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May 17, 2014


Jim Eagle

I can see the House and the GOP endorsing this as a sign of how big a tent they have so that they can demonstrate their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory come November.


wasn't that the point of the McCutcheon decision, meanwhile, warning flags;



without reading much of the article (sorry TM, in the middle of making breakfast) found the Democracy 21 ... wait for it...

is a Soros sponsored money laundering operation. Oh featured in the IRS targeting scandal too


>>>On Oct. 5, 2010, when the first letter was sent to the IRS, calling specifically for the agency to "investigate" Crossroads GPS. The letter claimed Crossroads was "impermissibly using its tax status to spend tens of millions of dollars in the 2010 congressional races while hiding the donors funding these expenditures from the American people." Democracy 21 President Fred Wertheimer wrote a blog post for the liberal Huffington Post to promote it, and the effort to get the media to notice the anti-conservative campaign began.<<<


found that ...

breakfast isn't going to make itself.


I think the problem began with the Joe Nocera byline, and careened into the ditch;



On Tuesday the French Foreign Minister said "we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos."

By my calculations that means we're done for on 24 September, 2015:(

Prince Charles on 9 July 2009, said that "we have just 96 months to avert "irretrievable climate and ecosystem collapse, and all that goes with it."

By my calculations that means we're done for on 9 July 2017:(

Are there any other dates anyone knows of when for we're done for?


Fabius, was an insufferable twit, the last time he was in office, back in the Mitterand administration, that word picture, confusing the lovely Andi McDowell, with Andrea McLeod, disturbed a bit.


confusing the lovely Andi McDowell, with Andrea McLeod, disturbed a bit.

Told you I was inebriated:)

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

They don't have to receive an immediate refund. It is perfectly legal to, and is one of he methods required of a campaign to, distribute unused campaign funds back to the donors.
A candidate just plans on using his federal matching funds and the donors know they'll be reimbursed; wink, wink, nudge, nudge.



you could be looking for those dates until you are an old gray man ...

not sure if this fits::

>>>Claims: “Britain’s winter ends tomorrow with further indications of a striking environmental change: snow is starting to disappear from our lives.”

“Sledges, snowmen, snowballs and … are all a rapidly diminishing part of Britain’s culture, as warmer winters–which scientists are attributing to global climate change–produce not only fewer white Christmases, but fewer white Januaries and Februaries.”

“London’s last substantial snowfall was in February 1991.” “Global warming, the heating of the atmosphere by increased amounts of industrial gases, is now accepted as a reality by the international community.”

According to Dr. David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, within a few years “children just aren’t going to know what snow is” and winter snowfall will be “a very rare and exciting event.” Interviewed by the UK Independent, March 20, 2000.

“David Parker, at the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research in Berkshire, says ultimately, British children could have only virtual experience of snow.”

See “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.” The Independent. March 20, 2000.

Data: “Coldest December Since records began as temperatures plummet to minus 10 C bringing travel chaos across Britain.” Mailonline. Dec. 18, 2010.<<<

a bit dates as the date with doom has passed.

for your above dates, I'll be sure to have my calendar cleared.


i just can't find the motivation to read the ins-and-outs of wealthy political operative decrying the amount of money in politics ...

here is an idea, if one wants to get money out of politics, make government much smaller, less obtrusive, with few bureaucrats and laws ... so people and groups would be pressured into going to DC (or their local capitals).


... would not be pressured ...

breakfast is eaten and coffee has yet to kick in.

ready for a nap.

James D.

Maybe I'm really dense, but I don't understand how public financing of campaigns is constitutional.

It seems to me that, if money=speech, then taking my tax money and giving it to political candidates is forcing me to support speech with which I don't agree, which would violate the intent of the first amendment, wouldn't it?

It's not the same thing as being forced to pay taxes for programs with which I disagree. This is being forced to pay to convince other people to vote for ideas I disagree with.

The famous old saying is "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

It's not "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll hold that guy over there at gunpoint until he pays for your microphone."

Rick B


Considering that Lanny Davis has purchased new knee pads for the Trial of Red Witch, I really can't fault Gowdy's K St pick for his second. After all, the trial will be held in the Great DC Whorehouse where the Searchlight Pederast is currently giving vent to Koch fantasies in an effort to dissuade other oligarchs from putting money down on a sure thing.

The objective is to break her '16 broomstick and the attempt to impose purity standards in a sewer is unlikely to be helpful.


Don't doubt their intentions



Listening to CNN International televising a French Security Summit, chaired by French President Hollande, on the captured Nigerian girls.

I have been listening to the speakers and to the CNN presenter for about 10 minutes. The Boko Haram Islamic monsters have been described as terrorists and militants but not a single mention of Islam or Muslim in the 10 minutes I have watched so far.

Also one of the speakers said the root of the problem of Terror was poverty, and the way to defeat terrorism was to defeat poverty. Period.

Now another speaker (I think the Camaroon President) is talking about "pernicious tactics used by Boko Haram", but again no mention whatever of the words Muslim or Islam or Shariah.

Now the Nigerian President is speaking. Again no mention of Islam, Muslim or Sharia, but the ticker underneath does say that the Nigerian President has said that Boko Haram is an Al Quada organization and that it has cells in Camaroon.

Now the Benin President is speaking. Says we are all concerned about Terrorism but that we must look at the Humanitarian situation. Yay! He says this is a Jihadist movement!!! First mention of anything Islamic in going on 20 minutes now.

Now back to the CNN hostess and she is now saying the words "the Islamic Terrorist group, Boko Haram" Yay!!!

Took them a while but they finally called a spade a spade. Progress.


Yep Rich, I also remember this from 2011:

Robert Kennedy Jr : “Snow is so scarce today that most Virginia children probably don’t own a sled.”

I just like the idea of making a big stink of the particular dates that these guys have said are the specific days the world will end on. It is an opportunity to beclown them that our side ought to take maximum advantage of.


Campaign finance reform is the topic of my Sunday piece and I'd have included this if I'd seen it earlier..It's a scam--and only scamsters who for example renege on their promise to use only public financing; make sure the FEC has no quorum to enforce the law; rig the online contribution system so they can swim in illegal cntributions; press the bureaucrats to shut up their opponents and engage in outrageous military like evening raids and secret star chamber proceedings against their opponents would go for it..or should. Did that dumbbell McCain learn his lesson yet? Probably not. But everyone else should get it by now.


Clarice, the 7th Circuit seems to be catching on. ; )


And of course no small donations will come from Dem dead voter rolls, "electronic" signature and all.

Until we have a morning where the likes of Soros and Bloomy wake up with a serious case of rigor mortis, we are screwed.


For anyone who has never seen the Chihuly exhibit at the Bellagio, you are in for a treat this AM. Here you go:




>>>most Virginia children probably don’t own a sled<<<

i don't own a sled but my car did a good impression of one on 7. what would we do without the Kennedy's? had a few snow days at work and school last year and earlier this year (not so much school cause I didn't stick around past ad/drop this semester given everything going on ...anyway).


took me a minute to figure out the context of your comment.


James D.

what would we do without the Kennedy's?

I don't know - but I'd be happy to find out!


would think the smaller the contributions, the harder the money would be to track (Obama's campaign turned this into a science), and that it wouldn't empower the small contributor but the small contributors' bundler ("The Logic of Collective Action" natch-thanks cathyf).



so would I. wasn't buried ass deep in snow like it was back in 2009 or Snowmageddon in 2010 (which happened right before I came up here). but I've had my fill and it was light jacket cool this morning, in May ... in the middle of spring.

Frau Eulenspiegel

rich, did you notice the academic gowns of the UK climate change experts?


Yes, Henry and so is Judge Randa/ I am grateful to you for the Wisconsin Report link which was especially useful.


Something that seems to have passed completely under the radar was the Atlas Blizzard in South Dakota and Wyoming last October 4. 34 inches of wet, heavy snow overnight and the temperature dropping like a rock. 75,000 head of livestock killed overnight. If it doesn't happen on the Eastern Seaboard or in Metro Chicago or the Left Coast it doesn't exist.

Frau Eulenspiegel

Let's get ready to rumble!

At the same time, Washington lawyer and lobbyist Lanny Davis has announced that he will lead a “truth squad” on the work of the Benghazi committee.

Daddy Soros eyes his comfy chair and has Jeeves fluff the pillows.

 Man Tran back home

Wot? No celebrations for Norwegian Independence Day?

"Ten thousand Swedes run through the weeds, chased by one Norveegen!"

Using the steel trap logic of the Warmsters, the Norsk should have greater benefits here than any other ethnic group, because a higher percentage live here than home. Or something.


Happy to help Clarice. Latest from here is the DAs appealed again claiming they are immune to the Constitution while Randa is deciding which John Doe documents to unseal. The left is already claiming anything kept under seal (donor lists?) is the proof of crimes. On the other side, a lawyer for one John Doe victim said on the radio that suits were pending based on illegal coordination between the GAB staff and the DAs. WI rotary oscillators are taking a beating!


Man Tran, a whole bunch of those Norsks live here in Norway, WI. I haven't noticed any more celebration than usual.

Comanche Voter

God (if that's still "legal" to say) save us all from these goo goo people. They just can't stop themselves from screwing with, and screwing up campaign finance.


henry, My own view is that the prosecutors are in deep yogurt and the courts will not help them get out o fit. They overreached in such a big way their transgressions cannot be overlooked.


The Gallery Row at Crystals Place in Las Vegas has exhibit of Chihuly, as well.



A microcosm of the 'inherent contradictions in the system' even Monty Python, couldn't do this justice;


 Man Tran back home

Apparently Chihuly considers the Great NW his home, so there is a large museum and outdoor garden at the base of the Space Needle that is well worth an afternoon.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Sarbanes should be drawn and quartered along with Oxley for that dimwitted law that was a gift to the surviving consultants.

Jeff Dobbs

Campaign finance reform is the topic of my Sunday piece

I still think my Campaign Windfall Profits Tax is a pretty fun idea.

That's why we are introducing the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Windfall Profits Tax Reform Act of 2008. The purpose of the bill is as follows:

Amends Federal Election Commission regulations to: (1) impose an excise tax on major party presidential campaigns for a percentage of the windfall profit from all excess funds raised; (2) allow an income tax rebate for all families in which at least one family member has voted in the last presidential election or current presidential primary, based upon windfall tax revenues, as determined by the FEC Commissioners; and, (3) define "windfall profit" as the excess campaign funds raised above the federal funding available.

Sarbanes should be drawn and quartered along with Oxley for that dimwitted law that was a gift to the surviving consultants.

Let's repeal Sarbox for private companies and instead implement it for the federal government.

Jeff Dobbs

Off to the pool tournament. I just put a new tip on my cue. It started coming lose last night. Softer tip, more spin and control...that'll do the trick. I'm gonna win for sure. Keep an eye on Table 7 if you want to see me play online. I'll probably only play one or two games on that particular table tonight, so you never know.



A few years ago, when my niece graduated from Goucher, Senator Sarbanes was the commencement speaker. I was the only one in the audience that booed when his signature legislation was mentioned in the introduction to him(to the chagrine of certain of my family members.)

Cecil Turner

Well, obviously the solution to too much money in politics is to add taxpayer money . . . er, right?


Jeeves would never work for Soros.

Miss Marple

Pro tip for aspiring Theater directors: When your cast is 90% female, DO NOT SELECT "TREASURE ISLAND" for your play.

Miss Marple

My above comment was because I went to see my granddaughter in a young actors theater group.


Girls cannot do credible sword fights or fist fights.

Probably the idea to make all of the pirates have raccoon eyes seemed creative, but it ended up looking like "Attack of the Zombie Girl Pirates."

Techno music doesn't exactly go with the theme of the lay.

Squire Trelawney should not be played by a 15-year old girl in model make-up, a mini-skirt, and a plaid jacket.

I could go on, but you get the point. Also, the theater is run by the biggest hipster dweeb you have ever seen, and they hand out phony awards to every single cast and crew member at the end, which are nothing more than dressed-up participation certificates. I left before all that was over with.

Also, admission was TWELVE DOLLARS.



>>> but it ended up looking like "Attack of the Zombie Girl Pirates."<<<

i'm thinking there is an Asylum development deal in your future!

wanted to get my car worked on this afternoon, but didn't want to wait 'til 7 to pick it up.

other thread, nice boat pic Beasts!!!


Well, obviously the solution to too much money in politics is to add taxpayer money . . . er, right?

Posted by: Cecil Turner | May 17, 2014 at 03:39 PM<<<


Beasts of England

Thanks, rich! I can't keep with the threads. Oh, well. Apologies for cross-posting, but I love old boats...

‘Fussy Gus’ (a 1954 Chris Craft Sportsman) from the antique boat show today:

A beautiful Chris Craft wooden ski boat:

Another beautiful Chris Craft:

Several older boats, including one of the painted variety...


slow day today. everyone must be out-and-about.

or watching Godzilla.


gorgeous boats beasts. wish I were there and not here.

thought I was talking to myself in cyberspace ...



Miss Marple

I would have much rather have been here, but sometimes grandmas have to bite the bullet.

I got all dressed up too, which made me feel like I was important. HA!

daddy, the play was in the Atheneum where the Rathskeller is.



is that cc powered with a Lamborghini?



at least it was for a good cause.

Beasts of England

It should be, rich! He said it was the original motor and has it for sale for $42,900, which is probably not bad considering boat prices these days. Annual maintenance could be an issue, though! ;)


"At the same time, Washington lawyer and lobbyist Lanny Davis has announced that he will lead a “truth squad” on the work of the Benghazi committee."

From Slate-LUN

Filed under the you can't make this up column.

"He's got a bit more credibility than Lanny Davis—though you could say that of basically any human not currently in jail."

Beasts of England

The console of the Chris Craft ski boat, a 1958 Capri, complete with a Dick Pope, Jr. wooden ski:

The console from one of the painted boats. Gotta love the engine-turned gauge fascia:

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Chris Craft Capri; long been on my list to get.

Beasts of England

One last photo from the antique boat show. The bow of the ‘Fussy Gus’. Obviously in gross disrepair and in need of some serious elbow grease...


I can't even imagine how much work it would be to maintain one of those old boats.

Beasts of England

He has it for sale for $42,900, Ig. She's a beautiful vessel. I have his phone number if you need it. And I'll be happy to cruise it over to California for you!

Frau Wienerin

Ah, Father Jahn territory. Am I right, Miss Marple?
The absolute best Rathauskeller I've ever eaten in was in Vienna. We didn't expect to be attended by a hierarchy of waiters who were dressed differently and performed different tasks. Large, beautiful murals were everywhere and the entire formal table service let us know our togs screamed "clodhopper American tourists." The food was fab. Afterwards, we found out that the more plebeian pub was closed that day.

On this visit, we shared a room with a giant python but that's a story for another time.


Beasts, I LOVE Chris Crafts! Have you ever been to the show at Les Cheneaux, in the upper peninsula of Michigan in August?
I believe its one of the largest.

Now, that Dale Chihuly glass--most impressive, but just doesn't do it for me.

Jane, TC (congratutlations!)--go see the Impressionist exhibit at MFA in Boston. My nose was less than two inches from paint Van Gogh and Monet and Renoir put on canvases! AWESOME!
We had the place to ourselves--and the guards were very relaxed.
Nice lunch at the cafe in the atrium too.

Beasts of England

Okay, I lied. Here’s the stern-view of the 1958 Chris Craft Capri just for Ig:


Beautiful boats, BoE; great play review,MM, and hit--another genius brainstorm.
The Rathskeller in Madison was my home for 6 years. Nice and dark, great painted walls, nice dark wood all around and beer and grub..If you got credit for bridge playing and yakking, I'd have been able to get both degrees in a year.

Miss Marple

Yes, Frau, quite right!

It's an absolutely beautiful building.

Beasts of England

Me, too, anonamom. Thankfully I've been smart enough to stay with new Sea Rays for my boats. Well, that's not entirely true: I own a ca. 1965 35' Chris Craft sail boat, although I've never set foot on it and have only seen it from afar. (long story)

I've seen the photos from Les Cheneaux. If I ever go full-stupid and buy an old boat, I'll certainly head up that way and enjoy seeing and learning in more detail!


Watched "On Golden Pond" with my kids the other day. I always loved the Chris Craft in that movie.

We also watched "Coal Miners Daughter" recently. I couldn't believe how young Levon Helm looked.

Just over an hour to post at Pimlico.



Saw your boat post on previous thread and left you a response.

No one does classic wooden boat shows than the Les Chenneaux Islands in the UP. Every August. Went to it once. Well worth it.



Cool boats, Beasts, Lanny Davis would be too absurd a character, for Python, but then so is
Julian Epstein, the hack in the Lewinsky investigation:



Didn't see anonamom's post on Les Chenneaux boat show. But if you ever go and want to play one of the most underrated golf courses in the world then you have to play Drummond Island. Tom Monahan built it before he retired to Florida to build Ave Maria University, give his fortune away and take a vow of poverty:)

It is a gorgeous and tough track. I struggled to break 90 and was scratch at the time.

Beasts of England

Thanks, JiB. Never heard of Dummond Island, but will look on Golf Atlas and see if they have a review.


I imagine you couldn't do that with Irina's ahem, bit of activism:


Stephanie spring sprung time for summer tans and travel

Several of the casinos here have chihuly glass in them. Most look like Medusa on a bad hair day, but there's one at Island View that is more saucer shapes (not flowers) maybe a transitional work between Medusa and flowers, who knows but it's quite interesting.

I think there is some here at the Nugget, too. I'll look tonight and see.

Jim Eagle

Why is it that every time Stephanie shows up its at a casino:)

I guess there are no more floors to lay down.

Jim Eagle

Forgot to add that Drummon Island golf course is called "The Rock" because that is what it is built on.


"Several of the casinos here have chihuly glass in them. Most look like Medusa on a bad hair day" --

Stephanie, I just lost a perfectly good mouthful of Manhattan because of you. Best description of Chihuly I have ever seen! I have never liked his work. Possibly because I first heard of him in the context of Hilary. But Canyon Ranch in Lenox has a bowl on display, and it just comes across to me as loud and vulgar. Obviously I am repressed. :-)


Here you go attorneys--Justina hasn't been able to go Mass or receive communion for a year while under MCF's care--use that to
free her.


Beasts of England

Found it, JiB - love the peninsula greens on several of the holes. Yeah, looks like I could fire a 90 there without any problem! ;)

Beasts of England

Can't tell how hard he was pushing California Chrome, but I have my doubts he'll go the distance for the Triple Crown. Even though he had a perfect start, he was hardly dominant. Who knows...

Stephanie spring sprung time for summer tans and travel

Why is it that every time Stephanie shows up its at a casino:)

I guess there are no more floors to lay down.

Posted by: Jack is Back | May 17, 2014 at 05:47 PM

Cause we've started going about once a month, it's all comped and only costs us gas money and I haven't pulled a bill out of my pocket last two trips (playing on free play money which varies from $125 at the view to $250 at the Nugget- each week if we ever came down that often). I'm up $1,500 this trip. :)

Monday we start laying tile and building retaining walls for the two new patios. :)


"Who knows..." That's racing :) Pretty exciting. There's just something about the story behind that horse.


California Chrome for the win!

Beasts of England

Up $1,500?!?!?! Beers on Steph! Whoohoo!!

Beasts of England

Dang! Owner of California Chrome just dissed Churchill Downs! Kinda like calling out Augusta National...

Jeff Dobbs

Monday we start laying tile and building retaining walls for the two new patios. :)

The proper JOM formulation is, "Stephanie will be on the tile getting laid."


California Chrome's owner ... NOKD, pretty sure the bluebloods at Churchill Downs let them know it too.


and thanks for the beers Stephanie ... now if you could send me some of that luck.

Danube on iPad

The Belmont Stakes folks are about the happiest people around right now.

Stephanie spring sprung time for summer tans and travel

Yep. Transferred my comp play at the View yesterday and third spin in hit $1001.01 and still had the rest of the $125 to convert to cash for another $86. Converted last week's $125 to $121 cash, too. We're pushing our comp balance up at the Nugget so we brought the cash back over here to play. The comp weeks run Friday to Thursday, so if you come in on Thursday you convert two weeks worth in one trip. Sweet!

I also hit $800 last night but dumped half of it back in. All my wins are on penny slots all my losses on quarter and dollar slots. I'm sticking to penny slots from now on.

Off to dinner at Bubba Gumps or Morton's. Can't decide but the Nugget has both.

Y'all be good. Kisses

Jeff Dobbs

So Steph will be on the tiles getting laid and rich is asking to get lucky.

Stephanie spring sprung time for summer tans and travel

Lol hit. Forgot about that.

My luck doesn't seem to be transferable. I rubbed the hubs golf clubs (insert Arnold Palmer joke here) this morning before he left for the tournament and his team didn't finish in the $$.

Bummer. Kisses again

Beasts of England

NOKD! lol, rich. Hadn't heard that one in a while. Yeah, they're not exactly part of the Louisville main line...

Beasts of England

You're supposed to kiss his balls, not rub his club, Steph! ;)


lol ...

I've got nothing.


at least dinner is delicious ...


new york strip steak

baby potatoes


Jim Eagle


Don't forget how NBC must be feeling:)

Beasts of England

That's part of the old (and apocryphal?) Johnny Carson / Winnie Palmer joke, rich. I wouldn't dare be so ribald myself.


Hey, speaking of horse racing, I'll be in the Saratoga, NY, area this summer if anyone would like a guided tour of the raceway there. (Some regulars know how to contact me.) It's a very nice day at the races, and who knows? You might have the honor of peeing in the adjacent urinal from Bill Parcells, as I had last year.

Jim Eagle


Great Italian place in Saratoga named Limoncello. The owner is from Rome and his offerings are exquisite.


You see why they want to cut off feedback;


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