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May 04, 2014



have fun Maryrose!


Click for a close up of liars with utter disregard for human life and a callousness that would make Stalin proud:


Plus, pantsuits.


Wow, NK. That is really something.


I learned fromt he gambler's son that thoroughbred racing was honest, but insider paddock info from jockeys,grooms and hot walkers was decisive. The second thing was, never gamble serious money on anything.


Jane-- I assume that is a mental health facility to which she is being transfered?


google said it is a medical referral service. Thompson CT is very close to where I live. Why they can't let her go to Hartford is beyond me.


I think I have watched both Secretariat and Seabiscuit @ 10 times each. I loved both of those films.

We love horses and used to ride, but Querida took a nasty fall a few years back and hasn't been up since. We love being around them, though. Horses and dogs are the best. They return affection with more affection in most cases. Better than most human beings.

A friend of mine posted a NYT op/ed on his FB page this morning, "America the Shrunken". I posted that this has been Obama's agenda since the outset. The downfall of America.

He has no logical reason to oppose Keystone and yet does anyway. He has spent the country into the poorhouse.

The Fed now holds 1/3 of all of the nation's debt. It has been monetized and with $637 Billion in deals so far this year, corporate America is fleeing towards assets. China is on the brink of a bubble in RE, and nothing has really changed or been repaired after the financial crisis. We are in a de facto currency war with the BRICS.Our enemies o not fear us but mock us instead.

Talk about a con game. Our military is broken. Our allies are dismayed.

And yet Noonan's column on Saturday illuminated what a real leader is. JP II was heroic. he took a stand that was extremely difficult and could have cost him his life and he did it because it was the right thing to do.

Everything, everything Obama has been done has been subject to extreme politicization or race based pandering or whatever you want to call the Leftists toxic philosophy. It is a mirror world of grievances and deconstruction and revisionism.

I can recognize that Sterling is a scumbag and had to go 20 years ago, but it was the oligarchic liberal chic crowd that kept him in power as long as he paid off the right people. And yes, these days you can get away with murder if you are part of that crowd.

We need to get real and man up (excuse the sexism). These bastards still won't go there on Benghazi. It is time to call them what they are and fight back hard but fair.

When the NYT is suddenly seeing Dowd and others turn on the scum, there is a hell of an opportunity, and the mainstream Republicans and even the Tea Party are not really in the fight.

It is time to take to the streets for the right things in life. We can all bicker and kvetch, but the one thing they understand is righteous people in the streets saying "enough". I'm sorry for the outburst, but the daily drift towards disaster makes no sense to me anymore.


Henry-- Wisconsin Legislature control at issue in November, is that true? http://online.wsj.com/news/article_email/SB10001424052702303417104579542001681400462-lMyQjAxMTA0MDAwNTEwNDUyWj


I missed watching Secretariat, but did get to see Affirmed win the Belmont and the Triple Crown. My uncle who was a gambler knew the jockey Jorge Velasquez of Alydar who had finished second to Affirmed at Derby and Preakness and he assured my uncle that Alydar would take the Belmont because of the longer track.

My uncle bet heavily based on that prediction, he was not happy with Jorge and did not talk to him for a long time. He should have listened to Angel Cordero Jr. who told him that Affirmed would win.


NK, Legislature is probably safe R from redistricting. The left will go after Walker again, it will be close, and it will be ugly (the Dem gov candidate standing outside the R convention handing out "klan masks" while wearing a Confederate uniform sets the baseline, muck will be thrown more intensely late summer). The MSM is all in for the left, only reporting secession as a topic at the convention (voted down by a landslide) instead of the tax cut agenda actually discussed.


Dr Roy Spencer gives top ten science/common sense reasons for skepticism of CAGW/Climate change. This is a handy reference IMO, most Libs you talk to won't even know what this means, they'll retort with 'SHUTUP': http://www.drroyspencer.com/2014/05/top-ten-good-skeptical-arguments/

Captain Hate

maryrose can't go on vacation; it's election day tomorrow!!!


I just had a phone call. Caller ID said it was Washington calling. I was so hoping it was George or someone from Homeland Security.

jimmyk on iPad

Jane, no doubt all those conditions are simply DCF's way of not admitting any mistake or wrongdoing on their part. They have to continue to make her family look suspect lest the focus turn on them.


Sorry, I forgot the ending. I answered to see who it was. I won a free cruise to the Bahamas. No thanks.

Danube on iPad

As I recall, the "field" in that Belmont was exactly two horses. All the other owners had seen the Derby and the Preakness and said the hell with it.

Danube on iPad

Warren Buffet last week:

"The billionaire was even more explicit about his goal of reducing his company's tax payments. 'I will do anything that is basically covered by the law to reduce Berkshire's tax rate,' he said. 'For example, on wind energy, we get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That's the only reason to build them. They don't make sense without the tax credit.'"


DoT-- small field, 5 horses:


DoT-- the visual of Secretariat winning by 31 lehgths is the iconic image, but to the horse guys on the infield, the clock was the race. One of the guys who got us from the paddock to the infield had a stopwatch on the race. He looked at me and said 2:24 --I had no idea what that meant-- and he said don't forget what you saw, because you'll never see it again. The whole thing was like a movie, and BTW the movie was very good about Belmont day.


except they got the weather on race day a bit wrong.

Clarice Feldman

Jane, great job so far on Justina.


Secretariat in the Preakness is here.


The surge begins at around 0:35 and by 0:50 he's taken the lead for good.

James D.

Jane @ 1:35

That is (qualifiedly) good news.

I have to say, if I were the Pelletier family, the moment I had Justina back in my care, I would flee the state, and, if possible, the country, and never look back. Even if it meant abandoning my home, my job, everything.

I would not feel safe if I were within a thousand miles of the MA DCF.

the Dem gov candidate standing outside the R convention handing out "klan masks" while wearing a Confederate uniform sets the baseline
Can we get a poster together? Something like:

History Lesson:
History Repeats!

Maybe include a silhouette of Honest Abe on the poster?


If anyone has the time and inclination below is a link to a really great photographer who specializes in all different events.

YOu have to scroll through a little to find the horse race pictures but you'll have fun looking at this guy's magic:



If Justina & her family are residents of Conn., how can Mass. DCF continue to have custody of her once she is in a facility in Conn.?


cathyf, a twit pic for your poster.


If Justina & her family are residents of Conn., how can Mass. DCF continue to have custody of her once she is in a facility in Conn.?

How can they do any of the things they have done for the last 15 months? Oh yeah Deval Patrick, aka Obama the 2nd is governor.

What's even worse is none but 2 republican candidates are running on this issue. They will not get one dime of my money this year.


I know that they haven't hope with the Mass. authorities, but is there ant legal remedy for them in CT once she is back in that state? Does the Court ruling of custody in MA control custody in CT?

Clarice Feldman

I should think all health professionals coming on this scene would want to avoid being enmeshed in the lawsuit against Mass and DCF which is surely going to be coming. I think this intermediate transfer is just a face saving measure for the state.

Speaking of a bridge too far:http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/205216-white-house-may-not-cooperate-with-benghazi-probe


I know that they haven't hope with the Mass. authorities, but is there ant legal remedy for them in CT once she is back in that state? Does the Court ruling of custody in MA control custody in CT?

I don't know. However CT has said they do not think she belongs in custody so perhaps they will let her go home.

There have been multiple demonstrations for Justina - nearly one every day in the last few weeks. Other than my stand-out I'm ashamed to say I haven't been to any, but there is interest out there.


I have never understood why the state of Connecticut hasn't gone after her. Are they not capable of performing CPS in their state?


Clarice Feldman | May 05, 2014 at 03:22 PM

From the link:

"...the White House has "always cooperated with legitimate oversight,"

That statement right there by J Carney can be added to the list of lies coming out of this bozo admin.


JimmyK at 2:51 - thank you sooo much! One can feel the excitement there at 0:35 when he breaks out from behind on the outside!

I've only been to one horse race in my life and before the time, walked by the stalls and saw this pretty little white filly, so we made a secret silent pact and she won against all odds!

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