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May 06, 2014



Sorry, I mean thanks OL!


Happy Birthday jimmyk!! Have a great time in Florida!

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

At what point can we haul Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) off to the looney bin?
Democrat Senate majority leader Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) on Charles & David Koch -

"They are one of the main causes of this. Not a cause, the main cause,” Reid said."

So 2 men in America are the cause of GLOBAL climate change? 2 people? Why are we spending trillions on this world-wide catastrophe if it is just caused by 2 guys?

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Happy happy birthday jimmy. I just missed you. I visited my younger "twin" brother (he was born on my third birthday) in Stuart over the weekend, and flew back from WPB last night, I really love that area of FL.


First off, HB Jimmy K. may it be a joyous one.

Reid's obsession with the Koch Bros. is bordering the pathology of senility. I can't help but wonder how much longer he can continue before someone in the MSM notices.

From checking on some other sites, he is getting some pushback from many but the very committed.

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