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June 18, 2014


Danube on iPad

She will not be president.


Is there evidence she is running for President?

Or is it just coincidental book sales and interviews?

Dave (in MA)
if guns actually "terrorize" Americans
Captain Hate

Has anything in this latest "charm tour" worked out well for the fat old bat? Slick must really really hate her to not pull the plug on this.

Jim Eagle

I agree with DoT.
Boun Giorno.
Did Chile hold on and win last night? Had to go lights out after first half.


was there any evidence she was secretary of state, she had the title but no authority,

they say she had imput on the Gitmo exchanges, on Iraq, but did anything happen,

Beasts of England

We're gonna need a bigger trigger...

Jim Eagle


Or a smaller trigger guard:)


Yes, they did JiB, this 'David Stone' fellow who apparently does spend a lot of time in Venice, hasn't had a new book in four years,
he supposedly lives somewhere in Florida.

this book tour has been like those silent films of triplanes, crashing into houses.

Captain Hate

Or locomotives colliding.

Danube on iPad

"Is there evidence she is running for President?"

No. There is also no evidence that Prince Charles is running for president.

Prince Charles will not be president.


Stating the obvious commands respect.

Danube on iPad

Stating the obvious is sometimes necessary to expose inanity.

Danube on iPad

Does anyone else think the judge's use of the term "composite" very odd? Did she perhaps mean "component?" "Segment?"

Grounds for reversal.


It was very inane of Hillary to suggest she was running for president without ever saying she was running for president.


A little background, Stone's books are about an operator, Micah Dalton, sort of a Michael Weston or John Reese type who lives in Venice, somewhat like the former character, he picked quite a few people who are ticked off at him,

Captain Hate

Yes, DoT; my immediate reaction to that term was WTF.


Dang it y'all... when there is a new thread please post a warning so those hitting refresh on the old one don't think y'all went to sleep, are doing laundry or ran like hell cause you don't like us.

Danube on iPad

"It was very inane of Hillary to suggest she was running for president without ever saying she was running for president."

It was inane to suggest that the prediction that she will not be president was dependent on evidence that she is running for president.

Isn't it past your bedtime?


Serious question. What on fecking EARTH makes the CANKLE POLYESTHER clad Pile of Rodham an EXPERT on ANYTHING.

She is like some Hollyweird FREAK who is expert because she is a CELEBRITARD. She makes me VOMIT.
Her interactive BANTER is ridiculous. She's about as smart as a hammer.


And her cackle is worse than nails on a blackboard. And so fake.


That's it Stephanie!! What kind of FOOL doesn't see thru Rodhams' fake CACKLE. It makes me crazy. Rodham is a pathological lying HAG.

Danube on iPad

Drudge red-lettering "Hard Drives Destroyed." No details.

Could this possibly be a tipping point for the MSM?

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--She will not be president.--

Guess I should have trademarked that.

The Washington RedWitch™ will never be president.....
whether she runs or not.

Beasts of England

'Composite' bothered me, as well. My first thought was that it was some obscure legalese. I couldn't discern it in the justification - as if it were presented as the legal threshold for offensiveness.

Beasts out. Gotta get my laundry on...


It is.



Danube. The IRONY of the ridiculously obvious LIES and COVER-UP of the LERNER situation, is that in the mishmash and flotsam and jetsam, is LOST the ISSUE. The IRS was used as the THE PRIVATE POLITICAL TOOL of OBAMA'S ADMINISTRATION. The fact is, that is't irrelevant at this point what ROLE Obama personally played. His ENTIRE ADMIN is GUILTY of a MASSIVE ILLEGAL COVERUP of a CRIME exponentially bigger than WATERGATE. And the EXECUTIVE BRANCH'S culpability DWARFS what Nixon did.
I know you are a J.D. and I am not, but it's patently obvious to anyone with a 100 i.q. or higher. Obama has never had to answer any questions. He's always finding out in the PAPERS. Ok. Then what fecking good is he at being a MANAGER? Answer: OBAMA couldn't find his own ASS with both hands. The LEGEND is GONE.



The 240z wasn't turbod until '81 as I recall unless it was a specialty type job.

My better half was buying and using 240z's as ranch cars from the first model year they came out. Bought a new one every year till the turbo 280 came out in '81 or therebouts. There were so many problems with that automatic turbo charged engine we actually had a factory guy come to the dealership where we bought the car to try and help figure out how to make it all work right. They never could.

But it threw you back in the seat when it was first working.

The only thing that ever came close to that turbod Z to being that fast and out of the factory was a '93 Ford Taurus SHO. Car must have been some engineer's plaything cause it was mighty quick out of the gate.


The SHO was a beast, glasater.

Yes, this is no ordinary Z setup. It has the regular 2.4L block with a later 2.8L turbo head. Incidentally that is where the designation 240, 260, 280, 300, and 350 were based on engine capacity. So a 300z is a 3.0L and so on.

The magic comes from a Cartech turbo kit and a whole pig-pile of internal engine goodies.


One of those sentences is a mess.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

My last cool car, Maserati Merak SS. Sold it to a dude in Ontario.....Canada not CA;

Right after I bought it a Bora became available that was a much better deal, the Bora being a big V8 version of the V6 Merak with a much nicer rear end;


The previous thread is stuck at 666 comments.

The last comment was not by Beasts. Whew!


Narciso, OUR problem, is that we view the PATHETIC PILE OF CRAP RODHAM and the heretofore levels of accountability as normal.
Narciso. We are in BRAVE NEW WORLD. Seriously my LEARNED friend. Hillary Rodham HAS ZERO SKILLS. Hillary Rodham has ZERO accomplishments. Hillary Rodham has NEVER imparted ANY TYPE or SORT of WISDOM into the RATIONAL DISCOURSE of ANYTHING. Yet this pile of CRAPS legend is IS. Hillary ROdham is a lying FAKE HACK.


Here's Wretchard's latest, but I actually like his most recent comment in the thread a bit better:

The situation is looking stranger by the minute. Now the White House wants to replace Maliki. And they'll replace him with who?

Maliki is well and truly guilty of alienating the Shia, but I can't help but remember Ngo Dinh Diem and how the State Department had him shot. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cable_243

The Iraqi leader is no prize, but this is like shooting the driver of a car racing down the highway at 80 miles an hour without any plan for taking over the wheel. What could go wrong?

Yet President Obama says does not accept he needs to ask Congress' permission to act in Iraq. Is he in or is he out? Who's side is he on? What authority is he operating under? What is his Plan A, B or C? Where did he come up with it? On the golf course?

Why can't they discuss this problem cards on the table instead of this hocus pocus stuff?



1) General Petraues is a member of a panel discussion in London discussing World Events. I am glad he is appearing in public again. Maybe he can be of some use in the future.

2) Former Aussie Prime Minister John Howard cuts Obama no slack and unapologetically calls a spade a spade:

"Obama's West Point commencement speech… with the greatest respect to him and the office… I found it a disappointingly complacent speech when he spoke of Islamic extremism.

"In a world where Pakistan is a failed state and with Iraq… [the West Point speech] was altogether too complacent an analysis".

"It is a matter of regret to me that the fruits of [the surge] was squandered by some very indifferent political leadership."






As gas prices explode due to the unrest in Iraq, US Senators propose raising US Gas taxes by 12 cents a gallon over 2 years.


Jane, from 10:30ish last nigh, other thread--yes, the leftist media is clearly distancing itself from JEF. Saturday in a piece aired during the evening news on NPR, Maura Liason basically said he failed in Iraq.

So, as far as I'm concerned, the "Liberals think conservatives are greedy; conservatives think liberals are stupid" can be now be revised to "...conservatives KNOW liberals are stupid."

Honest to God---they are just getting the picture that we have a real problem at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
At least the non-Marxist ones of them.

I think it's a combo of the "lost" Lerner emails--the non-coverage was because they couldn't figure out how to spin that one--and the enormity of ISIS rolling down the highway decapitating innocents, in light of the price so many Iraqis and Americans and allies have paid there, irrespective of whether we should have been there in the first place. That's an academic discussion for most people; most people know we are still in South Korea, and it doesn't take a degree in history to realize the complete withdrawal from Iraq before the last election was a huge mistake.

This all in the face of releasing five terrorist "generals" too. Boston wasn't that long ago; most of them live in the DC/NYC area, do a fair amount of traveling on planes, use mass transportation--you know, target rich lifestyles here--and I don't think anybody believes we're in good hands with Qatar doing their babysitting.

Jane on Ipad


They all seem to be reverting to "it's Bush's fault" . Cheney is giving them more ammo with his new non- profit. So I expect a sigh of relief now that they have a clear enemy.

Just saw a clip of Deval Patrick saying he knows nothing about the 6 plane loads of illegals dropped off here.

Yeah, right. Oh and he's not the least bit concerned either.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

This all in the face of releasing five terrorist "generals" too.

That insanity diminishes any positives for capturing a Benghazi terrorist or the Fast & Furious murderer.
....they might just be released later too. Who knows what this administration will do?
Just lawlessness...

miss Marple

Good morning from South Dakota! I am up and ready to go, but of course everyone else is still asleep. My guess is that we won't be on the road for another 2 hours. This younger generation is not up to my standards of travel schedules. Ha!

It occurs to me that the media has to have something to explain Obama's disasters, and " evil Marxist deliberately destroying the country" isn't acceptable to them, so they are going with " inexperienced manager overwhelmed by events and rather incompetent" as a more acceptable explanation.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

I'm going down to the Mall area for the March for Marriage today.
...no sign or anything...just want to stand & be counted.

miss Marple

Janet, thank you for doing that. I appreciate those who live close enough to DC and are willing to take the time to do things like demonstrate. I really do appreciate it.


MM, how old are the grandchildren with you on this great adventure?

Janet, re: lawlessness-- Sunday, I had an overwhelming feeling that the ammo for the Homeland Security and USPS people is because "they" don't trust that when 2016 rolls around and "they" want to cancel the elections that the military will back them, so they're getting the public sector unionists armed.

Let's just hope I've gone around the bend. If anybody had told me even two years ago that I'd hold a thought remotely like that in my mind...

Captain Hate

You can't be paranoid with this lawless bunch and their MFM enablers, anonamom. Nothing surprises me any more.


Maguire says: "Hillary Clinton is not a fan of free thought, free expression, or the Second Amendment. And if guns actually "terrorize" Americans then surely the phrase "trigger warning" merits a trigger warning."

So says the man who uses a girls field hockey stick for defense against small predators (foxes). Funny thing though, the Left has succeeded in radicalizing nongun owners like me, and even some of my Manhattan living colleagues, on issues such as gun grabbing, because we know the real issue is freedom. The Left are fascists, but fortunately they are weenie fascists who are frustrated by the fact that 100 million real americans lawfully own firearms. I want tot keep it that way. BTW- hockey stick wielding Maguire sounds a bit radicalized as well.

miss Marple

Anonamom, grandson is almost 18', granddaughters are 15 and 11. I wanted to do this now because after grandson graduates next spring he will be off to university and have his own priorities.

Today: Corn Palace in Mitchell, Wall Drug, Badlands National Park, and then Rapid City.

Captain Hate

Isn't the Supreme Court to decide the Hobby Lobby case today? Can't wait to see how John Roberts sells the country out this time,


IMO, you need to be able to protect you and yours until help gets there. Some times it is pretty hard to get help.

"Apparently, only some of the Pasco County 911 operators are qualified to take police calls, while others can only take fire calls."

But there is only one number to call so you never know whether it will be the operator you need

Insanity at work!



Morning. I'd like to relate a conversation I had with a little birdie last night,but I need to be as cryptic as narciso. : ) As you know,the Congressional leadership met with O yesterday to discuss Iraq.
The little birdie was at a function last night where a certain deeply tanned man was also in attendance.In his remarks,this man had some choice words about a man who likes to say "I won." His frustration was apparent. The atmosphere in DC is just as poisonous as we all imagine it to be. Cryptic enough?


You know they ask Maliki to compromise with th
like of those who killed his kin and neighbors, and drove him into exile for 20 some years, I might have a problem with that


DC is poisonous... good. After winning in November, hopefully we'll see real Budget pushback. No $$$$ whatsoever for Obummer's BS, unless special counsels are appointed, and ObumerCare goes bye bye.


Sure narciso. Maliki's real problem is that he got into power when Bush was president, so the path to blame Bush goes through blame Maliki. QEC. (Quat Erat Choomed).


So Drudge is all over the "lost" emails. Well, they're not lost. If there really is something to the excuse that only emails to/from domains outside of irs.gov were lost, then lerner's ID can be searched for at treasury.gov, whitehouse.gov, doj.gov, etc. It's a simple SQL query. They could probably do it all by lunchtime.


so it would seem he went Norwegian blue;


Jack is Back! (But in Typhus Hell)

Back from Pompei. I'm impressed. Must come back and spend more time there.


Frederick not only giggled during the "house of the rising sun" presentation but was the first one to find the marker in the road. This time not as subtle as a footprint but a blatant phallic symbol with appendages. He and his 10 year old buddy had a big giggle in front of 40 Aussie and American tourists.



Maliki has acted as a stooge for the Mullahs, and shafted the sunni tribes. Of course, he may have had no choice, because when Obummer gave Iraq the back of his hand and abandoned the country, Maliki's government was without any means to defend Iraq's borders, so the fellow Shia Mullahs were Maliki's only option to stay in power. Well, that didn't work for the Saudis, and AQ was hired to end that deal. Maliki and Obummer (especially Obummer) are the fools who made Iraq a failed state that will now be carved up by the Kurds, Turks, Mullahs, and Saudis-- with an AQ safe zone to use their $400M.

Danube on iPad

"Guess I should have trademarked that."

First time I said it I credited you (and someone else who had also beat me to it).

jimmyk on iPhone

I always credit Iggy for that, so in the impossible scenario where, God forbid, it turns out to be wrong, I can point to him. :)

jimmyk on iPhone

Also because I have a bad track record on predictions, and don't want to jinx it.


I keep hearing about this $400 MM. It can not be correct. If you have ever been inside a bank vault, you would realize that even a very large bank does not keep anything more than a few thousand dollars in cash in the vault. Banks borrow from depositors but lend virtually all of that out in loans to businesses and individuals. There was not $400 MM in cash inside a bank in Mosul. Or anything close.

They may have raided individual's safety deposit boxes, assuming they had any. Again highly improbable that it was the bonanza being portrayed.

Most likely an English major journalist who looked at the size of the bank and naively thought, well all of that was in vault and wrote the story.

Danube on iPad

I think you may have been the other guy I said I was joining, jimmy. Anyhow, it would now seem that the issue is settled, and our attention should pivot to the question of just who it will be.

Pivot. Has a nice ring to it.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

If there really is something to the excuse that only emails to/from domains outside of irs.gov were lost, then lerner's ID can be searched for at treasury.gov, whitehouse.gov, doj.gov, etc.

Exactly. AND all the .org advocacy organizations.

"A House committee investigating the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of right-leaning groups has identified the IRS agent who leaked the confidential donor list of the National Organization for Marriage, a conservative organization that opposes gay marriage. NOM’s donor list, contained in a Form 990 Schedule B, which it is required by law to file with the IRS, was obtained in March 2012 by its chief political opponent, the Human Rights Campaign,..."



IRS Rules Say Lerner Was Required to Keep Printed Copies of Those Supposedly ‘Lost’ Emails

The Internal Revenue Service has guidelines that require all IRS employees to keep printed copies of all work-related emails.

That means even if the IRS did experience a computer crash that makes it unable to retrieve certain emails to and from former IRS employee Lois Lerner, as the IRS is claiming, those emails should have been printed out and kept on file by Lerner. And if Lerner failed to do that, she violated IRS rules.

The point merits belaboring.


Nikole Flax, whose emails the IRS “lost”, sure visited the White House a lot. pic.twitter.com/T7PAp1KSsr

— John Ekdahl (@JohnEkdahl) June 17, 2014

If we can't have a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS, then a Select Committee is the next best thing. Actually, considering the stooge that Holder would appoint as Special Prosecutor, a Select Committee is the best possible thing at this point.

Perhaps it's wise to wait until after the election, but these people need to be brought to justice. Hopefully the next president will appoint an AG with instructions to root them all out.

Danube on iPad

It certainly does appear that multiple crimes have been committed. Nothing would be more effective in putting an end to this nonsense than the sight of a few tax bureaucrats being frog-marched away in handcuffs.




Ex, those government entities can't turn over those emails from Lerner, as I bet they are frantically busy destroying them even as we type.

I hope Cleta Mitchell is on it. Sadly, I can't assume Congress is.

Shouldn't NSA have all of this? Or do I not understand what that massive repository in Utah was built to hold and Mr. Snowden was trying to tell us?

MM--enjoy! What great ages for a trip like this.


The budget won't be approved until Congress approves the 'independent' special counsel apointed. Go balls to the wall with this crew-- 2008 IRS budget levels, $0 for green projects, $0 for obummercare subsidies, no nothing until Obummer plays ball on IRS, Benghazi, and ObummerCare repeal. March 2015 Government shutdown? The repubs won't be bothered a bit.

Old Lurker

What is the Statute of Limitations on lying under oath to a Congressional Committee?

Count backwards from when the next POTUS will have a new AG, then start deposing dozens of staffers about what they did or what they know. Make clear that the goal is to build cases for prosecution when a new team is in charge.


Why doesn't Camp just say "F- this, here's the guy's name"?


Or do I not understand what that massive repository in Utah was built to hold...



Because Camp is a quitter.


Danube on iPad

"What is the Statute of Limitations on lying under oath to a Congressional Committee?"

Dunno. Sure would like to know.


I was referring to this from Janet's link:

Though the House Ways and Means Committee, which began investigating the scandal in the wake of revelations that the IRS had inappropriately singled out conservative groups, has identified the individual who divulged the information as an employee in the IRS’s Exempt Organizations Division, it can’t divulge his name to the public or to NOM. It can’t even confirm when the leak took place, whether the perpetrator was disciplined, or even whether he is still employed by the IRS or the U.S. government. That’s because of a peculiarity of the Internal Revenue Code’s section 6103, which is intended to protect the confidentiality of taxpayer information. The law makes it a felony to disclose tax returns or related information to the public, but in an odd twist, the results of investigations conducted by congressional committees or by inspectors general are considered the confidential tax information of the alleged perpetrator.

Having committed a felony by disclosing NOM’s donor list, the perpetrator is protected by the same law he broke. “I am astounded at the ease by which an individual was able to obtain and release confidential information including private citizens’ names and addresses,” House Ways and Means Committee chairman Dave Camp (R., Mich.) tells National Review Online. “What makes the situation even worse is that the law, intended to protect taxpayers, is being used as a shield for those that perpetrate this wrongdoing.”

Ridiculous. Camp should just name names.


Cathyf, I don't know about a RICO suit, but as this was designed to prevent these donors and groups from exercising thei constitutional rights under Citizens United, I believe a civil rights suit of some sort might work. The example of the John Doe defendants in Wisconsin might provide some guidance for such a suit.

On the prior thread DoT said something that ought to repeated:Strange coincidences always mean that someone you don't like has committed a crime. Evidence of a crime is not required; evidence of a coincidence is all that is needed.

One thing is certain: in the CGI case, as in the Fuddy matter, there will never, ever be a single shred of evidence that a crime has occurred, nor will there ever be even the feeblest explanation as to who may have had what motive to commit this unknown crime.

Forget it, Jake. It's Birtherworld.


Has anyone called their representative regarding the House leadership vote today?

I don't know the characters running for Whip. Any advice?


Anonamom, I'm waiting for Obama to dissolve congress. He's ignored them enough times that it really is the next logical move.

Then, no elections, and he's installed himself for life. Supremes powerless to do anything and the military compromised...

jimmyk on iPad

Top Men:

If Lois Lerner's emails went missing, the White House should do everything it can to recover them. RT if you agree. j.mp/UcLPt1

I'm sure Barry is very angry about it and will get on it right away. Maybe with a hashtag campaign. #BringBackOurEmails


I find it to be a strange coincidence that "birther" gets mentioned everytime DoT and Clarice feel they are losing an argument that isn't about birthers.

Then whining ensues that we shouldn't be talking about birther stuff.

Scratch the 'Jake', this is jankey.


This article has the names of the people running for whip:


Jeff Dobbs

If you have ever been inside a bank vault, you would realize that even a very large bank does not keep anything more than a few thousand dollars in cash in the vault.

A few thousand?


Speaking of SCOTUS:

Issue: Whether an unsupported allegation that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued a summons for an improper purpose entitles an opponent of the summons to an evidentiary hearing to question IRS officials about their reasons for issuing the summons.

The Court holds that a taxpayer has a right to conduct an examination of IRS officials regarding their reasons for issuing a summons when he points to specific facts or circumstances plausibly raising an inference of bad faith. -

Unanimous decision, written by Kagen



Apparently the statute of limitations for violating 26 U.S.C. § 6103 is 3 years.



Ooops. I should have mentioned that that link was to a document, not a website.


Nice job Marlene!

Jeff Dobbs

Oh, hey, great news. Early this morning I became twice the great uncle that I was before.

My niece gave birth to little Unnamed Boy at roughly 3am.

Yay niece! Yay Unnamed Boy!

(name him after me, name him after me, name him after me!!!)


Capn' it looks like Hobby Lobby is not today.

Rick B


The timing of the perjury or invocation of the 5th is rather critical politically as well as legally. I favor forcing testimony between 5/15 and 5/16 as being the period most favorable for reinforcing the fact that Progressive Fascist Democrats are liars, cheats and thieves before and above anything else. My bet is that Gowdy will have splintered the Red Witch's '16 broom with Benghazi in early '15 and that the civil rights violations committed by the IRS in support of Fascist Democrats can then become the focus.

The conspiracy to violate civil rights is more important, both legally and politically than the perjury.

James D.

Though the House Ways and Means Committee, which began investigating the scandal in the wake of revelations that the IRS had inappropriately singled out conservative groups, has identified the individual who divulged the information as an employee in the IRS’s Exempt Organizations Division, it can’t divulge his name to the public or to NOM.

Don't members of Congress have immunity for anything they say while actually on the floor and going about their official business?

What could happen to Camp if he just read out the name in open session?


Congrats Hit!


I want Gowdy to run theIRS investigation too.


Hit and Runt?


Hit ever been on a board of a bank? Ever been an officer of a bank? I have been both, and at different times.

A bank will have liquidity of no more than about 5% of assets if its well run. Most of that will be short term investments of overnight deposits with the FED, bank repos, and soon to mature AAA municipal bonds and T bills. Not much cash whatsoever.

Bankers know from experience which days are large withdrawal days and keep a little more cash on hand on those days. But most folks who withdraw will accept a counter check for at least a portion of their withdrawal, since few folks outside of drug dealer are all cash transactors.

So yes that big old vault that makes you feel so warm and comfortable about your money being "safe" is basically that, a marketing prop. Dusty and dinghy and almost no cash held there.

Rick B

I would rather see Mike Lee head a Joint Select Committee on the IRS. Gowdy is charged with a sufficient task - we really don't need a reiteration of the Scumback Kid wrt Red Witch. It's a silver bullet, stake through the heart, burial at a crossroads type of job and he has to be very thorough.


More coincidences from the company that helped with the video:

State Department workers pried into the supposedly secure passport files of presidential contenders Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain, abashed officials admitted Friday in a revelation that had Condoleezza Rice telephoning the candidates to personally apologize.

The companies that provided the contractors were The Analysis Corp. and Stanley Inc. Stanley is a Virginia-based company that earlier this week won a five-year, $570-million government contract extension to support passport services.


Thomas Collins

Congrats to H&R and family!


Congrats Hit!


"I would rather see Mike Lee head a Joint Select Committee on the IRS."

Okay. I'm down with that.

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