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June 12, 2014



I posted this in the last thread, but it bears repeating, I think:

I had a conversation last night with a woman who's son is an FBI agent working in the their cyber counter-terrorism unit. She said her son told her that in the last few years jihadi terrorists have been pouring into this country--many of them minors, in the legal sense, that is (hello Dream Act!). Apparently even though we know they're terrorists, we don't do anything like, oh, you know, kick them out. We just "watch" them, I guess like we were watching the Boston Marathon terrorists. Anyway, the son said he and his fellow agents, in their branch of the FBI at least, believes--and have warned the powers that be--that a major terrorist attack of catastrophic proportions inside this country is now imminent--as in any day now.




Frau Unheimlich

How about #BaraktoIraq?

DOOM, indeed, derwill.


There's an idea: Obummer resigns as POTUS and becomes a special UN Envoy to resolve Sunni-Shia emnity.

Jeff Dobbs

Obama mocked McCain for his 100 years in Iraq line in 2008.

McCain likened it to the US presence in Japan or Korea - Team Obama characterized it as McCain lusting for 100 years of an active shooting war.

Obama scoffed when McCain would warn about Obama turning Iraq into the next Vietnam.

And yet...


Was that before or after McCain suspended his campaign?

Miss Marple

Democrats cannot be trusted with foreign policy or national security.

That is a plain fact.

I have been worried about this since all of the Arab Spring carp started.

Sandy--Engorged Capital~Fallow Districts--Daze

Jack Keene (whose FNS commentary I find very useful) posited yesterday a team of Petraeus-Crocker and assorted others to go to Iraq and "assess" the situation and what could be done.

Great idea and echoed by McCain, but too little which will be too late. A squadron of A-10s and some well placed direct action units combined with a few other odds and ends can collapse the ISIS/L progress very quickly, but it must be done NOW for maximum success with minimum fuss (sounds like a new floor cleaning product, and in a way, it would be).

Hell, a team(s) of gents like Misters Woods and Doherty could be assembled for the right conditions and could Take Care Of Business rapidly.

There are any number of gents who'd like to approach this problem with the appropriate ROE, and ROE which many times, was restricted or compromised, while they were in uniform.

Miss Marple

You know, one of the things that almost all journalists have ignored is the total religious war which has engaged us, whether we like it or not.

I am sure glad I decided to take my vacation in the US this year, and will be heading to the wide open spaces of the West.

Miss Marple

WaPo is getting nervous:


Miss Marple

This is a note I got from a friend:

On MSNBC Tim Kaine said he was in the classified meeting this morning and he said - direct quote - "The president has no plan."


I know it's fashionable to bash Obama and McCain (heaven knows I've done both), but the fact is Iraq was going to fall to pieces as soon as we left whenever that took place. Two years ago, next year, twenty years in the future, the place and the people are so messed up that it was inevitable that as soon as the adult supervision left, the crazies were going to go back to killing one another.

To me, the question was how many American lives and how much money should we lose playing babysitter, and the answer was next to none. There are better and more effective ways of keeping America safe than having our soldiers dying to keep two crazies from killing one another thousands of miles away.

And just to pre-empt the all but guaranteed reply: no, we're not fighting the lunatics over there to keep from having to fight them here in the US. The crazies in Iraq are not going to get on a plane and come to America. Someone on the streets of Brooklyn has little if anything to fear from what is going on now in Iraq.


Nice preemption.

One Night, El Cajon Felt Like Baghdad | San Diego Reader



Miss Marple

Well, steve, I think you are wrong.

1. They have money (stolen from the bank of Mosul) and equipment they confiscated from fleeing Iraqi troops.

2. Oil prices are skyrocketing and will continue to climb. If these people aren't stopped, they will take the Iraqi oil fields and probably attempt to hit the Saudis.

3. I remind you that we have porous borders and quite a few Muslim immigrants. Odds are that some are terrorists, waiting for funding (remember that bank) and a sign that an attack will cause our country to collapse.

4. If we had kept a force close by (say in a base out in the desert away from the general population) we could have had a rapid response, before this got out of hand.

5. We are no longer able to remain isolated from the world. You can think there is no danger. I, myself, am staying away from large crowds and urban areas.

Miss Marple

6. Where is that Malaysian plane?

Frau Steingehirn

Does Hillary! have another Reset button left over that she can donate to the Iraq situation? Her donations, as we know, are deductible for tax purposes.


I disagree with 12:25-- while it is no model for government, the simple truth is that the completely illegitimate Opthalmologist dictator in Syria defeated AQ in the field with Mullah and Putin help. While there is no alternate history App, there is no way to state with certainty that the elected Federal Government in Iraq, with a US military presence under a SOF Agreement would 'fall to pieces.' A balancing of Mullah, Turkish, Kurd and USA power --and some Iraqi political competence-- should have produced stability. We'll never know now.

Frau Steingehirn

Whoa! Mr. McGurk just said, "The more Hillary! speaks, the more unlikeable she is.

Miss Marple

Frau, I heard that!


Bernard McGurk?


On MSNBC Tim Kaine said he was in the classified meeting this morning and he said - direct quote - "The president has no plan."

No plan. Imagine that.

Tim Kaine admitting it, though - wow. Is this Hillary's chance to get all fake hawklike?


Once again Odummy looks stoned.


Who will make the decision to evacuate the Baghdad embassy? John Kerry? How ironic.


Obummer on meds?

Miss Marple

So, they have been WATCHING this for months!

And they did nothing!

And diidn't tell anyone, either!

And his solution now is for Congress to pass some bill to set up a fund or something.

I am sure this is cold comfort to those facing beheading in Mosul.

Eric in Boise

The crazies in Iraq are not going to get on a plane and come to America.

Not when it's cheaper to walk through Mexico, they won't. They don't even have to check baggage.

Miss Marple

I find it repulsive hearing Obama try to talk military lingo about the Aussies.

I hope Tony Abbott punches him in the nose.


John Effin' Kerry will not evacuate the Embassy. Instead, he will declare that the ISIS are liberators freeing Baghdad from Booosh hubris. Many beheadings and hostages will result.

Jack is Back! (But in Typhus Hell)

Terrible service on HAL for WiFi. Nothing new for us but Frederick's blog is going to be down for some time since he can't even post the most brief text. This is the first time we have been on in 2 days. Maybe in Athens we find a cybercafe.

Holland America Line's WiFi is a ripoff and I am a long time cruiser with them.


The Aussies?


JiB-- I hope my ethnic homeland treats you well.... apart from the WiFi.

Miss Marple

Tony Abbott is here for meetings, in case you wonder why Obama was talking about the Aussies.

jimmyk on iPhone

"Terrible service on HAL for WiFi. "

Did it say, "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that"?


That's soooo 2001, jimmyk.

Miss Marple

Do you think we could take up a collection and get Obama to resign? How much do you think it would take?


Thanks MissM... an old fashioned Aussie outburst from Abbott mocking Obummer as a 'Pouf' wouldn't be amiss.


No Chance MissM-- the Mullahs, ChiComs and Putin will pay anything to keep Obummer in the WH. The saudis and japanese however...

Miss Marple

This seems ominous. (I always have that mysterious plane disappearance in the back of my mind.)


Dublindave 2016

"Democrats cannot be trusted with foreign policy or national security.That is a plain fact"

Do you know how much we've invested in that country in terms of blood,money and American lives over the last ten years? Do you know what we've done to prop that crappy government up in terms of hundreds and hundreds of counter-terrorism programmes etc etc...I am so tired of that shit hole I could almost scream...i'm tired of it's backward ethnic fault lines and it's desire to rip it's heart out of it's chest while chanting some retarded Islamic yell alaalalalalalaalalhhhhhhh!!!!

But the thing that gets me the most is that people like Tom and Miss Marple want us to continually spend trillions of dollars in Iraq while they simultaneously complain about the ever increasing National debt and they never ever ever cop onto the fact that the two of them are related in any way.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--Someone on the streets of Brooklyn has little if anything to fear from what is going on now in Iraq.

Posted by: steve | June 12, 2014 at 12:25 PM--

Similarly, in 2001 someone in a skyscraper in Manhattan had little if anything to fear from what was going on in Afghanistan.

Miss Marple

The debt will be a whole lot more if we have to pay $10/gallon for gas and rebuild after a catastrophic terrorist attack.


McCain 'blows hot and cold' for every smart move like supporting the surge, he vouched for Shinseki, a perfectly average infantry officer,
who was a Dem stooge,

Obama is focusing on the 'imminent threat of climate change, unlike the very real threat of Salafism sweeping like a crescent from the Levant through the Tigris and Euphrates Valley, next stop the Arabian Peninsula

Captain Hate

Tim Kaine sounds so confused he must have shaved his ass and wiped his chin.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--But the thing that gets me the most is that people like Tom and Miss Marple want us to continually spend trillions of dollars in Iraq while they simultaneously complain about the ever increasing National debt and they never ever ever cop onto the fact that the two of them are related in any way.--

Barry managed to increase the debt vastly more than any other pres while pulling us OUT of Iraq.
Are you and reality related in any way?

Captain Hate

The JEF can't run the VA but wants to save the planet.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

Dodo, ever contemplated going in and cleaning them up and charging them a fee for service?

Oh wait, no blood for oil!!

Your bipolar foreign policy in action.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

Ouch capt. That left skidmarks. :)


DuDa-- it was $800B (or less). But a fair question, by not cutting welfare to deadbeats like you during the 6 years Bush was militarily and reconstruction engaged in Iraq, hundreds of Billions was unnecessarily added to the USA DEBT, say worst case $800B. What did that buy? No more Baathist dictatorship to threaten the Kingdom, the Kurds and Gulf States, a democratically elected government in Iraq to allow the Persian people to demand real elections in Iran to defenestrate the Mullahs (imagine what Cheney/Bush would have done to the Mullahs in 2009), end Iraqi sanctions to allow oil productions and Iraq becoming a modern state in the Arab World, and oh, killing tens of thousands of AQ Jihadis on the battlefield. Obummer has increased the Debt TEN TIMES AS MUCH $8TRILLION, and for real Americans, everything has turned to MERDE.


Let's start a pool in the location of the next attack. NYC? DC? Boston? LA? SFO?


It won't just be one next time... several coordinated.


MorkO: Chicago.

Mike Giles

Even when a Republican wins a war, if the Dems are against it, they will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

jimmyk on iPhone

Yes, Mike, to Dems all war is futile, and they make that self-fulfilling.

As for the next attack, the FBI no doubt expects it to come from angry Tea Partiers.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Relinking Wretchard's, Day of Reckoning post.

There's a lot of truth in what steve says about the futility of remaking the ME in our image. There is no truth in the idea we have nothing to fear from what happens in the ME.
We are in an existential conflict with a reenergized Islam. We have been in that conflict for 1400 years. It didn't seem so while Islam was subdued and eclipsed by its own enervation and the boot of the European colonialists.
Pretending we're not doesn't mean we're not, it just means we'll be an easy conquest.
With the Pakistani bomb and the incipient Iranian one Islam's traditional military weakness will become less important and its great advantage, its vitriolic and metastatic ideology, spread by its fanatical carcinogenic cells, will prove difficult to kill. It will be especially difficult to kill while the West cannot even bring itself to admit and name the enemy trying to destroy it.

Barry said the future will not belong to those who slander Islam. There is a legal principle that you cannot slander someone who has so damaged their own reputation that it is difficult for anyone else to damage it further. Islam is and always has been, even during its largely mythical Golden Age, a repressive death cult.
We don't need to slander it we need to do to it what Hulagu Khan did or perhaps what the Romans did to Carthage.
We especially need to do it before we have an unmanageable Chinese and Russian problem on our hands as well.


Haven't started catch=up, but I am watching the collapse of large numbers of the Iraqi Army fleeing from relatively small numbers of ISIS warriors, and abandoning major cities in the process.

It reminds me that for an individual watching from the sidelines, this victory for the committed Islamic insurgents certainly does have parallels to the historical expansion of Islam.

Simply compare some of the early victories on the Saudi Arabian peninsula of Muhammeds warriors against much larger forces, and in the the mid 600's to 700's, where the next generation of his warriors sped like wildfire thru the huge cities of the Middle East and Egypt, taking control of enormous cities and booting out the rule of the hated Roman or local garrisons and client armies.

They are not perfect parallels, but it would seem to me that the average young man on the street over there would make the comparison and attribute these victories over huge territories and the client states of The Great Satan, to the same thing they did back in those days---to the will of Allah.

I think that has to be going thru the minds of the young populations watching whatever is unfolding over there, and that religious mindset has to be a wonderful recruiting tool.

Cecil Turner (on mini pad)

Much as I'd like to place the blame entirely on Obluster's failure to secure a SOFA (and plenty rests there), the proximate cause of the current collapse is more of a general fecklessness, of which McCain is a part.

The red line double fault in Syria demonstrated our total lack of political will. (Which had already been amply demonstrated by letting them run unmolested supply routes to the insurgents in Iraq.) The Afghan end date announced our scheduled retreat from the Mideast, and the Ukraine fiasco showed we wouldn't rise to our friends' defense . . . even to the minimal level of sending materiel. (Our delayed shipments of air assets to the Iraqi government are also a significant factor.)


POTUS: 'i don't rule out anything bc we have a stake in making sure these jihadists arent getting a permanent foothold in Iraq/Syria'

Does that include #hashtags??? I'm sure the terrorists are quaking in their boots at that possibility!!


Richard Fernandez sums it up. Depressing.

"Ernest Hemingway observed that people went broke gradually at first then all of a sudden. Barack Obama’s career, for so long without visible means of support, has now moved onto the “all of sudden stage” of bankruptcy."



ISTM the people pushing for open borders (ours) are the same ones taking the strongest non-interventionist aka respect-others'-sovereignty position.

How does that work? Everything that's ours is yours, and everything that's yours is also yours.


History does tend to 'rhyme' after the Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan, we more or less
ignored Pakistan and they turned inward giving
more supports to their favorite factions, giving the finger to Massoud, the good guy,
in that effort, The Taliban took Kabul, then UBL relocated to Kandahar

Cecil Turner (on mini pad)

But the most recent (and compelling) demonstration of unseriousness was the Bowe Bergdahl swap, and McCain bears a large part of the blame on that front. He was front and center of the detainee treatment theater of the early Bush years, resulting in unworkable military commissions (that, among other things, require proof of a discrete incident of a war crime--with federal court quality proof--instead of the traditional one of being engaged in unlawful combatancy that was sufficient to convict Quirin, et al).

It's hard to imagine a group of war criminals more deserving of the death sentence than KSM and the leadership of the Taliban . . . and there is certainly plenty of evidence to prove their participation in acts of unlawful war. In any serious and rational conduct of war, they'd have long since been hanged . . . and thus unavailable for ridiculous five-evil-generals-for-one-confused-private swaps. The only bright part of the picture is that they're now inconveniencing mostly the group most responsible for the problem.

Danube on iPad

Jonathan Karl at ABC mocks the latest talking points:



Obummer said that? I doubt he means it and I am certain he won't actually do anything about it.


David Petraeus on Hillary Clinton last Feb./NY Daily News:

“She’d make a tremendous President,” the former commander and CIA director reportedly says in the new book “ HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton,” by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes.

“Like a lot of great leaders, her most impressive qualities were most visible during tough times,” Petraeus adds.


"In a recent article posted on Army Times, an Indiana sheriff justified his department’s purchase of a discount mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) military vehicle because, “The United States of America has become a war zone.” Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer, who along with 7 other law enforcement agencies across Indiana recently acquired MRAPs..."


At least no Iraqis are coming to America to create mayhem.


Barack Obama’s career, for so long without visible means of support, has now moved onto the “all of sudden stage” of bankruptcy.

We can only hope. I feel I've read too many premature eulogies for said career, however, to give credence to this one - yet.

Whether true or not true, it's terrible for the country either way.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

WTF does ole Barry consider a foothold? Holy shit they control what 1/3 of the country?


RichardF's observation about 'bankruptcy'... the problem is that it is OUR bankruptcy, not Obummer's that has resulted. ISIS, Putin, Mullahs all riding high are all good things for Obummer. It ends the American 'hegemony' in his malignant mind.


They must have tons of dirt on Petraeus.


Daddy - did you read Miss Marple's link above about 13 flights briefly going missing from Austria's air traffic control? I was wondering if you could share your thoughts.


Michael Gordon has a very difficult job--trying to state the obvious--that Obama has completely screwed the pooch--without offending his masters at the NYT. Has he been fired yet?



“It makes you want to kill yourself,” a senior U.S. official said of the intelligence on ISIS, which was presented by U.S. and Gulf allies during the May meeting in Jeddah.

WSJ link is subscriber only.

But the WH was "caught off guard." You walk away from a war, WTF do you expect to happen?

Dublindave 2016

"it was $800 billion (or less)"

Sure,the direct cost of the war came in at $800 billion but the indirect costs such as keeping Military bases in Bahrain,Kuwait,Qatar etc,the ongoing interest payments on the billions borrowed to pay for the war the,ongoing private security contractors and the cost of taking care of the Veterans of that war....the ongoing costs could come in at a trillion dollars.

You can't have a new bike AND go to Disney world...you can have one or the other...you can't have tax breaks and a war.


Hahaha, dudu is suddenly interested in interest payments on the debt and veteran health care and the indirect costs of government. Hahahaha.


Miss Marple@12:08 All that need to be said IMO
"Democrats can not be trusted."


margaret brennan ‏@margbrennan 8m

Bowe Bergdahl is scheduled to leave Germany sometime today & will arrive in San Antonio overnight per @CBSNews David Martin

Miss Marple

Porchlight, Obama this morning said they had been watching this for months. I guess they couldn't believe their eyes, if they were caught off guard.

Miss Marple

Ah, so now we are given updates of where and when Bowe Bergdahl will be arriving. Just in time to take the collapse of Iran off the radar!


"At least no Iraqis are coming to America to create mayhem."

How would anyone know this? IMO there is no way of knowing who is coming across our borders.


I always thought we went into Iraq to fend off exactly what Obama has wrought. He's in some ways caused wars in Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya (is that all?).

It seems to me being engaged in Iraq after we won that war would have thwarted all of that, if we wanted to.

Am I nuts?


Yesterday's questions to Hagel about why BB was being kept incommunicado in Germany instead of being returned to the U.S. apparently hit a nerve.

Captain Hate

Here's the op ed Rupert's Gazette should have run:



Exactly, Miss Marple. Bowe is quite the pawn in Obama's game.


DuDa-- you're wandering off into delusion narrative and sound like BuBu.... you really don't want to do that. BuBu trolls gratis for that reason, that just doesn't work for you.

Eric in Boise

I was going to post "at least the focus is off of Bergdahl now", but MM beat me to it!

Sensing a pattern here.


Will BoweB relocate to a military hospital in San Antonio?


Is Anbody Going To San Antone?

I'm sure he'll get a warm welcome.

Captain Hate

Juggle the disasters and unleash the trolls. What a strategy.

Miss Marple


At some point there are too many squirrels and it becomes a self-defeating strategy.

Eric in Boise

Whoops, look like the focus is back on Bergdahl, and it's by design. So much crapola going on at once I can't keep up.


Sorry, pagar. That was another slam at steve.

Beasts of England

Bu, bu, but, but, the Arab Spring! Smart Diplomacy! The world loves us now, don't you remember?


It's 1979 all over again....


I wonder if Julian Castro will come to visit little Bowe B. That will be popular.

Dublindave 2016

"Hahaha, dudu is suddenly interested in interest payments on the debt and veteran health care and the indirect costs of government"

Every Democrat is which is why we've managed to do something that 8 years of Republican rule failed to do....lower the deficit. It's also why introduced a bill a few months ago to hire more doctors for our vets. We would've had them but your party blocked it's passage....oooooh,what's that I see.... you're signing onto the very VA bill you recently blocked....mmmmm..I wonder why?

It's awesome being a dem.


McCain-- I can never repay him for the sacrifices he made on active duty, but he's really an old fool now. Resign? The Nat Sec 'team' is doing Obummer's bidding. BTW-- the Shia and Salafist Crescents are colliding in the Iraqi desert as we speak. 12th Imam time? http://hotair.com/archives/2014/06/12/mccain-calls-for-resignation-of-entire-white-house-national-security-team-over-iraq/

Beasts of England

You seem to be rather sober, DD. Something wrong?


Yes, NK - Brook Army Medical Center - Texas


There's this Beatles tune in my head: Getting Better

Americans' favorable rating of President Barack Obama and their ratings of him on six different character dimensions are down slightly and are now the worst Gallup has measured for him to date.
Read more at GALLUP.com.

Thought so.... very cautious Drs. at Brook... we won't hear from BoweB until after November.

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