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May 03, 2014


Jane on Ipad

It has begun: Judge Janeane makes a hell of a case for impeachment.

Stephanie spring sprung baseballs back umm ummm umm

Makes sense, will do MM.

Danube on iPad

Great show on Showtime right now on the history of the Eagles.

Jack is Back!


Jamie Foxx pre-Electro or as Electro:)? Frederick and friends being the romantics they are as super hero kids did not like the end, if ou know what I mean.

Man, did NYC get beat up. What the hell did they do to deserve that?

Jack is Back!


See my post on the anniversary of the Battle of Coral Sea?


So they went there, there is something with being too faithful to the comics, the Hulk and the Avengers, are just bad news for the big apple,

Stephanie spring sprung baseballs back umm ummm umm

Email sent. Thanks MM.

Watching the BRAVES game. Negro league unis tonight, so maybe it's the Atlanta Crackers game tonight.

Jack is Back!

Off to Zero Gravity on our bed. See you all on the space station.


The Grizzlies without Randolph can't get the job done. He should be feeling kind of stupid right about now.


We have a group of WWII vets in DC courtesy of the honor flight. They have a local photographer with them and they are posting pics on FB. I love that they are there.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Z-Bo has never been what you'd call a cerebral player but he's really jump started his already long career with the Griz. I wish there didn't have to be a loser in that series.


as Electro ...

it is a comic book movie so I had a few beers anticipating the script. looks like they'll have the Green Goblin for the next movie. Had the feel of The Incredibles.

and yeah the ending ... it is what it is.



I wish that Randolph was playing. It would be a nail biter.

Miss Marple

Night everyone!

(Turned off TV when Obama the Joker came on. I just couldn't listen. Decided to go to bed and read escapist stuff.)

Clarice Feldman

Night, MM

Frau Indianerherz

Thai-Pest is punishing me.

Captain Hate on the iPad

I know, Sue; that double headed beast that he and Gasol create down in the blocks can give any team fits.

Wouldn't it be great if the Clip Joint won it all? They probably won't and will have their hands full later tonight; but they're a fun team to watch who can run on anybody.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Every time MLB wears the Negro League unis it strikes me as a celebration of bigotry. Plus I remember seeing that obese POS Hargrove in the Cleveland Spiders or whatever gear which had a tight fitting cap that made his head look smaller and the rest of him fatter than ever.


No, it wouldn't be great. But if the Mavs lose tomorrow ill start rooting for them if they get past GS.


Rush was musing how back when he was with the Kansas City Chiefs, he was told to keep politics out of the game, now it seems it's the only thing that matters, notably the Heat being on Team Trayvon for the last two years, Lebron insisting that Sterling lose his team,


Came across this unfortunate bit, as with Strassel's offering yesterday, it was wrong from the word go;

the left makes it practically impossible for anyone to authentically practice their Christian faith, it grants absolution to every kind of evil doer, from the murderer in Oklahoma, to the next thug sprung from Gitmo, it is in the latter context that she spoke,

Captain Hate

Yeah Lebron isn't exactly distinguishing himself anywhere else but on the basketball court. I don't know if it was just in this area, but they showed about 10 commercials for 404Care featuring Zo Mourning (who had a kidney transplant iirc which might be problematic under this new system of wonderfulness) for one of Lebron looking and sounding like an idiot.


I guess I would modify Ingraham's request 'shut up and play' Jamie Foxx on his press junket, had to warble about Rupert's network, just because,


Got any more musical selections Captain?

Captain Hate

Too bad the Anchoress said that; I usually like her. Not sure why she decided to joint the circular firing squad or what upside she thought there was to it but that doesn't even fit a loose definition of constructive criticism. In fact that seemed like an airing of a lot of pent up animosity.

Captain Hate

Give me a few minutes to find something new...


I said unfortunate, she has for quite some time, as she seemed to relish, showing how balanced she can be, like having an atheist
ridicule the Huntress on that blog, note she left out the comment bloc


One quibbles about some of Rupert's editorial choices, however, the Journal does still believe that there is some purpose in finding the enobling, the elevating part of culture, whereas Carlos Slim, seems to dwell in the wretched sewer a little too frequently

Captain Hate

Ok, I'm taking a chance on this because it's a soundboard recording (when I saw him before the band was really really loud; almost to the point of getting me to leave loud). Albert Collins died of cancer about a year and a half after this was recorded (I'd really forgotten how long ago it was) but he put on a great show. He always played a telecaster afaik and used weird tunings and a capo (and always kept his hand somewhat hidden so people couldn't copy his stuff) and had a really really long guitar cord and would go outside the club to get people to come in. He was the guy leading the song on Adventures in Babysitting (an inspired choice imo) and was one of a kind. He was around for a long time and had an icy sound which he built an image around. On J Geils first album they had a version of one of his instrumentals "Sno-cone". The band warms the club up and he comes on at about the 19 minute mark.


thanks Captain,

is gold lame', I think that's what they call it, appropriate here?

Captain Hate

Ugh, that dinner has morphed into syrup of ipecac.


I think this one came out reasonably well;

I'll forgot that ill considered project they were pushing her for;


Some of the outfits are cringeworthy, never mind the speeches.


Doc Rivers is pure class. Let's go Clippers, let's go!!

Stephanie spring sprung baseballs back umm ummm umm

Gag me with a spoon. Those dresses were hideous and the most appalling part is the lack of professionalism in the fits of some of them. Baba Wawa's jacket doesn't hang properly, most of the others look like Beverly Hills Wal-Mart shoppers on a Saturday evening. Spandex explosion! You don't wear a train to a sit down dinner. A dance, yes but a dinner? Gag.

I think I only recognized Baba and Katy. Some c-list event, eh?


Matt!!! I've said it before, I'll say it again.
In High School, Doc Rivers wife sat directly in front of me, in Chemistry class and Biology class. The old commercial. "Gee your hair smells terrific!!!" WAS CORRECT. I cannot remember ever looking her directly in the eye, EVER. I've only met Doc Rivers once, and he seemed really bright.


I used to wonder how intelligent real world peeps could not EASILY recognize a vapid vacuous ass-hat and phony, like Johnny, Lurch, Hein$z Kerry Kohn, or Hairy ScReid, or Nancy Lugosi, or Washerwoman-Schlitz and many others, including Anthony Weiner or Client 9 Elliot Spitzer. I came to understand, that the SWAMP, like tonights LIB MEDIA OBAMA-FEST, is the CULMINATION of what LIB MEDIA peeps dream of in rigid HOT TURGIDITY. The entire HUGE BANQUET HALL was filled to the overflow, with sycophantic LIBS. At least a THOUSAND PEEPS who would CLAW your eyes out, just to be SEEN and INVITED to this NERO-FEST.

James D.


The thing is, you can see the same thing on a micro level. Unfortunately, there's something in human nature that seems drawn to those kind of people.

I've seen in my various jobs, and also in my personal life, far too many people who are as dishonest, fake, vacuous and ultimately both incompetent and also vicious, but, nevertheless, otherwise smart friends and co-workers fall over themselves in praise of them, hand them promotions, etc.

And even when, inevitably, things turn to crap, they mostly escape blame and get handed a second, third, tenth chance.

I think, in general, we used to be at least a little better at spotting them and seeing them for what they are. But 50+ years of prog education and toxic pop culture have done a great job making people blind to them.

Jack is Back!

Here is picture worth millions of jobs:


Clarice, your Pieces article is great today.

Clarice Feldman

Thanks, pagar.

Miss Marple


Just went over and read it. I like tying the distraction of all of this racial hand-wringing to Benghazi's bubbling up again.


Jack is Back!

Great Pieces, Clarice. I also read your FB post from Sharyl Attkinson about whether Vietor has contradicted sworn testimony by Morrell and presser briefs by Carney. It's always a single loose thread that unwinds a sweater and a fiction.

Gowdy needs to get this committee formed and under way pronto before the coverup gets a new makeover.

Miss Marple


It would be most amusing if Boehner has been acting like there would be no select committee while he hadIssa and various others compiling evidence and categorizing it behind the scenes.

I dearly want to see some strategy at work here, as I am sure you can guess.

I agree with you: speed is of the essence.


In a nutshell your Pieces this morning have nailed it! My blood boils over the obvious contempt & deceit this administration has exhibited from Day 1. I can't understand how their supporters fail to acknowledge any of this outrage.

I will continue to get the message out that they all need to be held accountable.

Take care & have a great week everyone!

Clarice Feldman



I think you have made the prefect point.

" they all need to be held accountable."

IMO, the best way to do that is with the RICO laws used on every one of them.
I urge you all to take a look at:

Also, I urge everyone to keep an eye on Panama while they vote to elect a new president today.


Great "Pieces " Clarice!

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