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May 20, 2014


Manuel Transmission


Manuel Transmission

Just received a link for an Aussie simulation of the MH370 flight. It obviously used the 'official' data from the Malaysian gvt for the sequence, but it is useful to see the actual cockpit activity necessary to achieve the presumed actions. My conclusion: any reasonably competent 12 yr old could have done it. Getting it on the ground safely, or tucking it in behind another bird would have needed a little more skill.



As Mark Steyn, it's all because of that evil executive branch, must be run by Hydra;


Eric in Boise

Apropros of ManTran's 4:19: how do you embed a LUN? I finally figured out how to do anchor text for a link but can't recall seeing an explanation for LUNs.

Other questions no one is asking: does ManTran have a brother named Otto? :)


Kang or Kodos, who to support;


Manuel Transmission


Yeah, but Otto is the black sheep of the family. (Is that racist?)

The LUN is so easy I can do it. Just copy the link you want and paste it into the web page box below your email addy.


Eric: Below the comment box, are boxes for your name, your email and the third box is where you paste a URL (link)


Also, whenever you include a URL link your name will be bold.

I always keep the URL box filled with the http addy for JOM.

Eric in Boise

Wow, that is easy. I A-S-S-U-M-E-D that "Web Site URL" was for folks who wanted to post a link to a personal web page or blog.

Thanks all.


lol, Eric. That's what a lot of us assumed, too, in the early days.


So Burns in Politico, according to Taranto, tries to sugarcoat, the mackerel slap they will get in the fall, using some kind of Common Core math where 48/35 are some kind tie,

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

I hope I'm understanding this correctly. If Barry didn't happen to catch a newscast once in a while he would never actually know anything that goes on in his administration, right?

Old Lurker

To quote somebody here, I really hate these people. (link through Drudge)

"(CNSNews.com) – The federal government is piecing together a sweeping national “biosurveillance” system that will give bureaucrats near real-time access to Americans’ private medical information in the name of national security, according to Twila Brase, a public health nurse and co-founder of the Citizens Council for Health Freedom.
The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response is currently seeking public comment on a 52-page draft of the proposed “National Health Security Strategy 2015-2018” (NHSS)."


Yes, that's essentially it, but his lips were moving at the time, re the Tepid link,

Steyn was pointing out the media was likely to focus on this, because it doesn't directly inpinge on the executive, unlike the IRS and Benghazi,

MarkO on the road, closeted in a Marriott in Newark.

In the great Card Game of Life, national security is the Joker.


Ha! For you Sumo fans, Dennis Miller tweets:

If Hillary eventually debates Christie, there will be a lot of salt flung on the mat beforehand.

Danube on iPad

Utter madness:

"Now that San Diego’s wildfires have been contained and are cooling, according to the Los Angeles Times, Governor Jerry Brown announced on Sunday that California’s real battle is with global warming.
Appearing on an ABC Sunday morning show, Brown asserted that 'We here in California are on the front lines.'

"Brown reasserted that rising sea levels may precipitate the relocation of Los Angeles International airport (LAX). "We've got to deal with it. We've already appropriated $600 million. We have 5,000 firefighters. We're going to need thousands more. And in the years to come, we're going to have to make very expensive investments and adjust. And the people are going to have to be careful of how they live, how they build their homes and what kind of vegetation is allowed to grow around them.'"

Eric in Boise

DoT, were you able to figure out how thousands more firefighters are going to help relocate LAX?

And isn't it precious that every worthless boondoggle, no matter how ridiculous, is an "investment" for these idiots?

Stephanie spring sprung time for summer tans and travel

Just got back with my pork belly. ELEVEN pounds of curing goodness. Will post the recipes later as I'm starting dinner (Lasagna if anyone's curious). I've got enough pork to cure it and smoke it several different ways.

Carol Herman

Let's see how many managers get fired?

The problems are in the management, who promote each other. Burn whistle-blowers. And, have zero intention of fixing even the longs waits for care.

Then there's this piece of business: At one VA, there are 8 cardiologists, who see about 124 patients a week. (Need to compare this to something? The average cardiologist in private practice sees 124 patients per week.)

Now, don't go an expect bureaucrats to fix anything. These are their jobs. They don't want you to measure competency by any stick you'd use in the private sector.

And, while you blame Obama, he's no vet. I blame McCain.

Rick B


I just don't see how ProleCull can be effectively managed without centralized data collection and processing. The current VA culling demonstrates the haphazard results which occur when Death Panels are unable to issue warrants on other than an ad hoc basis. Sure, VA has a decent kill ratio but this cluster killing is drawing adverse public reaction. Centralized data collection processing would allow the DC Death Panels to issue their warrants on a much more rational basis, with greater geographic spread to mitigate reaction, although the Free State Death Panel focus until proper voting balance is achieved is unlikely to go unnoticed.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--Brown reasserted that rising sea levels may precipitate the relocation of Los Angeles International airport (LAX).--

I believe his office already apologized for this idiocy, or at least acknowledged it, after it was pointed out LAX is 140 feet above sea level.


Well...it looks like after all these years, it's going to be the VA scandal that is finally going to trip Obama up.

The level of MSM coverage on this is comparatively huge and it is intensifying daily. TONS of local coverage, and local coverage doesn't evaporate so readily when a new squirrel comes along. Just about everyone either is a vet or knows a vet. VA hospitals and clinics are everywhere. Clearly there are more shoes waiting to drop.

Just look at the Daily Beast coverage if you want an example. They are hardly GOP-friendly. Here's today's effort but there is much more:

They'll try to blame Bush, but this time I don't think it will stick. Obama explicitly campaigned on this in 2007-2008 and was repeatedly warned.

I know you all know this already but I am pleasantly surprised to see the coverage. Not going to be a fun Memorial Day or D-Day anniversary for old Barry (not that it ever is, since he hates the military).

Danube on iPad

"LAX is 140 feet above sea level"

But nevertheless it's "on the front line."

Danube on iPad

One thing I think the VA scandal may do is set the single-payer fantasy back for a generation.


The VA thing is probably the only scandal that Obama hasn't personally directed to happen, so it's a relatively efficient smokescreen. The Pretzel retirement unfortunately hasn't satisfied anyone, but all he has to do is fire the hapless Shinseki and the press will back off.

After all, let's remember Obama's definition of managerial excellence:

President Obama said today an inspector general's report exonerated Attorney General Eric Holder of involvement in the "Fast and Furious" fiasco

"I will tell you that Eric Holder has my complete confidence because he has shown himself to be willing to hold accountable those who took these actions," Obama said during an Hispanic issues forum in Coral Gables, Fla.

Who cares if the manager himself is culpable, if an acceptable goat can be scaped?


The LUN is so easy I can do it

sadly true of me too


One thing I think the VA scandal may do is set the single-payer fantasy back for a generation.

Has any senator or congressman noted the connection?


Also the blowback from the Vet scandal is sure to make people more wary of O-Care.Obama says in 15 years it won't be called Obamacare. He doesn't want his rear-end tied to this fiasco. Also it will be a new and improved Republican plan where tort reform and buying insurance across state lines will be possible. New Hampshire will benefit from that and in 2016 A repub will be elected to the Wh on the electoral votes of New Hampshire.The pendulum is swinging back and retro dems need to get out of the way.

Danube on iPad

"Has any senator or congressman noted the connection?"

I don't know but the connection is getting enough public discussion that sooner or later it's bound to get through to them.


Brett Baier just reported a federal grand jury is subpoenaing records from Oregon's failed website. The people putting vets on iIllegal wait lists should be prosecuted as well when we get an honest Attorney General.

Govcare, The fraud knows no bounds.


"Ability to make government work" is prog for "hide government's fundamental inability to work, request more money to hide it better, and blame the Tea Party at the same time."


So true. On cavuto today the Vet scandal was discussed ,as was the ability to hide the scandalous lists and Obama's apparent indifference to finding a solution.
Carney swears Bammy FIRST heard about in the news. What a self-involved{selfie} person we have in the WH. He can't be bothered to care. My husband and I agree. Inorder to serve as President, a new requirement should be-some military experience. If you can't defend our country ,you can't rule it.

Beasts of England

It's almost like Obama isn't very good at his job...

Danube on iPad

It's almost like he's not that smart...


And he's a liar-about all of it...


I think it is funny that Carney kept referring people to the American Legion which was not saying anything like he thought they were saying.

Bunch of dumb dudes.


It's almost like he doesn't give a damn about dead border agents, Mexicans, Iraqis, ambassadors or military veterans.

Beasts of England

Is it true that Obama has not yet personally addressed the VA scandal? If true, I can't think of any legitimate reason for the delay. If there's a smidgen of cover-up for this scandal, it's obscene. I'm having scandal-fatigue with these clowns.

Pardon my French, but these are fuck-ups of the highest order. I realize my biases as an Army brat, but I can't think of a bigger disgrace than veterans left to die on waiting lists. Maybe Obama ought to give up golf and vacations until this problem has been solved. Just a suggestion.


Well you have to capable of shame, and we've already, ascertained that's unpossible, plus you're running the Rupert Pupkin network, and that's punishment enough;


Someone quoted Obama, I think in the previous thread, spewing phony concern about VA hospitals, and a "sense of urgency," back in 2007. So how is he not culpable after five years of his golfing vacation presidency?

And whose brilliant idea was it originally to have separate government-run hospitals for veterans?


What I was referring to'



Obama does not have a working conscience. He is incapable of shame and unable to accept blame. He puts distance between himself and the scandals by claiming ignorance until he reads it in the papers. Disgusting person all around. Despicable individual.

Comanche Voter

A much younger Jerry Brown--although he was also governor of California at the time--took a much younger, sexy and attractive Linda Ronstadt on safari to Africa in the mid to late 1970s. Reports came back that Jerry "didn't know what to do with Linda."

Well shucks--anybody who couldn't figure that out was too damned dumb to be governor of California--or for me to give any credence to any future statement the imbecile might make.

Jerry--known quite correctly as "Governor Moonbeam" at the time, has not improved with age.

miss Marple

I do not know why anyone is surprised. From day one he has shown contempt for the traditions and laws of our country. I expected nothing less from him, as he hates the traditional military as much as e hates anything.

Why hasn't he called and demanded Mexico let that Marine go? Why hasn't he done anything about the woman imprisoned under a death sentence in Sudan? Why has he sucked up to every Muslim dictator and undermined Israel?

He has been placed at the head of our government, through forces temporal or supernatural, to destroy.

I realize this sounds nutty, but until people understand what he really is, we cannot fight against him. Today he accused Republicans of being anti-American and unpatriotic. Someone point out to me where a Republican president said such hateful things.

He is all about division, destruction, and death.

Jim Eagle

I have always felt since day one that 1) he is scared of the job and 2) he is, as a result, he is lazy at the job. This is why he is always traveling, politicing, speaking to setup audiences, giving softball interviews, taking vacations & selfies,

That and he is a means little man that isn't that smart.


I don't think he has any interest in the job and I'd bet a lot that he has not spent an hour alone at that desk doing any kind of work.

But he loves the celebrity. That's what he thinks the job is all about.


DoT, I believe brown has since realized his mistake about LAX and conceded it'd be safe from rising wasters. OTOH today the NYT shows it is persistent, running an article which claims the coming El Nino's will devastate your state and it is all cause of--you got it--AGW.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Someone quoted Obama, I think in the previous thread, spewing phony concern about VA hospitals, and a "sense of urgency," back in 2007.

from Extraneus - "When 400,000 veterans are stuck on a waiting list for claims, we need a new sense of urgency," said Sen Obama in 07: http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=93227


Dems know their Climate Change obsession is in the toilet. Leading scientists are being silenced for telling the truth. Even Kerry has said "If it isn't true in effect "what difference does it make and what is the worst that can happen? Magic hats and unicorns for everyone.

Dublindave 2016

Congratulations, Mitch McConnel.

Buh-bye, Tea party xxxx

Captain Hate on the iPad

He was never happier than when occupying "The Office of the President Elect" complete with fake seal; all celebrity and no responsibility. Too bad for all of us that came to an end with predictable results.


Agree with all of you. Terrible person, worse than Carter which is hard to do. I never thought the presidency could sink so low.


Kingston ahead of Perdue in Georgia


Grimes is shaking in her boots as we speak


Mitch is so going to school her...

Eric in Boise2

Comanche, the verbal diarrhea coming out of Aging Moonbeam's (™) pie hole about Cali wildfires gives sparkling new meaning to the slogan "let it burn". Of course, I mean that figuratively since many of our JoM friends, and some of my family members, are located there.


When you've lost the central planning.



I was speaking of Zucker, who inflicted the perky Katie on the world, but it fits Obama too,

BB Key

I heard Jerry Brown on NPR recently...He sounded like a Joe Biden who had suffered stroke....

Beasts of England

My suggestion for a Tweet:

They survived the battlefields of our enemies, only to be left for dead on the waiting lists of this administration.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

That's what he thinks the job is all about.

I would modify that slightly. That's what the job is all about for him.

During his whole presidency, he has acted as if he were only a ceremonial head of state like the much beloved British Monarch has become. He is not acting anything like any head of the Executive branch of our government in our history, nor like any competent Commander In Chief. He does a pretty good job handling some speeches, campaign events, ceremonies, fund raisers, and the like, but that's about it. The rest of his performance is woeful.

Beasts of England

Congratulations, Mitch McConnel [sic].

When you've lost DublinDave...

Dublindave 2016

"Mitch is so going to school her"

So because Allison lundergan grimes is a woman she's going to get 'schooled' by Mitch McConnel? Really????

If she had a penis instead of a vagina would she still need to be 'schooled'? I guess all women need to be 'schooled' by men,huh?

I'm just f****ng with you,hun, I know that's not what you meant. But that's how grimes camp is going to spin every one of turtle man's attacks.

After all, Mitch has a way with the 'FEMALES'.

Dublindave 2016

"When you've lost DublinDave..."

We better lose Kentucky or you'll have a real hard time taking the Senate.

Look, McConnel being the candidate is a small price to pay for having the power of the Tea party completely unsurped. Within a couple of years the GOP will have squeezed the last bit of toxic tea party poison from it's wounds and life will get back to normal.

Republicans take the Senate? Really? What will you do with all that power? We'll veto everything you dream up and suffer the political consequences.

Eric in Boise2

Good one, Beasts.

Frau Flussbett

"...And the people are going to have to be careful of how they live, how they build their homes and what kind of vegetation is allowed to grow around them."
Hahahahahaha! Cleoville's sustainable zealots are already on this.

Frau Flussbett

Gov. Moonbeam flunked Jesuit logic 101.

Beasts of England

We'll veto everything you dream up and suffer the political consequences.

You have no idea how correct you are. But probably not in the way you intended...


Dude is wrong as usual. McConnell will need to win back the angry Bevin voters. So they will have their influence after all.

Eric in Boise2

Pagar, TCFAV!

(This calls for a video)

Dedicated to the French gubbmint:

Mystery Train

Not Elvis, but includes Vince Gill and the great James Burton, who's traded his paisley telecaster for a flamed out version.


Two years ago, it was the spiking the ball, now who knows what narrative they will use


BB Key

Alison Grimes on CSPAN sounded like the JEF on estrogen ...and reads the teleprompter like she is watching Wimbledon...

Jim Eagle

Ah gee. Chelsea's M-I-L couldn't do the deed in her PA primary. What the hell wil Bill and Hill be pouring tonight?

Dublindave 2016

"Alison Grimes on CSPAN sounded like the JEF on estrogen ...and reads the teleprompter like she is watching Wimbledon..."

Yeah,her stagecraft sucks.

Maybe she'll get better,maybe her lack of polish will work in her favor.


Just for DuDa:

Jon Passantino ‏@passantino 3m

Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law loses big in Pennsylvania House race http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/elections/chelsea-clintons-mom-law-marjorie-margolies-loses-house-bid-n110606


Eric in Boise2, I liked it!


Well she has to live up to the standards of Kentucky nutroots, who had Ashley Judd stickers,
on their trapper keeper,

Jim Eagle

Now this is funny.


Jim Eagle

Funny, because why are Minnesota and Maine he choice of Somalis?


I think they might need a stronger hashtag


Thomas Collins

CH and maryrose, did you see that the Cavs have again scored the numero uno pick in the NBA draft?

Beasts of England

Hate to see this crap displayed on the grounds of one of my customers, but, I knew it was Berkeley when I took them on.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--why are Minnesota and Maine the choice of Somalis--

Well if I was moving from that armpit of Africa I'd want someplace about as unlike Somalia as I could find too.
Bad link BTW.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

That looks like a pretty cute terrorist.


Beasts, I know that building! The chain link fence is an addition since I was there. The dinosaurs are gone, too.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Yes, TC, they're good at that, it's who they use the choice for that's been the problem. But they do have a new GM...

Beasts of England

Haven't been out there in twenty years, DrJ. Everything via phone and email these days. Wouldn't mind some Chez Panisse right about now, though.

Tonight's menu:

Tuesday, May 20 $85

Porcini mushroom and celery salad with mint and new garlic vinaigrette

King salmon in saffron brodetto with agretti greens

Grilled Bodega Bay duck breast and leg with sage and pine nut salsa

DeeAnn’s garden lettuces and squash tian

Star blueberry tart with candied Meyer lemon

Danube on iPad

"what kind of vegetation is allowed to grow around them."

And, of course, there is the question of who is going to do the "allowing." Will it be neighborhood groups, voluntary associations agreeing to mutually restrictive covenants tailored the specific local conditions?

Don't be silly. This is far too important a matter to be addressed by local citizenry. For this we will need a full-blown state agency of the kind that will give us the Modesto-to-Fresno bullet train, or perhaps a federal agency similar to the VA.I


Beasts, Chez Panisse of course is great, though I've not been there for some years. Did you know that the place almost burned down about a year ago, and was closed for many months?

Jane on Ipad

Hey Daddy, if you stop in I've got a question for you. I'm not sure I still have your email. I know your name, it's the @ part I don't remember.

As for the tea party Debby wasswerman Schultz is spouting that we have completely taken over so I'm not terribly worried about it.


I ate at Chez Panisse in December of 1978.
How did I even know about it before the internet?

MarkO on the road, closeted in a Marriott in Newark.

I feel the need to vituperate.

No smaller or meaner man has ever held the trust of the presidency than Obama. Not an intelligent man, he has an animal cunning used to great advantage in today's political climate. His damage may be irreparable.

Roberts was a coward. He will be a coward in every legitimate history written about ObamaCare.

Beasts of England

@DrJ: I had not heard that. Still perusing their menus and getting hungrier. Nice wine list, too. Naturally.

@anonamom: Alice Waters of CP was and is an innovator and superb chef. I think it's been 'on the map' since the mid-seventies.


Maybe the Taney comparison is overbroad, but who ever wrote the opinion in Plessy,


I mainly knew about Chez Panisse in the 70s from those ubiquitous posters:

Beasts of England

Another cookbook I highly recommend. Presents relatively simple techniques, using fresh local ingredients.


So this happened in 28 facilities across the country, over a period of four or five years,


Jane, check your email.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

James O'Keefe strikes gold - http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/cannes-video-hollywood-environmentalists-anti-706051?mobile_redirect=false

"Muhammad, accompanied by a man pretending to be an ad executive, seemingly has the two actors agreeing to participate in the scheme, even after he acknowledges that his goal is to keep America from becoming energy independent. The meeting, which appears to have been secretly recorded, took place a few months ago at the Beverly Hills Hotel"

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