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June 14, 2014


Some Guy

If you experience a match that lasts longer than 4 hours, seek medical care immediately.


Red is beside herself with glee over the World Cup.

I think I'll watch reruns of Diners, Driveins, and Dives.

Happy Fathers Day TM!!

In the we wonder why are cities are so messed up department, the new Assis City manager in San Jose, CA is described in a book I am reading as having previously worked for Saul Alinsky's Industrial Areas Foundation in 4 different states. Perfect background.

And Fulton County, after saying all year that its finances were fine and there was no need for cuts or tax increases, decided after school was out at a June 3 Board planning meeting to raise taxes by .88. That was also after the only contested Board election was won in the primary. Final vote is June 19 while everyone is still out of town. No news stories I have seen unlike all the ones all year on how well all was financially and the new HQ. I just saw the tiny blurb in the local paper.

No one can oppose what no one knows about until the property tax notices go out next year. Fait accompli.

Beasts of England

Hearing folks prattle on about soccer is almost as bad as those who do the same about golf.

Oh, wait...


Beasts, in soccer you get to kick people. Golf is mere aimless wandering about.

Miss Marple

Since I never watch NBA, rarely watch NFL games except during the playoffs, why would I care about soccer?

I got enough of it watching daughter and then grandson. I just don't like it.

So I will probably go to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dies this evening. I occasionally get good ideas for sandwiches from that program.


"go to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dies ...

Think I'll pass ...

Miss Marple

LOL! Boris, my crummy keyboard and lack of preview usage strikes again!

Dives, of course.


Since it's cocktail hour back East, just for fun, you might enjoy reading the comments (not the article) at this Left site, angry at Terry Gross for not accepting Hillary's non-answer on Gay Marriage the first 7 times she asked for an answer.

Half way thru the comments you will see Terry Gross become a Lesbian, then become straight, then become a Lesbian again, then become a Lesbian married to a straight guy, then become a heterosexual with the hots for Keith Richards.

Terry Gross does more morphing in this thread than Optimus Prime(adona).

Beasts of England

I've kicked a few people in golf, henry, don't you worry! ;)


Frederick in the Peloponnese


Showed my wife Frederick’s blog and she scrolled through. She’s an English teacher. She was impressed. She also regrets she missed Frederick when he visited.

JiB, please give him our best wishes.

Centralcal on iPad

Hey Frederick! So jealous of your summer vacation.


Frederick rocks! It's nice to see pix of places I've actually been. I can't wait to see Ephesis. It was only 10% dug up when I was there. Don't forget to take a pix of the sign over the hospital. That's my favorite Ephesis story.

Beasts of England

Thanks for the link, daddy! He does have a very nice command of our language (and a few others). Fine young man, JiB!

Captain Hate

Soccer is a commie plot that has ensnared some people here. Never me though; I saw through that shit as a youth.

Captain Hate

Terry Gross versus Rodham is no-harridan-in-this-fight time for me; let them both claw themselves to death and the world will be a better place. Rodham had an easy answer if those cankles permitted her to pivot better: I was against homo marriage when the homos were against it.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

What a trip, JIB. Frederick exhibits such an appreciation of the historical origins of his Faith. To see the actual place where Paul ministered to the Corinthians and the Ephesians makes his letters to them especially meaningful. Even looking at just these pictures makes this old Christian appreciate Paul all the more. Continued Blessings to the Back/L family.


Frederick's Treasury of Atreus (or Tomb of Agamemnon) is in ancient Mycenae.

It is really cool in that you walk into it and it is some huge domed construction, which amazed and impressed me, as I was always under the impression that the Roman's not the Greeks were the guys who invented the arched structures.

Wiki says it was probably constructed about 1250 BC and says it was the tallest and widest dome in the world for over a thousand years until construction of the Temple of Hermes in Baiae and the Pantheon in Rome.

I recall that when I was about 6 we were returning from being stationed in Thailand and we spent a week in Greece. My Aunt, who was traveling with us, was a Classics Prof, and she knew the history of this stuff inside out, and I recall being fascinated by these ruins at Mycenae, and later at the Parthenon and the Agoara, especially because she could really bring it alive for us.

I am very glad Fredrick is having a chance to see this stuff up close at a young age. An invaluable education, that'll hopefully make history classes really come alive for him.

Thanks for the Blog Frederick.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--If you experience Sudden Onset Soccer Expertise ask your doctor if STFU will work for you.--

Dammit. I was just getting the hang of hybrid icing.


FOX is headlining this story : "Cash Craze Underway In NYC As People Scramble To Find Hidden Money"

I don't understand. This seems as if there is a personal incentive inside people to get out there and increase their personal wealth. I thought this was bad. I thought the idea was to share the wealth, and definitely not to work for it if the reward was not adequate.

All these people in NYCity with their metal detectors or Garmins or GPS things looking for this hidden cash, are they definitely making at least $15 an hour minimum wage putting out all this effort?

And what if they come up empty?

Why should some people be luckier than others?

What if some people have better equipment and a better education to understand the clues about where this money is hidden?

Will the lucky ones get to keep all that money for themselves or will they be forced to do the right thing and share it?

And are they paying taxes on this unearned windfall?

None of this seems fair at all, and it wouldn't be fair at all if it was being promoted by the Koch Brothers.

What Fat Cat is behind this, promoting this "get rich at other people's expense" scheme?

Has he/she asked for or been given permission from the Government to do this?

Does he/she have a Permit?

How much carbon will be needlessly expelled by people in this selfish mad dash to enrich themselves?

Shouldn't everybody get the same amount as the winners in this selfish lottery?

Are these searchers receiving adequate liquids and nutrition during their searching?

Are they receiving adequate rest?

And if they hurt themselves searching, do they have adequate Health Coverage for their injuries?

I'm almost as ashamed of my country as Michelle Obama is:(


Whoever handled the rollout for that book, was thrown into that pit, at the opening of '300,

Wonderful pics, Frederick, next best thing to being there


Have the clues for where this money is hidden been printed in the multi-cultural languages of America, or only in English?

Has the money been secreted in lower class neighborhoods of diffuse ethnic groups and potential High Crime areas, or has it only been hidden in areas convenient to upper class citizens and those with White Privilege?

I am sure you guys share my outrage and have a few questions about this "Find Hidden Money" obscenity of your own.


My nonsense above reminded me of the history of the British Colony of Penang, established on that island off the coast of Malaysia:

In 1786 Captain Francis Light renamed Penang Prince of Wales Island, as the acquisition was made on the Prince's birthday. So as to not upset the King (George III) he named the settlement George Town in his honour and various locations around the island after the Prime Minister and other notable dignitaries - a very diplomatic and entrepreneurial man.

When the locals he had hired for clearing the land for a fort and settlement began to slow at their task and progress almost halted, he loaded a cannon with silver pieces and fired it into the jungle. The pace of clearing accelerated ahead as every man went searching to claim his treasure.


Human nature has not changed much over the years, has it daddy?

Rob Crawford

There's a legend that that Pantheon's dome was built over an in-fill of dirt. Once the concrete had set, to clear the dirt they spread the rumor that there were a number of gold coins hidden in it.


Re; Taranto, it seems Abramson will be a teaching a course on writing fiction, I know it's a stretch for her, snorfle



Sciency sort of Saturday evening question.

Insty reported this story a few days back about perturbations in orbits of moons beyond Pluto indicating possibly 2 huge planets being in our Solar System way outside the orbit of Neptune. Are two giant planets lurking beyond Pluto? Unusual orbits spotted in the outer solar system hint at the presence of large worlds

I was trying to figure out how they think such a thing as huge outer planets, 10 times the mass of earth, would have formed so far out. Can't find any mention of an explanation in the versions of the story that I have read.

When I think of the standard rotating disc of dust coalescing into a sun with an ecliptic, of rocky heavier elements in the inner planets and the huge gas giants further out, that makes understandable sense to me, but I haven't come up with anything to explain things 10 times the mass of Earth way the heck out there.

Assuming for argument that these planets do exist, any guesses on how they heck they formed, or does this seem very unlikely to you?

Eric in Boise2

The only thing I hate more than watching metric football is when they made us play it in grade school. Feh.


Oops. Unexpected Dog Duties.




Do you recall the quiz on general science knowledge that was posted here about a year ago? I failed on astronomy. I'll plead total ignorance to your question.

For me, if something is larger than a micron (or 10^-6 meters) it doesn't exist. FWIW, I had a mechanical engineering friend who did not believe in atoms, because they did not apply to his macroscopic view of the world.


Assuming for argument that these planets do exist, any guesses on how they heck they formed


Some Guy

Assuming for argument that these planets do exist, any guesses on how they heck they formed

Barack Obama was elected President.

He was too modest to mention it.


one assumes they are on a different plane, from the usual angle that most planets are on, however, it does seem out of the question,

Captain Hate

Who says chivalry is dead? The Ewok defends Dame Outhouse from potential retaliation from the ill behaved Children of the White Cornhole:



>>>Beasts, in soccer you get to kick people. Golf is mere aimless wandering about.

Posted by: henry | June 14, 2014 at 06:00 PM<<<

so you aren't supposed to hit your opponents with the clubs? that must be why I was never invited back ...

Centralcal on iPad

I really, really love cocktail hour, TM. Especially since mine have been reduced by 2 in days and 50% in volume on "cocktail okay days."

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

I think it was here somebody mentioned that 1971 Convertible Hemi Cuda. Was just auctioned for $3.5 million.


Oh no!

A naturally aspirated thread?!?


"Cash Craze Underway In NYC As People Scramble To Find Hidden Money"

I saw this. It featured Jack Nicholson.


>>>I was trying to figure out how they think such a thing as huge outer planets, 10 times the mass of earth, would have formed so far out. Can't find any mention of an explanation in the versions of the story that I have read.<<<

rouge planets.


from the abstract:

>>>What is widely referred to as the Nice Model(Tsiganis et al. 2005) has attempted to explain this by considering a case where the outer planets scattered to their current semi-­‐major axes and eccentricities from a much more compact configuration. The planets would have been born in the protoplanetary disk and migrated to resonant orbits within ~15AU of the Sun. Sometime after the dispersal of the protoplanetary disk, Jupiter and Saturn come into 3:2 (or 2:1) resonance and scatter Uranus and Neptune outward and a large fraction of the protoplanetary population throughout the disk, the remnant of which now reside in the Kuiper Belt. The scattering of the small bodies is invoked to
explain the Late Heavy Bombardment of the inner solar system ~3.9 Gya inferred from the cratering statistics of the inner solar system and radiometric dating of Lunar samples taken during the Apollo missions (Tera et al. 1974).<<<

that is a bit long ... shorter, when the disk formed and Jupiter and Saturn were forming, the gravitational fields from Jupiter and Saturn ejected material from the interior of the disk. Some of that material wasn't accelerated enough to escape the sun's gravity and formed the oort cloud, Kuiper belt, and various and sundry dwarf planets and rouge planets. it is a better model to explain Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (ie they were actually formed in the interior of the disk and were later ejected and settled into there current orbits after billions and billions of years).

a bit of explanation and a hypothesis as to if there are some in the Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt. New Horizons is on the way...




Assuming for argument that these planets do exist, any guesses on how they heck they formed

I don't understand much beyond category headings but here goes:

Option 1: They formed close in and were flung out later... such as how Uranus and Neptune got knocked and switched around by Saturn/Jupiter orbital resonance

Option 2: They formed in a different solar system and were flung out and we just 'caught' them as they came by.

Option 3: One of them is actually a brown dwarf, not a planet, the missing half of a binary star system.

Mix and match - or make up your own!

Rob Crawford

On the possible outer planets -- while the material "out there" would be sparse, there's a lot of volume "out there". Ten earth masses aren't much material, all things considered.


>>>I think it was here somebody mentioned that 1971 Convertible Hemi Cuda. Was just auctioned for $3.5 million.

Posted by: Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz | June 14, 2014 at 09:07 PM <<<

that would have been me. and thanks Iggy, it'll make a great daily driver.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

1967 Corvette L88 no sale at $3.7 million.
Orly Taitz reportedly the high bidder but didn't reach the reserve because of questions whether it was really matching numbers.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Prices for a Cuda ragtop (a very ugly car IMO) are just insane, hemi or not.


"Assuming for argument that these planets do exist, any guesses on how they heck they formed"

Yes, see Genesis 1:1



Who is that?


not everyday you see an exclamation point in a scientific paper:

>>>According to these simulations then, a five-­‐planet initial condition is ten times more likely to produce a solar system like our own than a four-­‐planet initial condition!<<<


Orly to bed; Orly to rise.

Jeff Dobbs


Who is that?

It's internet/text slang for "oh, really?"

For example: "U know Obama is not eligible 2b president. Orly?"

Jane on Ipad

Careful Hit.

Alice I hope you decide to go on the cruise.

To quote Mark: Doom!


Orly? The Orly Taitz who ran for CA Attorney General? And who lost?


The Orly Factor?


The Nar-Orlycisolator?

Good to see you reading forbidden 404 like comments, DrJ.


oh no not again ...

surprised the L88 didn't sell. the last one was for over 3 million.

iirc the Hemi Cuda Convertible only a half dozen or so were built ...

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz


Who is that?--

She is a noted Moldavian dentist, lawyer and C2 Corvette expert. There are many layers to her expertise but her allegiance implausibly has only one.


here is the auction sheet for the 71 Cuda ...


1 of 11; only one known to have a 4 speed and original drivetrain ... seized and sold in a drug investigation at one point ... looks like it has found a good home.


did the 57 T Bird F-Code sell? listed as the bidding goes on ...


quiet tonight, musta scared everyone off!


Home! Just relayed the Cuda info to the hubs.

I am not a MOPAR fan. Sorry.


...and looking over at Drudge...

Agents changing diapers, heating baby formula for surge of children...

a humanitarian crisis, and I wouldn't be surprised if it were organized by the administration, and he's out golfing. sickening really.


evening Stephanie.

the Boss 429 sold for 340K (what a bargin).

surprised that the 60's Shelby's are going for more: 68 GT500KR 160K, 67 GT500 125K.

it isn't as if I could afford anything close to that ... maybe a diecast model of one, but then that might be a stretch too.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Kit cars FTW, rich.


lol ...


for 33 bucks. don't think I found that much in the couch cushions as I've been moving all my dad's stuff ... boxes and boxes into the small hours of the morning.
Good grief, did he ever throw anything away?


Evening Rich. 1:25 models are kinda fun to put together.

Revelle or AMT?


My baby...


For H&R:

I posted the Baghdad Obama pic from yesterday to Facebook and it is the most shared anything I have ever posted. 28 shares just on my post who knows how many shares off the shared posts.

I think you are FB viral, my friend.


this might drive someone to drink, in the 150 proof range;


h/t patterico





Beasts of England

I think $3.7M requires matching numbers. Just my opinion, though...

Dave (in MA)

I'm about as thrilled about the World Cup as I am about whatever other sporting events are going on that consist of either guys walking around in chinos and polo shirts or driving counter-clockwise over & over. In other words, not.

Jim Eagle

Happy Father's Day as we sail into Ephesus, Turkey for our Sunday excursion that will take in the house where supposedly the Blessed Virgin Mary spent her last years.

Apologies from Frederick on getting certain places at Corinth and Mycenae mixed up since he is using my iPhone photos 2 days after the visit and it's hard to remember which is which. WiFi on ship makes it impossible to download to his blog. We need stable onshore assets.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments. He is having a great time with new friends.

Beasts of England

I think they drive clockwise in Australia, Dave. Much more thrilling like that.


College World Series is on, also.

Noticed something at the US Open today:

The overweight guys really shouldn't wear white or light colored see-through pants. I don't really want to see the outlines of their flabby thighs and saggy butt as the camera is opposite the sun shining through them. Just Ick.


Is riding a horse counter-clockwise out?


One badass mf...



Not on the carousel at Fashion Island.


This seems to have a clockwise:


Jeff Dobbs

Cool, Steph.

I'm currently 6-3 at the pool tournament. I'm going to need about 5 more wins to get in the money. Better step up my game or poker's gonna be really po'd at pool.


all of her email for 2 and a half years were lost. pretty sure more interesting topics were discussed as well.

and interesting distro lists ... and other things.


Like this, MarkO:


Beasts of England

I'm with you, Steph. The white slacks are with-it and hip for the kids, but the others need to stick with chinos.


AliceH's comments on backup policies on the last thread are worth reading. Even white privilege backup policies like my own (ask mantran or Mel, they've seen my stack of rotating daily tapes) would fair better than what the IRS is claiming. In an actual investigation the DoJ would chase the distribution lists (except here we know DoJ muckity mucks are on the lists). Hopefully an actual lawsuit from True the Vote will force such follow up as normal disclosure -- much like the John Doe lawsuit in WI has done to bring in the GAB along with the DAs. Congress may get nowhere, but the courts will not be denied.


Yeah, TK, but with that Newport feel.


Stacked courts will have their day.


Want to stop the parents sending their kids north? Implement a moratorium in each country that the parents have 30 days to notify and provide pictures of their kids to return them home or they are up for adoption to American families with no recourse.


Those parents won't care, Steph.

If you want the kids to turn around tell Mexico we are done with their oil.


The children in the WH identify with the children at the border.

How do you like your secure borders, Mr. Barack?

You know something's happening, but you don't know what it is, do you Mr. Barack?


VIDEO: The Evolution of Dad Dancing (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Gov. Chris Christie)


Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Hopefully an actual lawsuit from True the Vote will force such follow up as normal disclosure -- much like the John Doe lawsuit in WI has done to bring in the GAB along with the DAs. Congress may get nowhere, but the courts will not be denied.

Cleta Mitchell to the Red Emergency Phone stat. Something tells me she won't let this one go. Spoliation is serious business in federal courts.

Captain Hate

This 404 software has prevented me from posting a link ridiculing soccer. In case you had any doubt that it's a communist plot...


tax remittances to Mexico and Central America 50% until they stop

... worse than the Mariel Boatlift ...


the administration f's up the small stuff and the big stuff ...

they can't lean on these governments to knock it off. what the hell ...


rich, you are back to Just Ten Hours, it seems. :)


CH, you're just miffed because soccer has better divers than Lougainis.


LOL Henry.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--or driving counter-clockwise over & over--

Then you should turn on Fox sports and catch the last 9 hours of Le Mans where they go clockwise.


just taking a break today and can't sleep. feels like I am one big bruise from my shoulders to my knees. sitting in a nearly empty apartment though so there is that.

Captain Hate

I can't believe on some sports boards there are threads for complaints about World Cup refs. I almost have to turn in my man card for just having seen it on the forum. Women talking about shoes is more red blooded than that.

Eric in Boise2

It's not officially Father's day here in Idaho, but it is on the East coast now, so let me be the first:


Men matter. Fathers matter more.

Dublindave 2016

USA USA USA....monday's the big day......lot's of beer and cheetos at chez-dub....USA USA USA USA

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