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June 17, 2014


Danube on iPad

The shower-adjusters are ar it again.

Danube on iPad




Hard Choices a hard sell?

only 60K hard copy sales first week? Publisher said to be quite nervous.


Jack is Back! (But in Typhus Hell)

Its Le Sirque night at the Noordam for a slight premium as Mrs. JiB and I enjoy, Frederick is in his Rode Duvel strip to cheer on the Belgian team at 7:00PM our time, like 15 minutes from now.

We will joiin the 2nd half in the Ocean Bar or the Crow's Nest where Jane and Caro have engraved seats.


Oh this post goes well with what I just finished. If affirmative action is dead why is every nonprofit foundation and fed officials like Holder and Arne Duncan all pushing Racial Equity Outcomes and RETOC. That would be Racial Equity Theory of Change.

So much for those post-racial aspirations. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/prescribing-racial-equity-outcomes-at-all-levels-of-social-interaction-wil-make-each-of-us-truly-bound-and-governed/


Look to the Texas Tea Party for diversity...



Mine's by the bar.


Plus--on many of these tests, the admissions offices do not and cannot check for veracity--we will create a generation of fauxcahontas', lying for advantage. Of course, think what a great experience tyhat will be for kids from functional homes to be surrounded by liars or screwed up kids.


How can it be constitutional to be required to specify one's parents' marital status in order to apply to college, or income for that matter, unless applying for financial aid?


Or race.



I believe race is discretionary. Usually it says that on forms I have seen.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Now that is real affirmative action, TK.

Some Guy


On a prior thread you asked about Oklahoma earthquakes. I believe the source of her information is that great renowned scientist... Al Roker.

Better-half had the Today Show on in the Kitchen and when I walked through, Al was pontificating on "the wave of earthquakes" and what was "suspected" to be causing them. His big breathy intro talked about how Oklahoma had more earthquakes this year than California! Can you imagine!


JiB-- not the best of starts for Belgium so far today.


Belgium-- has the best substitutes bench in the World. Unbelievable talent on that bench.

Captain Hate

Thanks Some Guy; if I want to find out how embarrassing it is to shart yourself in the White House, I'll ask Roker (although it wasn't so embarrassing that he didn't talk about it on national television, for God's sake). On earthquakes, not so much.

Captain Hate

Water is still wet:



find out how embarrassing it is to shart yourself in the White House

Ask Zero he has been doing it daily for over 5 years now...

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