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May 09, 2014


Captain Hate

As a non Catholic I don't wish to come off as disrespectful to my friends of that faith, but isn't what Francis said not unexpected coming from a Jesuit?


"6Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you."


Just woke up, picked up the first cup of coffee and turned on FOX News.

Up pops Jesse Jackson being interviewed by a black FOX Host. This was the first soundbite I heard so I ran it backward to transcribe, since it seems to me the meme being put out now about Boko Haram will be that the cause, the motivation, for these bloodthirsty Islamic killers, rapers, murdering enslavers, will be tagged to anything but Islam, just like John Kerry is tagging it to "poverty".

FOX HOST: Of course the focus is to find these girls and bring them back home. What will it take moving forward to prevent these type of kidnappings and subsequent attrocities from happening in the future and how can the US and other world leaders help, Reverand?

JacksonWell it seems that they're using religion as a cover for their political act of destabilization because no body of Islam, Islamic Scholars, embrace the kidnap of these girls. After all there's been some Muslim Christian tension, but these are, these are Muslim girls. This couldn't just be about the religious situation. So the cover of religion, Sharia, is being used as an act of political destabilization.

So I ask you, has the reporting so far been wrong? Are these Muslim girls, not Christian girls, who have been kidnapped and raped and sold into slavery? Are the words of Boko Haram, saying that they are expressly against the education of women of any kind because of Islamic teachings, not to be believed as their motivation? Have I missed something? Or once again are we being conveniently lied to by Leftists with agendas they wish to push on us?

Regardless, it sure seems from Jesse Jackson's body language that he loves being back in the limelight once again.

Captain Hate

daddy, I'm calling bullshit on the transcription. First, every verb matches the subject which is unpossible for the Revrun to accomplish. Second, you're using real words instead of the random creole gibberish which emerges from Shakedown's pie hole.


Also forgot to mention we had a decent size earthquake this morning. The bed started shaking fairly strong, slowly entering my consciousness via whatever I was dreaming, about and woke me up, so I glanced at the clock and it said 06:20. Ughh. Then I went back to sleep.

TV news says it was a 5.8 shaker. I had forgotten all about it, until I saw it reported. I think it went on for about 10 seconds.

Jack is Back!


Having had a Jesuit education, my feeling, which I noted a thread or two back, is Francis' perspective has been more influenced by being Argentine and South American than as a. Member of the Society of Jesus. Jesuits are the proverbial PITA to the church's Top Men. Philosophical, demanding, challenging and devoting unfailing loyalty to the teachings of Jesus. In as much his life and teachings of living a life on sacrifice and giving to The Lord, then there is some semblance of his current leadings. He is a charismatic and humble man who needs a more broader view of the world than the one offered by the corrupt Southern Cone,


Just back from a long day of soccer at 8:15 then a track meet from 10::0 to 2 then 4 kids here by the pool now at the beach and me slaving in the kitchen making two pizzas. I am worn to the nub.


Miss Marple

JiB, Sympathies for all the sporting events.

I well remember my days running back and forth between soccer, track meets, scouts, and band.

I know you are worn out; I always was, too!


Is his worldview that far removed from Leo X11
at the tail end of the 19th Century,

Meanwhile, Krugman's Baltic sparring partner notices something about Volodya's magical
sparring partner;

Jack is Back!


Thanks for the sympathy but as I noted all I wanted was a glass of wine:)

BTW, I don't care who you are - either Jack, Tiger, Phil or Arnie - you go around Sawgrass for 41 holes (so far) without a bogey, you are some kind of special golfer.

Jordan Spieth.

Miss Marple


My sympathy is for being tired.

10 years from now you will have fond memories of sitting through all of those events. I sure do - one of the best times of my life.

Enjoy that glass of wine - you deserve it!


Since his experience is as a chemical engineer and then a Jesuit theologian,

I think the Pope was also a bartender.

Miss Marple


I hadn't heard that. Well, I suppose that would give him a warped view of some business types and their charitable impulses.


daddy, I'm calling bullshit on the transcription. First, every verb matches the subject which is unpossible for the Revrun to accomplish.


It took me about 20 tries, running the tape back and forth, to decipher. And you are correct. I left out much spittle and err's, ah's, and uh's.


AWESOME! Wisconsin Democrat Candidate for Governor Hulsey Confronted by Black Republican for Calling GOP Racist

Beasts of England

@Skoot: They are on the bill for the Hangout Festival next Sunday (about two miles from our beach house) and Bonaroo (45 minutes away), but my festival days are probably behind me. They're also playing in Decatur (15 miles from here), but that show is already sold out. Darn it!

Thanks, Captain!


Shirley they can't be serious, State compared Boko Haram, with religious minorities in the country, re Washington Examiner, and the Good
Reverend is full of it, as usual, as he was in Nicaragua, Syria and other places


Miss Marple,

Here's a short clip of Pope Francis speaking in English, using the Eff word, and telling how he smashed some rowdy bar patron in the face with his fists.

He says it from the Pulpit, so I don't think I'm, out of line or disparaging in linking to it. He obviously want's folks to know about it.

Beasts of England

First, every verb matches the subject which is unpossible for the Revrun to accomplish. Second, you're using real words instead of the random creole gibberish which emerges from Shakedown's pie hole.

I agree with your scathing assessment of the idiot's communicative deficiencies, and I'm also on board with daddy: now we have a meme about this bullshit? Good grief. Poverty, my ass. Don't see a lot of folks in Appalachia killing and kidnapping folks by the hundreds...


Reverend is full of it, as usual


Rev Jackson said that he thought this will be a good development if it causes all of us in the West to get involved in focusing our attention on Africa. Naturally this will involve providing gazillions of dollars to Jesse's cronies friends in Africa and further opportunities for massive moral preening and lecturing to us all by this same Reverend Jackson.


And here the Catholic News Service tells us the Pope used to be a bouncer in a bar.

CNN and many others mention it as well.

Danube on iPad

Is there any reason on earth to ask that fraud for his opinion, other than that he is black

Beasts of England

Or we could just tell Africa to reject Islam, embrace capitalism, and respect the rule of law. Easy peasy, Japanesey.


I just had a really amazing experience. I just saw La Cenerentola at the Met. It was the last show of the season.

The Met live-streams operas to movie theaters in HD. You watch the audience fill up, you have the best view on the planet and you get to go back stage between scenes. It was my first opera - it's been on my bucket list forever. It was long as hell, but I loved it.

Beasts of England

Good for you, Jane - how wonderful!


No Dot,

But the sad thing was that the FOX news Hostess, said something like "Reverend Jackson it is so interesting to listen to you that I wish I had another 30 minutes to get your opinions on these matters. She was really buying his story and sucking up to him.

Why the heck we continually empower these race baiters with soap boxes beats me.


This reminds me, and I remember it, the press will regurgitate it as well, the Medici, was in business, with a fellow who sold water pumps in Nigeria, it didn't turn out well.

I first started hearing about Nigeria, in the Spectator, when Abacha was trying to get back in, and of course he had his fans in the Washington racket, I mean establishment,


Why did Fox go to Jackson for an explanation? Who elected him spokesman for the kidnapped girls? (Who ever would?) Why not talk to some Nigerians? Hirsi Ali? You know, someone who knows what he/she is talking about? Instead they all run to the racist crooks Jackson and Sharpton and demean themselves and blacks in the process.


Glad you had fun, Jane.

James D.

Glad you enjoyed it, Jane! I've been to a few of the Met HD broadcasts, and I've loved them.

It's nice, especially with something REALLY long ("Godderdammerrung", for example, clocking in at 5 hours and 45 minutes), to be able to sit in the comfortable movie theater seats with a drink and a snack and plenty of room to stretch out.

But you have to go live now. I looked at the Boston Lyric Opera's website, and they're doing La Traviata for the first production in their fall season, in October. Go see that - the music is gorgeous, you'll love it!


He's 'authentic' dontcha know, unlike Hirsi Ali, or Ayittey, or any of a dozen other folks with real knowledge,

Danube on iPad

Sean Penn inventing new ways to say stupid things about Venezuela;

Captain Hate

Has anybody asked Shakedown how much quality time he's spent with his bastard daughter; the one which he promised on television to do so before being found tardy on his transferal of extorted funds child support payments?


I am skeptical of my 04:25 of the Pope speaking in English about being a bouncer. I'm thinking it has to be fake, tho' it sure looks real to me. What do you guys think?

He obviously was a bouncer in a bar, if we can believe Time Mag, CNN, ABC news, etc, tho' as to whether those are his words coming out of his mouth in the 04:25, probably not. Sorry if I did offend.



I should go live, but I kept thinking - I'm glad I could park, and I'm only 5 minutes from home, and I didn't have to dress up - etc.

I think it might actually be easier in NYC.

Captain Hate

Sean Penn inventing new ways to say stupid things about Venezuela

His Spicoli role wasn't really acting.

Meanwhile numbers, how do they work?


Well there is some similarity between Zaphod and Tommy Boy, but that's a 'special mindthought'

Jack is Back!


It was probably faked but not his English. He was a bouncer. That is very public knowledge as well as working as a bartender and being sort of a wild card until he got "religion". I have never heard even a Marine chaplain say and expletive much less during a homily in church. But this guy is a special human and don't place too much in his Marxist/Leninists out pouring since they come from a far different expereience and domestic condition than anytihing we have ever expereicened.

I can't wait to hear him and see him on June 25. Get to practice my Argentinine castillian spanish again:)


Oh it was on Al Jazeera, so technically it didn't happen.


Good point by Mark Steyn in his column that somebody above inked, talking about teaching Holocaust Denial in public schools in California:

I am always astonished at how little American middle school students know, or are required to know. The idea that, in an educational culture that barely teaches the history that actually happened, there should be room to teach Holocaust denial as an intellectual exercise is ridiculous.

Mega-ditto's Mark Steyn.

Beasts of England

I read about that story earlier this week, daddy. An obviously weak premise to introduce a subject not well-suited for eighth grade critical thinking. More than likely just a sham to normalize Holocaust doubt.


I had the suggestion, re the Geithner piece

narc @1:52, sorry, I didn't see that. I'd say GMTA but I don't want to put myself in your league.

Jane, glad you enjoyed the opera. I always recommend getting to know the music before going--for me it's too much to take in cold, so I'm impressed.

And just a quibble: There's one more performance tonight (different opera, different cast), which I only know because we're going.


More than likely just a sham to normalize Holocaust doubt.

Agree, Beasts.

The true story that 6 million Jews were rounded up and systematically murdered doesn't help the Left. But the story that a bunch of Jews and their enablers concocted a story about 6 million Jews being rounded up and systemically murdered, all in order to rob the Palestinians of their homeland and create the democratic Jewish State, is the type of story the Left can get huge mileage from. That's a story worth lying and killing for.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Up at Instapundit -
ANDREW MCCARTHY: Why Lois Lerner Should Be Granted Immunity:

I disagree with this. A partisan hack in our government agencies is exactly the problem. She had a history at the FEC of harassing conservative groups even before her position at the IRS.

George Will's line - "...their aim is mayhem, not law enforcement, their activity is entirely about suffocating conservative activity."

The Christian Coalition faded...just as the IRS tried to get the tea party groups to fade or give up.

She broke the law & she should face the consequences. Let every IRS employee live in fear of being partisan. Holder or Obama aren't going to jail no matter what.


Thanks JiB.


No offense to my Protestant friends, but speaking of the Pope... If not for the Reformation, nobody would call Jackson or Sharpton "Reverend." And where would those two be without their b.s. religious titles?


Hey hit, picking up off that last thread - thanks for that heads up about the Gourds link on Althouse. I had seen it but only because MayBee alerted me to it. Oddly, it is not actually the Gourds, although Gourds are playing on the track. From about 2000-2010, the Gourds' sound guy used to get a bunch of old friends together each year and record a Christmas album under the "band" name Los Ninos de Nada. They would do it in one (drunken) night and the lineup would vary. Mr. Porch was always lobbying for "O Holy Night," but he isn't singing on that recording - I think it's our old friend Jeff B.

Neat post by Althouse - it was cool to see.


Jane, I have always wanted to see one of the Met HD broadcasts. That is really cool.


When I read about the normalization of holocaust denial, I'm just glad that I took my son to the relevant section at the FDR museum when he was around 8 or so. I worried that he was too young to see the images there, but I explained as well as I could what happened and he's well prepared for what's in store when he gets to college and has to deal with this.


I agree Janet.

Plus she already has tacit immunity under this President and this Department of Justice.


If not for the Reformation, nobody would call Jackson or Sharpton "Reverend." And where would those two be without their b.s. religious titles?

Probably in the Nation Of Islam attending soiree's in the White House with their good buddy Barack Obama.

Jack is Back!

The problem I have always had with Holocoaust deniers is that they are either Nazi sympathizers or jew haters which is not oxymoronic. You can take your pick and you'll be right everytime.

Danube on iPad

I believe the honorific "reverend" was originally an adjective, as in "the Reverend Joe Jones." You would no more say "good morning, Reverend" to a preacher than you would say "good morning, Honorable" to a judge. That was before these charlatans came along.

But that battle has long been lost.


Yes, I should have put that in quotes, weasel in a track suit, yes that exercise was literally an obscenity, but yet it's not surprising, the nakbah,
a term for the consequences of the Arab states failure to annihilate Israel, has filled the vaccuum, in many places,

the Asst Secretary who had refused to put 'the Congregation of the People of Tradition (striving for) Jihad, on the list had previously served in Nigeria


"I wanna cut his nuts out."

-- The Reverend Jesse Jackson


Not Kidding!



So much for genealogy, pagar.


Romans 1;20 is supposed to be a warning, not a suggestion;

Zaphod is not merely useless, but actively detrimental to society


Looks like this is the reason we are going to have Immigration crammed down our throats by August:

Deadline for Immigration Overhaul Is August, Says Diaz-Balart

The deadline to pass immigration legislation is this August, said Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Fla., who is part of the effort to develop an immigration bill that could pass the House.

“The legislative process in essence, frankly, has to work on deadlines. There’s a deadline. And the deadline is that if we don’t get it done by August it doesn’t happen,” Diaz-Balart told CQ Roll Call at the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute’s awards gala Thursday.

“If Congress doesn’t act by the August break, the president is going to do something. And once that happens, two things happen,” said Diaz-Balart. “No. 1 is that the possibility of any further negotiations — of any — disintegrate.”

So there you go. We have to do this horrendous thing quick as hell, because if we don't the President will do an even more horrendous thing.

...if there is executive action on immigration, the president “will also then create a narrative of his choosing and again creating a situation where no further negotiations are possible.”

miss Marple


I sort of think that she is right.

Consider that if we don't do anything, Obama will sign an executive order which he will trumpet about how antiHispanic Republicans are. I also think he would probably grant immediate citizenship.

However, if we DO pass something, there is no guarantee that he won't do something similar, anyway.

The mistake Rep. Diaz-Balart makes is thinking us doing anything sensible will stop Obama. I personally think the only thing that will stop him is if he is under arrest for whatever he did with Benghazi.



How cool. It was the last performance for this Cinderella (so I thought it was for the opera)- which is probably good because she is about 50 and should be 18.

The best part for me was they had a translation on the bottom of the screen, I'm pretty sure I would not have made it thru without that.

At one point, in the middle of the opera the male lead came out and took a bow because they were clapping so hard for him. We were clapping too which was pretty odd.

I was amazed at how much acting went on, but much more amazed at the voices, particularly Joyce Didonato, the female lead. The leader of the orchestra was also incredible.

I assume you are going to the Met. That building took my breath away.


At the beginning to Layer Cake, there's a disparaging reference to Daily Mail readers, as opposed to the enlightened folk at the Guardian,



That's just silly. Gays are not transexuals so what is the point of that?

miss Marple

I don't understand.

A birth certificate is supposed to list who contributed the sperm and who gave birth.

I can understand their desiring it on an adoption certificate but on a birth certificate it is like denying that the child was conceived by normal biology.

Rick B

It sounds like another National Report story. I would advise against suspending disbelief.


Well it came from the Associated Press, it lists a sponsor, Jimmy Gomez from L.A, who can say if it's true or not.

Danube on iPad

"I also think he would probably grant immediate citizenship."

I don't think he can.

Danube on iPad


"It has long been established that Congress has the exclusive authority under its constitutional power to establish a uniform rule of naturalization and to enact legislation under which citizenship may be conferred upon persons. Before 1991, naturalization within the United States was a judicial function exercised since 1790 by various courts designated in statutes enacted by Congress under its constitutional power to establish a uniform rule of naturalization.

"As of October 1, 1991, Congress transferred the naturalization authority to the Attorney General (now the Secretary of DHS). USCIS is authorized to perform such acts as are necessary to properly implement the Secretary’s authority. In certain cases, an applicant for naturalization may choose to have the Oath of Allegiance administered by USCIS or by an eligible court with jurisdiction. Eligible courts may choose to have exclusive authority to administer the Oath of Allegiance."

Rick B

Here's the actual bill. Scroll to the bottom for the amended language.


"I wanna cut his nuts out."

As one who has broad experience in castration, "out" is not how it's done.

I would he pleased to show them both.



be the ball,

it looked like be without my glasses. Come on. Work with me.


He does whatever he needs to weaken this nation, and practically no one stands in his way, those who do are ridiculed, indicted, their businesses
trashed, sometimes their lives sacrificed,


If you ignore the actual basis for analysis, you can make any assumption;

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Look at these fools - "Matthews made a thinly-veiled racial attack on the GOP during a panel discussion on the terrorist organization: "By the way, when did the Republican Party take this keen interest in Africa? I may have missed that one.""


"MICHELLE BERNARD, BERNARD CTR. FOR WOMEN: I was about to say. It was very nice to see all these – all these conservatives – you know, beating the battle drum for justice for people who look like me."

Do they know about the Bush administration's efforts at fighting AIDS & malaria. Our help in Sudan????

It really is beyond disgraceful. These "news" shows are lying, corrupt organizations.
Even this BBC article (that hates Bush) gives him credit -

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

a bit - "Mr Bush's Malaria initiative has seen the disease halved in 15 African countries.

Travelling to the continent with the president in February last year, Bob Geldof concluded: "The Bush regime has been divisive - but not in Africa.

"I read it has been incompetent - but not in Africa. It has created bitterness - but not here in Africa. Here, his administration has saved millions of lives."

The Bush legacy on Africa has won support from Todd Moss, Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development in Washington.

"I don't think it's too strong to say that President Bush's Africa policy is the most distinguished foreign policy legacy of the administration," he said."


'the Center for Women' the Human Fund wasn't available, I recall Berrard when she got the vapors over the Huntress's wardrobe, after the election, of course she was aggressively wrong,
but there's no penalty for consistently doing so,


Looks like it says what the link says, IMO.

Anyone can check what ever they want.

"(2) Contain, next to each parent’s name, three checkboxes to
choose from with the following options to describe the parent’s
relationship to the child:
(A) Mother.
(B) Father.
(C) Parent."

Laura White

The revelation quite up-thread re Perry Mason got me down--since I was also in love with Adam West, I will have to take what comfort is available in the knowledge of his and Robin's libidinous and entirely heterosexual exploits.

The Pope means well; that will have to do.

As for Zacchaeus, I always remember that he was a short guy with too much power and money--vulnerable to the glorious recognition that he could serve the Master of the universe.

Happy Mother's Day to all.


But Clinton and Obama both visited Goree Island, eleventy, that's what matters.

Mind you, Hardball is the lowest rated show on Air America TV's lineup.


Just back from our church talent show. Kicked it with two of my girls, one on piano and the other guitar. We did "Fools" by Diane Birch about as well as we could (I sang and played guitar). So cool.


He does have a taste for shoe leather;


I wouldn't waste a lot of time fuming about MSNBC. No one watches it except crazies and people who like to get their dander up at how silly they are. I bet it's just a matter of time until NBC scraps its entire news operation,

Beasts of England

I went to a pig knicking one time, and they definitely came out, MarkO! We also ate them with scrambled eggs after the 'ceremony', but that's a story for another day...


This fellow is really coming up in the world;

no wonder they resorted to the silly hashtag,

what would Mika and Joe do without Morning Joke, well scratch that image.


Good job, Skoot.

Lot of kids and schools in Africa named for GWB. I guess Ms. Bernard thinks that's just a coincidence.

Beasts of England

If I may smoothly segue from pig's nuts to opera, here's my favorite tenor aria, delivered by Fritz Wunderlich.

Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schön, from Die Zauberflöte, K 620.


Meanwhile Edward J Epstein's latest musing re Snowden, make me wonder, at the time of the unraveling of the Chapman ring, which seems to have inspired at least two recent novels, Silva's
and Jason Matthews, there were reports of a ring
that had penetrated the NSA,

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Wunderlich ist wunderbar. He died much too soon. But there are many of his great recordings like Beast's link left for us to see. His Schubert and Schumann lieder are works of the highest art.

Beasts of England

I think he's incomparable, Jim. We're fortunate, indeed, that many of his works were recorded. I didn't know until tonight that there were any videos of him available, but have his works on several CDs.


My limit is @ 6.5 lieder. Wunderlich sounds pretty good, but I have never been a huge fan of them.

Now give me some old time Opera, Mozart or Puccini or Verdi and I'm okay. We even did the Ring a few years ago and it was tremendous.

We had a great little opera company here until the chairman absconded with the assets and donated them to a local university, which has not used them once in the past 8 years.

There is a game some particularly odious rich folk play where they pledge in their wills and get all the bennies of being a patron of the arts and then stick the beneficiary later on. This schmuck pledged $25 million that was due then and welshed.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Question is, how many Die Fledermaus testes does it take to make a meal?


Ig, that depends on the shrinkage factor, and how they are prepared. Beer battered mayhaps??


Gus, Guinness is a meal in itself. More non- bacon for you. ; )


nothing to see here;

Beasts of England

It was just breakfast, Ig! lol


Henry, have I ever told you what I call Guinness??

I call it a BEER MILK SHAKE.


Gus, absolutely.

Frau Gartenzwerg

Fritz Wunderlich is a favorite of mine, too, Beasts.
His home town of Kusel is part of the unique Musikantenland, which produced the itinerant musicians of the Palatinate who traveled all over Europe, England, Russia, America, China, and Australia. It is a marvelous example of making the best of a hard fate. Several cities, including Kusel, developed musicians who would travel, sometimes for extended periods, to earn money which they brought back to their towns.
Those who could not play instruments, repaired instruments, kept books, made uniforms, arranged and wrote music. At one time, a majority of the Boston symphony were said be former Wandermusikanten.


More signs they were just a Dem front group;


Hi everyone! I am having a great time on vacation in Washinton state and in Oregon.
Space Needle tomorrow and then on to Mt.Hood and Mt.Love that Cleveland got Manziel!
The pope's comments not unusual. Social justice issues are big in our Catholic beliefs.
However as the issue doesn't fall under "faith or morals" we listen and then follow our own conscience.


should be Mt. St. Helen's...
Happy Mother's Day to all! It is so weird to be posting 3 hours later at practically midnight!

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