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June 17, 2014


Dave (in MA)

Another videographer under lock & key?


Oh, wait--now it's an "attack". Did anybody run this past Suzie Rice?

Captain Hate

Was Rodham pushing her new book in Libya when she was arrested?


Food and Fuel prices (and housing rents)at all time highs; 1Q NEGATIVE GDP = STAGFLATION. It's 1979 all over again. Next are US Embassey hostages and beheadings in Baghdad.

Dave (in MA)

Aren't these categories conveniently excluded when inflation is officially "measured"?


food/fuel are INcluded in the CPI,
they are EXcluded from 'core' inflation.

Frau Mistrauisch

Will the military sent to "defend" the US embassy in Baghdad have ammunition in their guns? That was the Cairo model IIRC.

Where's the protein justice? Since protein is necessary for the immune system, is this a Darwinian move by our overlords? Do I still have that copy of "Diet for a Small Planet" somewhere?

Gag me with a ladle: FLOTUS saying her Harvard education did not make her smart enough to feed her children properly. I know she had a cook while working her Chicago hospital gig--in addition to having a weekly personal trainer. The girls' grandmother was also in the house on a regular basis if the reports are true.


General Hafter, has been doing a mean round of unfriending, which is the reason the 'film critic' was driven into the open

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