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May 22, 2014



Obama needs an excuse for why his excuses are so lame.


>>>Klein is a data guy.<<<

lol ... give him a box of crayolas and some paper so he can draw some graphs.


so far i have not found the science ...


But the numbers keep on circling me ...

...cosines and matlab ...

i have a lab report following me.


Did Obama eat his dog before or after it ate his homework?


From the link:
"A Harvard-trained lawyer and constitutional scholar like Obama"

No evidence of either. He was at Harvard, to be sure, but whether they actually trained him in anything is debatable. And if he's a constitutional scholar than I am a standup comedian--because, you know, I once told a joke while standing up. And stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

Jeff Dobbs

but whether they actually trained him in anything is debatable

That is a high hanging curve ball for Rick Ballard right there.

The question is will it be "bark like a seal" or "use the litter box" or something else...

Rick B


Wrt your comment re Gowdy setting the rules for the select committee - ISTM the Dems have picked a low skill, high volume group to protect Obama rather than Clinton. Gowdy is going to establish the case against Clinton in deposition, he's not going fire up the public circus until he has sworn testimony in hand. The clowns Pelosi picked will do their usual seltzer bottle and Punch and Judy gags in the public circus but the pick of Cummings as the minority leader means it will be done as a black face show. If they were going to protect Clinton, they would have picked one of the shriveled shrews to give the act a Vulvarian rather than black tone.


where is that easy button?

...to wag his tail when he needs to be let outside.

...to go on the potty pads because the thwack with a Westlaw hurts.

Man Tran on iPhone

Cap'n Hate,

That was me with the Springfield Adams exhibit. I happened to mention it to my neighbor who just returned from Bali(!) and in his usual fashion one-upped me with the fact that he 'grew up' up with Adams' daughter and saw that exhibit at its first outing in CA.

Re: the old locos, we went to the RR museum in Galveston and saw a 2-10-4 there. Also saw a beautifully restored pair of F7s in full Santa Fe Warbonnet colors. They were annotated with George P. Mitchell's name. (Mr. Frack, hisself.)



March 2, 2009

Michelle Obama's Patient-Dumping Scheme


How exactly were the secret VA waiting lists fine tuned? The IRS used Party Affiliation as a parameter but I'm sure race or income could be used just as well.


You know it's still too cute on Fournier's side, and he helped market Obama, from what I can see, the casualties are more likely from Bastogne to Khe Sanh, than the most recent generation from Bagram to Ramadi, but we don't
know, like Ted Koppel insisted on showing the names and faces of every casualty in Iraq, and
Trudeau pushed, like Time showed every gun death since Tucson, but didn't do the same for Fast and Furious,


We are praying for your mom, Stephanie.

For you as well.

Dublindave 2016

Fournier is known his racist tendencies.

Remember what he did in 2007?


Rick B: I just LOVE to read your comments.

That is all.

Now, gotta get back to work.


One is reminded that Thatcher was the only who tried to reverse this;


but I don't get the argument, where is Dana Priest and whoever shared her byline?


Ron Fournier was on special report last night. It was downright painful for him to criticize obama and he kept reverting to: "they all do it".

Jim Eagle

Admiral McRaven to Grads at Hookem-Horns U.: To change the world, start by making your bed. WATCH:)

Captain Hate on the iPad

I thought that was you that saw the Adams exhibit, Man Tran. I've probably seen most of the prints in the exhibit previously but that doesn't diminish their appeal. I'm sorry I missed it.

It was great seeing Madame Queen but sad that it was tucked away behind a fence to keep the graffiti vermin away. Fortunately Mrs H's camera could squeeze between the links.


the Klein and Fournier articles are both ridiculous.

of course the juiceboxers would turn to the DC Universe to make sense of the world.

Comanche Voter

Shorter version of Ezra: I had about a gazillion tons of Obama "smoke" blown up my heinie and it's okay.


>>>The Atlantic Online:
The Case for Reparations — Two hundred fifty years of slavery.<<<

just feel the awesome.

Rick B

Laurence Tribe was his organ grinder at HLS and a close reading of Tribe's interaction with Obama indicates Tribe recognized the futility of attempting any type of training early on. Tribe seems to have dedicated his time to making sure the office closet used for interaction was well ventilated and the paste jar refreshed on a daily basis.


hahahahaha ... you never disappoint Rick.


and a question:

is there a find and replace function in matlab?

i have a matrix and have to replace a few numbers and am too lazy to use the help (lookfor) function.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Protecting the JEF instead of the prospective party standard bearer is the sign of an insane organization.

Danube on iPad

A "scholar" with an unblemished record of never being published.


That is a high hanging curve ball for Rick Ballard right there.

More than happy to be the straight man for the comic geniuses here.


How much blame should Congressional committees have for the VA debacle? I ask,because Mike Michud,the obscure MAINE CD-2 congressman,is the ranking member of the Veterans Affairs Committee. His claim to fame is as an advocate for veterans. He is running for governor and relies on the goodwill of veterans in Maine. The Portland paper has an article re: possible trouble for Michaud.The Bangor Daily, *crickets.* Michaud will be in the LGBT parade in Portland next month, both papers are all over that story. Anyway,the blame is on Obama,but Congress shouldn't be held totally blameless,especially those on relevant committees.


I know you would think that was obvious;



Another pretensious twit, who shouldn't be allowed anything with responsibility;


Volodya's bad enough without going Goodwin


Well Steph if you are ever stuck at St Joes I am about 5 minutes away if you catch all the red lights. That's why if O'care gets too bad you could barter for medical care just in the neighborhood.

Yes, you do not want it to be the hospital you mentioned or the one named after 2 mountains. They both try to do things they have less volume in that others do better not far away.

On our minimum wage discussion Red and I have talked about that dynamic where you can see a price increase chasing off customers and which customers leave first. She has seen people go through five credit cards trying to finance the gourmet bakery goods they want. She also says few in her generation get a dynamic between what people are paid and what things cost.

It also came out when I decided I was capable of raking my yard given what someone wanted. I think in terms of books sold to get the amount after tax and put on my gloves.

Rick B


What level of resource commitment can the DNC justify to protect an incompetent, brain damaged drunk?


Rick B, I agree with this--Pelosi's picks are to protect Obama, not Clinton.. I think she still harbors jealousy for her , but for whatever reason that's the gig. And yes, Gowdy's going to act like a lawyer, not a circus performer.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

I pray your mom is OK, Steph, and that her lymph nodes are clear.

Danube on iPad

So Al Qaeda has branched out into workplace violence. Who knew?


My fishwrap gives a little attention,


but you would need to look for it, many other stories are more important in their view,


More Ron Fornier, showing how it's done.


Danube on iPad

Clarice probably knows more about this, but I believe that depositions are taken by lawyers on the committee staff, and that every single witness will be deposed before testifying to the committee. Every answer to every question will be locked in under oath. Both sides are likely to leak the stuff they like in advance of the open testimony, which will consist of members cherry-picking the questions that suit their narrative.


What level of resource commitment can the DNC justify to protect an incompetent, brain damaged drunk?

Versus an incompetent, pathologically narcissistic pothead?

Miss Marple

I have noticed Fournier painfully but actually doing a sort of attack on Obama.

For those who don't remember this, Fournier was a Little Rock stringer who was brought up to cover the White House by the AP when the Clintons went to Washington, because he knew them from covering the governor in Little Rock, plus he knew all their friends and relations.

He left the AP some time shortly after Bush 43 was inaugurated.

Because of this, I surmise he is a Clintonista so is willing to go after Obama and the VA scandal and at the same time ignore Benghazi.

James D.

What level of resource commitment can the DNC justify to protect an incompetent, brain damaged drunk?

Since there seems to be an endless supply of money from Hollywood and Silicon Valley, and no shortage of true believers willing to fall on their swords for Dem leaders, I'd say that the DNC has quite enough resources to protect all their incompetent leaders.


Danube on iPad

Rich Lowry on the VA as standard-bearer for single-payer:


No insurance companies, no private doctors. Just the patient and his government. Excellent.


ManTran, they just moved Big Boy 4014 up not far from you in Cheyenne, Wyoming. She's a 4-8-8-4 steam locomotive built in the early 40's and she is a beast.

I used to climb all over her when I was a kid and was back for a car show at the fairgrounds a few months ago and renewed my acquaintance.

Now the UP will have her running in a few years. Planes, trains and automobiles.

Spent yesterday with the command team of the Wounded Warrior Battalion - West at Camp Pendleton. What an impressive group of Marines and what a facility.

The WW Regiment was set up in 2006 to deal with the serious cases coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan; anything from TBI to amputations to PTSD. The goal is to get the individual back to normal, either as an active duty Marine or as a civilian. No Man (or woman) left behind.

It's part of a project I'm on now. Next will be dealing with the VA and other agencies and resources for vets. PTSD, alcoholism, and drug abuse are real issues and need to be better addressed.

Danube on iPad

God bless you, Matt.


The war on women imported:

"He culturally believed he had the right to hit his wife and discipline his wife.”



Just arrived home and am listening to Dennis Prager interviewing Dorothy Rabinowitz. She is commenting on the terrible new book by that William Cohan jerk which praises disbarred prosecutor Mike Nifong as a moral hero, and damns the Duke LaCrosse boys as guilty boys saved from deserved prosecution because of their upper class white economic privilege.

An excellent few segments.

Miss Marple


I culturally believe that those people should be sent back to their lovely homelands.


Since there seems to be an endless supply of money

Au contraire, just yesterday we had the spectacle of OFA shutting down new donor solicitations and laying off 1/2 of their staff. Its seems they were picking fruit from the wrong side of the orchard and greatly upsetting officeholders who thought they might need it a hell of a lot more than a 501(c) 4.

The spigot is going to dry up as it becomes even more apparent just how large the wildfire is that raging (undetected only in certain prog precincts of course).

Jeff Dobbs

Speaking of Ezra Klein and TM...

Huh, 15 minutes can can save you 15% or more on car insurance ol' Ezra is now a part of Vox.com.

Everyone knows that.

Well, did you know that Old Macdonald was a really bad speller? Vox.com is part of Vox Media? And did you know that Vox Media bought the vox.com domain from . . . wait for it . . . SAY Media which is the former name of . . . wait for it . . . SixApart, which is the parent company of . . . wait for it . . . Typepad.

Dublindave 2016

Could Obama add the VA to the number of other things he's managed to fix?

Could this be the jewel in his legacy?


wheels within wheels hit.

lab report over the fence.

help find
help isnan

matlab is so functional.

Miss Marple

Rush reminds everyone that Obama wanted the military to pay for their own insurance because they are volunteers.

I had forgotten about that, because there is so much bad stuff I can't remember it all.

James D.

My latest book doesn't "officially" launch until tomorrow...but if you want to take a look at it, it's available on Amazon as of about two minutes ago...


(I wanted to do it early to make sure there weren't any problems, and so I could set up the links, etc for it)

I want to thank all you great folks here, for your kind words and encouragement, and also for your practical help with my various questions. The information you guys gave me made it into the book, and I really appreciate it!

And I should point out, for any of you guys who are medically knowledgable who might read it: I know that chapter 15 probably stretches believeability somewhat. I hope you'll let that pass in the name of dramatic license!


WI appears to be stuck in a vicious cycle. To finish fiscal year 2015 with $100 million surplus. Note this is after 3 rounds of tax cuts in the past year totaling $1.6 billion. I guess we're stuck with round 4.

Jim Miller

Marlene - Washington state's senior senator, Patty Murray, has been bragging about how much she cares about veterans for years -- and missed this scandal completely. (This may seem odd, but I think she probably does care about them, but just doesn't know how to keep government bureaucrats in line.)

daddy - The WSJ had a good piece by Rabinowitz on the Cohan book a few days ago. Whne I linked to it, I took the opportunity to take another crack at the NYT.


henry, Why is Walker tied in the race? One would think that a surplus of that much or any surplus would help him?


I hate it when my wife makes lentils instead of goat meat.


Rabinowitz and Prager have some theories of why this terrible Cohen book was written and is getting so many positive reviews from the Left---One is that this case completely destroyed the credibility of much of the Left that bought the initial story hook, line and sinker.

Rabinowitz believes the Left had to somehow rescue the moral authority of the Left lost by this case, and the way to do that was by undermining the factual narrative that was revealed, and intentionally presenting an alternative narrative, playing the crime as real, and Nifong as the moral hero who was punished for doing the right thing by the Lawyers that these wealthy white privileged kids were able to hire for the destruction of him and the innocent black victim.

That meme, Rabinowitz and Prager agree, is more important and powerful to the Left than Truth, so that is why they believe this book was written and why it is finding such favor among so many reviewers from the Left. Rabinowitz believes there is a significant push on the Left to make a Lefty revisionist movie of this case in order to give a wide dissemination to this rewrite of history and to provide new ammunition for those who wish to gain by damning white privilege.

MarkO on the road, closeted in a Marriott in Newark.

More often than not, Fournier and Debbie W-S say the same things in the same order.

In particular, he was trying to make the point that lying about Benghazi and fabricating facts was simply "spin." That was more of his 'everyone does it" excuse for election fraud. If by "everyone" he means Nixon, then maybe.


suzy, Walker is tied in a Marquette poll of registered voters. He is up by 6 with likely voters. WI is very polarized and probably 50-50 left/right. What that poll tries to show is that if the left (who Marquette poll folks like) can bring enough of their "voters" (residents of IL or ellos que falta los documentos) to the polls the might be able to almost steal a victory. If the community activists don't get active soon, Walker coasts.


Clarice probably knows more about this, but I believe that depositions are taken by lawyers on the committee staff, and that every single witness will be deposed before testifying to the committee.

I don't know if Clarice answered this and I missed it, but will committee members be allowed to attend the depos?

I recall once early in my career I brought my client into a big Boston law firm for his depo. 14 lawyers showed up on the other side all representing the same defendant.

All I could think of was how much they were charging their client.


daddy-I think it has to do with the White Privilege/"universe of Obligation to whom amends is owed"/racism is omnipresent as long as differences in wealth and income remain meme that turns out to be such a huge part of the planned K-12 Common Core implementation.

I have touched on it in last 2 posts and it is full force in today's that is outlined, but not yet up. I came across the truly shocking intended curriculum as I was following up on the ties between the UK's planned Journey to Justice and that same Facing History and Ourselves program that bo and mo were both aligned with. Now I can see why.

I should get it up today if me kids will leave me alone for long enough. Anybody else got adult children who can make Mooooom into a multisyllable plaintive inquiry?


Rabinowitz and Prager have some theories of why this terrible Cohen book was written

We saw the same thing with the "fake but accurate" defense of Dan Rather. Actual facts don't alter the deeper "truths" that are axiomatic for the left.

I can only presume this book is full of weasel words to protect the author from defamation suits.


Watch this:


Taranto skewers Krugman, Klein, Noah, and others for their previous praise of the VA. Krugman in 2006:

I know about a health care system that has been highly successful in containing costs, yet provides excellent care. And the story of this system's success provides a helpful corrective to anti-government ideology. For the government doesn't just pay the bills in this system--it runs the hospitals and clinics.

No, I'm not talking about some faraway country. The system in question is our very own Veterans Health Administration, whose success story is one of the best-kept secrets in the American policy debate.


Rick B

It's a shame Crystal Mangum is unavailable for the publicity tour of this Black Virtue/White Vice passion play. Couldn't they have waited the 12 to 18 years until she finishes her sentence for murder?


I have not spent enough time to know if Marquette is any different than any of the other University pollsters, but generally the University polls are terribly designed and sloppily performed and almost always come up with more lefty voters than ever show up in an election.

In a polarized environment, ask yourself what has changed since the last election. If Walker prevailed last time and has delivered, who exactly is changing sides and why. If the answer to that escapes you, join the crowd ( come on over to the fun side of the island Marty!).


It's one of those demotivator exercises, Gmax, of course it's trumpeted, in inverse relation to the one, that showed McDaniel ahead, and that one wasn't PPP. My local fishwrap is strickly extra strength electrolytes.

You're right, Jim, Yes Minister is a good guide, to see the sausage making process at work,


All I could think of was how much they were charging their client.

Open season on client billing codes. It actually costs a lot to not take a call from your lawyer. Six minute minimum billing means if you make enough calls and leave messages you can go home in time to catch Oprah...

Captain Hate

Rabinowitz's review of revisionist Cohan's book serves as a corrective after Rupert initially gave the assignment to some random dimwit who gave it a thumbs up which made me go WTF multiple times. KC Johnson has had a field day blasting the tree killer.


My expectations re Cohan, were not high, re the previous tree slaughter, about Goldman Sachs,
Tolstoy said take it easy, but I perused it at my local library, and I kept looking for 'the pony'


Jim Miller,

Just read your post and comments on Rabinowitz and that seems on the money with what I heard today on Dennis Prager's show. Nobody on the radio is as good on the issues of ethics and morality as Dennis is and these 2 today were excellent in discussing the aims of the Left in using the Duke LaCrosse case as a way to rewrite history.

It is both sobering and frightening to see the Left in pursuit of their goals.

Jim Eagle


Did you see where the Council of Catholic Bishops have advised the catholic school councils to exercise caution in the implementation of Common Core?

Here is their FAQ on CCSS.

Jim Eagle

That should be "Conference of Catholic Bishops".

Captain Hate

Per comments @ Durham in Wonderland, Cohan's book is being roundly trashed by reviewers on Amazon to the point that he's whining to have them removed; that despite the fact that one of the five star shillboys admitted to not having read it.


It will probably take a while, one recalls how they did to some extent, Jim Garrison's crazy witchhunt of Clay Shaw in JFK, working in large part off what turned out to be a Soviet desinformatiya scheme, as Mitrokhin revealed,

Captain Hate

Per Tammy Bruce, Dan Snyder has told the 2 grandstanding Congress critters from Terry McAwful's state urging the Redskins to change their name that he doesn't think it's a very good idea. Are there any sane people in the state other than the ones who post here?


Just one, Captain, the few Kim Jong IL style reviews, could only have been obtained by consuming Walter White's product,

Old Lurker

Well it's a two-fer Cap'n. Those congress critters are VA and Snyder lives in Potomac and no, there are no sane people in either (three if you throw in DC) except for those who post here.


The Cohen book, the talk about segregation, income inequality, the Atlantic story on reparations, Sterling and the new Climate scare push, all have one common denominator. They are IMHO the Democrats trying to stir up their base.

At the same time they serve as a distraction to the failure that Obama has been, which is now impossible to hide, though they try.

In my mind they all say the same thing, things are bad but they could be worse if we don't succeed at the ballot box. It is a call to arms for the Democrats.


Up here we are clobbered by soot and smoke from some massive wild fires down on the Kenai and across the Cook Inlet. Visibility is as bad as I've ever seen it due to forest fires: Wildfire smoke could stick around Anchorage into Memorial Day weekend

I didnt know about the fires beforehand, and on approach I had up a video camera on the dash board while descending, intending to record us just penetrating the cloud layer beginning about 13,000 feet up, and then breaking thru to the gorgeous view of the Turnagain fiord that they route us down, surrounded on both sides by beautiful mountain ridges.

The first part worked fine, (breaking into the cloud tops), but when we broke thru at about 9,000 feet, instead of my beautiful expected view it looked like armageddon---smoky as heck and terrible visibility. The mountains on both sides were just barely visible, and appeared as dark, indistinct masses. Even on out into the sound, past the mountains, and now fully over the Cook Inlet before we made our turn back in to land the visibility was still awful and you could already smell in the cockpit that sort of fireplace smell from the fires.

When Momma picked me up and we drove home I noticed that my beautiful ridge of the Chugach mountains, just a few miles away, was completely invisible. It was odd because without them it made what I was able to see on the drive home very unpicturesque and boring, almost like a scene from the flatlands of eastern Carolina. (pardon me any offended Tarheels:)

The house now smells of the smoke and Momma says it has been that way for going on 3 days now. Boy, do we need some of that rain and hail Miss Marple treated me to yesterday.

Captain Hate

OL, I knew my home state was rotten to the core the first time I saw the mobbed up governor, J Millard Tawes; that was obviously a long time ago.

Miss Marple

Jack, I will point that out to my sister, who is an art teacher at a Catholic school. When the sister who was in charge retired, they hired a young 30ish principal who is all about Common Core.

Which has aggravated her as he sees it as something to do because "Republicans hate it."

Which is why she is retiring after the end of next year.


the author of that screed, Coates, was the Atlantic's designated propagator of the Crump meme, in the Zimmerman case, so it's altogether
not surprising they would come to this conclusion,

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce just dropped an F bomb talking about the "freaking cow" who's running against McTurtle refusing to answer a question, twice, on whether she'd have voted for 404Care.


Very cool, Jane.



I agree with Central or your dove video.

Somewhat related to what somebody posted here yesterday about an orphaned baby moose, here's some local shots of momma and babies around town: Moose Babies


Listened to a whole lot of NPR today while fertilizing the azaleas and planting perennials. Which means I got to hear audio of BO from yesterday, defending the VA situation.

How in God's name did that whiner get re-elected???
Whine, whine, whine.

Did I ever mention our family motto is no whining? When my oldest told me during his first semester at a certain law school where our president matriculated that he was quitting if he didn't get all passes for his semester grades, I told him he wasn't quitting til he had a degree, and sent him a picture that had been in the WSJ of the West Point cadets, heads bowed in prayer. A female cadet was in the center of the group--and I wrote--"if this girl is willing to die so you can live free, you finish school. I don't care if you ever practice law, but you get that degree."
He posted it on his computer.
One day a friend came by, asked him what that was about. Son told him the story behind it, and friend said "That explains a lot."
Graduated summa. Some times kids need a kick in the butt.

People who grow up shoveling snow at 5 in the morning so their dad can get the car out to go to work aren't whiners.


daddy,or anyone interested in the Cohan book,he was interviewed by Brian Lamb on CSPAN's Q&A last month. I know this because I usually have CSPAN'S Book TV on as background noise,even when I'm reading a book. CSPAN has podcasts and video of past programs. I fell asleep during the interview,so don't remember much.

Miss Marple

anonamom, so true!

I really dislike how many people are now whining about how they have hurt feelings, things are so hard, they feel left out, yada, yada.

I just am trying to imagine my father's generation listening to this. SEVEN years in the Army, starting with horse cavalry at Ft. Snelling and just about to get out when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, so he was in for the duration. Overseas through North Africa and Italy. Home and started his life over at 27, started a business, raised 5 kids, switched careers when he was in his 40's.

He didn't even whine when he was diagnosed with cancer. He just shrugged, looked at me, and said, "Well, what are you gonna do, run around and yell?" Survived for another 8 years, taking care of my mom who was unable to walk due to a brain tumor.

So I am not in the mood to hear whining, myself.


our family motto is no whining

Heh. When I was a manager, I instituted a "no whining Wednesdays" policy. (Making it every day was certain to fail). In a not-exactly-unrelated move, I scheduled most of the periodic one-on-one meetings for Wednesdays.


The last moose I saw was roadkill (last week-end). The black flies are driving the moose out of the woods.The ticks are also now affecting the Maine moose herd,the NH moose herd has been culled drastically by ticks. One particular moose that NH game wardens studied had 150,000 ticks that sucked the blood out of it. Poor dumb moose. Both states want to reduce the moose hunt,because the herd is so diminished.


when you've read the book, the scam is up

http://www. gatewaypundit.com/2014/05/obama-is-so-angry-montage-obama-just-found-out-about-insert-scandal-hes-really-mad-video/


Following the Captain's comment above, I went over to KC Johnson's latest 'Durham in Wonderland' link on Cohan's effort to get Amazon to delete unfavorable reviews of his terrible new book.

I see the reviews have 18 "5 Stars" (Highest rating possible) and 74 "1 Stars" (Lowest rating possible).

This review from Joan seemed thorough:)


Bori-the NEA CARE Guide I quoted from dated from 2011 and the FHAO materials being prepared in conjunction with PBS are frequently earlier so this was always to be the coordinated effort.

Too much of the base has been led to believe reparations ARE owed.


rse @ 2:02...ha,yes.We'll be meeting the daughter and son-in-law in NH tomorrow afternoon.The first thing my adult, now married daughter will ask? Mom,did you bring an extra toothbrush?

Captain Hate

Wow, thanks for linking that, daddy. Interesting how it includes a Jonathan Turley snippet about prosecutors running amok being a huge danger for freedom. Nifong hasn't suffered nearly enough for what he did, despite what Cohan wrote. He should still be behind bars. And there probably should be some others with him.



If my siblings or I ever uttered the phrase, "I'm bored" to my mom, she solved the problem for us with a looooong list of chores.

Dave (in MA)


The the is not optional. ;)

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