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June 21, 2014




Jeff Dobbs

The days will be officially getting shorter after today.

Captain Hate

Yep, the sun is now heading south.

Jeff Dobbs

We're going over to a friend/co-workers house this afternoon for a tasting. He's a serious homebrewer and he's invited a few families over for a cookout, at which we will sample his various brews and help him select which one he enters in an upcoming contest.

Thing is, I'm supposed to not be drinking beer these days.

But I'm going to man up and do him a solid on this, because that's the kind of friend I am, one who sacrifices for his friends.


Hit, what was your uric acid? Do you have gout? Results should be back by now.

And that finger thing obviously isn't going to kill you, with as long as you waited for it to get better on its own--has it gotten better off alcohol? You can do a scientific experiment tonight and drink, to see if alcohol exacerbates the swelling/pain.

That would be how I'd handle it. ;-)

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

a good Am. Thinker post - http://www.americanthinker.com/2014/06/america_is_importing_the_problems_abortion_was_supposed_to_eliminate.html#.U6V_z5g8WPM.facebook

"What doesn’t make sense is the contradiction of this opinion when compared to the standard liberal pro-abortion mindset that maintains that a life of abject poverty is far worse than death, and being unwanted justifies obliterating untold numbers of unborn human beings."

and -

"Thanks to liberals’ upside-down reasoning, America has deteriorated into a place where leaders promote abortion for all the same reasons they are currently using to justify their acceptance of sickly, disadvantaged children and future convicts from south of the border."


Oh Lord help us! The A/C went out overnight. The A/C guy isn't returning my calls... predicted to be 91 degrees here today! We'll be sweating to the oldies soon!


Momto2, better pull the drapes and make the ice tea.
And cotton--put on a cotton shift.

That is exactly why I still have six portable fans!


Gallup favorability ratings of living Presidents has Pres. Obama at 47-52, and Pres. George W. Bush at 53-44

Wont that make a lefty turn into a foaming raging lunatic! Love it.


The A/C went out overnight.

First (and only, so far) time my A/C went out, A/C guy determined it was due to outside unit plug was mostly out of the power socket. we'd had a big thunderstorm recently and I suspected the house may have been hit by lightening, so I asked if that might have jolted it out.

A/C guy was great. 1) He didn't so much as crack a smile at my ignorance 2) he attributed the cause to "teenage boys" and 3) he didn't charge me. #ruralliving

Jeff Dobbs

anonamom - don't have the results yet. I thought they were calling me. Maybe I'm supposed to go online somewhere or I'm supposed to call them.

Finger hasn't really changed. I confess, I had a margarita on Thursday and 3 beers last night. OK, maybe 4.

Momto2 - I feel your pain! Our upstairs air was out for 3-4 weeks. Just got it "fixed" (and only because YL's HKBFF is coming in town tomorrow and staying with us). Dude says leaky coil, the fix he did might last 3 days, it might last 3 months, but you're gonna have to replace the unit. And while you're at it, you gotta replace both units.

Welp, there goes my NRO Cruise money.


Approval of Obama's Handling of Immigration Falls to 31%

Americans' approval falls eight percentage points since August

Huckuva a job there Brownie. Mission Accomplished.


Obama and his advisors are such chronic fuck-ups that we can be absolutely certain that nothing good will come of their latest harebrained escapade of wasting 300 more lives in Iraq.

Perhaps Affirmative Action clown, Colin Powell, could coordinate this one.

Powell-Holder-Obama, how could anything go wrong?


Thanks Anonamom - I'm planning ways to feed us without turning on the oven! I'm about to break down and call someone, anyone, from the yellow pages! I hate to do that as I really trust my normal guy - either he's on vacation or overwhelmed by other calls.

AliceH - That is a funny story - I pray mine might be something so simple but fear it's worse. I went out to look at it - fan is not turning - it does make a buzzing sound. No visible ice build up or anything like that. So, I figure it is getting power but something is broken. Fingers crossed it's not too $$$ and that it's a part they will have on the truck.


My AC has been out for 5 years. Last time I got it fixed, the repair guy said critters ate the wiring. I might get it fixed this year, for the 2-3 weeks it is warm enough to matter... mostly because I need temperature control to homebrew. #ruralliving


Hard to tell whether Murdoch believes the crap he printed or whether the ferret has something on him.

In either case, I don't care. When he has family who have fought and died defending this country he might have standing with me. Otherwise STFU.

Jack is Back! (But in Typhus Hell)

Back from our morning to lunch walk from the Trevi to Spanish Steps up to Villa Boghese, along the park, down to the DaVinci Museum and Piazza de Popolo where we had lunch at Cafe Rosati, then a stroll down the Corso to Condotti and dulci in the Antico Caffé Greco. Two churches, a few silent prayers, some candles for Grandmas and some coins for a college kid replicating a Caravaggio using the sidewak and chalk:

Hope you can see the photo. Its sized to 400 wide but on Safari it always looks too big.

Rick B

you gotta replace both units"


I was told the same thing seven years ago but declined the opportunity to further enrich the salesman. The upstairs unit performs significantly more work than the downstairs unit on a house where both levels are approximately the same footage. My upper level unit conked out at after twenty years, the lower level unit is still working fine.



Best chalk art I have seen!


Since December 22 is officially my favorite day of the year because the days start getting longer, today should be my least favorite.

But it's not.


"Powell-Holder-Obama, how could anything go wrong?"

Don't forget John Kerry.
Over at the PJ Tatler J Christian Adams has an article titled "Democrat Machine Notaries working the GOP Primary.

I can't get it to post but it is dated 6/19.
My guess is that if Thad Cochran wins, it will only be because of fraud.


How about that, JiB, Megyn is a little soft on some issues, Cheney and Bolton acquitted themselves well.

Re the Volodya offer to Maliki, they are allied with Assad and hence to Iran, truth to be told,General Suleimani, probably has the most
experienced crew fighting the ISIS.


If Cochran wins (he was the third party to McCain Feingold, as someone at the Horde reminded us)
we lose, now McDaniel wins, the 'gnashing of teeth' will be legendary,

Jack is Back! (But in Typhus Hell)

Forgot to mention that the Caravaggio is the "Vocazione di San Matteo" or the Calling of St. Matthew by Jesus to follow him. It is installed in the church of San Luigi de Francesi here in Rome. The guy had one of those large postcard replica's he was using as a model.

We tipped him 2 euro.


Conservative Daily News has an article up that says President Obama has signed an executive Order that says, "those not legally married to decreased veterans to be buried with them in national cemeteries."

What next?


Good morning all. Reposting from the last thread - I rarely call something a must-read, but David French's piece at NRO is up there, I think. It isn't long. The comments are superb, and more extensive. Would love to hear JOM thoughts.


Jack is Back! (But in Typhus Hell)

Frederick's post on Pompeii is up:)

He is really getting a education in ancient sex on this trip as it has spotlighted two whorehouses - one in Ephesus and the other in Pompeii. After Pompeii he looked at me and told me he doesn't have to learn this stuff until 7th grade. He goes into 6th in August:)


Perhaps this will brighten a day or two:

Chism strategies has found that McDaniel has gained a six-point lead over Cochran of 50 to 44 percent

Chism had Cochran up by a 1 point their last survey, btw. If they are finding momentum, might be a blowout.



I thought French's piece really laid things out well. And you are right about the comments.


they were frank in their depictions, i'm reminded of the Gary Corby mysteries featuring Socrates's brother, Nicolaus, the last took place in Megara during the Olympics, then and now, there were focus on the same topics,

Old Lurker

Hit "YL's HKBFF"

As I recall that lady helped paint your house a few years ago. Perhaps she could have fixed the AC for you?

But from what I hear about the temps & humidity in HK, she might have thought yours was working anyway.


there's another novelist, a classics scholar, who worked as an investigator for Jack Devine's firm
who is writing a tale involving Caravaggio:



A cleaner link from last night:


Old Lurker

After 40 years in DC, I am addicted to my AC. There. I said it. And by that my design spec is that "...systems to be sized so OL is 72F wherever he is sitting regardless of the conditions outside..." Simple.

I have a generator there (eat your heart out Clarice) and since we have natural gas, it is a simple matter to size the generator to run everything.

But Nantucket has no natural gas so propane is what we use there (here now).

This means one must size the underground tank to run what must be run perhaps for days and days and since it heats the house it is crucial that the heat remain on for as long as it takes. Because underground tanks are not of unlimited capacity even if full, one must balance the potential loads so that something crucial (like heat in January during a nor'easter) remains on as long as it takes.

A generator that can run everything like we have in DC would exhaust my propane supply on Nantucket in just a few days so it became obvious I would have to pick and choose what would always have power and what could be sacrificed since the larger the generator, the faster it consumes propane.

Hmmm I thought. I turned to the mechanical engineer and directed that the AC system be broken into four systems, the smallest of which would serve only our Master BR. THAT one AC unit was assigned to the generator sub-panel along with my bar refrigerator and wine cooler. Oh. And the boiler.

I figure the guests can just leave.


Porchlight, good link at 10:09. I enjoyed it and the comments.

IMO, the hawks got it right in Iraq and the American leftists contributed to the present mess.
It is the same as when we had the leftists in America leading the marches against the Vietnam War. When a divided nation is engaged in battle
actions against our nation by American leftist provide support the ones we are fighting and contribute to the death of Americans fighting at the order of our government. That is anti American IMO.

Someone pointed out some where else that the 300 Americans being sent to Iraq are going there without a status of forces agreement.
That is very dangerous IMO.

I have changed my opinion about Megyn Kelly
since her attacks on Dick Cheney. She may still be better than most leftists but she is very wrong on this issue.


well I take that into account,

my fishwrap offers this little tidbit,


you would think that Bittar, the last stand of
the Bar Kochba would be noted somewhere.

Jeff Dobbs

I was told the same thing seven years ago but declined the opportunity to further enrich the salesman.

Well, that's good to hear. We're definitely having another guy come out (if it breaks down again).

As I recall that lady helped paint your house a few years ago. Perhaps she could have fixed the AC for you?

Hah! Well, they sold us their car when they moved (for dirt cheap!) and now the engine light is on, so maybe I'll have her take a look at that.


The Goggle HVAC tech is in.

Please state your concern.

Jeff Dobbs

Our upstairs was 87 when I got home from work on Wed. Even with our AC not pumping out cold air, the fan worked - and so by sundown it would get it to 80 degrees. We actually got used to it - though princess hit and run did move to the guest room since it has a ceiling fan.

Air works now, but I'm not wasting the heat immunity we built up -- thermostat's staying at 78 peeps.


they never learn the lesson, until it's too late;


Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

If Chait and co are correct then shouldn't Hillary and Kerry and Bubba and the rest of the Dems who voted for use of force and talked about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction shut up as well?

Rick B


I read the French piece and I'm left wondering how long we will continue to operate under the delusion that some sort of Westphalian peace is possible when dealing with inbred halfwit Mahometan savages guided by an instruction manual which can be reduced to "it is the will of allah that the strong butcher the weak". There will be no "winning" as long as there are oil and opium fields available to excite the imaginations of the simpleton thieves who dream of living like the Arab and Persian scum who fund the conflicts in order to maintain the price of the products which keep them in palaces rather than the hovels which they merit.


After Pompeii he looked at me and told me he doesn't have to learn this stuff until 7th grade.


Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

This is interesting... http://www.christianpost.com/news/where-do-millennials-attend-church-121854/
(my church gets a "shout out")

"You see, the nation's capital is filled with huge, sanctuaries waving rainbow-colored banners outside proclaiming the congregations' affirmation of homosexual lifestyles. Yet they are, largely, empty on Sunday mornings. On the other hand, new conservative churches-some with liturgy and others with praise bands-are busting at the seams with Millennial attendants."



I've never been on Nantucket when AC was needed. Those delicious ocean breezes tend to take care of everything quite nicely. Of course I've never lived there, so what do I know?

(I have however been on Nantucket when they got a foot of snow - something so rare that the island seemed to be in a panic.)


can we get away with the fiction that there is a border, like the Durand line, it's not real


Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Careful Rick, you're liable to get some serious pushback if you note Madison is not an Arabic name, Baghdad aint Monticello and question the wisdom of leaving 20,000 troops in Iraq essentially forever.

Fear is a much more effective method, much easier and much cheaper to instill than gratitude and vastly less likely to be overturned.


Air works now, but I'm not wasting the heat immunity we built up -- thermostat's staying at 78 peeps.

I was thinking about heat immunity. Both of my grandmothers lived in houses without central air. One (farmer's wife) only had small fans throughout the house. The other one eventually broke down and got a window unit for her bedroom - when she was in her 80's.

This was in Central Ga. and it was frequently in the 90's for days. Somehow we all survived. Now it's an emergency when the house gets above 80 degrees! What wimps we've become!

When the call screener asked if this was an emergency - I felt like saying," it's getting into the 90's today and I'm a woman of a certain ahhhhhm age" but instead I used my husband as an excuse.

Jeff Dobbs

Fear is ... vastly less likely to be overturned.

"Challenge accepted!"
-stuff Obama (has basically) said


Another the left hates Walker. Planned Parenthood gets less state money. Note that PP is closing clinics which provide health screening, but keeping their all important abortion mills open.


True, then again the French and the Germans weren't neigborly till 1945, having fought three wars in three quarters of a century, in retrospect, bailing the former out of two wars and serving as their proxy in a third was not a swift move,

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

A pen and a phone just get you a bullet in the head on the plains of Araby, Hit.


He recently took in some lads from Gitmo, what could go wrong;


Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

""The No. 1 genocide in the African-American community, and why we're becoming a minority of minorities, is because most of our babies are dying in the womb from abortions," Jackson said during the committee meeting.

Jackson told CP that some of those who testified claimed that abortion is a solution to socioeconomic problems within the black community."

and yet as my 9:14 Am. Thinker link points out....the same pro-abort leftists are now encouraging citizens of OTHER countries with "socioeconomic problems" to illegally flood our nation.

**Slaughter YOUR kids, Black America!...we're gonna support poor people from other countries! Vote for us!**


Janet - thanks for that article 11:24 - hopeful news about our youth!

Jack is Back! (But in Typhus Hell)

Game ready to start. Yes, i am a football (soccer) fan being of English heritage and having lived there, Argentina and the low countries. You better be or you will die of boredom.

Frederick just posted his reflections of his walk today.

Viva Argentina. Beware of the suicide vests these guys are tempted to wear.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

I found the article in NRO by the Iraq vet that Porch linked to be dead on. Short, cohesive and persuasive. Thanks for the link. I hope some of the GOP congress critters pick it up and run with it, although I am not optimistic that that will happen.

Man Tran home again

I turned to the mechanical engineer and directed that the AC system be broken into four systems, the smallest of which would serve only our Master BR. Heh.

I quickly fired the bigshot engineer from Seattle's top firm when he started pointing to his laptop program on what my project was going to need.

My home brew system uses a mile of pipe in the backyard to provide heat down to the mid-20s whereupon I make a manual switchover to our propane boiler. If power fails (which often happens at the same time on this island), I'm good for a week or so.

Of course, I have an infinite source of 53deg heat off my front porch, but that would be Eco-unfriendly.


Blackberry note from Chitown:

And Blackberry keeps ALL the emails that run through their system in Mississauga, Ont. It's what makes their email system the most secure on the planet. (Check out the protocols for bringing one into the UAE.)


Maybe the northern menace can parlay this trove into approval of the Keystone Pipeline.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--You better be or you will die of boredom.--

I've found I actually enjoy soccer if I only turn on the match with five or ten minutes left.
If it's a lopsided game I didn't miss anything and if it's close I only watch what matters.
Soccer would succeed in the US if they made it one period of ten minutes. :)

Jeff Dobbs

Man, 78 degrees inside was getting a little chilly. Had to come out on the deck to warm up.

Just sent hit and run jr to UNC for an African American Studies conference.

Or a Dean Smith basketball camp.

I don't know which. But it was definitely one of the two.

Go to hell Duke!

Jack is Back! (But in Typhus Hell)

Of course, if you are a tour operator you can make millions seling tours of Viet Nam to ex-60 and 70 leftists who are now retired hedge fund managers.

Man Tran home again


Catching up from earlier in the week, I liked Stephanie's and P4F's ideas on degunking a barn find, but I would add the wisdom I gained from an old expert on cleaning (very expensive) aircraft windows.

The safest way to clean a fragile surface like plexiglas or paint is to run water straight from a hose (no nozzle) and use your bare hand to gently float over the hydraulically wetted surface. The sandpaper grit of the stuff on the surface floats up and away without making further contact. Any other soft rag, etc. will make direct contact with the surface and thereby scrub grit into the surface. My 30 yr old plexy windshield still looks like new.

Jeff Dobbs

Oh blimey. Not Dean Smith. Roy Williams.

They'll be playing in Dean Dome. But it's Roy's camp.


great posts, Frederick, I only know places like the Villa Hasler from history as well as Ludlum and Silva potboilers,

that's the charm of it, Ignatz, or the reason why
they drink so much beer,

With interventions, one can recall how the one in Nicaragua in the 20s was 'seared' in the mind of
the likes of Tip O'Neil, that plus the military
assistance group that aided our SOB, Somoza


Thanks for your comments on the NRO piece, guys. I understand the concerns over the prospects of a Western democracy in Iraq, but surely there must be a middle ground between full-fledged nation-building and walking away with not even a SOFA in place. Obama was handed a stable Iraq and chose the latter for the most crass, even sinister reasons.

We will see what happens but as with Vietnam, the left's cultivation of war fatigue is very likely to mean we will not have the will or ability to fight when it is our own survival on the line. Which I think is going to be fairly soon.

Old Lurker

ManTran, we installed a system like yours in a commercial building for a non-profit where politics were more important than ROI. But since it was an urban setting we did not have the acreage for the mile of pipe (laid in coils at backhoe depth as you did), rather we drilled 13 holes 375' deep and looped the pipe up and down from one to the next until we got that steady 53F that fed the heat pumps.

Works like a charm. Huge waste of money but boy does it work for fundraising.

And it IS DC...


Probably so, as I've pointed there was no virulent anti intervention movement, because despite say Dos Passos, and say the Bonus Marcher,
that war was not considered a failure,

However Alger Hiss, gets on the Nye Committee staff, and some of the more unsavory transactions came to light,

Jeff Dobbs

Soccer would succeed in the US if

I think anything that doesn't start with "they allowed players to pick up the ball" misses the point of soccer's failure in the US.

Dammit, we have opposable thumbs.

I mean, turkeys can play soccer.

Wait. Is that turkey's name Linda?

Tell me that there isn't just one JOMer who gets that reference...I bet there's only one JOMer who gets that reference (without google).

Jack is Back! (But in Typhus Hell)


Finishing my second David Stone book. He has a very accurate stethescope on the heart beat of what the hell is going on!

BTW, tonight, waiting for the game to start RAI-Uno had a special live report on the raising of the Costa Concordia. Amazing marine engineering. Wonder if Malaysia will do the same thing when they find MH-370?


Jack is Back - I read Frederick's blog (not just today but scrolled back, too) - what a great trip and he is doing a wonderful job with pictures and commentary. As he enters high school and studies history - I predict he will enjoy it and retain more information because of this trip.

Boring high school teachers - we are always looking at life from that slanted perspective!

A/C cost me a flat $300 - motor was dead. BUT....interior temps are feeling much better and I might get some things accomplished today.


He is, I've waiting four years for his next one,Naumann's Jacob Marley is the author's wry commentary,

Silva's last was a little dissapointing, I won't give a way the twist, but I am looking forward to his next;



jib, I've been very busy with my new job, but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the Frederick blog.

Jack is Back! (But in Typhus Hell)

Frederick has found one of those video game tables with Donkey Kong, Pac Man and some other antiques. He keeps asking me which ones I played as if he is a kid driving a Corvette and wants to know how a Model A felt:)

Publius of Idaho


The short version: Bush won the war; Obummer lost the peace.


Ouch, I played at least those two, on Atari, back then, and back in the arcade era.


At least he didn't mention Pong.

Jack is Back! (But in Typhus Hell)


But I did and he flinched:)



thanks for the NRO article. Agree with his point (about the grotesque victory lap ... 6 plus years after the Bush Administration has been out of office), and although I wasn't there, I have a quibble with his idea that leaving the army and bureaucracy intact would have made a positive difference.

For your consideration:

>>>Luke 5:36 “He told them this parable: "No one tears a patch from a new garment and sews it on an old one. If he does, he will have torn the new garment, and the patch from the new will not match the old. 37 And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the new wine will burst the skins, the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. 38 No, new wine must be poured into new wineskins. 39 And no one after drinking old wine wants the new, for he says, `The old is better.’ "<<<

Additionally, the Iraqi Perspectives Project looked at the issue and there wasn't much left to preserve. The army collapsed and they went home. The bureaucracy itself was just as dysfunctional, with the additional problem of the habits of mind formed in the decade plus of corrupt UN sanctions.


Riffing on a National Journal post from Insty:

Yet here was Obama on Thursday using the language of presidents past such as John Kennedy and George W. Bush, talking of sending “advisers” into a global hot spot and warning of the need to deny “safe haven” to terrorist groups.

That is so 20th Century.


I'm with sbw on Frederick's claim he doesn't HAVE to "learn this stuff until 7th grade". It is priceless.

As for this hit: "But I'm going to man up and do him a solid on this, because that's the kind of friend I am, one who sacrifices for his friends." I think this makes you eligible for a Nobel peace prize or something.


>>>We will see what happens but as with Vietnam, the left's cultivation of war fatigue is very likely to mean we will not have the will or ability to fight when it is our own survival on the line. Which I think is going to be fairly soon.<<<

Can only imagine what sorts of gifts are being sent across the border.

James D.

Frederick's blog is fantastic, JiB!

And I have to think it'll be worth a ton of extra credit for history class in the fall, so there's that, too.


and isn't the failure in Iraq just a continuation of his failed Arab Spring program ... undrawing redlines, coddling Iran, supporting terrorists.

Jeff Dobbs

I think this makes you eligible for a Nobel peace prize or something.

If I have to go to Norway to accept, I'm taking Mark F and ManTran with me.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

Speaking of old games and such...

Have you seen the prices on eBay for old toys?

$4k for a power ranger
$2k for a Sega genesis
$579 for the original Mario kart for n64
$380 for Polly pockets

Most of this stuff is barely 25 yo and those are the prices. Unbelievable.

My attic is full of this stuff. I think we're going to get it out and sell it for the kids for down payments on houses.

BTW I still have a pong at my parents house. No idea what it's worth...


the trip Fredrick is on looks like a blast.


Walker responds to the media and their slanderous insinuations.

"Abraham Lincoln once said, “Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.”
The truth on the widely covered “John Doe” is that two judges, one state and one federal, reviewed the accusations of partisans within a Democrat District Attorney’s Office and determined their theories have no merit or basis in law.

Each of these judges explicitly issued judicial orders that these partisan prosecutors must end their investigation immediately.

These are the truths that need to be stated over and over again to fight the slander directed at me and our campaign by my political opponents.

Still, many in the media proceed as though the opinion of the partisan prosecutors is new information and ignore the truths I have stated above. It is not. It is old news that has already been discounted by two judges. No charges. No case.

In reaction to the information that was released to the public and seized on by the media, the federal judge just this week sharply criticized the prosecutors. He said that they are now seeking "refuge in the Court of Public Opinion, having lost in this Court on the law."

Watching the media frenzy it is clear that this is what happens when someone takes on the big government special interests. They push back. No wonder so many politicians are afraid to make tough decisions.

I will not back down. We will continue to fight using the truth to keep the hard working taxpayers of Wisconsin in charge of their state and local governments. We will continue to fight to make life better for the good people of Wisconsin."

From Scott Walker.com.

cindyk on IPad

First summer in CO we find our new home has a "swamp cooler". Very skeptical - but it works wonders. We have struggled with the drier air here compared to MN so the extra moisture is heaven. Just opened my energy bill and WOW - costs next to nothing to run. Hurrah!!


hipsters with more money than sense reliving their childhood for a third time ...

time for me to start rummaging for that old Atari ...


and why have all the ads on my machine turned into Spanish ... no hablo español


OH and who was it that was wanting to see Gallup at 40% approval for the incompetent? Porch? Whoever it was, go look and bask in the rejection of the liar. Adults, not registered voters and not likely voters. He is going to be singlehandedly responsible for enormous losses in elective offices held by the Democrat Party.

Jeff Dobbs

First summer in CO we find our new home has a "swamp cooler".

Our first apartment in Denver didn't have air conditioning. Wasn't a problem, we were in a ground unit that was shaded, with windows on both the front and the back. The breeze worked wonders.

We bought a town house that didn't have air. We put a swamp cooler on the main floor and it worked great - but the association didn't allow them on the second story, where the bedrooms were.

So in the summer we'd sleep in the basement. My gosh it was 65 down there no matter what it was outside.


"swamp cooler"

That's what we use, and it works well. Low relative humidities of course are a requirement.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

First time I ever remember seeing polo on tv. Interesting.

Polo sponsors - Bell helicopter and Maserati

Football- Hyundai and Sony

Stomping of the divots time!

Man Tran home again

If I have to go to Norway to accept, I'm taking Mark F and ManTran with me.

Yeah, but even though my instructor routinely flys birds like mine over there, I'd suggest we do it commercial.


...some dude found 40 cars at a farm in Canada ... 3 Ford GTs and a GT500 Convertible along with lesser models.

good grief.

Captain Hate

Oh blimey. Not Dean Smith. Roy Williams.

I'll refrain from making some extremely offensive comments about Saint Deanie only to say that ol' Roy would probably be pretty interesting to listen to except if the subject is time-out management. I think Roy believes that for every uncalled timeout at the end of the game, you get a free Bojangles Bo-Pack.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

This is more like an infomercial for polo. US Open and not product commercials but recruitment commercials to join and play.

Do they have women's polo? Never seen it. Possibly something else for the feminazis to whine about.

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