or documents that he or she has been previously tasked with providing.

My guess is no.

To the dogs.


When did they find out, and what did they do about it, less than nothing,

In retrospect, the whole thing was Kabuki, while he
shorthanded the counterinsurgency campaign in two countries, purging every competent commander, McCrystal, Petraeus, Mattis,et al, then they said
Jill and Michelle to be ambassadors to the Veterans, focusing on the minor issues of jobs, when their lives were literally endangered,

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