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June 30, 2014



We win!


TomM-- when Obummer announces by EO that 'emergency' funding for BC pills is available under ACA, where do you stand on that?

Ziggurat Stan

For consistency shouldn't it be Hooby Looby?

Comanche Voter

Damn, a big win for the "French Letter" industry. Can Sandra Fluke afford to keep them in her purse?


Blackhawk Helo flying north over the East River and past UN building. Hmmm.


Cut off the funding


The only thing that might make me grin more this week than these two thumbs in the eyes of progland, would be of course if the USA were to beat the heavily favored Belgians on the pitch tomorrow afternoon.

We believe that we will win!


Any bets on how many public union members decline the generous offer of AFSCME and refuse to put the coin in the kettle any longer? I think the numbers in Wisconsin were initially 40%+ and I would guess inattention kept it that low.


Thank goodness. Wish it was a stronger 1A victory but I will take it. Great news on unions too. May the week continue to get worse for Obama and the left.


From Bloomberg:

"The Obama administration argued that the law doesn’t cover corporations and that the government’s interests outweighed any religious rights the corporations possess."

This is another knife in the heart of the Left coming after Citizens United.


From the last thread, Zimmerman's libel suit was thrown out. The judge was the same harridan as the one who tried unsuccessfully to get him convicted for murder. She claims that he was a 'public figure' even before the Martin case, and for good measure (as if it has anything to do with the libel case), that he "pursued a course of conduct that ultimately led to the death of (Trayvon) Martin." That seems outrageously biased to me.


Ziggurat Stan

These decisions of the last few days are pretty revealing. If it is a question of standing up for one branch of government versus another then the leftards are happy to join the conservatives.
But when it comes to private rights versus governmental ones the state always prevails.


Hobby Lobby was closely held 'family' corp. The corp was the legal alter ego for a small number of company owners. publicly traded corporations, may or may not have religious rights under the RFRA statute.

Harris, the home healthcare workers were NOT government employees. They are contractors licensed by the state and receiving state subsidies, so the union tried to glom on to them. But they are not government employees, per se. Only 'partial' government employees.


BTW it was 7-2 on the point that you heard ad nauseum from progland, that being that Corporations don't have religious rights under the constitution. Only the wise latina and Ginsberg thought that was the case. Shove that in the face of the the next prog you see, just for fun.


10:00 am: Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:55 am: Meets with President Michelle Bachelet of Chile
4:30 pm: Announces the choice of former Proctor & Gamble chief executive Bob McDonald to be Secretary of Veterans Affairs; Department of Veterans Affairs
5:25 pm: Hosts a reception to observe LGBT Pride Month; East Room

Another day, another BOzo photo-op


" that the government’s interests "

What government interests?

Ziggurat Stan

In a Fox Butterfield guarding the hen-house moment; Central bankers warn the world of asset bubbles.

Investors, desperate to earn returns when official interest rates are at or near record lows, have been driving up the prices of stocks and other assets with little regard for risk, the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, said in its annual report published on Sunday..........
.....The B.I.S. provides financial services to national central banks and also acts as a setting where central bankers can discuss monetary policy and other issues like financial stability or bank regulation. The board of directors includes Janet L. Yellen, chairwoman of the Federal Reserve; Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank; and the heads of central banks from Japan, China, India and many other countries.

What more can be said?

Jim Eagle

GMax, If the US beats Belgium I will personally travel to the panhandle and treat you to the best steak dinner on the Redneck Riviera. But then stranger things have happened in WC's through the ages. Chile proved that Brazil is very beatable and Greece even showed some form albeit clumsy.

BTW, some photos from Siena on previous thread just posted.

Thomas Collins
"In fact, HHS has already devised and implemented a system that seeks to respect the religious liberty of religious nonprofit corporations while ensuring that the employees of these entities have precisely the same access to all FDA-approved contraceptives as employees of companies whose owners have no religious objections to providing such coverage. The employees of these religious nonprofit corporations still have access to insurance coveragewithout cost sharing for all FDA-approved contracep- tives; and according to HHS, this system imposes no net economic burden on the insurance companies that are required to provide or secure the coverage. Although HHS has made this system available to religious nonprofits that have religious objections to the contraceptive mandate, HHS has provided no reason why the same system cannot be made available when the owners of for-profit corporations have similar religious objections. We therefore conclude that this system constitutes analternative that achieves all of the Government’s aims while providing greater respect for religious liberty. And under RFRA, that conclusion means that enforcement of the HHS contraceptive mandate against the objectingparties in these cases is unlawful."

The above language is from Justice Alito's opinion in Hobby Lobby. The language suggests that SCOTUS thinks that the contraception mandate with the accommodation for religious groups would be upheld by SCOTUS. I realize that because the religious nonprofit situation is not before SCOTUS, the above could be argued to be dicta. But it seems to me it's pretty strong dicta and is bad news for religious groups challenging the contraception mandate.


Religious Accommodation? That idiot Kennedy would almost assuredly buy into the statist Skank Pill 'accommodation'.

Thomas Collins
"JUSTICE BREYER and JUSTICE KAGAN, dissenting. We agree with JUSTICE GINSBURG that the plaintiffs’ challenge to the contraceptive coverage requirement fails on the merits. We need not and do not decide whether either for-profit corporations or their owners may bringclaims under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of1993. Accordingly, we join all but Part III–C–1 of JUSTICE GINSBURG’s dissenting opinion."

GMax, the above language is the entirety of Justice Breyer's and Justice Kagan's partial concurrence in Justice Ginsburg's dissent. Although I have seen commentary to the effect that the holding that corporations can exercise religious freedom rights has 7-2 SCOTUS support, this partial concurrence, it seems to me, doesn't support the assertion. Justices Breyer and Kagan are simply stating that they don't need to address at this time the scope of a corporation's ability to address religious freedom rights under the RFRA and the First Amendment.

Thomas Collins

Whoops! Change "address" to "assert" in the next to last line of my 11:52 AM post.


Investors, desperate to earn returns when official interest rates are at or near record lows, have been driving up the prices of stocks and other assets with little regard for risk

Whoever said "history doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes" seems to have understated the case.

And then there is this from yesterday's NYT:

"Despite the notoriety that subprime loans gained as a prime cause of the financial crisis, they are re-emerging, under much more careful control, as one answer to the tight lending standards that have shut out millions of would-be homeowners."

What could go wrong?


The language suggests that SCOTUS thinks that the contraception mandate with the accommodation for religious groups would be upheld by SCOTUS.

Sorry, TC, but I'm missing some fine distinction here. Didn't they just decide the accommodation has to go beyond religious groups to include closely held for-profit corporations? Or do you just mean SCOTUS won't go any further (say to publicly held corporations)?


There is pending litigation (US Bishops etc) that claims that the HHS 'accommodation' still violates 1st Amend religious liberty rights.


I posted this on the Sunday afternoon thread
and it looks like everyone has left there except Fredrick who has some of his best tour pictures up. If he does move them over here go back and look at them-they are great.

"Pleased with the court decisions this morning, but as someone has already mention 1 more court appointment by the left and most decisions go left.

Some will be upset by this but IMO, the so called independent voter is not electing independent politicians. A vote for a Democrat senate candidate is a vote for Harry Reid and President Obama to do what ever they want to America.

A vote for a House Democrat candidate is a vote for Pelosi to continue to do every thing possible to allow inconvenient American children to be murdered while she
stands at the border and welcomes foreign invaders while doing every thing she can to help Obama destroy this nation.

There are no House or Senate independent members and there never will be in our lifetime IMO.

James D, I like the way you express your thoughts. Wish I had your talent."


I am back in the college town of Cambridge so I suppose the ad on my iPad at the moment makes sense---it is a jewelry fashion ad and the sales gimmick is "Jewelry transformed from Viet Nam War bombs to Peacebomb metal jewelry".

Makes me want to stand outside in the town square hollering "pigs off campus". And I'll have a decaf latte with a shot of kumbaya, plz.

Thomas Collins

Jimmyk, my point is that the SCOTUS majority opinion spoke approvingly of the HHS accommodation for religious groups. I agree that issue was not before SCOTUS in Hobby Lobby. As NK points out, there is litigation making its way through the courts on that issue. On the basis of the language in today's Hobby Lobby opinion, it seems to me that SCOTUS would uphold the accommodation for religious groups devised by HHS.


POLITICO figured out why Hillary is having so much trouble with this "wealth" thing.

“Her responses so far have come off as somewhat disingenuous, probably because she has a lot of ambivalence about her own wealth,” said Jamie Traeger-Muney, a psychologist whose Wealth Legacy Group focuses on counseling the affluent, an especially busy business in the current era of hostility to the 1 percent. “It feels like there is a lot of shame in there, and that is very common for wealth holders, especially in today’s climate.”


Traeger-Muney said Clinton needs to figure out a way to “own” her own wealth and success and not sound defensive about it while continuing her current strategy of pointing to all the work she’s done for the middle class and poor over her long career in public service.

“It would be great for her to explore her own ambivalence around wealth and what it means to have her policy views and be a wealth holder,” Traeger-Muney said. “The moment she’s at peace with that for herself, the need for coaching would diminish.”


Nothing to do with how Hillary made the money, of course.


...a psychologist whose Wealth Legacy Group focuses on counseling the affluent.



Say it ain't so, Joe!

Even Clinton’s possible 2016 rival, Vice President Joe Biden, jumped in last week, noting that he was the “poorest man in Congress” and did not even have a savings account or own any stocks and bonds. (According to disclosure reports, Biden does in fact have both a savings account and mutual funds.)
Jim Eagle

Offside. France breathes "Un soupir de soulagement".

Nigeria playing above their weight.

France on the move, great save.

James D.

I note in the quote Ext cites about Hillary and her money troubles, that there's no mention at all of who it is who's been ginning up hostility against the wealthy and encouraging them to feel ashamed of their wealth.

Some observers say Clinton’s real trouble is not the amount of money she and her husband have racked up — The Washington Post reported that Bill Clinton has made $104.9 million in speaking fees since leaving office — but how they made it, mostly through massive checks for talking to special interest groups. Stopping the speeches now might help Clinton, observers say, but that won’t change the money that’s already in the bank.

“How have they made all this money? Speaking fees? Book advances? These are not the ways that Americans are comfortable with Americans making a lot of money,” said Louis Hyman, a historian of capitalism at Cornell. “There is no way her wealth can reflect on her doing better for other people. It’s not like she became rich through the creation of a business that employs a lot of people.”

This is where Clinton gets in trouble for comments like the one she made to The Guardian in which she said her money came through “dint of hard work.” Americans generally do not view getting hundreds of thousands of dollars to speak to Goldman Sachs executives and other well-to-do audiences as “hard work.”

“With Hillary Clinton, you get the feeling that it’s just knowing the right people,” Hyman said. “And in the aftermath of the financial crisis, people are just much more suspicious of wealth and how it’s acquired than they were before.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

Why not just ask those seeking wealth counseling what level they are comfortable with and have them write a check for the difference to a charity and move all their remaining money to their checking accounts so they don't violate themselves. :) would violating yourself that way be rape or rape rape?


JiB just to show you the kind of guy I am, I will eat your steak served up medium rare at Ruth Chris's and tell you repeatedly how wonderful it is. The odds on that happening are slightly better than me being struck by lightning, in my humble opinion. But it is a non zero possibility and I like to bet on double zero occasionally.

TC, I had not read it, just pick up another comment elsewhere, but based on the language you cite, I agree with you. They are not on record, but being good little progs would most likely chant and bow. I should have known it was too out of character and checked it myself. Thanks for doing so.



That's an odd word to use to describe somebody so caught up with money that they deducted 2$ for each piece of soiled underwear they donated to Charity.

Jim Eagle

All you soccer sceptics you should be watching this in Italian. No one except for the NHL annoucers talk as fast as these guys.. It is a continious roller coaster of vowels.


So Slow Joe lies?


Joe Biden (family earnings: $407,000 last year plus a free house, driver, meals, etc.) claims he “I don’t own a single stock or bond. . . . I have no savings accounts . . . I’m the poorest man in Congress.” (Triple fail: Joe isn’t poor, isn’t in Congress and wouldn’t be the poorest member of it if he were.)

This is what happens when your whole life consists of sucking off the taxpayer teat. Asshole.


I will happily counsel the fatso on her wealth guilt. And given the rate I will charge, we will solve the problem.


I am not sure Biden includes assets and earnings of his spouse in his disclosures either. Dr. Jill Biden.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

Actually, from what I've read, slow Joe has most of the family assets in his wife's name.

So it is true... from a certain point of view.

Obiwan had more morals but wasn't up to Biden's art for misdirection, imho.


It’s not like she became rich through the creation of a business that employs a lot of people.

No, she lacks the talent, drive, commitment, and know-how for that. She and her putative hubby are nothing more than parasites.


Canada to our 'ditherer in chief' -- "forget the pipeline - will ship oil to Asia"


MarkO in Boston looking for JOM'ers to buy lunch

MICKEY KAUS: A Marxist Analysis of Hillary.

The Clinton mode of production, then, is running for office or serving in office. That is the material basis for the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton lifestyle and the whole Clinton institutional structure. In order to keep this mode of production from breaking down, the Clintons–-one of them, at any rate–-must be at least potentially in the running for a powerful office at all times. If Hillary doesn’t really want to run, she can’t admit it in public. She must maintain the facade of candidacy until the last minute–or else the Foundation will have to cut back and Ira Magaziner might need to find a job. If it looks like Hillary might not run–perhaps because of health reasons–the model would predict that another Clinton, presumably daughter Chelsea, would start making noises about launching a political career. Voila! Data point confirmed. The theory is off to a good start. …



Jamie Traeger-Muney, a psychologist whose Wealth Legacy Group focuses on counseling the affluent, an especially busy business in the current era of hostility to the 1 percent.

As James asks, who can the poor wealthy blame for this oh-so-depressing level of hostility?

Elizabeth Warren on Occupy Wall Street: ‘I Created the Intellectual Foundation for What They Do. I Support What They Do.’

MarkO in Boston looking for JOM'ers to buy lunch

No more Presidents who cannot be mocked ceaselessly.


Oops, wrong link- should be:


Ziggurat Stan

They could go a long way to fixing the tedium of soccer were they to illuminate offsides.
Not so sure it wouldn't help hockey too.


Its been tried Stan. Makes things worse.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

They were earlier in the tournament, daddy. Guess the software got hit with a subpoena. :)

More thundery noise here but no rain so far. Patio on hold. :(

Ziggurat Stan

--Makes things worse.--

Seems unpossible.
But if true then the only real solution is to deem the first 85 minutes of each game a scoreless draw and start from there.


If the US wins tomorrow jib and you drive over, I'll drive down. Strongly suggest though we wait until September when the PH is much more pleasant.

GMax-have you endured what happens though in late summer when winds come from the North? Biting flies will make you want to head back to TX.

Red is angry the current thunderboomer is taking out WC satellite transmission.

Can you imagine Elizabeth Warren on foreign policy or snarling at the troops as CiC?


Good news. Just went into one of the most popular new book stores in Cambridge. Hillary's stinker is front and center, but not a copy has been moved from the display that I could tell, and right on the center of her forehead on the cover of every copy of her book is a red sticker, the size of a silver dollar, reading "Half Price."

Going upstairs where they have the books on a wall arranged in regards I suppose to overall sales, Hillary's book sits in the number 5 slot, but is beaten out by 2 different cook books, by a book by some soccer player, and I didn't know what the other one was.


"It’s not like she became rich through the creation of a business that employs a lot of people."

That would be like the Koch brothers, which is why Sen Reid and the other leftists hates them. The leftists do not want Americans holding private jobs, IMO.

Ziggurat Stan

-- It's time that five men on the Supreme Court stop deciding what happens to women.

— Senator Harry Reid (@SenatorReid) June 30, 2014--

Yeah, 385 men in the house and 80 in the senate should. Moron.


Probably behind the WSJ's ever-expanding paywall, but Mary O'Grady has a great piece on the obnoxious idiot Obama made our ambassador to Canada, and how in a short time he has patronized, insulted, and alienated them on issues that are important to them.


Ziggurat Stan

--"It’s not like she became rich through the creation of a business that employs a lot of people."--

Ludicrous. There are literally thousands of people employed full time in making her appear not to be a talentless, mendacious grasper not entitled to the filthy lucre she has acquired. A majority of most news outlets are so dedicated.

And at one time there were literally thousands fully employed just keeping her out of jail for acquiring a good bit of it.

Captain Hate

The next honest dollar Slick, Rodham and Biden earn will be their first.



That's who benefits from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. It's the entities providing the training who benefit, not the trained. Private businesses just get the burdens unless they are connected enough to get on a Local Workforce Development Board.

It will make every governor and mayor of any party into a Statist because that's the economic vision that brings in the federal dollars.


Rse, that storm is an impressive one heading right this way. We've been hearing it for about 45 minutes and it's getting bigger and louder. I think this one might make it from you to me. It's still a good 15 miles away and is shaking the house already.

Captain Hate

jimmyk, it is behind the firewall; any details you can spare?

Btw, the Horde is reporting that David Souter Roberts is all butthurt that he couldn't provide free birth control pills.


Hillary's ambivalence reminds me vaguely of a quote from Shakespeare:

Ambivalence should be made of less firm stuff.

In fact I think it'd be fun to take Anthoney's Funeral Speech from Julius Caesar and simply substitute ambivalence for ambition, and Hillary for Caesar...

Did this in Caesar seem ambitious?
Did this in Clinton seem ambivalent?
When he did the general coffers fill...
When she did the general coffers pilfer...


The Reid quote. The sophistry is near infinite.

Old Lurker

Cap'n, DrJ provided a great tip to see the stories at WSJ. (This works in Chrome for me)

Click on the blocked story. You will get the headline, sub head and a line or two.

High light the Headline.

Rt click to search google for that headline.

Up pops the story in full...


So who we pulling for? Looks to me like France has dodged some bullets tonight.

Captain Hate

Thanks for the reminder, OL; the memory is the first to go...


The USMNT will have Altidore available tomorrow. Note to self: get beer.

Old Lurker

What reminder was that, Cap'n?




Thanks for the heads up ( I think ). Mrs. GMax and I have been talking about a Colorado rockies 2nd place, as much for the cool dry air in the summer as for a place to sit apree ski. Perhaps this will accelerate that


Well that didn't take long. NYC does an imitation of ChiTown, 20 people shot over the 1st warm weekend of the summer. 20 shot!Ending Stop/Frisk had nothing to do with that... right? RIGHT? So a pal of Rev Al Sharpton, some 'Bishop', asks the cops to do something, get the guns and thugs off the streets. But don't be rude about. Just disgraceful: http://7online.com/news/violent-weekend-in-nyc-leaves-at-least-20-people-shot/147060/

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

The hubs is yelling cause they never put anyone on the far post on CK. Just pack the line.

What's up with the super eagles fans in white face?

Captain Hate

My God that article is brutal. Even by Goldman/404 standards, Heyman is a loathsome imbecile.



Barack Obama’s brand of narcissism seemed quite attractive to many early on with all its soaring talk of hope and change. Voters had no idea this man had only scant interest in the nitty-gritty task of governing. And the person they were really electing, as Blood Feud makes abundantly clear, was someone almost none of them had then heard of and most still haven’t — President Jarrett.

Bold mine.


Great saves and shots the last few minutes.

France scores! You sure noticed their momentum these last few minutes.

Captain Hate

The Blood Feud writer was on Laura Ingraham this morning. He is thoroughly convinced that the Ferret calls all the shots and 404 barely rates even a status of puppet.

James D.

CH, what I find most appalling about the article is how lightly it treads. The subhead:

An ex-Goldman Sachs bundler for Obama is starting to look like a diplomatic bungler.

is laughable. "starting to look?"

And there's no way that Zero should be be let off the hook like this:

Bruce Heyman, a former Goldman Sachs banker based in Chicago and a top Obama campaign bundler in both 2008 and 2012, may have deserved an ambassadorship for his services. But that's what all those tiny islands in the Caribbean are for.

No, he did not "deserve" an ambassadorship. ESPECIALLY not from a President who promised "hope and change" and a new way of doing business in Washington, and all the rest of it.

Zero needs to be held to that, every day. He doesn't get to hand out ambassadorships to his top fundraisers the way that previous administrations did, because he promised to be different. It's their own rulebook: hold the opposition to their statements, make them live up to what they claim to believe...and make them CHOKE ON IT.


The final sentence to that Heyman story:

But it can't be good for the U.S., which doesn't have so many allies that it can afford to offend one of the most important.

Just how presidente evil ferret intended.


daddy with the WC updates. Fabulous. Keep them coming old boy.


Hillary rightly should feel more than ambivalence about her wealth, most of which is ill-gotten. Guilt would be far more appropriate.

She was raised in the Methodist church, so we know she knows that nearly all of it is the same kind of money Judas ended up with.
She's not stupid--she got into Yale Law School, and they don't have to drop the requirements to let girls into the professional schools.
She knows the only reason she gets these fees for speaking is in the hope of future access.

Thomas Collins

TC and Mark O and Jane are at a sports bar in the Boston Seaport District. Mark O has ordered a Tom Collins, Jane has ordered a grey goose concoction, and TC is having a cab. Vegas has even odds as to whether the trio will end up in the hoosegow!

Miss Marple

Checking in for a second. How is it that these Obama people are all so obnoxious, thuggish, and a total embarrassment to this country?

(Just finished reading out the ambassador to Canada.)

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

One big rush of wind and the worst of the storm collapsed. Still looks like rain, so maybe we can get to the patio tiles afterwhile.

Anyone notice in the schedule listed for the scoamf, there was a gap that just happened occur at the same time as the Nigeria match?


Debbie Medusa Shultz:

It’s very clear to american women yet again that Republicans want to do everything they can to have the long hand of government and now the long hand of business reach into a woman’s body and make health care decisions for her.

Disgusting shrew.


So Obama's picks for Norway, Thailand, Canada, the UN eta al all seem to be bombing royally. How's that hope n change thing working out?

Ziggurat Stan

Did MarkO bring his horse?

Danube on iPad

A precious little gem I had overlooked:

(June 4) "Global women’s icon Sandra Fluke failed to avoid a runoff in her race for state senate in California, after coming in second place behind Democratic opponent Ben Allen. Fluke garnered 19.7 percent of the vote to Allen’s 21.9 percent. The two candidates will face off again in November.

"Fluke’s failure to win the race outright is a blow to left-wing multi-millionaire filmmaker Michael Moore, who supported her candidacy."

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

Vive la France.

Captain Hate on the iPad

404 doesn't do any "work" by any reasonable definition of the word; especially how executives run things.


Skank DWS complaining about 'long hand of gov't and business' is even more risible sophistry than the alleged pederast Reid.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Wow DoT, the day keeps getting better. "Global" icon? Time to take an international survey.


I would say Udall better get a resume put together. Gardner is not that well known, but everyone knows the Udall name. Whoops:

A new Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Colorado Voters shows incumbent Democrat Mark Udall with 43% of the vote to Republican Cory Gardner’s 42%. Six percent (6%) prefer some other candidate in the race, while nine percent (9%) are undecided.


"We disagree and the constitutional lawyer in the Oval Office disagrees with that conclusion from the Supreme Court. "


A legend in their own minds.

Whoever labeled him 'the constitutional lawyer' needs to be kicked in the nuts.

The reason none of his ambassadorial appointments are going over well is the same attitude of condescending 'don't you know who we are' attitude. Ambassadors are there to put the host country at ease with the heavy boot an American administration can wield not to make them feel like they should be glad you noticed them before you stomp on them with your boot.


Who said it?

“When 10 different instances occurred when President Bush was in office where American diplomatic personnel were killed in around the world, how many outraged Republican members of Congress were there?” he said. “Zero.”

Chuck U Shumer, or Turbin Durbin


Evidently they have found the bodies of the three Israeli teenagers that were kidnapped.


Old Lurker

Billy C


Attorneys, can Zimmerman appeal that dismissal of his case?
Utterly preposterous that he was a public figure.


Rand Paul?

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