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June 06, 2014


Thomas Collins

So Mr. Heat can't take the heat!

OK, I'm giving LeBron some slack on this. If the body cramps are strummin', the b-ball moves aren't comin'.

Captain Hate

Lebron is built like a truck but if he starts cramping up that's all she wrote. I've played ball when I've started cramping up and I've played when I've been sick with a fever. Playing with a fever is greatly preferable.

Dublindave 2016

I wonder if Bergdahl will become the poster child for war weary troops.The everyman representing soldiers suffering from p.t.s.d and all the other complications of war that can afflict the crippling human condition.

What if it transpires that Bowe Bergdahl is not only the perfect symbol of war.....but IS war?

AP is reporting that Bergdahl had a lot of problems and tried to escape them by wandering off on nature walks in and around his camp.What if Bergdahl wasn't trying to escape but was simply doing the most human thing in the world....trying to escape his problems?

Ouch. Now that would be a political disaster for the right. If I were the administration I would brief Bergdahl and give him that cover story. Coach him on every point. Remember,the only one who knows what Bowe Bergdahls intentions were is......

All Bergdahl has to do is deny that he wanted to desert and boom!!!!Bowe Bergdahl is a united states soldier who was captured while serving in Afghanistan-end-of story-

We really need someone from the WH,not state or defence to prep this guy for a Scott pelley interview.We need Bergdahl crying to solicit sympathy,tales of torture what they did to him over and over again....we need to see the human Bergdahl juxtaposed with the hysterical rantings of the right and we may have our mid-term victory after all.

Thomas Collins

For the love of prog Gaia, Dublindave 1972, do you hold nothing sacred? This is a sports thread! Can't you take your prog talking points on Granola Bowe to another thread?

If you need to conduct anarchist operations on this thread, how about a post on how the oppressive NBA exploits the LeBrons of the world while allowing racist slime like Sterling to make off with billions? Or has that prog meme gone stale?


DD-- c'mon my son, you already got that Meme from Prog Central. The NYT has it on the front page today, and I told you that would be the meme in a comment yesterday. The Progs will love the meme. Dem politicians in competitive races will hate it. DD you've got to pick a side. Obummer is declaring Prog War on the old white liberal Dems. You will not be allowed to play on both sides of the team. You have to either join old white lib Team Clinton, or Alinsky Prog Team Barry. What's your choice my son?

Thomas Collins


I guess some people think LeBron should have downed pickle juice! See above link.

Does anonamom or any of member of the JOM Health Maintenance Committee have a view on how to counteract cramps? Or is watching the game from the bench, a la LeBron, the only option?


ThomasC-- my 20yo daughter is now a pickle eater for the 0 cals and electrolytes. Who knew?

Thomas Collins

I love the pickle juice in the jar, NK. I'll have to remember the benefits of pickle juice when I cramp up from the physically demanding athletic activity of drafting bond resolutions and tax certificates!

Thomas Collins

The heat and humidity were present in the Thrilla in Manila, too.


Stephanie tortoise not the hare

Coaches SWEAR by pickle juice for its salt, electrolytes and potassium. Better than Gatorade so they claim.


Pretty entertaining game, and the good guys won so I am all in all stoked. Gonna be a long series. Chalmers is not going to foul every two minutes the whole series, but then the Spurs are unlikely to commit that level of turnovers again either. Ought to be a barnburner, these are the two best teams. Strangely, the Mavericks have given the Spurs the best match up so far.


Mid term victory?




giggle giggle

wipes tear


wipes tear

Cheshire cat grin!

narciso, the filmmaker gets jail, the murder's row go home

Come on, Lebron, is good, but does he stack up to Jordan, or Kareem or Magic, seriously, there is no context to these analysis,

Captain Hate on the iPhone

dumbassdave hijacking a sports thread for his pussy boy traitor hero. All in a troll's day.


Posted on other thread:

Oh, about last night. Did you know taking steroids can result in muscle cramps?

Not that anyone with muscle cramps might look like he's been on steroids for years


Jordan wasn't sick and he didn't chose to retire to play AA baseball.


Mid-term victory? Here is what that looks like:

President Obama’s decision to swap five high-level Taliban detainees for a U.S. soldier who wandered off five years ago has emerged as an issue in the race to unseat U.S. Rep. John Tierney, and is dividing members of the state’s congressional delegation.

GOP candidate Richard Tisei accused Tierney of “turning a blind eye” on a matter that outraged Americans.

“You want to bring home everyone. But the price could end up being thousands more Americans getting killed because the five Taliban leaders who they are releasing are probably sitting around now plotting the next attack on America,” Tisei said. “It’s a high price we are paying. I think we just encouraged more attempts to capture American soldiers and extort them for terrorists.”

“John Tierney is a member of the Oversight Committee,” he said. “You think he would be on top of these things. But like many things ... he’s AWOL rather than letting his constituents know what he thinks.”

Tierney did not respond to requests for comment.

I added the bolding for the congentially dense. But that is because its a winning issue and besides its a dark red state, right D Douchebag? LOL

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

David Brooks also proves stupid people are almost always wrong; giving a big hand to the little man for Saving Private Bergdahl.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Oops, wrong thread.

Danube on iPad

I love the way the Spurs play. I believe they would be John Wooden's favorite NBA team.

Danube on iPad

I would say David Brooks is uniquely revolting, but then I remember Jon Huntsman.

Captain Hate

Come on, Lebron, is good, but does he stack up to Jordan, or Kareem or Magic, seriously, there is no context to these analysis,

The perils of comparing different players from different eras in a team game. Would Jordan have as many championships without Pippen as a sidekick (and would Pippen have been nearly as good without an alpha dog like MJ to keep the other alphas off him)? Magic was the first really tall point guard who could handle the ball like Earl Monroe and pass like Cousy. Kareem was extremely graceful as a center followed chronologically by Olajuwon. Lebron is built like a brick shithouse and has all the tools; I'm convinced that the only thing that kept him from winning a championship in Cleveland wasn't lack of talent around him but the mental toughness that it takes (I was glad to see that dipshit Van Gundy get his stupid "Dwayne Wade is good enough to finish out a win by himself" shoved up his candy ass). Durant has a unique tool set but doesn't yet have the mental toughness.

Tim Duncan has played his whole NBA career under one head coach; that's extremely unusual in basketball.


@MarkO- To those silly enough to take Jordan's baseball career seriously, Bob Feller had this to say, "He couldn't hit a curve ball with an ironing board".

James D.

I just saw, on ESPN, an article saying that the New York Knicks would be worth $3 billion if they were to be sold.

That's mind-boggling to me, considering how crappy they've been - in every respect, not just win-loss record - for the last 15 years.


Tierney should have been ousted a long time ago. His wife went to jail for laundering money. Tisei was Charlie Baker's choice for LT gov last time and is openly gay. Massachusetts voters are idiots.

Captain Hate

I find it hard to believe that James Dolan's team is worth a billion dollars more than Donald Sterling's. For all the doofus things Sterling did or said, he never hired Isaiah Thomas.


Video: Kelly File: Bergdahl's Platoon members respond to demonization by the Obama admin




I'm very late to the blog and I don't follow basketball anymore, but FWIW I've heard that in lieu of a prescription for quinine, quinine water is good for leg cramps.

Captain Hate

Read this for what should be the take away from last night's game, just incredible:


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