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May 20, 2014



I agree with Marko that people are finally catching on to the fraud and liar that is Obama. Even Moochelle doesn't like him that much.

Stephanie Lucky and Good no really dont laugh.

Thanks again everyone.

Buckeye, I would think it would call for uncured and it would roast along with the roast as it was cooking in the oven. The belly in that case basically would act as a fat baister keeping the internal meat super moist. You might could achieve the same result with purchasing pork belly that has been cut into one inch strips and wrapping those strips around the roast like you would bacon. The farmers market carries the cut belly strips in their case here, but the uncut belly is a special order. Belly is big right now in Asian cooking. The cut strips are also a lot cheaper for some reason. Also, cured would probably be too salty to wrap a roast in but they wrap pate in it so what do I know. The strips might be easier to deal with too.

Jeff Dobbs

Why isn't Melinda directing her children to school and the possibility of attending a two year college or a trade training program? Just because she screwed up her life is no reason to predict failure for theirs.

In all fairness to Melinda, we don't know anything about what she's actually doing with and for her kids, and she may well be doing exactly that - or more. Her line about her kids' future is surely scripted for effect regarding the protests, and to take them as literally what she expects of her kids is probably wrong.

I was putting words in her mouth that would be the logical extension of what she was saying -- in order to demonstrate that the very idea was ridiculous. I was not trying to say that that is what she truly believes.


And this is why one of the Honors English projects in 10th grade at the local IB high school was arguing about raising the minimum wage.

That came out when we were once again confronted with horrendous service at the local bagel drive through where multiple workers stood around trying to correctly do an order that should not have taxed anyone. I made a comment that raising the minimum wage just makes this a bigger mess as everyone seems to think a living wage is what you get for showing up. The Diva became incensed at the thought I would oppose higher pay for all. I reminded her dad created software systems precisely when human effort made actual employees no longer productive and raising the minimum wage for people already flustered by daily reality meant machines would replace them.

Boy was she mad at me. The propagandists have her feeling outraged. Unfortunately for her mom and dad are very experienced in struggling with when employees cease to be worth what they are being paid.

Of course all this is really about transitioning to a needs economy as a matter of human rights.

So sorry about your mom Stephanie. I know some oncologists at Emory if that helps in that area from being neighbors and have another neighbor who has rocked along as Stage 4 for years using a macrobiotic diet. An excuse to come inside the perimeter if you's like.

Captain Hate on the iPad

It certainly doesn't help the minimum wage argument when that rock-ribbed conservative, Mitt Romney, illustrates the type of principles of convenience that have led the Repukes so far astray that Reagan is just a vague memory.


Thanks, rse. I'm not sure where she is receiving care, but she and dad usually go to Emory or St. Joe's. The head of cardiology at Emory is a good friend and I can call him if needs be, too. His group are also my cardiologists. I'm going ITP tomorrow to see her and will get more info from her then. I hate to have her feel like I'm questioning where she is going to get her care, so baby steps. I'm just hoping it's not Dekalb.


Everyone needs an advocate when they embark on treatment in the hospital/health system.

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